My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Fun Stuff

It might not surprise you to hear that I brought yarnie souvenirs back from my trip to Minnesota.

Check this out:

This is Shepherd Sock from Lorna’s Laces in a special colorway called “Minne-Toe-Ta” that I loved immediately when I saw it in Needlework Unlimited. Don’t think it is available anywhere else so of course I had to have it. Isn’t it fun?

And here is a skein of Kauni that was calling out to me the entire time I was there. In order to make it shut up, I had to buy it.

I’m thinking this will make a great shawl.

I got some more stuff, too!

My friend Keri of 3AM Enchantments came down to see me on Sunday and she brought me a Petite KIP Bag:

And inside was this:

Keri is dipping her toe in the colorful waters of handpainting yarn and she did this colorway with me in mind, I bet. I think she has a good idea of my favorite colors. 😉

She brought a few more skeins to show me and because I was lusting over this one, she kindly let it come home with me:

And because she is just an all-round generous person, she also offered me this skein to give away to one of you.

Who wants it? 🙂

Leave a comment on this post by 4:00pm eastern time this Thursday, May 27 and at that time the Random Number Generator will select a lucky recipient. Unsure how to comment? Check out my tutorial here.

In Work-in-Progress News

I am working on the front of d’Azur now. I’ll wait til tomorrow to share a pic because there’s not a whole lot to see yet.

In Lucy News

Lucy has settled back into the routine of having her Momma home now. In fact, she seemed kind of pleased to walk me to the door and send me off to work this morning.

A girl needs her alone time, you know.


  1. I love those colors – my favorites. Please pick me!!!!

  2. I can’t wait to see the green and brown made up, that is my favorite combination next to blue and brown.

  3. Reilly in Tucson says:

    LOVE your blog!!! Only now getting to replying… Retirement phase of life has started and the extra time is wonderful!

    Love to Lucy… My 5, (Jack, Dusty, Smudge, Rusty and Bob Cat) have heard from her that the random generator should choose me! Would be wonderful!

  4. I love Random numbers – and the blue is just itching to make somethin’ purrty!

  5. Deborah Myers says:

    I want it, I want it, I want it. Blue is my all time favorite color, I need it.

  6. It’s just the color I need for my next pair of socks knit from your latest book…Please pick ME!!! Pat

  7. Jeanette McKinney says:

    Pretty bag!!! I wish that my LYS had Kauni. I have been seeing it on Ravelry and would love to try it.

  8. Maud Steyaert says:

    Hi Lucy!

  9. I would love to win that skein of yarn. I love blues and am really intrigued by that hint of red showing. Looks like it would make a great shawlette (using one of your patterns of course!) for the fourth of July!

  10. Mary Beth says:

    Pick me, Random Number Generator! Pick me!

  11. stephanie mcguckin says:

    ooh pretty yarn it would beperfect ifiwonas its my birthday the 28th

  12. Kitty J says:

    Why, Why, Why do I keep putting myself through this? For free stuff of course. I will again put my trust in the Random Numbers drawing.

  13. Wow, Wendy must have another goodie up her sleeve! The yarn is gorgeous!

  14. Mary G. says:

    That’s one fine lookin’ skein of yarn. Oooooh!! Oooooh!! Pick me! Pick me, O random number generator!!

    Awfully generous of you to give it away.

  15. Elsie Hughes says:

    I love the color of this yarn, count me in!

  16. Love, love, love that blue yarn with just a little burst of pink!

  17. Marylyn Sidle says:

    What fun…searching and signing up for lovely things! Marylyn

  18. I am from MN originally and I wanted to travel with you. But winning the yarn would sort of make up for it.

  19. ruth hibberson says:

    beautiful yarn, I’d love it
    Ruth in Courtenay BC

  20. Barbara says:

    When in MN, I always visit Needlework Unlimited – a great shop with great people to help with any project.

  21. Cherie Maxson says:

    Oooh, blues! It can follow me home any day.

  22. OMG OMG Not only do I want it! I want to snuggle and have babies with it!

  23. Oh, I love that color and I have a kid who wears almost nothing but that color! I hope I win!!

  24. Melissa K of the small feet says:

    oh my, they are the most lovely yarns! I’m in for that!

    *bookmarks for future yarn needs in the very likely event that I do not win*

  25. Wow. Those are some nice treasures from your trip!

  26. Beth in Seattle says:

    You’re so funny – who wants it? Of course, we all do!

  27. Wow pretty yarn, love the colors and Lucy looks especially happy to have you back

  28. Wow, those handpaints are gorgeous. I am having some serious yarn lust here.

    Also, is it crazy that I want to take a weekend trip to Minnesota now just to get that Lorna’s Laces? That colorway is tons of fun. I’m a sucker for limited editions!!

  29. Frankie says:

    Beautiful yarn! Love the shades of blue!

  30. I do, count me in.

    How nice of Keri to offer it.
    .-= Elise´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  31. I just love that Blue yarn – it’s soooo pretty!

  32. Please, choose me!

  33. Linda R says:

    love the blue colorway yarn for the giveaway, how kind of you! It would go beautifully with the Action Vest that I knitted!

  34. Melissa says:

    Oh that is some beautiful yarn. Please oh please let the Random Number Generator pick me.

  35. Deena Crossett says:

    I am so in love with Lucy! You’re pretty nice too, Wendy.

  36. Sandra Johnson says:

    Oh, how delicious – my favorite colours of blue, and is that a bit of pink peeking though?


  37. I would love to have the yarn. It is so pretty. Beth

  38. Yes, please, to pretty hand-dyed yarn!
    .-= Myriam´s last blog ..I’m back! =-.

  39. Oooooooo…. I love blues! Count me in..
    .-= PlainJane´s last blog ..Meet Max =-.

  40. Lee Long says:

    I love the BLUE the way you love Green. I can’t walk thru a store without every blue yarn calling to me. I want it!!!

  41. Oh my! It looks like you had a ball. The yarns are so beautiful. I would love to have the gorgeous blue skein! Please, please!

  42. The one she gave you is awesome, but the blue is very very nice too!

  43. Oooh, me me me too!

  44. adamboysmom says:

    me please!

  45. I know there is just enough room left in my sock yarn stash box for this beauty. It would be so nice to win it.

  46. Linda Borst says:

    I need to get new friends that will gift me with some gorgeous yarn. Let me know if you ever want to share any of yours.

  47. Susan Deeter Murphy says:

    Love the colors you chose! Exciting…
    Love the blusey one.

  48. That yarn is lovely – as soon as I hit submit here I’m off to look at the link you provided.
    .-= CatieP´s last blog ..Pretty Please Socks =-.

  49. Love all the yarns and 3AM bags! Put in the drawing.

  50. I love that blue yarn!!!

  51. Who wants it? I do! I do!


  52. The yarn is beautiful. Please put me in the running!

  53. Oh yum! I have such a thing for blue. It’s gorgeous and that bit of rose adds the perfect accent.

    Fingers crossed that the generator picks my number!

  54. I’d love to win the yarn!!

  55. That is a gorgeous colorway 🙂

  56. Jane in Puget Sound says:

    Sounds like you had a good time, and came home with some yummy treats. I absolutely LOVE the colors on the giveaway yarn, so here’s hoping!

  57. Yes please! I’ve been loving blue lately!

  58. Bevknit says:

    Such a beautiful blues, it’s calling my name.
    Thanks Wendy for being so generous.

  59. I love love love blue! the yarn is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!


    knittingmother at gmail dot com

  60. Working on my third pairs of socks. What great colors for the fourth pair. This is fun,,

  61. Linda S says:

    You are given such gorgeous stuff!!!

  62. Lynn Stitchman says:

    what a lovely skein of yarn!! Just my colour!!

  63. I wants it. 🙂 It looks lovely!

  64. That’s beautiful yarn and I would love it !

  65. Claudine says:

    Please enter me… Love all the yarn that made it home with you 🙂

  66. Kristine M. says:

    I love the yarn. I need to find that color of Lorna’s Laces to add to my collection.

  67. How could I not want the yarn ~ it is exactly my color! All of your purchases look wonderful ~ lucky you.

  68. Sarah/Scienceprincess says:

    Pretty yarn 🙂

    Thanks for offering it to the rest of us . . .


  69. I’m a firm believer that one can never have too much yarn! Please count me in for your drawing.

  70. Beautiful! Sign me up!

  71. Such beautiful colors!

  72. That yarn is yummy!! Pick me random number generator!!!

  73. “Minne-Toe-Ta” That cracks me up! My son lives in “Minne-Toe-Ta.” I need to make him some socks in that colorway. Thanks for the give-away. Nice of you!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Try not to drool on your monitor =-.

  74. April Phillips says:

    Beautiful blue! Please enter me for the giveaway!

  75. I would love that yarn, it is gorgeous.

  76. I love blue!

  77. Joyce Laurie says:

    Beautiful yarn! I would love to have it live here and would promise to make it into something lovely.

  78. My little girl would love a sweater in that beautiful blue…well actually, I’d love to knit her something NOT pink! Pretty please??!!!!

  79. Kathryn Sigman says:

    What beautiful colors!! The bag is very nice too.

  80. Ohh, pretty yarn.

  81. You picked up some great items!!! Now, pick me for the giveaway!!! 😉

  82. Oh, I am all about the blues and I love that blue yarn–I need that blue yarn. Please random number thing chose me.

  83. I love all your goodies. I think the yarn would love to come live with me! Please enter me in the drawing. I’m glad you had a safe trip.

  84. Maureen says:

    Here, yarnie, yarnie. This way is home. 😉

  85. My goodness it took a long time to get to the comment place. We all want that yarn!

  86. Lisa Downing says:

    That’s gorgeous! I’d love to find it in my mailbox LisaD in upstate NY

  87. That blue is just my color!

  88. Robyn Russ says:

    Oh yum! Very generous of her to share.

  89. Love the colors!

  90. Robin May says:

    I’m already drooling…

  91. Karen Brelsford says:

    What beautiful yarns! You can’t miss with those colors! Love, love, love them!

  92. Gotta love that yarn! Please enter me to win it! Great goodies in this post.
    .-= Deb´s last blog ..Two-Toned Shell =-.

  93. gorgeous yarn, hope she makes her yarns available to all for purchase soon.
    .-= KathyB´s last blog ..More of Those Elephants’ Secrets =-.

  94. Bev Watts says:

    Can I be lucky twice?!!!!

  95. Beautiful dye job!

    I usually love blue, still do, but the green is very pretty. I’m sure I could find something… to make with the blue, if I get lucky.

    Enjoy your gifts and the memories attached to them!

  96. Ruth Schoof says:

    Ohhh, what a beautiful yarn!! Please include me!


  97. Those blues look like the sky in CA right now. We go from one storm to the next with a little blue sky in between. More time to knit socks!

  98. Yvonne in Southwest Virginia says:

    Love your idea of souvenirs.

    Here’s hoping the random generator picks me!

  99. Rowan Falar says:

    Oh oh! I would love some of that yarn! Pick me! Pick me!

  100. peggy c says:

    man, that is gorgeous yarn!!