My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Back to Tan

And now, as you can see, I am back in the tan portion of the striping sequence.

The skein looks pretty cool right now too — you can see the darker brown peeping through.

There was a question in the comments if there was a way to see all the colors in the skein. Well, if you sorta peek in the end of the skein, you can see what’s coming up.

I did a quickie Google search on the yarn to see if I could find a site where it is sold that has knitted swatches. I didn’t come up with anything much, but if you go to the Kauni website you can see all the colorways in skein form, so you can better see what colors are in each colorway. And one of the colorways shown there has a knitted sample.

But I think your best bet is to check out projects made from Kauni on Ravelry. That’s some pretty colorful eye-candy, let me tell you!

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I do have some more Kauni residing in my stash room . . .

About my shawl, Diana asked:

Are you using that fast-increase method that makes a curved shawl. or is this one a plain straight triangle? It seems to me that shallower, crescent-shaped shawls are all the crack just now (to quote Georgette Heyer.)

Nope, this is a plain triangle shawl. The last couple of shawls that I did were of the curved variety so I thought I’d do a plain ol’ triangle just for a change.

And this is a pretty darn simple pattern, too. I think it’ll be a good one for lace newbies, or for anyone who wants a pleasant, relatively mindless knit.

Sometimes that’s all you can really deal with, ya know?

Lucy is all about the easy life.


  1. It’s coming out gorgeous – might actually convince me to purchase kauni now
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Double Yarn Over Hell =-.

  2. Lucy, when I grow up I want to be (like) you!
    .-= MicheleinMaine´s last blog ..Counting Sheep Project Bag =-.

  3. The colors are very much like the Lucy colorway that’s been named for your beautiful furbaby. ;D

  4. Do you just start your project with the beginning of the skein or do you pull down to a specific part of the colorway to start at the beginning of a color run so your first few rows will be the same color?

    Is this question as clear as mud? I guess I’m wondering if you have any sort of “color” placement planning.

  5. Nothing insightful to say, just needed to post because I came over and read.
    .-= Lynda´s last blog ..The view through the windshield =-.

  6. luneray says:

    The wonderful Knit Purl (in Portland, OR) has Kauni colorways online:

  7. I bet if you went on Ravelry and looked under yarns then the projects using that yarn, you might find something that would show the color sequence?

    How do you knit so fast!? Do you use Continental style of knitting?
    .-= Cotton Blossom´s last blog ..It’s COLD =-.

  8. Beth Wilson says:

    I have GOT (GOT !! ) to order some Kauni !!!! And have a feeling one colorway will lead to another …. would like to start with a child’s sweater …. What Fun !!

  9. Courtney Neuschwander says:

    Yarn and fiber has a few knitted swatches up also:

  10. Kathie Brownlee says:

    Lucy knows its wayyyy too hot tomove around much

  11. Helen Wyld says:

    Can’t wait to see the pattern – have got a couple of Kauni skeins on stock in green and red tones. Just waiting for the right project – very addictive knitting!!

  12. The yarn and your pattern work veyr well together, I think. The pattern does not overpower the lovely look of the yarn. Currently I am in a shawlette knitting phase so I look forward to the pattern when you post it. Very kind of you to make it available for free. Sending ear scrunchies to Lucy.
    .-= Kim B.´s last blog ..A Golden Moment — and the kitty too =-.

  13. I want to check in every day just to see what color is next – gorgeous yarn!!
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..…And then there were two… =-.

  14. Question about the blue/turquoise part of the colorway – since it seems on the small part of the shawl you have a decent showing, how big do you think this color will be as the shawl grows? this contrast with the browns is really nice .

  15. I have admired other people’s projects in the Kauni, but haven’t really succumbed to it myself. Unfortunately, I’m very much a semi-solid kind of gal, and I’m just not sure I would ever wear something I made with that many colors in it. Maybe the next time I’m working on a gift.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..the farmer’s market =-.

  16. I’ve been looking at the Kauni on line and can’t seem to match anything up with the color you are using. Could you share the color name and number? The shawl is beautiful and the coloring is absolutely lovely.

  17. It’s kitty-colored yarn! Ooooooo….!

    (Like I need more “Siamese cat” yarn. I have… 12 skeins of various types? But no Kauni….. hmmm…. maybe I do need more yarn.)
    .-= CraftyGryphon´s last blog ..I think it’s a "coif" or a "wimple", actually… =-.

  18. Of course had I read thoroughly, your post, I would know it is the “EH” colorway. My poor gray matter is turning white. So sorry!

  19. Melissa G says:

    I thought I saw blue in there–that has become one of my favorite color combos.

  20. Tanneke says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, this is a serious “I want too” project. Please stop tempting me – I’ve got enough W.I.P’s

  21. Can’t wait to see more of the shawl!

  22. Caty Bach says:

    I have the Signature needles in the doublepoints….one of my brothers bought me four sets…..very generous and much appreciated. I also have the single points. I covet one of the the circs. These are wonderful, wonderful needles and worth every penny!!!!

    Knitting needle happiness can be achieved!!!