My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Fun Stuff

Yesterday I got a new app for my iPad. It’s a knitting app, and it is designed specifically for the iPad: Knitting & Crocheting HD by Pocket Cocktails Inc.

It is a very comprehensive resource for all sorts of knitting and crochet topics. I took some screen captures of the menus. The Getting Started menu:

If you click on the photos, you can enlarge them to actually read the menu.

This is the “Basics” menu that leads to step-by-step instructions and “how-tos”:

Not all of the menu items are visible on the screen — you can scroll down through each menu with the flick of a finger. There is a section of different stitch patterns.

When you select an item, it takes you to knitting instructions. And here is the menu for finishing techniques.

This is not an all-inclusive look at all the menu items, but enough to give you an idea of what’s available. There is also an excellent search function within the app, the ability to zoom in on a page, and switch from landscape to portrait mode and back, and more, including some patterns from projects.

The how-to photos are very clear with good text explanations accompanying them.

There is more info about this app in the iTunes store here. There are more screen shots there, so you can get a better feel for what’s included in the app.

It looks to me like a good resource with lots of great basic information. The price is $4.99 (and it looks like that is a special “launch” price) — way less than you would spend on a book that contains all the information here.

Speaking of my iPad, I ordered a Zagg InvisibleShield for it — I got the front coverage shield only because I have a case for it. I have a Zagg shield for my Droid phone as well. They make screen protectors for pretty much every electronic device you can think of. I highly recommend them for devices with a touch screen. While they can be a little fiddly to install, they really do an outstanding job of protecting the screen and keeping it scratch-free.

The other fun thing I wanted to show you is this:

This is a little doo-hicky my friend Muriel (she is part of the Tempted Yarn family — she’s Stacy’s sister) made for me (okay, I have three of them).

It’s a stitch marker that has a separate long wire attached with a lobster claw clasp. You remove the long bit and place your barrel row counter on it, then slip the marker on your needle to mark the beginning of your round in circular needle. Isn’t that slick?

Muriel’s regular stitch markers are available for sale in the Tempted Etsy shop. I asked her if she was planning on making these clever little devices available there and she said she might do special orders.

It’s a long weekend here in the U.S. Wheeeeee!

Lucy sez:

“I want a catnip app for the iPad.”


  1. Celestine says:

    I can not believe you got Lucy to post for you in front of your iPad! You should see if Apple want to use her for advertising…….I like your friends dohicky thingie too!. As soon as I complete this I am going over to visit her.
    Wendy, you are an enabler!!! :0) So far your ideas have worked well for me. Happy 4th.

  2. Shirley. in PA says:

    Wendy, thanks for the heads up. I now have the Knitting & Crochet HD on my iPad too. I’ve been hoping for this type of app. Love the photo of Lucy.

  3. Oh my goodness, I suddenly can’t live without an ipad! 🙁

    Craigyferg is the best!

  4. I’d like both of those things. The Muriel Marker and the iPad app. Cool!
    .-= Sheri at The Loopy Ewe´s last blog ..Third Quarter Challenge -amp Color Combos =-.

  5. didn’t you have a kindle too? do you like your ipad? just curious.

  6. southparknitter says:

    Love the row counter “doo-hickey.” I’ll be seeing if Muriel will make me one.

  7. You keep tempting me with the iPad. I may have to make it a reward when I hit the 65 pounds lost mark (about 25 to go for that!)
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..I’m Off to See the Wizard… =-.

  8. mary cann says:

    Thank goodness for you, Wendy- therapist and evil enabler all rolled into one! If someone as experienced as you occasionally has “oh yuk” projects and throws the lot away, then so can I!!! Totally agree that life is too short to waste on projects that just don’t work for me…as for those signature needles and the iPad – yep, both on my shopping list as rewards on my weight-loss campaign!
    Keep up the good work – you’re a wonderful woman!!

  9. KnittingKnails says:

    Tell Muriel to get busy! I see a tidal wave in her future.

  10. cecilia says:

    I have a whole garden of catnip. Do you need some? cd

  11. when they come up with an app and device that emits smells then Lucy can get her catnip fix sorry Lucy technology has not gotten to that point — Love Muriel’s idea for stitchmarker/counter – when an item can serve more than one purpose i’m all for it, saves room in my gadget bag and hopefully will not be easy to loose. Thanks for all your great info.

  12. Denise in Ohio says:

    Love the iPad app. I had a bit of trouble reading the screen captures, even in the enlarged mode as I was reading your blog on my iPOD Touch. It’s a bit small, but I love it for the portability. I’d like to have an iPad, but am saving for a rigid heddle loom. I’ll put one on my wish list.

  13. Pleeeze stop tempting me with iPads and cool knitting gadgets!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Getting my cooking mojo back =-.

  14. That is definitely a nice app. Of course, the only instruction I always want to remind myself of is kitchener. I can do it without looking it up, but it is very reassuring to confirm to myself that I started it correctly.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..Tuesday- =-.

  15. GretcheKnits says:

    I’ve always hung my row counter from the needle, in straight or circular knitting — but I’ve had to use a dumb yarn loop, sometimes from a stitch marker. This is a much nicer way to do it — thanks for letting us know!

  16. Beth in Maryland says:

    Lucy, my cat has been asking for that catnip app for the longest time! I tell her she can have it when she stops kicking those mounds of litter out of the box.

  17. the rowcounter stitchmarker is a great idea! I don’t have an ipad, iphone or ipod touch, so i have to admit, while I think the apps are neat, and eviable, I’m starting to glaze over when I see them. I think it’s self preservation to avoid wanting one for myself.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Planning and preparation =-.

  18. Dr. Jackie says:

    OMG Wendy…that marker thingy is just what I need. Guess I’ll have to contact her this w’end. Have a happy (safe) 4th!

  19. Thanks for posting the app review! I just got an iPad for my anniversary on Wednesday, saw the app, and wondered how helpful it would be. Sounds like it’s worth the $$. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

  20. app’s are beyond me right now. my blackberry is 3-4 years old but does all i need, i could become easily app crazy otherwise, as well as nook crazy, so i do not allow myself that toy either, grin!
    love the row counter doo-hickey hanger!
    .-= turtle´s last blog ..Summer seems confused- =-.

  21. That row counter add on is neat!
    .-= kala´s last blog ..Purple BBQ =-.

  22. Wow, that looks awesome! I just bought the Kndle DX last year…. if only I had known about the Ipad, I would have waited…
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Free Pattern is UP- =-.

  23. Thank you so much for recommending the new Knitting and Crochet app for the iPad. I just down loaded it and it is amazing! That is going to be such a help! Have a cozy 4th snuggling with your sweet Lucy!

  24. I just saw Sheri’s name for the marker “Muriel Marker.” I love it.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..It’ll be easier now =-.