My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Have an Idea

That’s always a little scary, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Because I am in Pi Shawl mode, I feel like I want to knit another one after I finish the EZ 100th Anniversary Shawl. So I wrote up a design for a fairly easy pi shawl that uses some traditional shetland lace motifs.

Anyone wanna knit it along with me?

I thought I would post the pattern here, in pieces, as I knit, and talk at length about each section as I knit it. Anyone who wants to play along at home is welcome to do so, and can post progress reports and and ask questions, etc. in the comments.

I already have my yarn picked out:

This is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. I got it from The Loopy Ewe recently. Here’s the listing.

(My yarn is the “filigree” colorway, which is currently out of stock, btw.)

This is a fingering weight yarn and has 440 yards per skein. I knew I wanted to do something relatively big with it, so I bought 4 skeins. So I have 1760 yards total, which is more than enough for the pi shawl I am planning. I’m estimating 1300 — 1400 yards for my shawl.

This will be my first time using this yarn and I can’t wait! It looks really really yummy!

I’m thinking I’ll post the first piece of the pattern next Sunday, a week from today.

And tomorrow I’ll talk about yarn choices.

Back to the pi at hand, I made some very good progress on my shawl this weekend.

Barring any problems, I should be able to finish it before next Sunday.

Knitcircus Giveaway

Thank you so much, all of you who offered suggestions for future topics for my KnitCircus column. The Random Number Generator has chosen the winners for my giveaway.

CandyceI, Billi Cummings, Susan (HandKnitsbySusan), Olive, and Valeria have each won a free copy of the pattern collection from the current issue.

Wanda and Nancy N have each won a free 1-year subscription to KnitCircus.

I have emailed the winners, so if you think one of them might be you, check your email!

Lucy Sez:

“It’s past time for my midday nap — I’m behind schedule!”


  1. That sounds like an awesome idea! Now I must knit on my sweater in hopes of getting that done before your shawl kal starts!
    .-= LaLa´s last blog ..30 Great Things About Turning 30! =-.

  2. I think I would be interested in this, I have never made a shawl and I might have enough fingering weight yarn in the same color and if not perhaps a quick trip to the LYS is in order… hmmm
    .-= Aunt Kathy´s last blog ..KEURIG giveaway contest- be still my heart =-.

  3. I will have to watch everyone else have all the fun. I can’t wait to watch everyone’s progress!
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..Vacation and knitting =-.

  4. I’d love to KAL though I’ll probably have to start late – I have a pair of socks that NEED to be finished soon.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..South America Day 6- A Dads Eye View of Puerto Montt =-.

  5. I started a !00th Anniversary Pi just because I saw yours. I don’t know if I have enough yarn on the cone to finish it but I think so. If no, I’ll fudge something.
    I look forward to the new idea and may even join in. That means I’ll have to shop for yarn.

  6. I have 1600-1800 yards of lace weight merino/bamboo that I’ve spun up, and I’m looking for a good shawl pattern. Count me in.


  7. I’ve never participated in a KAL. I think this will be my first. I’m looking forward to it, thanks for offering to do it!

  8. Mary Ellen says:

    I’m in!

  9. Aida Blair says:

    what a great idea. I am going to search my stash /lys for something appealing.
    thx for the treat.

  10. I’m thinking of making a second one too, if and when I ever finish the first one!!! These outer rounds are e-n-d-l-e-s-s!

  11. Do will you toss the remaining 300 or so leftover yards or will you make a pair of socks out of them?

    I’m very ocd’ish about “wasting” anything, so I’m making a sock yarn blanket with all my leftovers. And awhile back I made a kitty pi out of odds and ends of feltable worsted. If the yarn is too short to save, I cut it in two inch pieces and scatter them about for the birds to make nests out of. Yes, I admit I’m weird.

  12. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

  13. I’m definitely in!! And here I just ordered a bunch of Arucania Multi from–you’ve justified last week’s shopping fall down and buy wool.


  14. Bertha Mallard says:

    Sounds like a good idea and a way to start knitting for Autumn. I don’t have a current knitting project and I think a pi shawl fills the void perfectly.

  15. I like Michelle’s idea of spreading yarn ends for birds. I’m going to do that next year…thx!

  16. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Never done a KAL before. Hope I will be organised enough to join in.

  17. I will knit along with you. Can’t wait to start!!!

  18. I’m in and have some yarn that wants to be a pi shawl. Now, to finish up the other two scarves/shawls to be ready for next week.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Missed Ten on Tuesday =-.

  19. about the yarn for birds, we totally do that here! Also spreading the lint from the dryer out for them to use, my winter birds thank me by not going potty on my windows in the winter!! We have a little circle going on here!! Glad to hear that there are others out there!!

    Love to watch the shawls take shape. Too many started, to start more….and my LYS is celebrating this weekend w/big sales for the birthday, I know more projects I will collect for sure.

    Enjoy the blog and comments!!

  20. What an inspiring idea, I’d love to play along. I’ve wanted to step up to a Pi shawl but don’t have any stitch dictionaries, and oh yeah, I’m lazy as well. And a little intimidated so this will make it all better, thanks!
    .-= claire´s last blog ..Le Roi est mort =-.

  21. Oh that KAL sound so fun and would make me plunge in instead of procratinaing because I worry I won’t be able to keep up. Will you tell us the needle size next week also? I might need to order some DPNS and circulars. Do you recommend the bamboo or wood for this project if we are beginners in this area? I know I know you will cover this all next week. How fun!! Lucy you do look a little sleepy!!

  22. Sandra D says:

    Your current pi looks yummy, even in the scrunched up state. So, perhaps I’ll try my first one as you knit your next. I may be a bit behind most of the time because I have a gift rib warmer to get done, but this sounds like an opportunity I don’t want to miss. I just bet I have enough yarn somewhere in the stash, too.

  23. diane tetreault says:

    Count me in!!!

  24. 1horsetown says:

    I’ve never done a knit-a-long. Would love to join in. I’m a slow knitter, so we’ll see how that goes.

    I just bought that yarn in the blues to do the original EZ, seems destined to be.

  25. I’m in too!!!! Thank you so much for offering this KAL. I have always wanted to do a PI but have been too intimidated. It’s my little way of honoring the memory of EZ to do one and name it for her.

  26. Count me in
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..It Must Be Good if You Dream About It =-.

  27. I love your plan!!!!! I just made room in my suitcase for some more yarn for this as I am leaving for a three week trip to Wisconsin early Tuesday morning. I always over pack on knitting projects…but a girl might discover more knitting time than expected while away vacationing! πŸ˜‰

  28. Not sure if I am the Wanda who won, but I did not receive an email.

    Hope it is me!

  29. Sounds like fun! I have some stash fingering that could use a good project!
    .-= LauraRN´s last blog ..Back to Reality =-.

  30. I think a KAL is a fabulous idea. I love your shawl designs and have been meaning to get around to trying one. Unfortunately, the only yarn I have that would work for a shawl (i.e. is the right colour and the right amount) is lace weight. πŸ™
    .-= Silverlotus´s last blog ..Short on the Live Simply =-.

  31. I loved the KnitCircus and will buy the patterns. I may have seen it before, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I would love to knit another Pi and I have only done a few KAL’s. Thanks for the invite (enabling).
    .-= LoriAngela´s last blog ..Fair Warning =-.

  32. Celestine says:

    Yes, yes, yes….I wanna do a KAL. I have always wanted to do a Pi shawl but was afraid to try on my own. Is there a problem with knitting with a DK weight instead of fingering? I was drooling over some of the yarns in my stash today day dreaming what the shawl will look like.
    Thank you Wendy….

  33. I might try to do this, too. I have never done a project that big, but I am now shopping for yarn possibilities! I would love to do an EZ pi shawl …

  34. Linda F Piotrowski says:

    I wish I could join this KAL. I have never done one. Alas, I am in the midst of ballet sweater for my granddaughter. And then there is my job, husband and house!
    I’ll keep watching for another KAL. My cat, Bonner, wants to know if Lucy ever sleeps on the bed. Bonner says it is much more comfortable then a chair.

  35. congrats winners!

    I think a KAL would be fun, especially for one of your designs. Must go peek in the stash and see if i need to scrounge up some moolah to shop otherwise!
    .-= turtle´s last blog ..A road trip again =-.

  36. Love the idea and will try my best to keep up!

  37. Beverly (db81971) says:

    Ya know, this sounds really fun! I might be interested!

  38. I’m in!

  39. Bluetoespinner says:

    What great end of summer project! I am looking forward to it!

  40. Elianastar says:

    I absolutely, positively, cannot buy any more yarn for the foreseeable future, but desperately need to use up some of my stash. I don’t have enough in fingering weight for a Pi Shawl… but I have at least a couple of options in lace weight. (Four-Five hanks, 400 yds each.) I’m s–l–o–w–l–y working on a shawl that I’m designing as I go and have no deadline to finish. Am also working on a design project that seems to be caught in some sort of errata-loop… hopefully, I can figure out what the issue there is and not feel distracted by that…

    I’ve considered doing a Pi Shawl… a copy of EZ’s “Knitting Workshop” is due to arrive in the next day or two. I have joined a number of KALs but never worked on the projects… joined to follow the fun of those who did… but I think I’d like to do this one if everything works together to start another project right away.

    I don’t mind if my shawl is smaller, or using larger-than-I-might-otherwise use to make this shawl in lace weight… but I will need a little guidance on the best size needles… which I’m sure you’ll provide when you get to that point. πŸ™‚ The opportunity to use up some of my embarrassing stash could be a godsend! LOL!

    If I can see my way clear to start yet another project, and with a little more info, this might be just what I was looking for… but didn’t know it yet. LOL

  41. I wanna play!!! Shocking, I know!!

  42. Love you idea of a KAL. I will get my yarn after I read your blog tomorrow of course. I did try knitting another shawl not long ago but had problems so hope this new pattern will really be EZ. Looking forward to the start of the KAL.

  43. Hmmn, my grandmother always warned about who you hang out with. Now I’m thinking of tackling a pi. As if I don’t have enough on the needles to last years already.

  44. Great idea and am looking forward to it!

  45. I’m in – now to go stash diving to see what I have that will accommodate πŸ™‚
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Thirty Minutes =-.

  46. Count me in! I was just looking at a PI shawl pattern – thinking I can never do this. Maybe, in KAL, I can. Thanks for the patterns, links and contests you keep providing.

  47. It sounds like a lot of fun. I made a really simple pi shawl a year or two ago, and it was entertaining even when I was just grinding out miles of stockinette.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..blame my husband =-.

  48. I’ve NEVER done any sort of knit-a-long! I have no idea if I’ll see it totally through, but you have made my day!!

    Now to ponder yarn ideas!

  49. Stephanie says:

    I am not sure I can keep up with you, but I may try this.

  50. I’ll join in. I’ve never knit a Pi shawl, but I would love to make one in honour of EZ’s 100th anniversary. Now to decide on yarn…
    .-= Dawn Draper´s last blog ..July Clamshell Progress =-.

  51. I’m seriously considering letting myself indulge in this KAL, even though I have several other projects that I am working on. But this just looks like so much fun! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on yarn selection. Wendy, I doubt many of us can keep up with you!

  52. I’m in!!! Now to survey the stash… several choices…
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..tiny tea leaves cardi =-.

  53. Awesome! Now I have to look through my stash and see what I have on hand. If nothing, then I get to go shopping. Yippee!!!!

  54. Marietta says:

    I’d love to join this event – fun!! Like some of the others, I’ll need to dive into stash & find a good candidate. I’m thinking that I’ve got a really pretty & well aged blue merino/silk (50/50) that should be enough for this project!
    Thanks for a great plan!

  55. I also would love to do this, but will need to shop first! I only have that much yardage in lace weight–well, really cobweb weight, as it is Baruffa Cashwool.
    So needle size and the approximate size of the finished shawl (assuming I do get it finished :)) are important things for me to know.
    Thank you so much!

  56. Wooooo hooooo! Great idea, I am in!!!

  57. I just realized that EZ 100th Birthday Pi is basically gull lace. I love gull lace so probably will go back and knit this sometime. Not sure I’ll be able to knit-a-long because I’m knitting a shop sample and have a test knit “gig” coming up. I will however follow along.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Double Double Dressin’ Trouble =-.

  58. Loving the shawl, Wendy! I noticed that there are two more anniversary shawls just added on Ravelry. One is hearts, and the other is close to the dayflower pattern – I forget the name of it. They were so beautiful that I queued both of them. We are all so EZ on the brain lately!!
    .-= Daniele´s last blog ..Boot Bags and Sunrise Circles =-.

  59. Totally game on the KAL.
    .-= Tiny Tyrant´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  60. That sounds fun and would help me get over my fear of lace knitting. Can’t wait to start knitting.

  61. Ooo, ooo, I wanna play! All I’ve been doing for the last 3 months is charity knitting, it’s time for something for me! And between now and next Sunday is payday. Clearly, the Yarn Gods have spoken and the stars are aligned.
    .-= April´s last blog ..Waffles! =-.

  62. Wonderful idea! After reading your previous posts regarding your 100th anniversary EZ PI shawl, I was bitten by the shawl bug and had planned on casting on for the 100th anniversary shawl, myself, within the next couple of weeks. Now, I think I’ll knit along with you on your design.

    Question – I have fallen in love with the Seawash colorway for the Madelintosh yarn. Do you think that will be too busy for the shawl you have designed?
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Cuddly Wuddly =-.

  63. Great idea! I can always cast on something new!

  64. This KAL sounds lovely. I’d love to participate. Sign me up!

  65. This is so awesome! I hace always wanted to knit this shawl but with some fear and doing it with you will be just the right amount of support I need to get it done. Thanks so much for this inspired idea !!!

  66. What a wonderful idea! I am in! Please tell us how much yarn so we can order.
    .-= Henya´s last blog ..Fuzzy Feelings =-.

  67. Sorry, just found the info. Off to find my perfect yarn.
    .-= Henya´s last blog ..Fuzzy Feelings =-.

  68. Sounds like a challenge! Yeay!
    .-= E. Engman´s last blog ..AAUW EVENING CRAFTERS MAY 2010 PROJECT =-.

  69. Sounds like fun! A perfect way to get ready for Fall. πŸ™‚
    .-= Stacy Little´s last blog ..Awesome!!! =-.

  70. I’m curious as to how you like that yarn. I bought some a while ago and haven’t knit with it yet. Looks like a fun project, by the way.

  71. christina says:

    What a fabulous idea! I have never knit a shawl before and this seems like the perfect time. Thank you for thinking of this KAL!

  72. I’ve never done a KAL but I’m so ready to try

  73. That’s great blog .Waitting for you update it.I work for mh.pls visit‘s MH’s website
    .-= cxf´s last blog ..Crochet Lace0621-4014 =-.

  74. I’m in. What a fun KAL.

  75. Sounds like fun. Have not looked at computer for several days, I might all ready be behind. I will have to order my yarn as there is not yarn shop in my town (love road trips – Dallas is great) I’m going to give it a try….It looks beautiful. I’ll keep closer look at my computer now….

  76. This sounds like fun…could you point us (OK me) in the direction of some yarn/yardage info? I’d like to have a stash dive and see what I could use but don’t really know what to look for.

  77. Scratch that last question….the info that wasn’t there when I was looking for it suddenly showed up!