My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bound and Determined

Today I am binding off my EZ 100th Anniversary Shawl.

I’ll blog the pre- and post-blocking measurements (and photos of course) after blocking. I did think I would block it tonight, but remembered that my cleaning lady changed days this week and will be coming tomorrow. It probably would not be a good idea to have a gigantic circular shawl pinned to the living room carpet while she is trying to vacuum, right? So I guess I’ll hold off on blocking until the weekend.

I am not planning on using my foam blocks to block this because I don’t think I have enough of them to make a square big enough to accommodate this shawl. So it will be pinned directly to the carpet.

Shetland Pi Shaw KAL

Are y’all ready? Needles poised? The KAL will begin on Sunday, August 15. I will post Part One of the pattern then. Noon-ish, eastern time.

I’ve added this design to Ravelry, so you can queue it if you like:

There was a question in the comments asking whether the pattern is charted or written out. I’m providing both charts and written out instructions for this. If you are a “written-out” only knitter and want to learn to knit from charts, this is a great opportunity to do so. The chart for each pattern section is pretty small, so it won’t be overwhelming.

I’m just sayin’ . . .

I have a stealth project I’m working on, so I have something to knit until the KAL starts.


It’s the Lucy Lap-Cam!


  1. Lucy looks quite comfortable there! Looking forward to giving her a scratch behind the ears when we visit!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..How Well Do You Know TheKnitGirllls =-.

  2. Lovely! If I had more time this month, I might join you for the KAL, but it’s not gonna happen this time. I hope you (and everyone joining you) have fun with the next Pi shawl!

  3. I guess that means I need to pick out my yarn tonight and get it wound! I thought of you today, I was ordering magazines for my library and noticed that there is a clean eating magazine. Happy secret project knitting!
    .-= LaLa´s last blog ..How Well Do You Know TheKnitGirllls =-.

  4. I can’t wait for Sunday! It will be 10:00am ish where I am.

  5. How do you pin a wet shawl to the carpet? Will it harm the carpet? How long would it take to dry? (Hope you don’t mind me asking)

  6. I’m so tempted to do the KAL!… but I’ll be on a trip for the last week of this month. I may just join in anyway.

  7. That Pi shawl is just amazing.

  8. Can’t wait to see the shawl in all its glory! I’m sure Lucy can’t wait for it to be pinned to the floor so she can pose on top of it!
    Have a good weekend.

  9. Wahoo! It’s wonderful to bind off =) I can’t wait to see it blocked.

  10. Can’t wait to see it all blocked!

    I wasn’t going to join the KAL, I told myself I have too many things I am working on right now. I eventually convinced myself to at least swatch, thinking I wouldn’t like the swatch and would have evidence that I shouldn’t do the KAL. Uhm, yeah, I love my swatch and will be doing the KAL!
    .-= Walden´s last blog ..Paper Mate Flair Pen Review =-.

  11. im just lori says:

    Yay for lap-cam! Does that mean she’s cold?

  12. Sally Eller says:

    Pardon my dumb question, but how do you wear this circular shawl? Do you fold over a portion and put that over your shoulders?
    Thanks, Sally

  13. That’s exactly how I finally learned how to read charts — happened upon a pattern that was both written out and charted. It’s really really nice of you to go to the extra work to do that — many folks don’t or can’t. No surprise, of course, since it’s you, but thanks for doing it that way.

  14. Beth Wilson says:

    All ready to go with the Kauni yarn ….. can’t wait to see the color changes !

    I feel like we’re all about to be at the starting gate ….. won’t matter how we each progress as all are, of course, on different schedules, etc. But what fun !!
    Much enjoyment to all !!

  15. Aussie Rosemary says:

    Thank you so much for putting the project on Ravelry. It will be great to watch knitters’ choice of yarns and colours as they join in. Don’t know how you find time for all this.

  16. Kathie Brownlee says:

    Should we allow Kibby and Lucy to “cam” togethr? Kibby’s been fixed….lol.

  17. Cant’ wait to start, but I’ll still wait for my yarn….as I looked at the your swatch last night it occured to me that this pattern will make a beautiful rectangular shawl…will give it a try after the KAL – what do you think! Thanks for everything.

  18. Hi, could you make a square outline rather than a filled in square with your foam boards?

  19. Yarn bought, needles poised – very excited to start! Thanks again – what a fabulous idea!

  20. Yeah! I can swatch on Sunday morning and start for real Sunday evening (maybe). I won’t be that behind after all.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..two more shows =-.

  21. Pinning directly to the carpet is a great idea! It’s either that, or I’m going to have to buy more interlocking blocking boards!! These PI shawls are all so awesome, but big big big!! 😀
    .-= Daniele´s last blog ..I Started!! =-.

  22. Ok I was trying to resist, but I haven’t done a KAL in a long time, I feel myself caving even as we speak.

    btw, thanks so much for your great blog! Always informative, always fun, and now a KAL!

  23. Teri Chambliss says:

    Wasn’t going to but I just have to. I have 750g of a 100% wool that seems to be somewhat lighter than fingering. I get 18 wpi. I hope that will be enough as I have no way of knowing the yardage. The yarn is from China and all the labeling is in Chinese but it is a beautiful vivid yellow. Of course there is the cone of lace wt that is sitting o my shelf-about 1200 yds- could I stretch that? Decisions, decisions…

  24. Just found your KAL and would like to join in, but was unsure how or if it was still possible to join. If I can still join in how would I do that? Thanks

  25. I’d love to join in the KAL, anything special I need to do?, by the way is Lucy a “ragdoll”? I have 2 of my own!

  26. Looking through my stash, I found a skein of Great Adirondack Lolita that I think will make a beautiful shawl, but it only has 1,120 yds, Would the shawl turn out way too small?

  27. I decided to go with some Telemark that I bought for another project. I’m trying to be good and knit from stash, so . . . I’m having a bit of trouble getting the gauge/fabric I want, so I will be experimenting today.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..When Knitting Attacks and a contest =-.

  28. I am excited to start this project! I am using Knitpicks gloss fingering weight. It’s a little thick, I think, for a fingering weight; I swatched with size 8 needles and like the look of it, so I am going with it! I wish I could post a picture like others have on Ravelry, but my camera and my computer are currently not on speaking terms. It’s fun to see others’ choices! I am a little nervous, having never knit anything of this magnitude before.
    .-= Tall Kate´s last blog ..How to cook summer squash- part 1 =-.

  29. I’ve finally decided upon using the alpaca fingering in my stash; four different skeins ranging from cream to brown. Am having difficulty deciding which to use first though… I’m tending towards the lighter medium color for center.

  30. Linda Finder says:

    This really isn’t about your current project. . .

    I wanted to let you know that I’m currently working on your Labyrinth socks from socks from the toe up. I’m completely enjoying the work and the pattern. I like the angles and symmetry of the design.

    Thanks for publishing!