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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Help Shanti’s Mom

Some of you may read Shanti’s blog “Adventures in Paradise.” Shanti is a knitter I know in real-life who is also a U.S. Navy officer. She was recently deployed on her ship. Yesterday, her mom posted the following to Shanti’s blog (text lifted shamelessly from said blog):

I have decided to take on a major project and am enlisting the help of our fellow knitters.  Shanti will be taking command of the Decatur sometime in December.  As her mother I would like to support every sailor on the ship at Christmas.  I spoke to Shanti about this before she left and she gave me some ideas.  So, here’s my plan.

I would like to put together a gift box for every sailor who will be under her command … there are 278 on board … you can see some of them lined up on the ship as it pulls out.  Some of the ideas that Shanti gave me for these gift boxes are:

(list of items needed follows)

You can read the full post with all the details here.

The condensed version is that Shanti’s mom will be collecting hats knit from washable wool to include in the gift boxes, and she needs 278 adult-sized hats by November 1. There is more information at the link above, including contact info for Shanti’s mom. I think this is a great idea and a wonderful way to say thank you to members of our military who will be away from family and friends during the holiday season. If you don’t have time to knit a hat, you might consider donating some of the other items on the list or arranging to have your child’s class write letters. Thanks for whatever you can manage and a big thank you to Shanti’s mom for thinking of and spearheading the project.

I think I need to buy more yarn so I can knit a hat! 🙂

That segues nicely into a question from the comments. Cindy Roberts asked:

Are you stashless? It seems your yarn arrives and you cast on right away. That is so cool! I have things that have been marinating in the stash for years!

Would anyone who has seen my stash room in person like to answer that?

Vampire Knits Giveaway

It is time to choose a winner to receive my copy of Vampire Knits: Projects to Keep You Knitting From Dusk Until Dawn.

The winner is Rachel, who said in her comment:

I know people are going to say “who?” when I mention Christopher Lee but to me, he is definitely Dracula. From his voice to his creepiness on film, he captures the essence of vampire. Let me just say that he gave me nightmares when I was growing up.

I remember Christopher Lee’s Dracula. Good answer! Rachel, I’ve emailed you.

I told you that when I drew a winner I’d tell you my favorite vampire. My favorite is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s my favorite because he is so over-the-top with the British slang (and is amuses me that the actor who portrayed him, James Marsters, is American), and because his character is so conflicted — both evil and good elements. The fact that he is easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

Tomorrow I’ll draw a winner for the Knitting on the Edge book. Til then, back to my knitting.

Lucy Sez

“Gotta keep an eye on my fuzzy rat!”


  1. So wonderful that you posted this, Wendy! Shanti and her mom are both such amazing women.

  2. No stash? hahahahahahahaha *rolls around laughing, wipes tears from eyes*

    Wendy has a fair amount of stash, fear not.

    Also, great idea for the knitted hats. Off to read the blog!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..TheKnitGirllls Episode 27 – Spinning-riffic =-.

  3. Thanks for sharing Shanti’s mom’s request and Shanti’s blog. I’ve added the blog to my read list and hopefully will have time to make some hats.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Double Double Dressin’ Trouble =-.

  4. Wendy – Thanks for sharing Shanti’s Mom’s request! What a wonderful plan!

    Cindy Roberts — I have photographic evidence of Wendy’s huge yarn stash, but unless you can make me disappear into a witness protection program, I can’t divulge it! 😉

  5. I hope that we all can knit enough hats in time.

  6. I have had the priviledge and honor to see your stash and it is very lovely. If I recall correctly, it has its own room. You are clever and buy a lot of each yarn so you can knit and design accordingly without having to weigh your scraps and calculate how much more you can knit like I end up doing with some of my handspun.

  7. Victoria Maguinness says:

    What a great project. Do you have an idea a hat pattern for this?

  8. Janet Kelley says:

    I love Spike! He was the coolest vampire (Angel wasn’t bad either!)

  9. I will knit a hat for Shanti, too. Interestingly, my son is an engineer on a submariine and last year for Christmas, I knit an exact copy of the WWII night watchman’s cap. It only took 2 days to knit. The pattern, when knit in black yarn, can be worn as an official part of their uniform. It makes a nice, personal gift for any sailor. After opening several “better” gifts, when my son opened that one, he smiled and “I really do appreciate this, Mom.” Then, he began to show my all the “legal” ways he could wear it while out at sea. That smile was worth billions to me.

  10. Karen Carroll says:

    Your last book give away sounded real cool. Put me in for Knitting on the Edge give-away. I like the hat idea. Sorry, but I don’t have a stash to make one. But my good wishes always are with the men and women who fight for this country. Karen

  11. I’m so glad she thought of Christopher Lee. I couldn’t remember his name.

  12. I totally loved Spike. He was oddly attractive as someone who was well sort of a ding bat at times.

  13. I guess I’ll be adding a second military hat to my knitting list for the month.

    Plus I’m just in love with the color of your sweater.

  14. Sharon Moon says:

    Perhaps give a link for a ‘generic- all size yarns link’… “Got you Covered” is a site by Red Heart Yarn that gives many sizes with various size yarns.

    Or just ‘choose your favorite pattern’, tell us…and your ‘students’ will gladly produce.

    Off to see if I have any superwash. We normally knit NON Wool for our ‘at risk’ boys home, but we have most of them done.

  15. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Spike is my favorite vampire, too. I started watching Buffy when it first came on television, and I loved Spike right from the start!

    Lovely idea from Shanti’s mom.

  16. Count me in. I need to re-read the blog post to see what guidelines there are. My dad was in the US Navy during WWII…pulled out of Pearl Harbor two days before the attack. Thank God!
    .-= Kim B.´s last blog ..Progress on baby sweater =-.

  17. Courtney Neuschwander says:

    Oh man… I love you for loving Spike. I’ve been speeding through Buffy (and then Angel) for about a year now and am finally finishing the last season of Angel this fall. I like Spike, but I guess I always liked Drucilla a little bit more because you just never know quite what to expect from her.

  18. Ah, but if you have such a large stash, are you saying that there is no washable wool in an appropriate color for a man’s hat?
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..2 hours north of Kentuckiana =-.

  19. Shoot, Wendy! You could knit 278 hats by November 1 all by yourself! 🙂 I am amazed by your prolificacy (had to look that one up!).

  20. And where will I find the pattren for the official watchman’s hat? I have black yarn….

  21. Ooooooh! Love my little monster.

  22. I was a big fan of Buffy and Angel, and liked Spike’s character in both shows. James Masters also plays a character in a few episodes of Torchwood (a BBC production) and does an AWESOME job. Worth checking out if you like the genre. It’s available on Netflix.
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Found some! =-.

  23. Count me in. My husband is retired from said Navy. I think I might have one of those “official” watchcaps around some place. If I remember correctly, it felt like it was knitted in sportsweight or dk. Not real thick.
    Oh dear I will have to buy some yarn. Everything I have is hand wash wool 🙂
    .-= Suzann´s last blog ..Like a Hobbit =-.

  24. What a great project to support our military! I am retired military and will be stash diving today for washable wool! Just printed the blog details to keep handy!

  25. Just did a quick look. Most of my wool is superwash and says dry clean or hand wash. I’ve never tried putting any of these in a washing machine. And I’m guessing there isn’t a whole lot of room for hand washing. Can you recommend some yarns, maybe from Webs? Not too pricey, so I can try to set a speed record?

  26. I’m ordering a skein of yarn and casting on right away.

  27. Have to be a rider on a 6 hour car trip next weekend — yarn (check) needles (check) — should have a hat by the end of the trip. Based on what I know about knitters (an awfully generous bunch) Shanti will need to look for another ship to give all the extra hats to by the time the knitters you reach get into it!


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