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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knitting Blocks

I have in my hot little hands a review copy of Nicky Epstein’s upcoming book: Knitting Block by Block: 150 Blocks for Sweaters, Scarves, Bags, Toys, Afghans, and More. This 240-page hardcover book from Potter Craft is due out on November 9, 2010.

Shamelessly lifted from the page for this book, here’s a description of the contents of the book:

  • 150 original block patterns, from simple textures to embossed pictorials, intricate lace to cables, colorwork, double knit, and more, all with Nicky’s signature wit, verve, and style.
  • More than ten exclusive project designs that will make you say β€œI can’t believe that is made out of blocks!”
  • Detailed guidance for creating exciting pieces out of block knitting, without using increases or decreases.
  • Exclusive cut-and-paste project design pages. Simply cut out the printed blocks and arrange them to help create your own masterpieces.

The book is beautifully designed and photographed, like all Potter Craft books.

There are notes at the beginning of the book about gauge and how to design with blocks, followed by the patterns for 150 blocks. You’ve got basic blocks:

The patterns for each block are very clear, and some have both written and charted instructions.

Here are some of my favorite colorwork blocks:

I think the ones on the left look like Delft tiles — what a gorgeous afghan those would make!

I love the cabled blocks too:

There are also blocks with applique and embroidered embellishments, as well “special techniques” and “eclectic style” which include some very creative and unusual blocks — the type of things you would expect from Nicky Epstein. Because I am mean I did not include a photo of any of these. πŸ˜‰

There are also patterns for 10 projects that include a couple of afghans, a couple of scarves, a shrug, sweaters, a vest, a bag, and a hat. Here’s a sweater:

And possible my favorite pattern in the book — one-block animals!

There’s a lot of wonderful stuff in this book and the projects are just the beginning. There are so many great things you can make from the blocks and so many ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I am deliriously happy knitting Eala Bhan. More about that tomorrow!

Lucy sez:



  1. Oh my gosh – that book looks amazing! It’s going on my wish list!!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Episode 29 – The Laura Show! =-.

  2. oh those animals are so cute!

  3. very cool looking book

  4. I love the animals! I generally hate knitting toys but these look quick and simple. Great to tuck in with a baby sweater or afghan.

  5. I must have this book! I’d buy it for those animals alone but it looks like there’s lots of yummy stuff in it.

  6. Lynne Davidson says:

    wow — that looks great == pre ordered mine – thanks Wendy

  7. Nicky is amazing. How does she keep coming up with this stuff?

  8. Knitting blocks… as a quilter I can’t see how anything could be better. And no pesky increases or decreases…bonus.
    .-= Leslie in Maine´s last blog ..Pets on Quilts =-.

  9. Absolutely beautiful and love the animals. Hope to see you design something in the future using blocks from this book. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sounds like an interesting and very useful book.

  11. anne marie in philly says:

    LOVES the animals!

  12. One of these days I’m going to win something! πŸ˜‰ Book looks very cool. Can’t wait to pics of your work in progress.

    Sheri from KY

  13. The colorwork blocks are AMAZING-l love the paisley one! Thanks for the advance peek!

  14. I love building with blocks and I love Nicky Epstein! What a great combo!
    .-= Jeanie Babbage´s last blog ..Stitches and more stitches =-.

  15. Those animals are seriously adorable!

  16. Well, sounds as though another book will be added to my library.
    .-= Gerry´s last blog ..Double Scoop of Vanilla Sox =-.

  17. Thanks for the heads up on the Nicky Epstein book – looks fabulous!

    Tummy rubs to Lucy πŸ™‚
    .-= Janette´s last blog ..Longing to revisit Paris =-.

  18. That looks like a very cool book. I love Nicky Epstein’s patterns.

  19. what no giveaway copy?! πŸ™ looks like a great book!

  20. Looks like a great book…thanks for the “reveal.” I took a class from Nicky Epstein a couple years ago that was great. She is such a natural teacher that everything just became so clear. It’s going on my list!

  21. I think just those animals make the whole book worth it! Want!
    .-= YuLian´s last blog ..The Greatest Ideas Ever =-.

  22. I clicked on a link to the right on this page for “Knitting Jobs”. It says there are 158 of them in this little burg. Not friggin’ likely.

  23. Holy cow those block animals are adorable! That cover photo totally makes me want to buy the book. I’m such a sucker for good photography & and interesting cover.

  24. Wow! I keep telling myself that I do not need more knitting books, but then you show me something like this…
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Winning at Unclaimed Baggage =-.

  25. What a cool book! I have a similar one for crochet that I go to all the time for pattern ideas. This book would serve the same purpose. Gotta get the hubs to pick one up for me. πŸ˜‰
    .-= Ruthie´s last blog ..I Fought For YOU! =-.

  26. I love the idea of this book as an idea book. I have never made any of the patterns in her other book I have, but I go to it all the time for ideas for interesting ribbing patterns or edge treatments.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..10 Tuesday the traveler =-.

  27. That book is definitely going on my wish list!

  28. Looks like fun!

  29. Oooo that looks like a great book!
    .-= LittleWit´s last blog ..Labour Day Recap =-.

  30. I love the idea of that book! It looks like it would be a great way to learn new things without beginning a project that will take forever!

    Animals are SOOOOOOO cute!
    .-= Mary Lee´s last blog ..What Th’ HILL =-.

  31. cool book… and you can knit some one block animal friends for Lucy ^..^

  32. Thanks for the heads up on the book. Her series are well worth their shelf space in any knitting library. My copy is in my shopping cart now.

  33. Re Nicky Epstein’s Blocks: I was totally disinterested until you said “Delft Tiles”. That’s a horse of a different color!