My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Winter Knitcircus

The Winter 2010 issue of Knitcircus magazine is live today!

You may note by looking at the masthead that I’ve been “promoted” — I am now a contributing editor. 😀 In this issue you will find my article: “Make It Fit: Adjusting Stitch Patterns for Sock Design.” I hope you enjoy it.

This looks like a lovely issue — after a quick read-through I can see that there are as usual great articles and reviews and of course a lot of wonderful patterns to knit — many of them great for holiday knitting and giving.

As usual, my lovely and generous editor-in-chief Jaala Spiro has authorized me to give away two one-year subscriptions and ten pattern collections from this issue. Want to win one? Leave a comment on this blog post by noon eastern time on Sunday, November 14 to be entered in the drawing.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the day job is getting in the way of my knitting progress. I tell you, this working for a living nonsense is starting to annoy me. I managed a few rows on the sleeve of the Not-Quite-All-the-Way-So-Much Hawthorn Sweater last night.

Tomorrow is a holiday for us Feds and I have nothing planned for the day, so I’m hoping to spend it relaxing, snuggling with Miss Lucy, and knitting.


  1. The 13th is my birthday.. What a great gift a subscription to the Knit Circus would be..Thanks for all you do.

  2. Congratulations on your promotion with KnitCircus! That is exciting.
    Marushka´s last blog post ..Work-In-Progress Wednesday 12

  3. I work with fabric all day, and yarn is my evening treat. Love the magazine!

  4. Another lovely issue of Knit Circus.
    Lynn Z´s last blog post ..Crafting for Others

  5. Me, me, me!!!!

  6. Yeah; more sock info. That’s the best!

  7. Wow, another great drawing. Slip Lucy this catnip for me , I know she is really behind it all! ***** Here kitty kitty!

  8. Knit circus!! pick me random number generator!! I love Knit Circus, but my queue is soooo long.

  9. Congratulations on the promotion! It’s great to see your talents rewarded! 🙂
    And do I ever know what you mean about the pesky day jobs interfering with yarn, kitties & me time. Life is short I’ve got to find a better balance. 😉

  10. Thanks.

  11. Knit Circus keeps getting better and better and I’d love to win a subscription.

  12. Denise in Ohio says:

    My job gets in the way of my knitting time, too. Gotta do something about that. Entry please.

  13. C’mon…………..we have the same first name………….where’s the loyalty??

    And seriously, my dad wanted to call me Lucy but my mum wouldn’t have anything to do with it!!


  14. Would love to be in the draw, too many expenses coming up to let me buy it this time.
    Rachelle´s last blog post ..English Leicester

  15. It would be really sweet if I won!

  16. I love Knitcircus – they are doing a great job, and of course it would be wonderful to win a subscription!

  17. Love knitcircus , would love to win a subscription

  18. Lucy will be happy to have her momma home all day. Enjoy the day off.

  19. that’s some great prize!

  20. Looks great! Enjoy your day off =)

  21. Would love to have a subscription to KnitCircus!

  22. I lust for the mag subscrip. Or 10 patterns. Or for a job that would pay me to knit.

  23. Well done you!………….and a happy day off to you and Lucy!!……………the magazine looks grand!……….

  24. Helle "Gracie" Berry says:

    while enjoying your day off, be sure to thank the men and women who make that day happen! Friday my son graduates from Tech School at Great Lakes Naval Base and I could not be more proud! (PS he is a first generation American on my side and a descendant of “that” John Smith on his father’s…only in America).

    By the way, please enter me for your drawing!
    Thank you!

  25. Diane Tetreault says:

    terrific issue!!!

  26. Hi! (waves) -enjoy your day off tomorrow. I’m very jealous. 😉 Halloween & Gunnie send hugs to Lucy.
    Cindy Kirchner´s last blog post ..Kid Hollow Farm Visit 2010

  27. I would love to have “Knitcircus”. I didn’t know about this particular magazine. It looks great. By the way, congrats!!!

  28. Sounds like a great way to spend the day – and I’d love a subscription!
    Valerie´s last blog post ..A Knitter Triumphant!

  29. The day job is what keeps the knitting from becoming work instead of passion.
    Thank you for the inspiration and keeping me interested in knitting!

  30. A subscription would be awesome – I see lots of stuff I want to knit!
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Caroline Ranks the Season Finales

  31. Congrats on your promotion! More work….just what you needed. 😉

  32. Congratulations on your new promotion. Please enter me in your latest fabulous drawing opportunity!

  33. How did I ever miss this magazine???

  34. Wow! I’d love to win a subscription or a pattern collection! How generous.

  35. MARION FRAZER says:

    Love the daily wendy knits….hope to win….

  36. Ruth Porter says:

    Loved the article; some good information there. Enjoy the holiday and thank our veterans.

  37. MARION FRAZER says:

    thanks for the chance to win. have a knitting vac day…..

  38. Don’t you just hate it when life gets in the way of knitting!! I’m retired and I STILL don’t have all the time I want to knit. Congratulations on your “Contributing Editor” status.

  39. Congratulations on your new position. Looks like another great issue!

  40. Love that Winterside Sweater!!!

  41. i would love to win! My subscription just expired and this issue looks wonderful. Have a great day off – I am jealous!

  42. Congrats on the new position, this is my first time subscribing to your blog and i am enjoying reading it. Hope i get a chance to win.

  43. Patty Lynn says:

    KnitCircus looks like a fun magazine. Have not seen it before. Would love to win!
    Thanks for putting us in touch with “Shanti’s Mom”. She now has 491 hats for the sailors in the Gulf, thanks to you and others who spread the word.

  44. Thanks for the offer. What a beautiful magazine!

  45. I would LOVE to win a subscription. Congratulations on your “promotion”. I did glance through online this morning, but my eyes aren’t good enough to read in the small version.
    Angeluna´s last blog post ..A Nod to the Ancestors

  46. WOW!!! You wear so many different hats, I am amazed! Your truly are gifted!!!

  47. Can’t wait to check out Knitcircus, never heard of it before! Thanks!! Holly

  48. Congratulations! Add me to the list of begging and pleading…. lol!!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Free Pattern for Hat is up

  49. So would love to win, love that sweater and those cables. I have become friends with cables. I thought they were scary, but they are so fun to watch come together!!
    Have a great holiday! I do understand the day job getting in the away. I am so almost done with that!!


  50. Judy Philbrook says:

    Would love to win either gift! Gotta love the holidays that don’t require lots of cooking, cleaning, and shopping. (Still working on the Pi shawl — maybe I’ll make some progress now.)

  51. So that explains some of the stealth work that your day job has been interfering with! Congratulations on your promotion.

  52. Kristi ~ Ohio says:

    I would love to win a subscription to Knit Circus. How wonderful. Thank you. Hi Lucy!

  53. Ruth Musso says:

    I am interested in the magazine – would love to win a 2-year subscription!

  54. How generous! 🙂 Thank you!

  55. Once again, please count me into the drawing, Ms. Editrix. I’d love to win something from that Emag. It’s great!

  56. I’d love to win a subscription!

  57. Oooh, I’d love to win a subscription! I saw a couple patterns in this issue already that I really, really like!

  58. Woohoo, another giveaway!

  59. Day jobs are a drag but whatcha gonna do? (:

  60. Do enjoy your day off…Lucy will enjoy having you home!

    (I am also crazily waving my hand…pick me…pick me…pick me!).

  61. I would love to give those socks with the arch shaping a try!

  62. I would love to win either a subscription or a pattern collection from Knitcircus. Thank you for the opportunity.

  63. I would love this! I have been drooling all day 😉

  64. Looks like a great magazine – have never seen it in our area…your article on adjusting sock patterns should be a good one, that is something I have been dealing with on my toe up socks!
    Keep up the good work!


  65. Enjoy your holiday! I have a particularly long day at work tomorrow, sigh.
    I love knitcircus and can only hope that the random # generator is strangely attracted to me this time…
    Cathy-Cate´s last blog post ..Four Shawls and Two Socks

  66. Love to have a subscription to KnitCircus, or a pattern collection.

  67. Oh, yeah, I’d like to win. Happy Veterans’ Day, too! Thanks for sharing!

  68. CaroleP (ohio says:

    Love to have a subscription! Can’t seem to find it on sale anywhere, and I’m always looking for new exciting patterns. And I really need more info to make socks. Congrats on your promotion!
    Hope you enjoy your day with Miss Lucy and get a lot of knitting done, too. I’m sure she will enjoy it!

  69. Love Knitcircus, maybe I’ll get lucky this time

  70. April from SD says:

    Jobs and kids take away too much time from knitting! I don’t have a full-time job but I have a full-time baby and lately it’s been taking me forever to finish projects. Hopefully you find some time soon to work on your knitting!

  71. I would love to win, please enter my name…

  72. Pick me! I’d love to win a KnitCircus subscription!


  73. I want one. Happy knitting.
    Helen Chase´s last blog post ..Snake In The Chicken Coup

  74. My day job is also getting in the way of my knitting, and lately I am finding that very annoying. Oh well, no job, no yarn, so off to work I go.
    Have a great day off knitting tomorrow, I envy you.

  75. paisleyapron says:

    Have a great day off! I would love to get some new knitting reading around here.

  76. Love Knitcircus and I agree that working does really affect knitting- but don’t give up on the job-as a retiree, those benes count!!

  77. I would love to try this magazine out – I hope I win woohoo!!!!!

  78. Trying again!

  79. Thanks for the contest!

    I agree with you on this ‘working for a living’ business! I’ve switched jobs and am adjusting to the 8-hr/day thing after being off for a few weeks!

  80. Congratulations 🙂 Thankyou so much for the chance to win. It would be wonderful to learn to fit my own socks to my favourite patterns.
    I would so like to win. Just so love your blog and look forward to my daily fix. Thankyou
    Lynne´s last blog post ..Nearly Insane Block 1

  81. Haha. The joke is on me. A day off for you means extra work for me! The kids are off Thurs and Fri! I think just the balm for that one would be to win this drawing!

  82. Congratulations on the ‘promotion’ and enjoy your day off with Lucy! Thanks for the chance at the big give-away.

  83. Lisa Downing says:

    I love trying for these freebies!

  84. oh–looks lovely–I hope you pick me!!!!!

  85. Me me please!!

  86. Looks like a great magazine – I’d love a subscription!

  87. debra davis says:

    job… sleep… housework… it all gets in the way of knitting. hardly seems fair. I would love any of those things.

  88. Enjoy your day off. I know I plan to do so. Hugs to Lucy.

  89. Looks like a good issue–it would be great to win a subscription!

  90. I know the day is going to come when I win one of these. Of course I’ve felt that way about the lottery for 20 years and that hasn’t happened. But I’m still hopeful!

  91. A knitter can always use another knitting magazine. Thank you.
    JoAnn W.´s last blog post ..Finish One Project- Start Another

  92. Shirley Ryan says:

    I don’t now about this magazine…how did I miss it?

  93. Today is my birthday! Along with the Marine Corps. I am humbled.

  94. You are always so generous and inspirational. Thank you so much and yes I would love a subscription.

  95. Lucy says, “yippee!!! Mommy’s going to be home with me. I will curl up on her lap all day.”

  96. I’d love a peek at knitcircus, if the RNG is kind. And I must say, you either do an excellent job of lint-rolling your knits, or Lucy doesn’t shed as much as my cats. Your sleeve looks nice and crisp and cathair-free!

  97. congratulations on the promotion! hope it came with a big raise. I don’t know how you juggle it all, but I’ll buy anything you write that has to do with sock knitting….


  98. Natalie Doyle says:

    Have never peeked at Knit Circus, but if you write for it, it’s gotta be good!

    Hope to win, but am not counting on it!

    Have a great day off, Wendy.

  99. I love Knitcircus. I was introduced to it at the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat in Seattle. A great resource. My wife and I would both love the magazine and patterns.
    Rusty Boyd´s last blog post ..Charity Donations-From the Heart

  100. Love Knitcircus, and would love to win!