My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Fog Comes In On Little Cat Feet

And so does my knitting inspector.

I’m not feeling great as I’m battling some sinus/upper-respiratory congestion thing. I’ve spent much of the day reclining on the couch and drinking water.

I’ve also done some online holiday gift shopping, while my little supervisor lies on the back of the couch keeping an eye on me.


  1. She does have to inspect for general squishiness. Looks like it passed! Hope you’re feeling better soon, and give lucy a snorgle for me!
    Leslie´s last blog post ..Episode 35 Fail

  2. hope you are feeling better soon
    Karen´s last blog post ..Sunday with Franklin…

  3. That’s looking gorgeous. And I hope whatever you have doesn’t last long! Feel better soon.
    Rachael´s last blog post ..Planning to Relax

  4. I hope you feel better soon and that it’s not the horrible thing I had.

  5. Barb Harger says:

    Love that little poem! I had my kids memorize it when we homeschooled. Since we love cats, they could see the imagery in the poem. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. It’s the lovely blue-that-matches-the eyes yarn ^..^ hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  7. Keep those liquids coming! Hope you feel better soon.
    Cathy E´s last blog post ..Now I Understand!!

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Cat’s have to inspect knitting for warmth and overall coziness.
    Denise´s last blog post ..Bunday- Our Story Part Two

  9. Your sweater design is gorgeous, as is the inspector.

    Feel better …. (((Hugs)))
    Cathie Jones´s last blog post ..JazzSea Cruises

  10. Oh man… the supervisor. Mine has been helping me “style” knitting photo shoots.
    Virginia´s last blog post ..Chickens and Cowls

  11. Please drink tea. Hope you recover fast!

  12. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. What a bummer on your day off from work. Hope you start feeling better real soon. It is said that petting a pet is a way to feel better….

  13. My kitties do that too. Feel better soon! The sweater is lovely.

  14. She’s such a special supervisor. She’ll sort you out in no time. Serioulsy, I hope it’s no time until you’re feeling better!

  15. Non-knitting question… Is this the first time you’ve been ill since the clean eating started??? I’m trying to think if you’ve posted anything. Hope you’re on the mend and that the clean eating has your immune system in tip top shape and your better soon.

  16. With cat-like tread!

    Hope you’re purring again soon!

  17. Love the sweater and the water bottle! I have the same one, but mine is orange.

  18. Take good care of yourself and get well. Love the vibrant blue. We here in Oregon may be getting a good dusting of snow…or more? It is 5:00pm and I am heading out to teach yoga. We will see how it is at the end of class?

  19. Thank God for the internet, when it comes to shopping. I used to enjoy the Christmas rush, but not lately, so we all try to request things that can be bought from our homes. I do miss meeting my sister for lunch and shopping, though.
    Get well soon.

  20. Hope you feel better soon. My last sinus mess cleared up faster when I ate a piece of buttered toast with raw garlic on it. The toast is so the garlic doesn’t taste so strong. You could also crush a clove on a spoon and cover it in raw honey but I prefer the toast. It took about 3 days of that treatment but it was much better after the first day. Garlic is great for clearing up infections. A bowl of chopped onion next to your bed while you sleep also helps clear out the sinuses so you can breath.

  21. Inspector Lucy is on the job! Your sweater is beautiful. Please get well soon.

  22. Hope your feeling better;o) Online shopping is the way to go!

  23. Your water bottle is so cute!
    biomaj5´s last blog post ..FOapalooza

  24. So sorry you are sick…what a way to begin a holiday week! I’m sure it wasn’t what you planned, and I hope it’s over soon. In the meantime, keep shopping and drinking (water, that is…LOL) and maybe even knitting once you are on the mend. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…especially your “knitting inspector.”
    Ruthie´s last blog post ..Done and Gone

  25. Shirley in GA says:

    Your sweater is looking gorgeous and I really like the color. Hope you feel better soon! I had a sinus/upper respiratory problem recently which took forever to get over. MucinexDM and Sudaped are the answers.

  26. I was just thinking of that poem yesterday! I hope you feel better soon.

  27. Adorable cat feet! I hope you feel better soon! It sucks to be sick around the holidays!

  28. Hope you feel better soon. I just am getting over that same thing and felt terrible for a week. Drink lots of fluids and rest. Sending you good energy and healthy thoughts!

  29. Oh dear, I hope you’re on the mend quickly! I’ve heard that alternating hot & cold fluids works well to help get congestion moving. Send someone to the store for some herbal teas (I favor Celestial Seasonings Zinger teas), if you haven’t laid in a store of ’em already. Lucy is such a little lady, my Hinky Boo could likely mop the floor with Miss Lucy. Hink’s front paws are about 1.5″ across, and she’s got 15 lbs of “rasslin’ kitty” over them! That blue comes across as not quite electric on my monitor; I’m sure it’s lovely.
    Ann Devine´s last blog post ..Wish I may

  30. I have a cold, too. Miserable! And my dog loves to come and rest his chin on a very soft skein of yarn or WIP that I set down for a minute.

  31. I hope the water and rest work their magic and that you are feeling better soon. It is never fun to be sick, but to be feeling under the weather when you are home/during the holidays is even less fun than normal.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..10 Tuesday a cooks holiday

  32. Just questions. When you originally made the plain stockinette sweater did you wash it then? Are you reusing that yarn? Or is this new yarn? If it is reused yarn, wouldn’t it already be shrunk? Maybe my brain isn’t working quite right, so these may all be dumb questions…
    Second. My son has a 3 year old cat the size of a 3 month old kitten, 2-3#. The mother dropped it on its head off the couch when it was born. It has the cat equivalent of cerebral palsy, very small, sweet and shy. Could your pattern for Lucy’s felted bed be made small enough for a mentally challenged tiny cat to feel secure?

  33. Feel better soon, Wendy! And let your fingers do the shopping!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Tahiti Blooms in Blue Project Bag

  34. I hope you feel better after a good rest!

  35. I love that poem. Yer so litterary!
    Desiree´s last blog post ..Messages Ill Never Have 1

  36. November and it’s trail of cold and flues, on top of read leaves and coming Xmas.

    Hang in there!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..How to choose good discount yarn