My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sleeve Report and Other News

I have managed some sleeve knitting this weekend and here is the state of the first sleeve:

The lighting is weird — it looks like the top half of the sleeve is a lighter color than the bottom half. It isn’t. It’s just a trick of the light. I was hoping to be further along on it by now but whaddya gonna do, eh? I’ve been having fatigue issues and didn’t feel up to any marathon knitting. I’ve got two more pattern repeats to go before this sleeve is done.

In great book news . . .

My publisher has told me that my two socks books, Socks From the Toe Up and Toe Up Socks for Every Body, will soon be available in e-book format. They will be available for all e-reading devices, including Kindle, Nook, Sony Readers, PCs, Macs, iPhones, etc. While Random House doesn’t currently sell through the iBookstore, you can use any of the other reader apps on the iPad. They are scheduled to be released at the end of January.

In shocking hair news . . .

Long time blog readers may recall that I have been washing my hair using Chaz Dean Wen Cleansing Conditioner exclusively for years. It worked well for me for a long time, but for the past couple of months I have become increasingly dissatisfied — I seemed to be getting a build-up on my hair and it was always limp and greasy looking. No matter how much I rinsed, I couldn’t get it all out.

So after some online research I purchased some products by Tate’s: their Natural Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner. I started using these products a couple of weeks ago and have been delighted with the results. I originally planned to alternate using it with the Wen product, but I have been using it exclusively for the past couple of weeks.

Speaking of hair, it’s been a while since my last haircut:

In Lucy news . . .

I have turned on the heat, but I haven’t really turned the heat up, so Lucy is happy to snuggle down in a soft warm bed.


  1. Wendy – I had the same issue with Wen after a few years of use – I changed the type of Wen that I used and I change it on a weekly basis and that seems to work – though I may have to try Tates and see how that is too 🙂

  2. I tried Wen and immediately had the limp, greasy look, no matter how long I rinsed. So I cancelled and filled the conditioner pump bottle with a less expensive conditioner (Tresseme) and it works great. I shampoo once every couple of weeks with a clarifying shampoo to prevent build-up, and my skimpy hair is in better shape than ever!
    Cathie Jones´s last blog post ..JazzSea Cruises

  3. I used Wen too (my hair is your length) and it worked great, but then my hair started tangling really bad. My hairdresser said my hair was not clean and that is why it would tangle like that. I switched to a different shampoo and conditioner, and the tangles are much easier to control.

  4. I looked at the picture of your long hair, it reminded of what my hubby calls me when I brush my hair in front of my face, he calls me “cousin IT”. Sorry
    Lucy looks comfy, my boys- Archie -cat Simba -dog, are deciding who gets the new pillow, it’s big enough for them both ,at the same time,however it is the Simba’s pillow Archie has his own,

  5. Poor Lucy, having to curl up in a bed instead of on her chair (or a lap) – my papillion has pulled all the stuffing out of his pillow bed so he can crawl inside — the room he is in does get a tad cold and this weekend and coming week will see temps in the low 20 high teens at night — so much for life in the South (Charlotte NC) sleeve looks great – can’t wait to see it completed and attached.

  6. That’s great news about the sock books! Thanks for letting us know.

  7. I was wondering if you were still using Wen. Thanks for the update. That’s a lotta hair!
    Angeluna´s last blog post ..A Nod to the Ancestors

  8. That’s some gorgeous red hair!
    I don’t know what your area is like, but here in Calgary, we get some pretty dry weather. Conditioners can make my own long hair really limp. I went “all-natural” style a couple of years ago…henna for a bit of colour, and for shampoo/conditioner I’m using plain old Alberto. The stuff that smells like strawberries that you can get for less than $3.00 at the local Safeway. Apparently it doesn’t have a lot of silicones in it, so it doesn’t damage hair quite as much. Might be an option for you to try as an in-between option when the regular stuff just isn’t doing it for you 😀

  9. Hoorah for e-books! I hope the publisher includes pictures…I have purchased a few e-books for Kindle that did not. 🙁

  10. Pat Dixon says:

    Interesting as it may be, I have been wondering about your hair style, it iseems you are locked in your college days. Isn’t it time to come into the 21st century. You are a BEAUTIFUL woman, it is time to ,let us see more of your lovely face.
    You can donate your locks to “Locks of Love” Some little person would love it.
    I have been watching your denim sweater come alive. It is going to be just wonderful, you’ll enjoy it in the Great Washington area.

  11. Congrats on the ebook format publication! Wow, your hair looks beautiful and you’ve really gotten a lot of additional length/growth this year! Love it. I bet your clean eating may be a major contributing factor; do you think so? ( or just not cutting your hair? )

  12. Lynda Hitt says:

    I love your hair, and I love your face; don’t change a thing!

  13. You long hair looks really nice.

  14. Your hair is getting quite long…hmmm, what is in store? Continue growing? Trim? Cut? Color? I myself am growing out grey with the remaining red color in tact. Amazingly, I have had more compliments, so I stopped explaining what was going on with my hair. Now I am seeing the younger generation with white at the roots and dark or colored on the ends. Color is so fun!

  15. Wendy, Your hair looks amazing!! I cannot believe how long it’s gotten!! Are you still using henna? I started using henna because of you and I LOVE it!!
    The sweater is really beautiful!! I love denim, the color blue, and cables!!! The perfect sweater!! : ) Have a great week and I hope you feel better!!

  16. One of my ex-roommates had gorgeous long hair, and she swore by a horse tail (don’t remember the brand) shampoo and conditioner.

    My hair is pretty short, so I only use salon products or a combo product. I just don’t have enough length to stop a too heavy product from completely weighing me down.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..awake!

  17. That’s great news about your books. Congratulations!
    Ida´s last blog post ..The Second Sock Syndrome- A Solution

  18. What is the name of the sweater that this sleeve belongs to?

  19. The details in your sleeve are showing up so crisp and clean in your photos, very nice. And wow, how long your locks are!

    Lucy, even with our heat up it is cold and drafty at times in our house. Wish I had something cozy to curl up in like what you have … you look so warm. Our kitty cats have to sleep in the barn or huddled in a little hut with a blanket on our front porch.

    Stay warm ladies,

  20. CaroleP (ohio says:

    Wendy, thanks for the tip on Wen. I was ready to purchase it from QVC because of a build up of something (I think hair spray). I have used Nick Chavez products and haven’t had any problems til the spray seemed to stop working. Right now I’m having a problem with everything.
    Your hair is really a pretty shade. My 2 daughters are faux red, one would be completely white like my own, the other just because she can and both are too young!
    Love your blog, very informational (you) and entertaining (Lucy). Take care.

  21. Susan Tofilon says:

    Wendy your Kitty is sooo.. cute. You would definitely have the
    heat on if you were in Chicago. It’s cold outside! We have about 5 inches of snow. burrr…. I’m jealous of your weather. Within the last two weeks I bought both of your books and can’t wait to start knitting socks toe up! I’m finishing a pair that is cuff down.

  22. I also began about the time you did using the Wen product and have noticed my hair not looking or feeling clean the whole day. I had wondered about build up. Did you ever contact the Wen company to see if others had this problem? I wish you, Lucy yours a very happy holiday season!!!! We are down to 17 degrees tonight anbd have the heat on for sure!! All my kitties are snuggled up to each other or my hubby. 🙂