My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Denim and Hats and Stuff

I am chugging along down Sleeve Alley. The second sleeve of my denim aran is more than half done.

So it looks like this baby will be completed this weekend. I sewed up the side and sleeve seam on one side so as soon as this sleeve is completed I can attach it to the body and sew up that side seam and it will be done. I am very much looking forward to throwing it in the washer and dryer for its transformation. I’ll take “before” and “after” photos.

Even More Hats for Sailors

I got an email from Shanti’s mom (aka Lynne) the other day:

I wanted to let you know that one of our local knitters, Sandra, who lives near me, has offered to be the lead in organizing another effort . . . this time for more ships next year.

Sandra has set up a Ravelry group and I wanted to let y’all know so you can join if you like.  Go check it out: Sandra is a real go-getter and decided that there are lots of groups taking care of the soldiers, but few for our US Navy. Here’s our chance. With a whole year ahead of us, there’s no telling how many ships we can outfit with handmade hats.

I’ve joined the group and hope some of you will as well. Considering the impressive number of hats we made in a short time this year, there’s no telling what we can do for next year. 🙂
“I Live on a Farm” Giveaway

don’t forgot to leave a comment on my previous blog post to be entered to win one of the many lovely items donated by firefly. You have until noon eastern time this Sunday to enter. For those of you who asked what a biscuit blanket is, it is a “cozy” to keep bread warm. Click on the link I provided in my previous blog post to read all about it.
Proof That Hell Has Frozen Over

Today I wore a wool sweater to work. Yes, indoors.
That’s “Henry VIII” designed by Alice Starmore from her lovely book Tudor Roses.

Lucy sez “hey, y’all.”


  1. Wendy, you look fabulous!
    biomaj5´s last blog post ..FOapalooza

  2. Hey Lucy ^..^
    Love your jumper 🙂
    pip´s last blog post ..Regia Circus

  3. yes hell has indeed frozen over. It’s cold here too. My workplace is cold so I wear wool sweaters inside even when hell isn’t frozen over.

  4. I have a box of the denim yarn, so I am anxiously awaiting the final info from you describing how you planned for shrinkage.

    Thank you for providing the extra information for the Hats for Sailors project. I couldn’t participate in the first round, but I’ve already signed up for the group.

  5. I bet you spent the whole day saying thank you to people who told you how beautiful your sweater is!

  6. I want one of those sweaters.
    Leslie´s last blog post ..Episode 37 – with Special Guest Star- CraftyPancakes!

  7. Shirley. in PA says:

    I love that sweater, I remember when you knitted it. And it does look fabulous on you. Stay warm and keep Lucy warm and comfortable too. 🙂

  8. Celestine says:

    Hey Lucy you look happy now that Momma turned the heat on. My hubby is still grumbling that the house is still too cold…..I turned the heat on, but not too much!!!!
    Wendy, …I visited your friend and had to purchase some cotton for my own biscuit blanket….Hope I can get some made up for gifts…..But I am still hoping that I win something in her drawing….

  9. The sweater is beautiful but your hair color is fantastic!!! You really have it just right.

  10. I don’t have adequate words for how beautiful that Henry VIII sweater is. Wow.

  11. Kristi ~ Ohio says:

    Your Henry VIII sweater is just beautiful!!!!!! It looks great on you.

  12. Mary Beth says:

    Love your Henry VIII!!

  13. You look fantastic in your Henry V111 sweater. Would love to knit one of those.

  14. Wow! Love the Henry VIII sweater.

  15. Thanks for the info on the hats for sailors. As a former sailor myself and being married to another former sailor, I am happy to keep their heads warm!
    kmkat´s last blog post ..More winter

  16. Love your sweater. It must be truly cold in the DC area.

  17. martha simpson says:

    Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is the Henry VIII sweater. It is so beautiful and I would love to wear it. I

  18. You should be here — December in Iowa and they’ve decided to replace the windows in our building. It’s quite chilly – and a couple of days, it actually snowed into the building…
    janna´s last blog post ..Still here!

  19. Wow that sweater is gorgeous I know you must get compliments on it anytime you wear it.
    Rae´s last blog post ..Organization Shall Set You Free

  20. I too am looking forward to seeing the denim after washing and drying. Henry is really beautiful. I remember when you made it and I thought, “jeez…she’s just whipping through another Starmore.”

  21. Henry VIII is my favorite of all the sweaters you’ve knit since I’ve been reading your blog. I remember when you knit it. Well, not literally WHEN as in THE DATE, but I remember the process and it was so inspiring to me. The finished object is such a work of art. If you had to pick one sweater to wear every blue moon, that’s a great choice!

  22. yarngardengirl says:

    the denim aran sweater is looking gorgeous! . . . am new to your blog, so this is such a treat . . .so excited to see the end product . . . Henry VIII is over the top . . .a true work of art . . .

  23. Wendy, since you are a smart phone picture taking gal, you should check out’s blog, yesterday, I think, for the lenses for smart phones… Love that some one is doing hats for sailors next year, I only got the yarn purchased this year. Sad, since I am retired Navy reserves… I will do better, promise. Off to join rav group. Lovely sweater and Lucy… what can I say?

  24. Your sweater looks stunning! I really need to finish some of my sweaters this year before I gain winter weight or something and need to lose some pounds to fit them!
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..waiting delivery

  25. I don’t know if it’s the end of hot flashes or our company’s re-worked heating system, but after years of not being able to wear sweaters in my office in the winter I am finally cold enough to wear both sweaters and wool socks (how’s that for a run-on sentence!). Hurray!

    13 degrees here today.

    Love your Henry VIII. What a show-stopper.
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Give Peace a Chance Mini Bag

  26. Gorgeous…is it fairisle? (sp?)

  27. Gorgeous sweater!

  28. The new sweater is fabulous!

  29. Yeah! 🙂 I still remeber that wonderful sweater. As I discovered your blog, you just were in your Fair Isle Knitting Fever – a tecnique I still don’t manage 🙁 I was so impressed – and still I am!
    Hugs from snow-covered Germany

  30. Lucy, my love! I had no idea you were a Southern Belle. As I hail from the south of Kentuckiana, I am a Southern Gentleman myself. I doff my hat to you, my fine lady.
    Love and kisses,
    A tuxedo gentleman

    PS – I hope you like younger men…

  31. Does this mean it is extra cold there? Or is clean living helping with hot flashes? The sweater is gorgeous and deserves to be worn. I love the colours with your hair. Hey Lucy How are you doing!?

  32. Melanie PL says:

    Would love to be entered into the contest! Love your blog.