My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Close to Complete

I am getting closer and closer to the finish line on the Calmer Aran. I do still need to knit the shoulder strap on the second sleeve.

This would have been done by now except I am also working on a stealth project and that went with me to work today as my commuter knitting.

After the shoulder strap comes seaming, then the neckband and then this baby is done, done, done. Also, done.

I have a couple of ideas about what to start next cooking in my fevered brain. Scary, isn’t it?


What is it about cats and their water dishes?

Pretty much the only things that Lucy drops in her water dish are wadded up paper balls.  Once she has tired of them, in the water dish they go. It makes a lovely little mess for me to clean up. Lucy probably considers that a bonus.

The only exception to this happened a few years ago. Lucy had a toy mouse that squeaked when you moved it. One day I found the mouse drowned in her water dish. I fished it out  and let it dry out, but it never squeaked again.

I can’t help but think that was Lucy’s intention.

“I just want things the way I like them. Is that so wrong?


  1. We have Saru-chan’s water dish on a window ledge. It is completely adorable watching her stand on her hind legs to drink from the dish. We keep thinking about moving it back down, but she seems to like it up there.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..searching for a hat pattern

  2. My two furballs will occasionally drop cat chow bits into their water bowl – flavoring? My ex-bf’s cat used to drown her catnip mice regularly; she’d bat them around, get all goofy for about 20 minutes, then drown it in her water dish. Like clockwork.
    MelissaW´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday post-December 27- 2010- snow shower

  3. Tigre doesn’t put anything in his water dish, but he demands fresh water several times a day! and he hugs the bowl with both front legs while he drinks.

  4. Buffy likes her food directly on the floor–no dish. If I put it in a dish, she looks at me like I’ve gone loony.

  5. Nim like to go for a swim in her water bowl and my other furry friend Priss eats food off the floor.

  6. …oddly, Miss Pepper has decided she likes unsalted peanuts I originally got for our Winged Friends, to help them survive the bleak winters when pickin’s are slim. Our Spoo Igor gets his ration of peanuts, shells and eats them, leaving me a nice little Outback Steakhouse peanut shells-on-the-floor MESS, and now teh Kitteh must haz peanutz! she actually *eats* them, then plays with the shells…*snorts!

    ..seems Miss Lucy wants to take the “scritch” out of teh paper ballz; she’s one smart cookie! ♥♥♥

    Fickle things, Critters~
    Sandra´s last blog post ..Agatha in the Morning

  7. The new scarf pattern is awesome indeed. Admirable cable work, love what you are designing–rock on.

  8. Cats. Sigh.

    Yesterday my kitten decided to jump off the back of one of our kitchen chairs directly into his water bowl. There was quite the explosion. He didn’t like being wet. Why? Why did he do that?

    Although, yes, I think that watching me clean up the mess kept him entertained while he dried off.
    Virginia´s last blog post ..Finished Object- Cynthias Shroom

  9. Our Curtis Willis must have his water from a private little tupperware bowl on the bathroom counter. His little sister Maizie is not allowed to share; she must drink from the water bowl in the kitchen where the food resides. The occasional paper ball finds its way there also.

  10. My Purl loves to dunk toys in the water dish. When we play fetch (she’s a puppycat), I have to pay attention to how long it takes her to bring the toy back because she often will stop by the water dish, drop the toy in the water dish, fish it out and drop it in my lap soaking wet. Not a nice surprise!
    Lynn Z´s last blog post ..Crafting for Others

  11. I love Lucy. She is a cats cat. We have three, two old girls and a young male. Our oldest has a thing for her pink fuzzy ball. She croons to it, sometimes at the top of her lungs while carrying it around in her mouth. Then, when she is finished with it, into the water bowl it goes.

  12. BlondiKnits says:

    My Mousse (like chocolate mousse, all my cats have food names) has adopted a tubular cast-on and bind-off sample I made at Sock Summit in 2009. She carries it around, attacks it and yowls like it’s a real mouse. She will drop it in the food bowl or water dish, then the other cats won’t eat or drink from that bowl. She has played with it so much it is felted!

  13. Don’t get me started on water and cats! My cats will only drink from glass bowls (or glasses) – no plastic or metal. And while they have two bowls, one with their food and one in my bathroom – they only drink from the one in the bathroom. The other one can be full to the brim with fresh water but if the one in the bathroom is empty, they are hollering at me to fill it.
    I have one cat who likes to dump the water bowl, another cat who drinks with his paw, and if I leave a towel on the bathroom floor, I am usually guaranteed to come home from work and find it half immersed in the water dish (not sure how they manage that… they aren’t hand towels they are the large bath sheets!)

  14. I have one cat who loves to steal my hair elastics. They end up in the water bowl (in the living room), the food dish (in the bathroom) and the litter pan (also in the bathroom). When I find them in the litter I set them aside for washing, but I try to rescue them before they end up there.

  15. One of my kitties only drinks from running tap water! She also steals the hair bands . . . The sweater is beautiful – looks as complex as Lucy’s personality:o))

  16. But *why*? Why do they drop their toys in the water dish?

  17. Isn’t that true of most females, we want things the way we like them.

  18. One of my babies always scoops her kibble out of the dish with her paw before she’ll eat it.
    You are an amazing knitter. The current sweater is beautiful and you have knitted it so quickly I am in awe of your knitting prowess.

  19. Mary Beth at ✄ Yarn U ✄ iPhone app says:

    You know cats are manipulative, according to a recent news story…and keep her away from the yarn, it can kill her if she gets in her mouth.

  20. Bonnie H. says:

    Ha! She killed the mouse – obviously her intent. Various dogs we’ve had through the years enjoyed to “killing” their things – even a towel – shake, shake, shake, grrrrrrrrrr.

  21. Liz in Missouri says:

    I’m loving watching this sweater come together. In the first place – it’s green. How could you go wrong? In the second place, I just love the look of cables. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

  22. Ooooh, it’s looking lovely! Can’t wait to see what’s next on the list. 🙂

    My cat won’t drink water until she has defiled it with her filthy little paws. I’ll wash out her bowl, fill it up with nice fresh (filtered, even!) water, and the next thing I know she’s in there pawing at it and splashing it out of the bowl. Once it’s filled with dirt specks and cat hair, it is acceptable for drinking.
    Principessa Grassa´s last blog post ..New Makeup Mania!

  23. My kitty just likes to move her water dish around the floor so I can trip over it.

    I think Lucy needed to let the mouse know that it was making too much racket. She gets the first *and* the last word.
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Custom Listing for Spreider

  24. Love your Lucy stories! Of our five cats, two drink from a slightly running faucet in the bathroom, and the other three use water bowls. One used to drop pieces of her dry food in the water, then fish them out with her paw and eat them. She was a feral kittie, so I think she may have learned that routine from watching racoons. We finally moved the food dish farther away from the water dish, and she seemed a little stumped at first. Now she just puts the dry food on the floor and then eats it. Bess

  25. I had a cat once that would regularly put her catnip mice in her water dish. Said water dish was in the bathroom for ease of spill clean-up. This was no problem at all, until the day my then-husband left the toilet seat up one night. Next morning? You guessed it – a catnip mouse drowned at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

  26. Isn’t that what every girl and kitty wants things??

  27. Harley drops her toys – mostly balls – in her water dish. Until recently, she drank from one of those self-waterers, but she stopped drinking from it (I could tell because there were no toys in it!), and now wants a bowl of water.
    janna´s last blog post ..Pink and Me