My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Tuesday is News Day

There are a few of items worth mentioning today.

Item Number One . . . SoXperience 2011!

Carodan Farm has announced the date and schedule for SoXperience 2011. The event is the second weekend in April — the 8th — 10th on Chincoteague Island off the coast of Virginia.

Click on the linky-link above to go to the SoXperience page on their website to read more about the event and see who the speaker/teacher is this year.

Although I have lived in Virginia for my entire adult life, I’ve never been to Chincoteague, so I am very much looking forward to this event

Item Number Two . . . Signature Needle Arts!

Today Signature Needle Arts debuts their new sizes in their ultra-fabulous circular needles: a U.S. size 3 and a U.S. size 4. All of their circulars (sizes 3 – 7) are now available with a new cable. Lifted from their website:

“To achieve a consistent functional and aesthetic appeal across all of the circulars, the cable material formula has been changed to meet the micro-manufacturing demands of the new US 3s and 4s. The new formula accommodates the planned addition of other size circulars.”

I just happen to have one of the new circulars to show you.

This is a U.S. size 3 needle with the stiletto tip — my favorite cuz I love the pointy! The new cable is as great as the cable on the previous generation of their needles, if not greater. Here is a comparison.

The new cable is slightly thinner and slightly more flexible. I’ve not knit with this needle yet, but I’m betting I’ll find the cable slightly superior whilst knitting with the needle.

Item Number Three . . . Autumn Dream Scarf Pattern!

My Autumn Dream Scarf pattern is now available for sale in hardcopy here at The Loopy Ewe.

Item Number Four . . . Three-Day Weekends make for Good Knitting!


All this boldface type in my blog post over-excited Lucy so she crashed early.


  1. Nice! I was hoping someone would have a review of the new Signature circulars. I’m having a hard time resisting.
    Susan´s last blog post ..I hope my dog doesnt mind sharing

  2. I might have to succumb to some of those needles. Don’t know in what size yet, or I need to get some DPN’s.

  3. I ordered myself a Signature US#4 circ this morning after I got their email. Middy point only because the blunt was apparently not an option.
    kmkat´s last blog post ..Ten on Tuesday- the gaming edition

  4. Chincoteague Island is a lovely place!

  5. Oh the needles! Hummm…….

  6. I really love a sharp needle! I can hardly wait for smaller sizes!
    Jeanie Babbage´s last blog post ..Is it really 2011

  7. Oh you are coming to the Eastern shore to Carodan? Yea, let us know when as I will make a point to be down there that day for sure.

  8. Sherri A. says:

    I gave in today and ordered my first Signature Circulars. I was waiting to see the new
    cables, they look really great. I am now ready to make Wendy’s Lady Bertram Shawlette out of my beautiful Wollmeise yarn……life is good!
    I hope they will soon have smaller sizes for socks.

  9. I love Chincoteague! We went there every summer for several years when I was a kid. It’s a wonderful place. I’ve been a few times as an adult, and it has changed some, but it’s still a favorite place for me.

  10. Oh, it’s so hard to decide what size circulars to get! I have size 1 dpn’s so far.

    Lucy knows how to relax, clearly.
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Custom Listing for wickedcoolharris

  11. I really need to try the signature arts needles. I use circulars to the exclusion of almost anything else, so it makes sense to slowly upgrade my needles to include a set of these in my favorite sizes.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..wrap up- Ignite Boston

  12. I wish we could have some discussion regarding the points of the new signature circular needles. I bought size 1 DPN’s and returned them because the stiletto tips were TOO sharp. I found that they split the yarn. Has anyone else found the stiletto to be TOO sharp?

  13. Thank you for announcing and reviewing the new Signature Needle Arts needles! After being gifted with some of the previous generation size 7s for Christmas, I am definitely going to also be investing in some size 3s.

  14. I ordered myself a size 4 circular this morning. I’m thinking of it as consolation for no Spring Fling this year. Thanks for enabling me!

  15. Stacy and the rugrats says:

    SoXperience 2011 looks awesome. I looked at the map to drive there tho and to get there from NC, you need to go in a tunnel! Yikes! Do you happen to know if there is a ferry across the bay?? LOL

  16. Hurray! Chincoteague is right around the corner for me. And you will get there before mosquito season — that’s a really good thing. I hope to learn how to knit socks from you!

  17. I just received a set of Signature Needle Arts size 5 dpns to use for some heavier yarn I am making socks from. I love these these needles. I am not fond of circular needles but I have have some SNA along with single points and dpns all with the stiletto point which is also my favourite. Lucy does look wiped out from all the excitement!!

  18. Love that bed that Lucy is in!! Have you ever knitted her a sweater or a bed?
    Jenny Dean´s last blog post ..Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter – Floppycatscom Review

  19. madonnaearth says:

    Awww, man!!! I was sure you were going to hold a signature needles random number giveaway!


    And to be even more delusional, I figured I was going to win!