My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.

Lucy Sez

Lucy would like to direct you to the Floppycats website where she is being featured as Ragdoll of the Week.

Thanks for your good wishes re: my unfortunate accident. Been to the specialist, hand is broken, no knitting for a while.

I am succinct by necessity. It is somewhat painful to type.


  1. Connie G. says:

    So very, very sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it mends quickly.
    I know what it’s like to have a broken bone, but mine was my foot which allowed for plenty of knitting unlike yours. Poor thing.

  2. You must be going crazy with nothing to keep your hands busy! Hang in there and know that we are praying for a swift recovery!

  3. So sorry about your accident. Take care of yourself and let Lucy take care of you, too.

  4. Oh, my. That serious. Not a good thing to happen to a knitter, especially one with myriad “stealth projects” to finish. Will this affect your day job as well or can you cope there with only one had? Heal soon.

  5. Oh I am so sorry for you. I sincerely hope that your hand will be healed very soon!

    Danielle´s last blog post ..Des bébés dragons!

  6. Oh no! Sending positive and healing thoughts your way!

  7. I missed your messages in my email-account and read just in time about your accident with your hand! I wish you’ll have a speedy recovery and take good care of yourself.
    ♥♥♥ Sabine

  8. I am so sorry to hear that, Wendy. I am sending you fast healing mojo. Please take care and don’t go crazy during this hiatus. Lots of reading? Editing to do? Hang in there!

  9. radmeister says:

    So sorry to hear about your mishap. I am sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. Lucy is truly adorable. Take care.

  10. Linda from Kansas says:

    I know your pain after having broken my wrist in a fall a couple of years ago. It was my left and I am a righty so it was not as bad as it could have been. It still gives me problems though in bad weather. I hope your wrist heals very quickly.

  11. Lisa Haynes says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You have a lovely nurse with Lucy there.

  12. Oh Wendy, I feel your pain,really feel it. I broke a bone in my foot and the slight movement of a toe…OUCH! And not being able to knit that’s awful. Take care and know you have followers waiting for your return.

    Loved the story about Lucy. She is really a gem. I too have a rescue cat, Luigi and he is so sweet, I really love him so much!

  13. Stephanie says:

    Wishing you a peaceful recovery Wendy.
    All good things to you and yours

  14. Greetings from Finland
    Lissu´s last blog post ..Vain katto rajana

  15. hope you are able to read the good wishes for a speedy recovery. It’s tough when we can’t use our hands! My pedicurist fell snowboarding and broke her hand earlier this month-tough time for her, too!

  16. I’m so sorry you broke your hand! I hope you heal quickly. I broke my foot a few years ago and it took 3 mos to heal. Now it’s stronger than ever, the doc says. I will miss you and Lucy on the blog. Stupid ice!

  17. You are not a dork for slipping on ice and getting injured. It has been a long, hard winter in DC…and looks like it is going to stay that way for a while.

    May your recovery be speedy and uneventful.

    Hugs and Smiles, Leslie

  18. Yow! Get well soon. No reply necessary, just get well.

  19. AnneCameron says:

    Just remember — no knitting does NOT mean no shopping… Wishing you a most speedy recovery!

  20. Lucy’s story was beautifully written and photographed — I had followed it on your blog and still felt a tear welling up. She is lucky to have such a loving home, and beautiful knitting to pose on!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery — I cannot imagine the patience needed to heal a broken hand, especially your master hand. I’m a leftie too, and it’s hard enough coping in a righthanded world without an injury!

  21. Wishing you a quick recovery and hopefully minimal frustration not being able to knit – Ms Lucy is probably secretly saying YES! now I get more mommy time! but O need YARN!

  22. I am behind on my blog reading and so just read about your unfortunate accident. I hope you heal very quickly. I am sorry that you hurt your hand, that must be painful. All that in itself is just terrible, but being taken out of knitting commission will be no fun either. Or it may reinvigorate you for when you return. (My attempt at a silver lining!)
    Christina Bieloh´s last blog post ..Do You Know the Muffin Kid

  23. a gentle hug of awww, there, there (on the right side of course).
    and a wish that you heal quickly.
    what a bummer to have fallen.

  24. Congratulations to Lucy for being selected “Ragdoll of the Week.” Floppycats knows a good thing when they see it.

    I’ll also add my condolences on the breaking of your dominant hand. We lefties need to stick together! Here’s to a speedy recovery! And I don’t know if it fits in the clean eating – but I highly recommend some chocolate ice cream to help ease the pain.

  25. (((Wendy))). Continue to heal well and quickly.