My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Photos From Last Week

Last Wednesday night it snowed. The scene outside:


Hand Update: It’ll be two weeks on Tuesday since I broke my hand. It hurts less, but still hurts enough to annoy me. Also I have no strength and very limited range of motion. Being the most impatient person in the world, I find this very annoying too. I am still not responding to emails for knitting help because I need to conserve my keyboarding time for the day job — the one that pays me enough to keep Lucy in kibble. ­čśë


  1. It is hard to wait…hope you are at your knitting best soon!

  2. Oh yes, keeping Lucy in kibbles is most important!
    I was just thinking, there IS knitting going on,
    your wrist bones are busy knitting themselves back together!
    Best wishes.

  3. Barb Harger says:

    I see that Lucy is helping you “rest” so your wrist heals…fast I hope!

  4. Sending good wishes for quick healing!
    Laura┬┤s last blog post ..TodayÔÇÖs Picture

  5. You might put in now for time off so you don’t slip on the ice at the end of this week. It’s coming…. again….

  6. So, so sorry for your pain! But I know Lucy is glad you have your priorities straight! Hope you mend soon.
    Rose┬┤s last blog post ..Sunny Saturday

  7. BuckfastBee says:

    Best wishes for quick healing! Here in Germany you would be unable to go to work with a broken hand for at least 4 to 6 weeks. We have to stay at home with full payment to recover. Even if you want to work, if the doctors say you’re disabled, you’re not allowed to work. And you can’t be fired while you’re ill. In some things Europe is much more social than the US.

  8. I can imagine how difficult it is to have to refrain from knitting for so long. Hang in there!
    Kristen┬┤s last blog post ..All snowed in

  9. Glad to hear you have your priorities straight: kibble

  10. I understand how you feel. It is annoying and frustrating when you can’t do the things you are accustomed to. Hang in there and I hope things continue to heal.
    Beverly┬┤s last blog post ..Purl Ridge Scarf

  11. I’m confused … wrist? or hand? if you broke your wrist, then I can TOTALLY empathize – as long as you didn’t have to have surgery, you will hopefully be as good as new within a couple of months, with lots of physical therapy. From a Certified Hand Therapist. I’m sure that they have them down in DC … I’m still amazed that I can actually remember the two month period when I wasn’t allowed to knit due to the broken wrist – the pain is very memorable, and the limited ROM was the MOST agonizing and annoying thing – take care of yourself, and remember, you’ll be able to knit well into your old age and will laugh about it in a couple of years from now –
    margaret┬┤s last blog post ..Must be the Season of the Hat

  12. Hi Wendy, sorry that you are still uncomfortable, I’m sure that is saying the least. If you are the most impatient person in the world I must be a very close second. I hope that you will be feeling much better very soon. Lucy is a sweetheart, must keep her in kibble. The furry friends are great for keeping us going. arn’t they?Thinking of you and wishing you a very speedy recovery. Hugs

  13. i’m so sorry about your hand. Like our German friend (above) said, it isn’t fair that you had to go back to work. I pray you will heal soon.

  14. I broke my wrist five years ago. Surgeon decided to repair with a pin. Very rapid recovery and I’ve had no problems since. Who knows what will be down the line, but I’ve been very happy since. I was determined to get back to knitting pronto. I hope your recovery is a speedy one. It’s awful to refrain from doing the things that give us so much comfort.

  15. Sorry to hear that you wrist is still giving you so much grief. I know you have said that you have a good doctor or three. Hopefully one of them knows a great hand therapist near you. Once your a bit more healed it can help with everything.

    Lucy needs her kibble. So please don’t over do, even though we miss you.

  16. OMG – I’m just catching up and read about your accident. I’m SO sorry. I hope your hand (and any other booboos) are healing nicely. Please rest and enjoy a full recovery. Hand injuries are nothing to joke about – especially when they’re such a big part of who you are. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Jennifer┬┤s last blog post ..Do A Good Turn Daily

  17. Wendy, if you need to use the computer but only have one hand to use, consider voice recognition software, like Dragon Naturally Speaking. It’s not hard to learn how to use and can really help with things like emails and documents. You could ask your IT dept. if they know anything about it, esp. if you are part of a federal dept (they should have info on assistive technologies available to employees). Good luck with your recovery!

  18. Thanks for the update!! And you can always scratch Ms. L with one hand and then scoop kibble, then back to scratching…. or take a hint from Lucy and NAP!!

  19. Keep your hand warm, the cold will make it hurt. Rest up we can’t wait till the old sticks are a clicking again.

  20. What a beautiful snowy scene. Hope your hand is, erm, knitted, again soon!

  21. Miss your updates. Heal better soon!

  22. I broke my hand (triquetrum) in 2005 and I hate to say it but it’s still not 100%. Admittedly I did take my cast off a bit early, as I was impatient and cut it off at home after just 3 or 4 weeks. Fortunately I’m not limited at all in knitting or spinning, as long as I pay careful attention to ergonomics! Good luck healing.
    Alison┬┤s last blog post ..I havenÔÇÖt vanished!

  23. best wishes for speediest recovery but follow doctor’s orders.

  24. First…I wish you a speedy recovery and full healing. We miss you here.

    There is software…I think the company is called Dragon…which types as you talk. It’s not 100% accurate, but it does work. Now if only someone would invent software which would let you dictate to knitting needles instead of your keyboard!

    But the good news is that you are still able to cuddle and smooch Miss Lucy.


    Raye in NY
    (mother of the other Jan. 2nd Wendy)

  25. Ah you still have a sense of humour!! That is a good think. Gosh two weeks ago? Time has been flying by. Those darn day jobs!! But kibble and litter are very important to our furry friends!! Hope you are feeling better very soon!!

  26. Hi Wendy,
    Glad to hear you are doing better. Broken hand for a knitter is the worst scenario that I can imagine! Take it easy.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the retreat:)

  27. Wishing you quick healing. We use a Dragon speak dictate program at home that works really well….in case you need an alternative to typing with that hand.

  28. Hope you feel well enough to scratch Lucy behind the ears.

  29. Broke my right hand on New Years (slipping on the ice). Just figure out this week how to knit with cast on. Understand the impatient part.

  30. Dear Wendy,
    I didn’t mean to make you slip. It was nothing personal. I’ve had a cold and there’s this problem with low friction and standard gravity. If it makes it any better, it hurt me too. A little.
    Signed, the Earth

  31. I was in Alexandria last Thursday and it was very quiet! I loved your yarn shop.
    Please take whatever time and care you need to help the hand heal. There are so many bones and moving parts in a hand that you need to take extra rest. I still labour with a hand injury from my teens!
    LoriAngela┬┤s last blog post ..Capital- Not My Capitol

  32. Take care and get well. The knitting, the emails, it can all wait. (and for those who are impatient, well, I will be patient for you).
    Seanna Lea┬┤s last blog post ..Om

  33. Hang in there! I can’t tell you how much I empathize with you—I’ve been knitting for the past few weeks with a cast on because I couldn’t stand the frustration of not knitting, but I was lucky not to have pain as you do. And with the cast the knitting is awkward and tiring. I miss your daily posts, but am glad you are taking care of yourself and putting family (kitty!) and health first. I hope you heal quickly!

  34. Lucy is trying to demonstrate the healing position for you. It’s time to embrace your inner cat and avoid all heavy lifting. Patience is so hard, esp. during prime knitting season. Stay inside the rest of the week!
    MicheleinMaine┬┤s last blog post ..Coral Reef Sweater Bag

  35. Keeping Lucy in kibble is important! I know this because Isis told me so. I know how you feel though .. I’m the worst when I’m hurt/sick enough to where I should be being still. Hope you recover soon!

  36. Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those wishing you a speedy recovery!!!! Get well soon! ­čÖé

  37. Nancy FP in Ferndale says:

    Wendy – I’m so sorry I asked for help over the weekend. I forgot about your bum hand. The toe up socks can wait! And, as an aside, have you tried holding the needles with your toes? Just askin’.
    Nancy FP in Ferndale

  38. Susan Voegtly "CintiSue" says:

    It is nice to be able to send you a note without causing a need to send a reply! When you get to the physical therapist part of your hand recovery…pick the cutest one you can, with a sense of humor and a tough guy act. It makes it all go much faster…and easier. Hope your better soon. Glad to still have a hand to pat Lucy.

  39. hope you will be 100% soon.

  40. I understand your frustration but also your need to work for kibble. Whenever I go off to work, I tell my cats ” gotta go earn the cat food” and my dogs ” gotta go…” Let alone telling myself “gotta go earn money for yarn.”

  41. I’m so silly been reading your blog for months and just realized I have one of your books. Nice to meet you again.
    brandi┬┤s last blog post ..Alpacas part 1

  42. I really like this photo, it reminds me of Phila.,where i grew up. Would you mind to say where it is?
    katiejay┬┤s last blog post ..01 28 2011-Click the pictures to enlarge

  43. Someone commented that there is knitting going in – your bones are knitting back together. I liked that analogy. May you heal quickly! Maybe this will be a great time for some cipherin’ and designin’! ­čÖé
    Christina Bieloh┬┤s last blog post ..Monday Mish Mash

  44. catherine Vanderloos says:

    wishing you well–i read your blog every day-i still open it hoping for progress for you. hope the pain improves soon and then back you come.

  45. catherine Vanderloos says:

    wishing you well–i read your blog every day-i still open it hoping for progress for you. hope the pain improves soon and then back you come.

  46. Hope your bones are working together. Watch out of the Doc recommends an “electromagnetic bone growth” speeder upper. Ours gave my husband one and the Insurance was billed $4200. YIPES.

  47. Time to bust out the Shetland needle belt and knit one handed! Maybe they have one for computer keyboards, too.

  48. I just had a terrible thought: your hand injury isn’t interfering with your ability to pet Lucy, is it?

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Rest well and heal quickly!

  50. You poor lady:( I couldn’t stand it!

  51. Susan Shelly says:

    Miss your blog and am thinking of you and hoping you are healing up and staying warm! Take care!

  52. Great photos! What a contrast between the two, one makes me think: cold and the other: cozy and warm.
    I’m glad to hear that your hand hurts less!

  53. Celestine says:

    Here’s hoping that the weather is bad enough to keep home to rest. I can only imagine that it is driving you crazy not being able to knit…But hopefully you can still pet Lucy!
    Take Care Wendy….We miss you….

  54. jo morgan says:

    Wendy, we miss you and hope the wrist is mending apace. It looks like you are in for more winter weather (it’s moving out of the Denver area but we’re expecting -19 overnight), so you and Lucy hunker down and keep warm. Jo

  55. Suzanne Antippas says:

    Dear Wendy-Whose-Work-&-Whose-Blog-I-Love,

    So sorry to read about broken hand. I broke shoulder on Oct. 30th. Almost completely healed now — only a little twinge reaching behind my back; but maybe I couldn’t do it before the break, either. Unless there are complications, most bone breaks take about 8 weeks. Seems like a lifetime, but does pass by. Important thing to me was the exercises to get back range of motion. Best (and most painlessly) done in the shower. Keep at it, you’ll get there & be good as new! Thanks for your knitting inspiration!

  56. Marty L. Smith says:

    oh new give a way would love to win i love surprises have never seen this magazine Hope your back knitting soon

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