My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


New Issue of Knitcircus

The Spring 2011 issue of Knitcircus is up!

In this issue you will find my article: “Do-It-Yourself  Aran Design.” I hope you enjoy it.

This is a spectacular issue — lots of beautiful patterns! And be sure to check out the scarf contest.

As usual, the extremely generous editor-in-chief Jaala Spiro has authorized me to give away two one-year subscriptions and ten pattern collections from this issue. Want to win one? Leave a comment on this blog post by noon eastern time on Sunday, February 6 to be entered in the drawing.

I have no knitting content for you here because I have done no knitting. So all you get is a photo of Lucy.

I think she’s a little confused about the concept of Groundhog Day and is trying to avoid seeing her shadow.


  1. I’d love to win a subscription. It sounds like a wonderful magazine.

  2. im just lori says:

    Congrats on the article! And yes, I’d love a subscription. Pick me! Pick MEEEE!

  3. Oh fun! I totally want to design my own aran. Hope your hand is feeling better!
    Dana´s last blog post ..My whole life has been like this recently

  4. I’d love to win – my condolences on your hand… I had a near miss myself on the ice last week, but only bruised my padded butt.

  5. Hope your hand is on the mend and back to normal soon! Will have to check out your article– the title sounds very intriguing (especially to a knitter like me who’s afraid to wander too far away from a pattern).

  6. It looks great! I’d love a subscription.

  7. C’mon, lady luck!

    On other thoughts, hope the hand is healing well.
    Karen´s last blog post ..No pic- just joke

  8. So even BEFORE it becomes spring, your hand will be healed enough to knit again, right? I love knitcircus!

  9. Donna in Ely says:

    Hope your hand is healing quickly. Love the Lucy photo and would love to win the mag subscription. Thanks for the chance.

  10. I am hoping that your hand is healing without any stiffness and pain, and that petting Lucy is very theraputic. She is in the same position as my baby Archie, Our local ground predicted a early spring, here’s hoping.Oh yes I would enjoy a scription of Knitting Circus
    kris´s last blog post ..Wednesday Freezing Cold

  11. Hope you heal quickly and can get back to knitting!

  12. I want to win!!!

  13. I hope you’re back in top knitting form soon!

  14. I’d love to win! Sorry that you’re still sidelined with the injury…hoping for a quick recovery!
    Allison´s last blog post ..A Work in Progress

  15. technikat says:

    I did no knitting today either. We spent all day shoveling out.

    Hope your hand heals quickly.

  16. Always glad to see something new, even if it isn’t a new project. It would be fun to be the picked one.

  17. Pick me Pick me!! I have seen this issue and will have to have half of these patterns!!

  18. Pick me. Home your hand gets better soon. Lucy is such a cutie!!

  19. Beautiful! Yes please sign me up!

  20. I would love to win a subscription or the patterns! what a wonderful giveaway.
    Hope you heal quickly.

  21. Congratulations on the article!!

  22. A great article! Hope your hand is healing quickly.

  23. thanks for the drawing — hope I win! and thinking of your hand … no fun!

  24. I would love to win a subscription…

  25. Lucy’s such a cutie! And I’d love to enter this contest. 🙂

  26. oh, I love aran… 🙂
    And I’d love a subscription!!
    Hope you’re feeing better.
    Is yr hand still hurting???
    Hugs to you and beautiful Lucy.

  27. I LOVE magazines, especially those with knitting involved!

  28. Congrats on the article. Would love to be in the drawing. Thanks!

  29. looking forward to the article.. hope you’re hand is on the mend.

  30. What a fabulous looking scarf. Lucy looks even better……..get well soon,
    the needles may rust !!

  31. Wendy, I hope the hand heals soon.

    I’d love to have a subscription to this magazine!

  32. windzgirl says:

    Please pick me!

  33. Beautiful shawl on the cover, would love to win. Hope your hand heals soon. Happy Chinese New Year!

  34. Would love a subscription!

  35. I would love to be entered in the KnitCircus drawing.

    So sorry to hear about your break – that would be really hard for any knitter to cope with but especially one as prolific as yourself. Happy Wednesday Melody
    Melody Bryan´s last blog post ..COMING UP FOR AIR

  36. So sorry to hear about your wrist. Hope you recover soon and are back to knitting. I would love to be entered in your contest.

  37. Hi Wendy!

    i hope your hand continues to heal. Time will go by fast enough, and you’ll be knitting again before you know it!

  38. Sue N Elkind says:

    I hope your hand gets better soon =(
    Looking forward to your article!

  39. How frustrating it must be not to be able to knit. I’m sure Lucy is happy for extra petting time though. What a wonderful drawing.

  40. Please count be in for the drawing! Also I hope your hand is feeling better. I’ve been spending my snowy days at home knitting.
    Katie´s last blog post ..Website up!

  41. Lynda Schwechtje says:

    What happened to your hand, Wendy? I’m so afraid of falling on the ice because then I might not be able to knit (or work, but not as important). Please enter me for the drawing. I like your Lucy and your knits and your blog. Hope you have a fast recovery! Do your therapy! <3

  42. How’s the hand doing? are you having to wrap it or splint it? Hope you are doing better soon. This post was a little longer than the past few…so I hope that means that it is starting to feel more like a hand again…

  43. Elizabeth H. says:

    Hope your hand heals quickly! I love KnitCircus, so I must go read your article.

  44. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might win……. anything!
    Please feel better Wendy. I have an issue with my wrist and can not knit right now myself. I feel lost and restless. I might need knitting rehab.

  45. I would like to win!

  46. Love all the pretty scarves and shawls in the new issue. Are you having knitting withdrawls yet? Sure hope your hand is better really soon! Thanks for the giveaway. Debbie in Alaska

  47. Excellent article. Really enjoying the magazine, would love to get a subscription

  48. Shirley A Ryan says:

    heal hand so Wendy can start knitting again

    …and, thank you Knit Circus. 🙂

  49. I hope that you are feeling better – at least psychologically for now.

  50. What a nice groundhog’s day treat – a chance to win a subscription! YAY!!

    And thanks to everyone involved ;–)

  51. that does look like a nice issue. I’m heading over to check out your article. Hope you’re healing. I miss seeing your knitting.
    Tami T´s last blog post ..When Pigs Fly

  52. Love Knitcircus and love the lace they offered in this issue. I hope you are healing quickly and would love to win a subscription or the patterns for this issue.

  53. Feel better – not being able to knit is a whole different kind of pain!

  54. Oooh! It looks lovely! I would love a copy.

  55. I’m with Lucy – I stayed undercover today too! No shadows here!!!

  56. I wanna go to the circus!!!!!

  57. Thank goodness for books and magazines — at least you can read about knitting!

  58. Congrats on the article. I read it earlier today and it is really good and very informative. I love cables too. I have a couple of cardigans with cables that I plan to do soon. Sorry about your hand–hope it is better soon. It would be great to get a subscription.

  59. I am in love with this cover pattern alone. I would love to put my name in the ring. Hope you are staying warm.

  60. evelyn Macway says:

    What wonderful prizes! Thank you, thank you.
    I hope you are able to knit again soon. So hard to give up what we love…

  61. susan murphy says:

    Magazine looks great…hope you are up and knitting very soon. I miss seeing your amazing projects!

  62. audreayoda says:

    I hope your hand gets better soon I miss reading about you knitting. Although I still enjoy the pictures of Lucy she is so pretty and probably spoiled too.
    Get better soon and hope it warms up there.

  63. I’d love a subscription! Get well soon, miss seeing your current work in progress!

  64. Thanks for the opportunity to win a subscription!

  65. I’ve wanted to subscribe to this magazine, but can’t really justify explaining to my husband why I “need” so many knitting books!

  66. Nancy Jo C says:

    I hope you have a quick recovery. Congratulations on the article in Knitcircus!

  67. Awesome giveaway!!!
    Whitney´s last blog post ..Emergency

  68. What a generous offer! And just the thing to take my mind off all the snow/ice/sleet/freezing rain we’ve had in the past 48 hrs. here in New England. Thank you. That Lucy is so gosh darn cute.

  69. So many pretty things in this KnitCircus! I would love, love, love to win a subscription!

    I know that broken hand must be needling you. (Sorry… bad pun!) I hope it means soon. It’ll be stronger than ever, right?
    Mary Lee´s last blog post ..Butting Out

  70. Great issue of Knitcircus. I love the designs, yarns and colors. Thank you Wendy and I hope your hand gets better soon. I miss you and Lucy!

  71. Hope you and Lucy are staying safe and warm. Would also like an opportunity to win a subscription!

  72. Hi Wendy, hope you are on the mend. Off to check out Knitcircus now

  73. hope you are doing better, its crappy here w/lots of ice/snow and wind in ohio, cant wait for spring, would love to win, be safe!

  74. Are you going out of your mind with no knitting?

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to be included.

  75. Hope the hand is mending without too much pain. My lester sends kisses to you Lucy.

  76. Jan Nelson says:

    I want it!

  77. Bev Watts says:

    Nice article!

  78. Thanks for using your hand to offer a special. And one I would like. Hope you are doing better and back to knitting soon!!:)

  79. patty bolgiano says:

    throw my hat into the fray

  80. ciuccmamma says:

    As a Pennsylvania transplant to the midwest, we’ve tried to celebrate every Groundhog’s Day with food we remember and love: cheesesteaks, potato pancakes, Tastykakes and IBC root beer (can’t get Birch Beer out here!). My kids are as confused about the whole thing as Lucy is!!! Here’s to an early spring and a speedy recovery for you:)

  81. Sharon Amara says:

    Heal quickly. Would love to win a subscription….

  82. I think it’s lovely! The entire thing!

  83. Lauren Kowalczewski says:

    Back again, trying to win something fabulous! Hope you’re healing well, I miss your knitting progress. I’m snowed in and knitting enough for both of us.
    Cassie and Zoe say Hi to Lucy, thinking she’s MUCH prettier than that old groundhog!!

  84. I wish you a speedy recovery!!!! I would be thrilled if I won the gift subscription.

  85. I am sorry that you aren’t able to knit yet but the pictures of Lucy are beautiful!! My cats still strive to be like her….hoping that you have a speedy recovery!! 🙂

  86. WooHoo! KnitCircus!! Please throw my name in the hat.

  87. I’d love to be entered; hope you are recovering nicely.

  88. Ooooh, I was just looking at that issue right before I got your email! Very cool. Thanks for entering me 🙂

  89. I’d love a subscription. Take care of that hand and keep warm.

  90. Sounds like fun!! Hope the hand is healing well – I broke my wrist a few years ago; going without knitting wasn’t pretty…. I sympathize!

  91. Love your patterns and would love to join in on the drawing!!! Can’t wait till I get down my project list to some of your sock patterns!!! Thank you so much!!

  92. Echo sentiments about the hand – I have a great fear of breaking a bone at some time, having never had the experience (unless you count a toe which I don’t) but always hope it will be a lower extremity bone and not a hand – not sure what I would do with an arm or hand or wrist out of commission. Sorry ankles and legs – your not my first concern.

  93. How cool! I would love to win a subscription!
    Ashley W´s last blog post ..Waiting for Spring

  94. Heather P says:

    Lucy is cute as always. Loved your article! Lots of healing to your hand!!

  95. Sharon Moon says:

    Welcome back, you will never know how ‘lonely’ it has been without your artistic input and gorgeous products.

    Heal fast and continue to inspire all of us novices.

    Put my name in any pot for winning you can.
    Happy Ground Hogs Day

  96. Thanks for the op! Hope your hand heals quickly!
    Melanie J.´s last blog post ..Brain meandering

  97. Hope you have a speedy recovery! And thanks for the contest!

  98. Lynn Kenny says:

    Hi Wendy,
    So sorry about your injury. Our D.C area weather is so unpredictable. Ice is out to get you everywhere. Thanks to your inspiration, I’ve been trying out various cable and twisted stitches on cowls. Great fun! Hope to win some patterns or a subscription. Thanks for the offer. Rest up now. from Lynn

  99. anne marie in philly says:

    good to see you back! count me in!

  100. Always love to see photos of Lucy! She is so sweet, I wish I could give her a cuddle every time I see her. Love the new issue of KnitCircus; full of wonderful articles and inspiration as usual.