My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Skinny Starving Artist

I decided to knit another Starving Artist, this time modifying the pattern for worsted instead of bulky yarn. I had one very special skein of handspun, spun by the Knitgirllls themselves.

I knit a tiny gauge swatch and figured that based on my gauge of 5 st/inch, I needed to cast on 90 stitches. So I did. I happily knit on this for a while Friday night but decided I wanted to keep it for commuter knitting, so left it at this point.

On Saturday I picked up a project I’d stopped working on when I first broke my hand — my Twisty Aran. The twisted stitches really hurt to execute right after the accident.

But I’m pleased to report that things are much better now. Here’s the back of Twisty.

Strangely, colorwork does hurt — quite a bit, so I’ve stopped working on Caller Herrin’. Another problem — it is WAY too small. So small that blocking will not solve it. (I know I have a large head and a lot of hair, so this does not come as a very big surprise.) I’m knitting to gauge, but clearly the pattern is for a much smaller head than mine, so it will need to be ripped out and recalculated. And I’m not in the mood, so it is off the radar for now.

Lucy sez:

“Nice work on the bind-off.”


  1. I’m so glad your hand is feeling better enough to do cables!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the Caller Herrin’ size. I bought the pattern, am thinking about the yarn, and I too have a big head. Must calculate v-e-r-y carefully before casting on.

    Is Lucy taking credit for your excellent bind off? Silly kitteh!
    kmkat´s last blog post ..Ten on Tuesday- the non-knitting edition

  3. I love the greenish yarn in the first photo! So pretty!

  4. I’m so glad that your hand is healing and you can do the things that you enjoy. Looks like Lucy approves.

  5. I knew Caller Herrin wouldn’t fit me as written so I made the larger size but I also started with more ribbing. I cast on 144 stitches and increased to 192 stitches evenly around to make the large size with 8 repeats. I did not do the i-cord bindoff, I was low on the darkest color and did not want the extra itch potential around my face, ears, and neck.

    To insure the hat would be deep enough for the slouch I wanted I added additional rows: after row 43 I repeated rows 7 thru 18 one more time and continued the colors in the order I had established. All these modifications combined to give me the same look as featured in the pattern for my big head.

    Hope this info helps when you get back to the project.

  6. Very good, according to Lucy. How does she sit on the sweaters when you’re wearing them? Only if you’re lying down, perhaps?

  7. P.S. Sounds as if your hand is progressing quite well. So long as you’re not pushing things. Great news.

  8. Lucy must be so happy to have knitting to sit upon again! Beautiful work as always!

  9. I am curious, how big is a big head?

  10. Look very nice, Love the pattern!
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  11. I’d pay for your started Caller Herrin’, because my head is ridiculously small. My latest finished hat was 17 inches around and fits just fine! My head is a scant 20 inches around, so most hats once they start to stretch are way too big!
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..Intercon

  12. The Aran is looking beautiful!

  13. Knitting must be good physical therapy – you’re doing really well this quickly! Lucy is a smart cat to know a good bind off – excellent taste!

  14. I’m glad to see your hand’s getting better and you’re back to knitting.
    On another note. Finally someone with the same big noggin problem, mainly hat patterns that tend to be more like vices around the head than actual hats.

  15. So glad you are back to cables. Petting a lovely cat is always good hand therapy!

  16. Caller Herrin’ is small! I reached the decreases at the top of the hat and had to stop because I cut my finger with a very sharp chopping knife. I think I will finish it when my finger heals. My head is small and I don’t have as much hair as you do. Maybe blocking will save it. Anyway, caveat emptor!

    I love, love, love Twisty!!

  17. I love that Knitgrllls yarn, beautiful!!! And I am glad you are getting lots of “therapy ” in.

  18. I’m glad your getting back into the game so fast. Just won’t push it too hard.
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  19. Starving artist is beautiful! Lucy is fantastic!
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  20. another member of the big head club here … last time I measured it (two minutes ago), it was 23″ pulled snugly, and I had no problem with the larger size of Caller Herrin’ – I made the ribbing e x t r e m e l y loose, blocked it on a 10″ plate, and it came out fine –

    and ps, so happy you’re almost back to normal, hand-wise!
    margaret´s last blog post ..Instant Gratification- or Not