My current work in progress:

Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

Skinny and Twisted

There is nothing terribly exciting going on here. I knit on my Skinny Starving Artist on my commute today.

And I worked on my Twisty Aran at home.

The poor Twisty Aran has been languishing on the needles far too long, thanks to my knitting hiatus courtesy my broken hand. I’m hoping to get it done soon and move on to something else.

In other news, Lucy had her annual visit to the vet yesterday for check-up and shots. And of course she got weighed.

Would anyone like to hazard a guess how much she weighs?

Leave your guess in the comments (please do not email me or use the contact me form, only guesses left in the comments will be eligible to win). Everyone who guesses her exact weight to one-tenth of a pound will be emailed a coupon code that you can redeem in my Ravelry store for one free WendyKnits pattern. So be sure and use a valid email address on your comment (email addys are not displayed — only I can see them.)

Please enter your guess in pounds and tenths of pounds (not ounces) — like this:

3.5 pounds

Enter your guess by 4:00pm eastern time on Thursday, February 24, 2011 to be eligible to win a free pattern.

Lucy sez:

“This is so embarrassing . . .”


  1. My guess is 10.6 pounds, for no other reason that that is how much my Gracie weighs. 🙂

  2. 11.4

  3. Lucy’s quite active. I’ll guess 8.3 lbs.

  4. Denise in Kent, WA says:

    I’ll guess 10.5 lbs – which in my household would qualify her as a featherweight. 😉

  5. Sorry Lucy…you look a lot like our Katie so I’m guessing 13.6 lbs.

  6. 8.6 lbs. for our dainty Lucy. She is so photogenic….

  7. Cindy Decker says:

    My guess is 8.4 lbs. I have dogs, so it’s really just a guess…

  8. Poor Lucy, having everyone chatting about her weight. ;^)

    She looks pretty ‘fluffy’ but I’m going to guess that she is svelt under all that fur….Guessing 13.6 – okay so that isn’t so svelt for a kitty, but I did not want to hurt her tender feelings. =^)

    Very eager to see your Twisted Aran when you are done.

  9. I’m going to venture a guess of 9.7 pounds.
    Christy´s last blog post ..Best Fortune Cookie EVER

  10. Linda in TX says:

    I’m used to big males of 20 to 25 pounds so Lucy looks like a bitty thing to me. I’ll go with 9.9 because I don’t really know a cat that petite!

  11. Nuna Knits says:

    I’m a dog person, but I’ll guess (and, Lucy, please forgive me if I’m off in the wrong direction) 11.3 pounds.

  12. Hmmm, how about 10.9 pounds? 🙂

  13. I’m guessing 14.4 pounds. She’s a beautiful kitty!

  14. Fluff can be deceiving… 8.8 lbs.

  15. My guess is 15 lbs.
    Laura´s last blog post ..Today’s Picture

  16. She’s a dainty little thing, so I’m going with 7.6 lbs.

  17. 8.6 pounds. But I know she’s not as big as she looks, due to the fluffies and all. Twisty Aran is looking great!

  18. 14.2 pounds

  19. I will guess 14.2 pounds.

  20. Love the skinny starving artist! and I don’t think Lucy is starving so I guess a beautiful 11.1 pounds.

  21. kelly-ann (on ravelry) says:

    I will go for 8.9 pounds.

  22. I’m guessing 9.2 pounds… maybe

  23. 16.7

  24. My little furball covers about the same amount of chair as Lucy. My guess is 11.4 lbs. (And I know exactly which pattern I will request!) Thanks, Wendy!

  25. Gizmo whispered in my ear that Lucy couldn’t possibly weigh more than 8.75 pounds, cause she’s just purr-fect!

  26. I’ll guess 12.6 pounds

  27. I’m going to guess 11.2 pounds. Lucy has a lot of long hair and looks big but probably isn’t.

  28. so sorry, Lucy, but I have to go with 12.3

  29. Ooh! 7 lbs 6 oz… that’s how much my daughter weighed in at when she was born.

  30. 12.5 pounds
    Lynneth´s last blog post ..Knitting Podcasts

  31. My guess is 9.7 lbs. She’s got a lot of hair but hair doesn’t weigh very much.

  32. 9.4 pounds

  33. 7.3 Brave Lucy for sharing with us!

  34. She is fluffy and although she has lots of it, attitude doesn’t weigh much, but my guess is 12.2 pounds.
    Leslie McSorley´s last blog post ..Ooops!

  35. Kathy Strand says:

    I’ll go with 11.7 pounds. Pretty kitty.

  36. She looks very petite but it is hard to tell from pictures. Ragdolls are largish, but I just feel that Lucy is petite for her breed (don’t know why I think that, but I just do). My own cat was at the vet today and weighed 10 lbs even so that is going to be my guess.

    Whatever her weight, she is beautiful. My long-haired cat Duke likes looking at pictures of her on the computer. I think he has a crush on her. Maybe because her tail is fluffy like his! 🙂

  37. Is she a big beautiful kitty, or all fur? lol I have some fluffy kitties like that, and my female is about 13 lbs. I’m guessing 12.9. We love you, Lucy.

  38. 11.9 lbs.

  39. Well I have 5 cats…in various sizes. Not sure if there is an advantage or not?

    Put me down for 11.9 pounds please.

  40. I’m going guess 12.4 including all the fur. ha ha

  41. I think she’s smaller than she looks. So I’m guessing 10.3 lbs.

  42. My guess is 10.4 pounds, because she looks just slightly larger than mine who is 10 pounds.

  43. 10.9 pounds

  44. hmmm 12.5 lbs. She looks about the same size as my Maizy 🙂

  45. My guess is 11.7 lbs. I figure she has to be between my two somewhere.

  46. Lucy looks like she’s around 14.9 pounds.

  47. 11.4 lbs
    southparknitter´s last blog post ..Double Double Dressin’ Trouble

  48. I’ll guess 11.7 pounds. She’s so floofy, its hard to tell.

  49. My guess is 9.6 pounds.

  50. Such a beautiful kitty she is and your (her) comments each day make me smile. I am going to guess 14.2. My kitty is 17 and doesn’t look it, so I’m hoping I’m close, for my sake, not hers. She is just adorable. Take it easy knitting with your healing hand. I admire that you can knit so many things – so quickly. My right arm tendinitis doesn’t allow me to knit much anymore and I have a WHOLE ROOM full of yarn. Donations, donations, donations!

  51. I’ll go with 14.3

  52. I think her fluffiness is deceptive. I’ll guess 8.7 lbs.

  53. Sharon Amara says:

    My guess is 11.4. Pleasingly Plump!!

  54. I’m going to say 10.5 pounds

  55. I will say 10.9 pounds

  56. I’m guessing 15.5 pounds. I know ragdolls are a little hefty (nothing against Ms. Lucy) and that’s about what my friend’s ragdoll weighs

  57. Jennifer B says:

    Best guess – 13.3 pounds. But it can be so hard to tell….

  58. wild ass guess–9.75 pounds

  59. I am going by the other female ragdoll that I know and I guess 8.7 pounds. Whatever her weight is, she looks awesome.

  60. I would say about 10.8 pounds.

  61. I’d guess 10.5. Whatever her weight, she is beautiful.

  62. Susan (LotusHips) says:

    I’m going with 11.9 even though the floof makes her look a tad larger 🙂

  63. I think Lucy is all fur. My guess is 7.2 lbs.

  64. 14.4 pounds. Ragdolls are big girls.

  65. Eliana Bahri says:

    I’m going to say 10.5 lbs.

    Elly B.

  66. My guess is 8.1 pounds. Being a girl, she’ll probably weigh less than boys (my boy is 16 pounds!), and while she has a lot of fur, she’s probably still pretty dainty. Of course with the Wildside Salmon, she can’t be too dainty. 🙂

  67. she looks about the same size as my mom’s cat, guessing 12.8

  68. 7.4

  69. 11.6

  70. anne marie in philly says:

    8.3 pounds (meredith whispered that to me)

  71. My guess is 11.7 pounds.

  72. Mmmm, compared to my 75 pound puppy, she seems awfully small, I’d say 12.4 pounds?

  73. Gail Rector says:

    I think the Lovely Lucy weighs 12.7 pounds. (pronounced “sebben”)
    What ever the scale says, she is just right for keeping warm and snuggley.

  74. Hummm. There is a lot of fur there so I’m thinking she looks like she weighs more then she does. My guess is 9.7#. Lucy is too cute for words :o)

  75. Paulette Schirmer says:

    Guessing 8.7 long hair makes the difference 🙂

  76. bunny dimmel says:

    The fur hides her………… guess is 7.4

  77. I think she’s probably 17.7 or pretty close. She looks solid and not fa…fluffy!
    Jeanie Babbage´s last blog post ..…but we didn’t get winter!!!

  78. I’m guessing 9.3 lbs. She looks like she’s mostly fluff. I used to tell my 20.5 lb girl kitty that she wasn’t fat….just fluffy. 😉

  79. Anna Housholder says:

    Lucy’s weight, I am going to go with 9.55 Lbs. I think she is just the right weight for her!

  80. It’s hard to tell with so much floofiness! So my wild guess is 9.2 pounds.
    janna´s last blog post ..In the mail

  81. I would say maybe 9.9
    Hattie´s last blog post ..Baby Mittens

  82. It’s very hard to tell on a fluffly cat, but my last baby (cat) weighed 15.8 without the fluff. I’m going to guess Lucy at 14.2 We love big kitties at our house – and they all seem to grow that way around here….thanks for the chance at your beautiful patterns!

  83. Sharon Moon says:

    11.2 lbs. Wild eyed guess, but we know it is all MUSCLE from kneading your knitted items and furniture.

  84. I’m betting that the lovely Lucy is mostly hair, so I’ll guess 7.9 pounds.
    Carla´s last blog post ..We Interrupt This Blog For

  85. I’m gonna guess 8.25 lbs, no reason, just sayin…

  86. Lucy is so elegant and lovely. I’m going to guess 11.4 lbs.

  87. Based on my own fluffy one, I say 13.1 lbs.

  88. It’s my best guess that Lucy weighs 11.9 pounds!
    Beth´s last blog post ..My Birthday Is This Week-end

  89. 12.25 lbs.

  90. 11.7 oz.

  91. I’m going with 12.2 pounds. She’s a big, floofy girl! And so pretty!
    Kris´s last blog post ..Enter Here

  92. 8.3 pounds!

  93. 10,6 pounds
    Does the adorable sweetheart know you’re about to post her weight on the internet? Perhaps you could just whisper it quietly to us.

  94. Beth Brunker says:

    I think the kitty weighs in at 17.3 lbs. My cat is larger. LOL Beth

  95. How about 9.2 pounds? Lucy is pretty furry.

  96. Lisa Downing says:

    I guess 10.2 lbs. Don’t feel too bad, Lucy, you’re beautiful no matter what you weigh LisD in upstate NY

  97. Oh fluffycat – we need to see you wet! She can’t possibly be as heavy as my Nicky,so….. 13.2. Can’t wait…weight….to hear. 😉

  98. I know nothing about cats so 11.6. Only because she looks happy and sassy!

  99. Sandy Erickson says:

    I have a Birman who looks very much like Lucy. (very floofy) I am going to guess 10.8 lbs.

  100. 13.2 pounds. By proportion, she looks pretty similar to my ragdoll. And remember people, for a Ragdoll cat, anything under 15 lbs is downright svelte!