My current work in progress:

Pitch by Emily Greene, knit from Elsawool Cormo worsted on a US 6 needle

Skinny and Twisted

There is nothing terribly exciting going on here. I knit on my Skinny Starving Artist on my commute today.

And I worked on my Twisty Aran at home.

The poor Twisty Aran has been languishing on the needles far too long, thanks to my knitting hiatus courtesy my broken hand. I’m hoping to get it done soon and move on to something else.

In other news, Lucy had her annual visit to the vet yesterday for check-up and shots. And of course she got weighed.

Would anyone like to hazard a guess how much she weighs?

Leave your guess in the comments (please do not email me or use the contact me form, only guesses left in the comments will be eligible to win). Everyone who guesses her exact weight to one-tenth of a pound will be emailed a coupon code that you can redeem in my Ravelry store for one free WendyKnits pattern. So be sure and use a valid email address on your comment (email addys are not displayed — only I can see them.)

Please enter your guess in pounds and tenths of pounds (not ounces) — like this:

3.5 pounds

Enter your guess by 4:00pm eastern time on Thursday, February 24, 2011 to be eligible to win a free pattern.

Lucy sez:

“This is so embarrassing . . .”


  1. Lady Lucy might weigh 7.8 lbs. But most of it is fluff, so it doesn’t count

  2. My guess is 11.3 lbs
    SuzyQ´s last blog post ..What I learned in 2010

  3. 9.2 lbs of fluffy love!

  4. Candice Harris says:

    5.7 pounds, Lucy is fluffy….not fat!!

  5. My guess is 11.8. Lots of fluff there. That’s my problem too, yeah, that’s it!

  6. I think Lucy leads a very good life what with a fuzzy rat and all. She gets her works outs but I still think shes about 10.4 lbs

  7. Lovely Lucy maybe weighs 10-2 pounds.

  8. Do I have to recuse myself?
    No fair, Lucy, fluffing yourself up!

  9. Oh dang! There are so many responses now I might have missed if someone guessed 12.2 already but that is my guess for your lovely floofy kitty! 🙂

  10. Glenda Watts says:

    Hmmmmm, she and Tulie look about the same size so my guess is 11.13….Now Tulie is embarrassed! LOL Tulie say’s 11.13 is not even in the neighborhood of 12.

  11. My Susie sympathizes she’s on diet duck and potato. We think Lucy is 11.9

  12. Hmmm. She seems like she probably has a perfect thin waist under all of that hair, so I will guess 5.4lbs.
    biomaj5´s last blog post ..On A Roll SWAP SHAWL SPOILER POST

  13. Denise in ThreeLakes says:

    It’s just a guess but I’ll have to say 9.3 lb.s.
    I’m glad to see that you are knitting again. Do you have to grit your teeth much?

  14. Christina Myers says:

    Hmm…based on her adorable fluff and general size I’m going to guess 7.5 pounds.

  15. My fluffy girl, Lila, weighed in at 10.6 this week so I’ll make that my guess.

  16. All that added fur I’m sure adds to her weight I say 10.9 pounds.
    Milly´s last blog post ..Step Away from the iPad

  17. Margaret Hendrickson says:

    Lucy looks like a big yellow cat I knew. So, I’m going with 15.1 lbs.

  18. AnneCameron says:

    8.9 pounds. She is a lovely lady with a fluffy coat, so I will guess she weighs much less than my fluffy boy Marlowe, who is pushing 12.

  19. Since my real guesses are already taken, 8.0 pounds – in for a penny…

  20. I’m guessing 11.1 pounds. That’s about how much my fluffy kitty weighs. 🙂

  21. Mm…Ragdolls are big kitties, but that is a lot of fluff…let’s take a guess aaaattt….12.4 pounds of LOVE!

  22. I think she’s just right at about 9.7.

  23. I guess 9.2Lbs.

  24. How about a guess of 7.3 lbs.

  25. My guess is 13.3 lbs based on a visual comparison with my Siamese!

  26. suncatcher says:

    my guess is 12.4

  27. Well, after much scrutiny and thought (well, really, I just scrolled through the website looking at all the lovely Lucy photos!) I decided she’s about the same size and floofitude of my mum’s darling DemonKitten (yes that’s her real name and there’s a good reason for it!). Demon is around 6 pounds, so that’s what I’m going to guess.

  28. 11.5 pounds. Just right to keep a lap warm in the evening; not too heavy that legs get cramped!

  29. 12.2 pounds

  30. Shirley Ryan says:

    I think maybe she is about 15.3…lbs of furry love!

  31. Never you mind Miz Lucy, we know it’s all fur. I’m going to guess 9.8 lb.

  32. Hmmm… let’s go with 14.2, but the cutie doesn’t look an ounce over 11.0!

  33. Elizabeth in VT says:

    OK, 13.8. She doesn’t look as big as my 15# Ernie

  34. I’m thinking she weighs 11.8lbs.

  35. I’m guessing 13.4 pounds, more kitty to love

  36. My guess is 12.1 pounds.

  37. Hard to say, womanly shapes are coming back into vogue, so don’t worry Lucy!
    Maybe she’s 12.7
    Far cry from my 23 pounder.

  38. I’ll guess 11.3 lbs.

  39. My guess is 7.2 lbs., as your Lucy looks like my Savannah’s twin sister.

  40. I guess 14.5 lbs.

  41. She’s small, my guess is 5.8 lbs

  42. karen ward says:

    I’m guessing 13.8 lbs.

  43. I’m guessing 9.3 pounds of genteel feline.

  44. 12.2

  45. I’m probably really high, but I’ll guess 16.2

  46. 12.3 lbs.

  47. Well, Chief is a big boy Ragdoll at 18lb. so I’m guessing Lucy is a nice petite 14.5 lb.
    Oh – Chief still thinks she looks hot!

  48. My guess is 9.3 pounds.

  49. ChiLibrarian says:

    I think Lucy weighs a svelte and healthy 9.8 pounds. I took my kitties to the vet on Monday. One is a rolly-polly17.8 (down from a high of 20, though) and the other is just 4.5 pounds of fluff. Sigh.

  50. That’s a tough question for someone who has had a lot more experience with dogs than cats but I’ll hazard a guess of 12.1 lbs.
    Susan´s last blog post ..drum roll please

  51. I’m guessing 11.3

  52. 14.7 pounds

  53. I say 7.8 lbs. She is a trim kitty.

  54. I believe that Lucy is a very healthy and svelte 13.75 lbs. If I have guessed to high give her my apologies. If I have guessed to low tell her that whatever she is doing to keep it up.

  55. Lucy looks to be about 11.7 lbs of beautiful catness.

  56. I have two Maine Coon cats – one 19 pounds, and one 23 pounds. I’m going to guess Lovely Lucy is about 18 pounds.

  57. 13.9 – sorry, Lucy. . .

  58. I’ll guess 13.2 lbs

  59. She is a little kitty, so I shall guess 7.9 lbs.
    Emily´s last blog post ..Bah- another disappointment

  60. My guess is 9.6 pounds.

  61. I’m guessing 9.9 lbs. That way she can still say she’s under 10 lbs. We all know dainty ladies do not round up! Glad to see you are knitting more!

  62. lol, 14.8 but Lucy i swear you just have dense bones girl! I am so not implying anything else by this! 🙂
    turtle´s last blog post ..I know I know

  63. The first number that came to mind was 10.2 lbs so that’s my guess. She’s cute no matter what she weighs.

  64. The Needle Beetle says:

    I will guess 9.4 pounds. I’m really bad at guessing weights. =) Poor Lucy! This must be humiliating for her . . .

  65. Guessing 10.6 pounds. That seems to be a good weight for Lucy!

  66. Lucy is so beautiful! I think she weighs 6.7 pounds.

  67. Lucy must have passed her Annual Physical with flying colors ?!! She’s such a happy-healthy looking kitty.

    I’m guessing her weight : 9.3 lbs.

  68. Amanda Martinez says:

    I think Lucy weighs 11.2 lbs. Thanks Wendy!

  69. I think lovely Lucy is 10.75. I had 2 Siamese cats growing up named Shanghai and Kim. I miss them alot! Love the twisty aran!

  70. 13.2 pounds!

  71. 12.6 cause she looks like she’s the size of my old kitty

  72. Godzilla (Mr. 19.5 lbs.) says he thinks that little cutie pie weighs in a 11.2 and adds, “What’s your sign?”
    Sue´s last blog post ..Gails Quilt

  73. My guess would be about 6.6 pds. Poor embarrassed kitty.
    brandi´s last blog post ..My Bunnies

  74. My goodness! You are going to have a lot of emails to read! My guess is 12.6 pounds because that is what my Sophie weighed today. But then, she is a fairly big kitty. Hope you will be free of all pain in your hand soon. Bess

  75. Diana Hirsch says:

    I think that Lucy, at 12.7 pounds, is not fat, she’s fluffy.

  76. 12.2 lb, i think.

  77. thebookmistress says:

    She looks a bit chunky, in a good way, so I am going for 11.8 lbs, please.

  78. 16.1 pounds. I base that on my fat little cat.

  79. I would say about 10.2 and she looks great. Nannyjean
    Jean´s last blog post ..Eyelet Hats

  80. 8.3lbs
    Cindy´s last blog post ..Busyish week behind busyish week ahead!

  81. 9.8 lovely pounds

  82. 20.2 pounds. The hair itself weighs at least 10 pounds.
    Glad you are knitting again.

  83. I would say that her size is mostly hair and she cannot weigh more than 8 1/2 to nine pounds. My guess is 8.9 pounds

  84. I discussed it with my two yorkies (5lbs & 11lbs) and we decided 15.2 lbs

  85. I am with you Miss Lucy. I hate for someone to guess my weight. I say maybe

    9.4 pounds.

  86. No Way am I going to go any where close to this one.

    I want to stay of Lucy’s good side.


  87. My guess is 9.8. I’m sure Lucy knows that the camera always adds 5 pounds.

  88. Kristine M. says:

    I think she’s mostly fur like my cats & a very delicate lady. My guess is 6.4 pounds.

  89. 12.3 pounds! Hey, just a whole lot more cat to love (that’s what I tell my “chunky” lady)!

  90. I am probably way off but I am going to say 17.5
    Robin Diebold´s last blog post ..Éire

  91. guessing 11.5 pounds….
    poor lucy, all these people focusing on her weight!


  92. 10.2 lbs is my guess

  93. My guess is 8.4 Lbs. Glad to hear both of you are doing well!

  94. 8.65 pounds, I think she’s all fluff.

  95. She looks like a big girl. I’m going with 11.5 pounds. Nothin’ but love…

  96. My guess would be 10.2 pounds..she is a beautiful girl!! Lucky sends his love!! 😉

  97. I think sweet Lucy weighs 8.2 pounds.

  98. My boy-o Mishka says Miss Lucy looks to be about 13.5 he like fluffy gals! he BTW is a Siamese who weighs 15.9! Talk about red faced!

  99. 11.9

  100. Lucy, it’s OK. 14.2 pounds!