My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.

Silk Road Socks

I got a copy of the new book Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen this week.

If you’ve seen the back cover of this book, you’ll know that this wasn’t my first look at the book.

I was offered a chance to see it pre-publication. Here’s what my back-of-the-cover blurb says:

This book is a fascinating combination: lessons on the origins of oriental rugs and carpets, as well as a collection of sock patterns inspired by 14 of these beautiful textiles. Packed with useful technical information and lovely illustrations and photos, sock knitters are sure to find several “must knit” projects within its pages.

That’s it in a nutshell. The book starts with an introduction to the origins of oriental rugs and the “silk road” — the network of trade routes where silk was traded and transported. There’s some pretty interesting technical information about the rugs, including different types of knots used in their construction.

Next comes the technical information you need to be able to knit the socks in this book — info on gauge and re-sizing, along with a key to the symbols used, among other things.

Next come the patterns, 14 of them. They are top-down, textured, cabled, and/or lace. Most are pretty intricate, but they are a couple that are a little easier that less-experienced knitters can start with and then work up to the more complex designs. Each design is beautifully photographed with the rug that inspired it.

The book is available in both hard copy and digital format — see the book website for info on ordering the different formats.

I was sent the digital version, but also received a signed hard copy. I am tempted to keep the hard copy, but decided to be nice and give it away to one of you.

Who’d like it?

Leave a comment to this blog entry by 4:00pm Eastern time, Thursday March 3 2011 to be entered in the random drawing to win my copy.

Note that my blog was redesigned over the weekend (yay — I love it!) and the link to leave a comment is now right below the title of the blog post. After clicking on the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the comment form to fill out.

Meanwhile, there is some Twisty sleeve knitting going on:

And Lucy has decided on a nap!

She wants to be wide-awake and alert for the Academy Awards tonight. 😉



  1. Love the look of the book – it would surely be perfect on my shelf.

  2. We all love a give-away! And that sleeve is gorgeous!

  3. The book sounds interesting and wonderful. I love Lucy’s pic as she gets ready for her nap. I like the blog’s new layout/makeover.

  4. I am really interested in this book! Thanks!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic book!! Thank you for sharing it with us all!

  6. Oooh! Pick me! Please!

  7. suncatcher says:

    hehe…Lucy “saving her seat ” for tonight?…I love it!

  8. The new blog design looks great. And so does the book. Hope I win the lottery.

  9. Love the intricacy of those socks! Count me in.
    Also, the new layout is great. Fresh, clean, good choice.

  10. I would love a copy of this book. I’ve been eyeing it on different websites ever since it came out 🙂
    Christina´s last blog post ..Like A Hug From Across An Ocean

  11. Love the intricacy of the socks! Count me in.

    Great new layout. Fresh, clean, good choice!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Have a Little Faith

  12. I love the idea of sock patterns based on oriental rugs. Also, the new layout looks great.

  13. The book sounds intriguing. Hope your hand continues to get better.

  14. Oo, I’ve seen lots of talk about this book and would love to have a copy!

  15. Freya in Californeya says:

    That book looks really cool. I’d love to have it.

    Love the new layout, too, btw.

  16. I love Oriental rugs! They are the only kind I have in my house, except for the bathroom. I would love to knit and wear Silk Road Socks. Please enter my name.

  17. Your new blog design is amazing. It looks great! I’d love a chance to win this gorgeous book!

  18. I always enjoy reading your blog, and would love to have a copy of that book. Sounds like it’s good reading and good knitting. I hope Lucy enjoys watching the Oscars tonight!

  19. Looks really interesting!
    Mary´s last blog post ..Rest in peace- Mom

  20. Add me to the list of people who want this book!

  21. Hi Wendy, I would love the copy of Silk Road Socks. Please put my name into the draw. I really like the new look of the blog – highlighting Lucy and spring-like.

  22. Ooh, pick me! Lucy’s floof is adorable, btw.

  23. I noticed the blog design right away! Nice and clean!

    I would love that sock book. I have a sock project for this year and I haven’t chosen all of my patterns yet.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..folded fabric

  24. This books looks intriguing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I’ve been drooling over this book. I’d love a copy.

  26. Looks like a great book.

    Totally off socks question. Where did you find Lucy’s bed and is it heated?

  27. Clean layout, looks good. And, oh yeah, I’d like to win the book…..

  28. That book has me DROOLING!!

  29. penelope10 says:

    Fascinating book!!!!

  30. That book looks amazing. Haven’t seen it before so would love to get my paws on it 🙂

  31. The book sounds unique and interesting. I’d love a copy!
    Deb´s last blog post ..Churning Out the FOs!

  32. Love the new look of your blog, especially with Lucy overseeing everything. Please do count me in for a chance to win the new book.

  33. Very interesting looking book. Would love to win it!!!!!!

  34. Me please! I am lately quite obsessed with socks. I love your new blog layout, by the way.

  35. Karen in Baltimore says:

    Fabulous patterns — even if they are cuff down. I’d love to knit a few.

  36. I love Hunter’s designs and I’d love a copy of her book!

  37. WOW! I had just read your last post the other day and was NOT prepared for a new website. I get used to those sort of things. BUT, it is VERY nice!
    The book looks cool! I have this HUGE stash of sock yarn that I purchased while I was pregnant, and I want to knit something that will not bore the snot out of me… I am working on last years christmas gift to our older daughter – lacy cardigan, and just finished one sleeve and 4 inches on the next one, then for the body.
    Anyway, I have a collection of ideas from the middle east for socks… just not sure how to chart them yet… Course, someday maybe I’ll knit a cable sock? Our sons christmas sweater drove me just about mad, and I can’t look at a cable without shuddering…

  38. Enter me for the book please!

  39. So glad you are healed to knit again! I’d love a history/knitting book!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  40. Love the new look, the book looks great too!

  41. love the new look! Sounds like a fascinating book!
    leah´s last blog post ..Trying something new this year!

  42. Lovely redesign, although it will take me a while to get used to finding the comment button at the top of the post!

    The book sounds quite interesting. I’ll have to check it out from the library!

  43. I’d love to have a copy of the book. And to travel the Silk Road itself, but we’ll aim at reachable goals for the moment!
    Ariadne´s last blog post ..Experimental Your Opinion Welcome

  44. Would love to have Silk Road Socks. Thanks so much for letting it go.

  45. Me! Me! I’d love to own this book. Also, love the new look of your blog.

  46. Linda Cannon says:

    I love the new layout, very neat and clean.
    What a great concept for a book. I love knitting socks and usually complete a pair a week. Love new patterns to use. Thank you for the opportunity

  47. Sunnyknitter says:

    That book is on my wish list! Looks fabulous and might help get my sock mojo back.

  48. Thanks as always for the giveaways!

  49. Ruth Musso says:

    Love to knit socks.

  50. The book looks great. I’d love a chance to win.

  51. Denise in ThreeLakes says:

    That looks like a great book to put in my Sock Library! Usually I keep up on the “new” releases but I missed this one. Like another commenter said, one way or another, I think I need that one.

  52. The new website looks great! I would love to own Silk Road Socks.

  53. Oooh…the new look is very spanky. I like it!
    Imbrium´s last blog post ..So Wee!

  54. Count me in please. Love making socks and any sock book would be cool. Love Lucy she is so cute. But you already know that right?!!!

  55. thanks for the chance! Looks like a must have for my library, one way or the other.

  56. I really like the new design – and the book sounds fabulous, too!
    Merie´s last blog post ..Mittens &amp Playdough

  57. A while back, I knit my first Aran sweater, and learned twisted rib and fancy rib stitch. They were a lot of fun to do, and easy too. Your sleeve looks great! 🙂
    Sandie Knapp´s last blog post ..Homespun Footies

  58. My cat Oliver would like to date Lucy. And, I’d love to be the recipient of that lovely Silk Road sock book! Thanks.

  59. Love the Lucy-coloured blog 🙂 And the book looks very interesting.
    Malin´s last blog post ..Finished

  60. Such an interesting concept for a sock book! I love the concept!

  61. What a fascinating book. I’d love to be included in the drawing to win it.

    The new blog layout is fabulous, by the way!

  62. I’ve been admiring the book for awhile now. Maybe I’ll be lucky!

  63. Love the new website. Please enter me in the drawing.

  64. I love the new blog design.

    I also love this sock book – a shame no toe-up patterns, but great patterns nonetheless.

  65. Paula Sigman Lowery says:

    Looks like a wonderful book. Hope Lucy has a good nap! (I have three furbabies huddling by the heater vents as I type….)

  66. Even being a pessimist, I would love a chance to have this book.

  67. I love Lucy!

  68. The book looks lovely — I’d definitely give it a nice home!

  69. Love the new site design. That book is exactly the sort I love – history, as well as patterns.

  70. The book looks interesting. I love your new look.

  71. Wow the socks in that book are just gorgeous! I love that there’s a pdf version too.
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  72. That book looks really cool. Your site looks great!

  73. Hi, Wendy! Your blog redesign looks great, as does the Twisty sleeve. Thanks for sharing the book with us. It looks like a good one.

  74. Rugs and socks? I’m in.

  75. You are so kind to your readers Wendy, I would love to own it.

  76. I like the new layout! I would like the book too 🙂

  77. Looks like a fabulous book! I love to have it.

  78. What a fascinating concept – rugs to socks! I’d love to see (and try! ) it!

  79. Are you kidding? Of course I would like this book. I’ve been admiring this one!

    The new format looks great!

  80. Oh what a nice person you are to share this book with your blog readers. Thanks for the opportunity to win it and the review!

  81. Oh, please do enter me in the drawing for the book. I saw the Silk Road exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History last year, and it’s incredibly inspiring! What gorgeous patterns.

  82. Wow, the new design looks great!

  83. Wow, that book looks awesome!

    And I love the new blog layout! Looks great!

  84. Ruth Porter says:

    Love your new look. I’d love to have the book, also. Hugs to Lucy from Victoria and Alberta.

  85. I love knitting socks–new patterns would be wonderful. Thanks for another great giveaway! Can’t wait to see if I’m the lucky winner!

  86. I like the new website design. And I’d like the book!

  87. Love the picture of Lucy. the book looks interesting, and I’ll bet it has some great patterns,

  88. The blog looks great. i would love a copy of the book. Thanks!

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  90. The site looks great, as does the book! Count me in on the drawing. Love the thought of learning something new while transcribing it into something familiar.

  91. Please enter me into the drawing. I love sock patterns!

  92. I’d love a chance for a copy of the book – thx

  93. Want! and the new blog layout is very nice!

  94. Please enter my name for the book. It looks wonderful!

  95. This looks and sounds like a great book. I say the oscars should have a special category “best supporting cat on a knitting blog” — Lucy would definetly win

  96. That looks like a wonderful book! Please put my name in the hat for the drawing. (the virtual hat, that is)

  97. That looks like a very interesting book. Thanks for the raffle.

  98. Events such as Academy Awards must be party of “kitty heaven”. Just think of all that prolonged lap time!

    A book, for Me? Oh, yes, please!
    Barbara-Kay´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  99. More socks please! Thanks Wendy for giving us an opportunity to be selected to get this great book.

  100. More sock! Looks like fun.