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Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

Silk Road Socks

I got a copy of the new book Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen this week.

If you’ve seen the back cover of this book, you’ll know that this wasn’t my first look at the book.

I was offered a chance to see it pre-publication. Here’s what my back-of-the-cover blurb says:

This book is a fascinating combination: lessons on the origins of oriental rugs and carpets, as well as a collection of sock patterns inspired by 14 of these beautiful textiles. Packed with useful technical information and lovely illustrations and photos, sock knitters are sure to find several “must knit” projects within its pages.

That’s it in a nutshell. The book starts with an introduction to the origins of oriental rugs and the “silk road” — the network of trade routes where silk was traded and transported. There’s some pretty interesting technical information about the rugs, including different types of knots used in their construction.

Next comes the technical information you need to be able to knit the socks in this book — info on gauge and re-sizing, along with a key to the symbols used, among other things.

Next come the patterns, 14 of them. They are top-down, textured, cabled, and/or lace. Most are pretty intricate, but they are a couple that are a little easier that less-experienced knitters can start with and then work up to the more complex designs. Each design is beautifully photographed with the rug that inspired it.

The book is available in both hard copy and digital format — see the book website for info on ordering the different formats.

I was sent the digital version, but also received a signed hard copy. I am tempted to keep the hard copy, but decided to be nice and give it away to one of you.

Who’d like it?

Leave a comment to this blog entry by 4:00pm Eastern time, Thursday March 3 2011 to be entered in the random drawing to win my copy.

Note that my blog was redesigned over the weekend (yay — I love it!) and the link to leave a comment is now right below the title of the blog post. After clicking on the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the comment form to fill out.

Meanwhile, there is some Twisty sleeve knitting going on:

And Lucy has decided on a nap!

She wants to be wide-awake and alert for the Academy Awards tonight. 😉



  1. Nice new look to the blog – real change. Book looks good too! Love those socks.

  2. Looks like a great book and hope I win!!!

  3. The book looks fabulous – would love to be the winner!

  4. Your blog design looks very good, I love the blue.

    What type of digital copy of Silk Road Socks did you get, since there is an ereader edition and a pdf edition? I’m curious since I’m thinking of getting the ereader edition for myself sometime.
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Potholders underway

  5. That book looks really interesting. I love knitting socks.
    Nancy Sopp´s last blog post ..Half a Rainbow Self-Striping Superwash Merino and Nylon Blend Fingering Weight Sock Yarn – Blue- Green- Purple

  6. Love the new blog design and please enter me for a chance to win the book.

  7. Since I love all your sock patterns, if you are excited about this book, I’m sure I’ll be thrilled as well. The pictures I saw look awesome!

  8. Rowan Falar says:

    Love the banner with Lucy in it. And I would really like to get the book. Pretty please? 😉

  9. i already scoped this bok in the Coop site and would LOVE to have a hard copy! Hope your wrist is getting more flexible!

  10. How exciting, I would love to win this book!

  11. Random generator , please pick me.

  12. Oh yes please I would love to win this book!

  13. This book is number one on my “want list”. I love Hunter’s designs, and I can’t wait to see her first book. Thanks for unselfishly offering the hard copy to your blog readers, Wendy!

  14. Love to have another sock book. Thanks for offering up this book!

  15. I love sock books! 😉

  16. Love the layout… Would love the book, too! Thank you!

  17. Gail Rector says:

    I think the book would be very happy on my bookshelf in the knitting and textiles section… just saying.
    Hi Lucy!

  18. Please include me in the drawing!

  19. bunny dimmel says:

    I love the way you promote and recognize other talented people. It is a rare gift to be so benevolent.

  20. Looks like a great book.

  21. Love the new design of your blog! I’d love to have the chance to win the book.

  22. Oh my! History and socks….I’m loving this one. Me, me PLEASE!

  23. I am lucky enough to have been to Turkey and seen sone handmde silk rugs.b I would love to have a book about silk rugs and socks!

  24. As 1 sock-a-holic to another: My name is Andi and I am a sock-a-holic. Just the thought of a pair of rare and unique socks is enought to make me pick 2 cables, a magic loop, and, yes, even double points!

  25. audreayoda says:

    I’d love to have this book. It looks like it would be very interesting.

  26. Looks like a really cool book and I love to knit socks. I’ve done a lot of basic socks but am ready to challenge myself.

  27. Elizabeth H. says:

    Like the new blog look. I’d like to add my name to the list of those who want “Silk Road Socks”.

  28. Live the new twisty sweater – glad your hand is doing better!

  29. I would love a copy of the book! I love that you always include a picture of Lucy.

  30. Spring Davidson says:

    I would LOVE to get that book! Like your new web site design.

  31. What a great looking book. I love knitting socks and because of a recent accident
    involving a broken ankle, I have been knitting up a storm. I hope I win this book
    so I will have some more sock patterns. It is getting very difficult to sit down all the

  32. I love almost all of the socks in that book…just have a peek at my Q 😉 pick me please.

  33. I would love to have that book. I love the idea of socks designed after oriental rugs. I also love your twisty sweater!

  34. oh, how I would love that book, esp. as I have lived in the region! and thanks!

  35. Yeah! Another chance to win a fabulous book. Thanks for sharing with your fans.

  36. Would love the challenge!!

  37. I would LOVE a copy of this book!

  38. The redesign is fantastic! Nice and clean and very slick.
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  39. The book sounds fabulous. I like the new blog format…very clean.

  40. I would like to have your opinion on knitting socks top-down vs toe-up… and i would like that book too.
    Chantal Boucher´s last blog post ..Une publication québécoise pure laine!

  41. Jose janssen says:

    This book belongs in my sockdrawer…
    Thank you !!

  42. Love new blog format! Lucy you are such a hot cat!
    Love the new book idea. It may knit nice with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road CD.
    Just a thought!

  43. Ooh, Silk Road! What a great inspiration.

  44. StormyMonday says:

    I enjoy knitting socks. I would love love love to win the contest for the book. Thanks for the chance.

  45. Lisa from w mass says:

    That looks great! And I love the website redesign — Lucy’s photo on the masthead is lovely!

  46. I would love a copy of the sock book!

  47. Wow, beautiful!

  48. so glad you’re recoverying and able to knit again!
    thanks for telling us about this book, i would love to have it on my nook

  49. Man, even with a broken hand you knit faster than I do!!

  50. Beverly (db81971) says:

    That sleeve is looking great!!!! Nice pattern in the book, however I still like yours better.

  51. Pick me! Pick me!

  52. Love the new look — and would love a copy of the book!

  53. Judy aka lamazeteacher says:

    I love to be challenged and this book looks like it has patterns that are going to test me. I’d love to win the book!

  54. Betsy Pratt says:

    Love the new blog header!! Lucy is just gorgeous! And I’d really like to win that book. The history along with the patterns sounds great.
    Thank you, Wendy.

  55. This book sound so interesting, put my name in the hat. Thanks!

  56. I’d love to be in the draw, have the book on my list to get when I can afford it.
    Rachelle Crosbie´s last blog post ..Christchurch Earthquake Auction

  57. Anything to add a new sock pattern book to my collection and I remember the lessons of silk from grade school should be a interesting read along with great patterns.

  58. I’ve been fascinated by the Silk Road every since I went to the Silk Road Folk Festival in DC… the 110 degree heat! I always remember how cool it was in the wool yurt!

  59. I never win, but I love to enter your contests anyway. Twisty is looking gorgeous.
    Dorothy´s last blog post ..Snowbound

  60. Linda F Piotrowski says:

    I like your new web design very much. The soft color blue is lovely. Lucy, too, is lovely. Her blue eyes match everything!
    While the book you wrote about looks wonderful I don’t have time to read it. Please don’t enter my name so others have a better chance.
    I hope your hand is healed.

  61. Elaine in NYC says:

    I’d love another sock book! Twisty is looking lovely.

  62. I like seeing Lucy’s winky eyes overseeing all!

  63. karrie yancey says:

    Sounds very interesting – both in reading and knitting

  64. What a great connections, socks and rugs! Would love to read that….and the technical stuff too!

  65. Margaret Hendrickson says:

    I’d love to add this book to my sock book library.
    Please add my name to the list.

  66. Abi Taylor says:

    What a great idea for a book – now can’t stop looking at my rugs without thinking of potential sock patterns! Also love the look of your new blog. Thanks.

  67. That’s a brillian use of inspiration!! That should be a very interesting book!! I love the new look of the blog!! It’s so bright and cheery!! I hope your hand is progressing!! It’s obviously well enough for you to get some knitting done!! Not being able to knit would drive me NUTS!!

  68. I jump into the big drawing-pot and maybe I´m the lucky one??? ♥♥♥

  69. Sue Plantinga says:

    Love the new look blog! And I’d love the book, sock knitting is my passion!
    Best wishes


  70. The new layout is gorgeous, Lucy is gorgeous, that book is gorgeous! Bloggy hat-trick!
    Genny´s last blog post ..Another FO! Now with bonus WIP photos!

  71. lowskieslady says:

    Love the new layout. So pretty.

    And that book……. oh my.

  72. What an intriguing book idea. Can we switch the patterns to “toe-up”?

  73. Love the blog redesign. Would love to win a copy of the book.

  74. I’m a sock knitter would love this book.

  75. Love your new layout, and I’d love a copy of the book as well! 🙂
    BodilE´s last blog post ..Idas Kitchen

  76. Thanks for the opportunity!

  77. Love the new look too! Was Lucy surpised by any of the winners? I’d be happy to be the owner of that book. 🙂

  78. Looks like an interesting sock book

  79. I would love to win. Also l like the new website design
    Robin Diebold´s last blog post ..Éire

  80. Owning my agree about the new blog layout: Love it!

  81. Angela Jenkins says:

    I’d love it!

  82. Looks like an interesting book.

  83. Wow! Great looking book, It is on the list, but winning would move it to the top!

  84. I love socks!

  85. Wow — history and knitting in one book — I would love to receive a signed copy! Thanks for the opportunity and such a great blog!

  86. Oh, pick me! I love the idea of rugs inspiring the socks that walk on them.

  87. Someday I haveto be picked by your random # generator. I have someone idlike to givethis book to. She hooks rugs and knits socks so this wowuld be right up her alley.
    Tenna´s last blog post ..Sunday Classroom

  88. And I bow down to your awsomeness as well! Gorgeous, gorgeous knitting! And thanks for the book info!

  89. Great new layout. I love Lucy’s face peeking over the side.
    The book sounds really neat also!

  90. I would love this book! The concept is brilliant and I am just rediscovering the joys of sock knitting!

  91. Mmm. Socks and textile history….

  92. Lovely!

  93. what a beautiful book! I may have to buy this one just to see it!

  94. The book looks interesting. Please enter me in the drawing (and I love the new blog format)!

  95. cecilia david says:

    Really like your new blog layout. Beautiful picture of the star. cd

  96. I’d love a copy of the book
    Ida´s last blog post ..Speaking of Color

  97. Really, really like the blog layout! Very nice. Would also like to have the book!

  98. What a beautiful book! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  99. Socks, socks, socks, I love knitting socks, that would be great to win.

  100. That book looks awesome!