My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Twisty Aran

The Twisty Aran is done!

To recap, this is knit from Rowan Calmer in the discontinued “Delight” colorway on U.S. size 7 (4.5mm) needles. It’s knit from the bottom up, in pieces, and seamed.

The sleeves extend into a shoulder strap.

And I worked an applied i-cord around the neck.

Very happy with it, I am, as Yoda might say. The pattern for this may be available at some point in the future.

Onward . . .

I started a new project using the pink yarn I showed in my last blog post. The yarn is Schulana Sojabama, and as the name suggests, it is a blend of soy and bamboo. It is a DK weight ribbon-ish yarn. I say “ribbon-ish” because it is sort of flat, but not completely flat like most ribbon yarns I’ve seen. It comes in 50 gram balls with a yardage of 120 yards per ball. It was distributed by Skacel, but it is not listed on their website so I assume it has been discontinued. That’s a bit sad, because it is a very pleasant yarn to knit. Of course that explains why it is available from Webs at a closeout price — and that is where I purchased mine.

The colorway I got is called “Ravishing Pink” and I’m knitting Alison Green Will’s sweet little baby sweater Helena from the Summer 2008 issue of Knitty. I am making this for a pink-obsessed friend who is due in June. Fortunately, the baby is a girl.

The pattern calls for a DK weight wool, but because this is a summer baby, I subbed the soy/bamboo yarn. It’s handwash only which is a bit of a pain, but the mom is knit-friendly so hopefully it won’t be too much of an issue. I may try machine-washing and drying a swatch on the gentle cycle to see how it does before handing over the sweater.

Lucy sez:

“I’ll be over here if you need me.”


  1. Absolutely stunning sweater!!! Is it as comforting as it looks?

  2. That sweater is awesome! I love the sleeve/shoulder strap idea!

  3. Lovely!!

  4. Beautiful work! (as always)
    Jeanie Babbage´s last blog post ..What a difference six

  5. Absolutely stunning pattern and knitting on the sweater, Wendy! This is one I would definitely purchase, if you decide to publish the pattern. SO gorgeous!

  6. Nice!!

  7. Very nice!
    biomaj5´s last blog post ..As if I dont have enough hobbies already

  8. Lovely aran, Wendy. I hope you do end up offering the pattern, ’cause I’ll be in line for it with paypal password ready!

  9. So glad I popped back in for a 2nd peek today. Of course the corded trim just makes it spectacular. Congrats!

  10. Celestine says:

    Beautiful sweater….Love that pink yarn too!

  11. Your sweater is awesome. You are so talented.

  12. It’s beautiful ! Great job.

  13. Your sweater looks great. I like the i-cord neckline. I will definitely purchase the pattern when it becomes available.
    Beverly´s last blog post ..Wheres the Sock Club

  14. Barb Harger says:

    Very nice sweater!! I love its structured look. How DO you get so much knitting done? LOL

  15. I love twisty! It could be cutting in line in front of some projects that were patiently waiting their turn.
    ellen´s last blog post ..Head em up- Move em out

  16. I love all the things that you knit but this sweater is an exceptional beauty! The I-cord neckline is especially attractive. I really hope that you publish the pattern because I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  17. What a gorgeous design and such beautiful knitting. I love it!

  18. The sweater is beautiful and the I-cord neckline finish is perfect. I also checked the Helena pattern. That is one of the nicest baby sweater patterns I’ve seen in a long time. I have two friends who are expecting. I may just have to make one of those.

  19. I was just watching a piece on the news about the pressure (internal and external) on high school kids. Do you ever take a breath? Don’t answer! I’m assuming you’re doing this because you want to, but the timing was just so peculiar.

    I love Twisty. It is just the sort of pattern my mother would have loved to do. Large repeats, multiple patterns, and the narrower section repeats against the larger. I like that it is shown against an underlayer, which is certainly how it would be worn. And the neckline would give some leeway as to what it would be worn over. First class!

  20. As Hawkeye Pierce used to say, “Finest kind!” What a sweater – well done!
    Barbara-Kay´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  21. Sandra D says:

    It’s a beautiful piece of knitted scuplture!

  22. Twisty is magnificent. ‘nuf said.
    Alice in Richmond´s last blog post ..3411 Rachel reminds The Lady it has been a month- enough already

  23. HeatherB says:

    Simply beautiful. I think I prefer twisty to cabley – it’s not so heavy. I’ll be on the lookout for this pattern (no pressure). 🙂 I’ll start saving up now to break my yarn diet and splurge on Calmer.

  24. Great job on the sweater! It’s beautiful!

  25. re: Twisty Aran – I like the shoulder strap detail, very unique!

    Also, perfect choice for the Schulana Sojabama, and thanks for the link, I’m in the market for new and exciting!

    Ohai, Miss Lucy! Hugs Over Here from Over There ♥♥♥
    Sandra´s last blog post ..Mixer Recipes – How to make Tequila Rose eHowcom

  26. Great work, as usual. Looks lovely!

  27. First off, Twisty, is gorgeous! Love that neckline!
    Second, Love that bright pink! very fun! If your friend has a front load washer, my mom has a front load High eff. It has a hand wash setting on it! Let me tell ya.. it’s a gentle one! Stuff my old school agitator washer at home will rip to shreds comes out perfect from her machine. So, that said… maybe that will be the easy way of washing for her! I
    Third, Lucy is great!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  28. RustyBird says:

    Your Twisty is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  29. Love your Twisty Aran sweater….just beautiful.

    I’ve made the Helena several times – it makes such a satisfyingly feminine baby gift 🙂

  30. I love Helena. It’s a perfect baby girl sweater and the bright pink is a good color choice for it.
    southparknitter´s last blog post ..Double Double Dressin’ Trouble

  31. Skacel used to promote this as a machine wash yarn, but I’m sure the label says hand wash for CYA purposes.

    I bet if you did gentle cycle and cool water, it would wash up just fine–it’s soy and bamboo and both are quite machine friendly fibers. You just can’t soak them for an eternity, else they turn to mashed potatoes (we’re talking EONS in water….)

  32. Stunning sweater. Just beautiful..

    The Helena will look great in that pink. It’s a fun and quick project to knit.

  33. Ruthie A. says:

    The Twisty Aran is really nice. Now we need to see a pic of you modelling it! Please? And since I’m a pink freak, too, I love that yarn. Think I’ll head over to WEBS next and see if they have any more…I have a little granddaughter who just turned 6 months.

  34. Beautiful! Those shoulders are awesome! And I like the neck edge, it doesn’t distract from the design.

  35. Wonderfull Aran !
    Dorothée´s last blog post ..Hawthorne

  36. I love your Twisty which is very beautiful. You are a very talented designer!

  37. KathyM in SE VA says:

    I echo all the positive comments above -this sweater is amazing. I have been wanting to do an Aran for months, looking at many sweater patterns. Now I know I will just wait a little longer -until you offer this pattern. Really a great design. Congratulations!

  38. Sandy H. says:

    Your Twisty Aran has left me totally gobsmacked! It is just stunning! You never cease to amaze me with your designing skills and the speed at which you knit!

  39. That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. I think it is my favorite non-sock project you have ever made. You should post a picture of you in it. How could anyone in that beautiful sweater not look good?

  40. I’m definitely not one of the pink obsessed, but if you have to go with pink it is at least a lovely shade that screams out (rather than simpering along). Very nice and vibrant, which in grey New England I’m greatly appreciating!

  41. AlisonL says:

    That sweater is sooooo beautiful. I do hope that you will share this pattern with us – I would snap this up in a heartbeat…

  42. How absolutely stunning! I hope the pattern becomes available soon! I love this sweater…

  43. What a glorious sweater!! It made me smile.

  44. PoodleYarn says:

    Twisty is a spectacular sweater!!!! Great job!

  45. Twisty is gorgeous!

  46. Beautiful!!!! Love, love, love it!

  47. Gorgeous sweater, as always, Wendy! You are so talented. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog daily for the past 10+ years 🙂

  48. Twisty is a lovely sweater Wendy. I have waaay more potential projects than I can knit, but I’d buy this pattern anyway and hope to get to it someday. It is gorgeous, stunning, etc. Nicola

  49. Gretcheng says:

    Beautiful sweater, and I do love a saddle-shoulder style! Most Arans look about 2 inches thick, but your design is quite svelte.

    I also wanted to say I like the new blog style. Very fresh and crisp. I noticed before, but forgot to mention it. Thanks for your wonderful blog– Gretcheng

  50. Carol B says:

    That is one gorgeous sweater! I’d buy the pattern for it in a heartbeat.

  51. Wow, great job on the sweater!

  52. Love that Twisty Aran!!!!!

  53. OOOO, Wendy! That is absolutely gorgeous!

  54. Very nice Aran sweater. You are a champion. Love the Helena choice, you will be done by tomorrow…
    Sarina´s last blog post ..A House in a Holler

  55. Do, please, publish the pattern for the Twisty. I’m another eager customer! It is so beautiful, looking complex and artistic, with all the different textures. I want it …

  56. This is just breathtaking!!!

  57. One of these days — arans! If I can do Twist and Shout from Knitty, I can do arans.
    Hissy Stitch´s last blog post ..Pablo Neruda is a knitworthy poet

  58. The sweater is just beautiful! Almost as pretty as Miss Lucy…

  59. Twisty is just gorgeous! Congrats on creating such a beautiful sweater!

  60. GORGEOUS!!!

  61. Stephanie says:

    glad your wrist and hand is better and you’re back to knitting! the sweater is beautiful–i love all the cables you choose! nice work!

  62. I love the deep trenches in this sweater that really show off the texture. Calmer always makes my heart race because it is such soft, lovely yarn. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Such interesting details in the pattern, with the shoulder strap and the applied I-Cord.

    Hope you and Lucy have a beautiful day today!

    firefly´s last blog post ..Beautiful food

  63. Christine says:

    It is absolutely beautiful!!! for Mom?? oh my ..she is one lucky… daughter knits…need to plant idea now.

  64. Awesome sweater but what a lot of twisted stitches! Your hand must be feeling much better.

    Lucy, you have abandoned your couch! Spring must be in the air!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Pink Circles Project Bag Set

  65. How great that you have some discountinued yarn to use on this special project! Well I guess it isn’t so great when you run out.

    Thank you for sharing this sweater! I have yet to brave aran knitting so I love checking out other people’s work so when I do get started I will have something to go off of.

    Beautiful, beautiful sweater!!

  66. penelope10 says:

    I’d love a copy of Rachel’s new book!

  67. Celestine says:

    I would love to win this book. Thank you Wendy and Luck…

  68. Lisa Downing says:

    Love the texture in the sweater, Wendy. I also love books fiction that combines knitting with a great story. LisaD in upstate NY

  69. I’m in pleasure melt-down just looking at the twisty sweater.

  70. Would love to be included in the magical number generator for rachael’s new book I love your new twisty Aran. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Virginia.

  71. Please include my name in the book drawing. Your Twisty Aran sweater is beautiful.

  72. A classic!

  73. I’m glad you have been able to start knitting again and the results are a WOW. Lucy looks lovely and happy as usual.

  74. What a stunning sweater!
    Isabelle´s last blog post ..Ptite Mignonnes Abalone and a tee of my own

  75. What beautiful stitch definition! I find twisted stitches hard for me to do continental-wise. Do you have the same problem? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Or it could be the needles. I was using Addi on the last project and they have no grip – need to get some Signatures!!
    PS – I like your new website look!

  76. Wow! It looks fab!!
    vicki´s last blog post ..A Forty Year Old Knitted Cap

  77. Lovely. It looks like it will be a great “everyday” type sweater.
    E. Engman´s last blog post ..KOOL AID DYEING- MULTICOLORS

  78. Hi Wendy,
    Just wanted to thank you for your blog. We are traveling for 3 months in an RC with my needles and your Toes Up book, stopping at local yarn shops when I can pull it off. Glad to read about your projects. Looking forward to the availability of your Arab pattern