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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Rachael Rachael

I finished reading Rachael Herron‘s second novel this week: How to Knit a Heart Back Home. (Rachael was kind enough to arrange for me to receive a review copy, but I will confess to you that I also purchased the Kindle edition so I could read it on my iPad.)

This is the second book in Rachael’s “Cypress Hollow” series and I think it is even better than the first, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The story takes place in the same town, but the main characters are different. A nice Barbara Pym-like touch, however, is that the main characters in the first book (How to Knit a Love Song) make cameo appearances in this book. Rachael writes well and sucks you immediately into the story. There’s a nice amount of knitting content, as well as an original pattern for a very pretty sweater that is integral to the plot.

Rachael has offered a free copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home to one of my readers, so let’s do a drawing. 🙂

To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment to this blog post, by 11:00am Eastern Time on Sunday, March 13, 2011. The great and might Random Number Generator will be awakened from its lair and exhorted to pick a winner from the comments. Then I’ll get the winner hooked up with Rachael and if you ask nice I bet she’ll even sign your copy. 😉

Please note that as usual, I require you to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing. But for every drawing I hold, I still get emailed entries, and even Ravelry messages. Please read this page if you are unsure how to leave a comment and/or wonder why I require entries via comment only.


Thanks for all your lovely comments about the Twisty Aran. I appreciate them very much!

I seem to have had many non-knitting things cutting into my knitting time this week. But the baby sweater is coming along as you can see:

Nothing much else to see here, apart from Lucy.


  1. lucy looks good with that book 😉
    lemonhalf´s last blog post ..Slap n Chop Vintage Brown

  2. Lucy seems to be enthralled by the book 😉

  3. I’ve been looking for a new book to read! This sounds like exactly what I would love!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. sounds interesting… I’d like to enter, please! 🙂 thank you!
    Amanda M´s last blog post ..Happy 2011!

  5. I’m always up for a good book 😀

  6. Looks like a great book! I am going to go add both to my wishlist, in case I don’t win.

  7. Karen Scheer says:

    Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  8. would love to check out a new book! thanks as always!

  9. dawn in NL says:

    I am looking forward to reading Rachael’s book, one way or another (paper or ebook I mean).

    All the best

  10. Hi! Please enter me in for the book drawing. I enjoy it when fiction meets knitting!

  11. Lorraine C says:

    Please enter me in the drawing for the book. I think they should use Lucy as a spokescat for the book.

  12. Gretcheng says:

    I’d love a knitting novel to read! Thanks for the chance to win. (What is so hard about leaving a comment to enter a drawing? People are so funny!) Oh dear, and I may need that Twisty Aran pattern… 🙂

  13. ooh a Barbara Pym reference! Count me in as a commenter : )

  14. I’d love to win a copy. I’m off to take a look on Amazon at the first book! Hope Lucy enjoyed it!

  15. Oh I like to enter into the drawing but now I’m off to get the first book. 😉

  16. I loved her first book too! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.
    Emily´s last blog post ..I’ll never be Audrey Hepburn

  17. Debbi Overweg says:

    I’ve been meaning to read her first book, and having the 2nd one would be perfect motivation 🙂 Thanks for offering a drawing here!!

  18. Stephanie M says:

    Loved Rachael’s first book.

  19. Heather P says:

    I’m enjoying her first book right now and would love to read the second too. Thank you for having the drawing!

  20. Oh that looks like a good one! Is this part of a series? Hmm…off to amazon!

  21. Looks like a fun book. I might have to download it to my ipad if I don’t win!

  22. Sounds like a great read!

  23. Barb Harger says:

    The baby sweater is looking lovely! I would love to have the book…maybe I’ll go find the first one to read first! LOL Lucy poses well with the book, or without!

  24. Love the twisty aran. Please publish the pattern soon. I would enjoy a copy of the book. Reading and knitting, my two favorite pastimes.

  25. philhellene says:

    Yes please! Otherwise I’ll order it anyway…
    Love the pic with Lucy and the book.

  26. I read the first one and am looking forward to reading the second!

  27. linda-kay says:

    Sounds like a great readl Thanks Wendy and to Rachel for the opportunity to win this book.

  28. Barb Harger says:

    Ooh, I found the first book is available at my library…I requested it!

  29. This book is on my shopping list. I own the first one (and need to buy an ebook copy, so I can freely lend out my print copy to unsuspecting friends) and am saving my pennies for the second one!

  30. The book sounds great, I’d love to win a copy!

  31. I’m always looking for new books! I hope I win!
    Anna´s last blog post ..Exercise and cookies!

  32. I haven’t read either book but really want to read them both!!

  33. Good knit lit? Sign me up!

  34. Sounds like a fun book. If I don’t win your copy I might have to run out and get my own.

  35. I haven’t decided if I’m going to buy a hard copy or a Kindle copy. If I win, I won’t have to decide. 🙂

  36. I’d like to be entered, please.
    sprite´s last blog post ..ten on tuesday- favorite smells

  37. I love your blog. Not only do I get lots of new knitting information, but I also get a chance to win books…..

  38. Wow, your injury did hold you back for long!

  39. I very much enjoyed the first book so I definitely want to read the new one! I LOVE your baby sweater in that gorgeous color, but Lucy is always my favorite!

  40. Wow! I love reading and when it’s about knitting, it’s even better. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. I see Lucy is keeping the book safe for the winner. 🙂
    Sue (aka Suezee)´s last blog post ..Knitting Vlog 5- Old lady brain

  42. Thanks for the chance to win, and even if I don’t, thanks for the book recommendation!

  43. Lucy looks very pleased with the book.

  44. karen ward says:

    This book sounds awesome!!

  45. I thoroughly enjoyed Rachael’s first book, and can’t wait to read this one!

  46. I loved her first book!

  47. Oh great! Love to read and love to knit and I REALLY like to read about knitting 🙂

  48. hi Wendy,
    Twisty is indeed a lovely piece of work. Hope your injury days are well gone, best wishes

  49. Marie-france says:

    I’d love to win the book!

  50. I read her first book in one evening I think.

  51. Sarah Warburton says:

    I love the look of this book!

  52. Shirley. in PA says:

    That baby sweater is lovely, I love the color.

  53. Henrycat says:

    Would love a chance to win the book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Thanks, Wendy. Love a contest and love that pink yarn.

  55. Always looking for a good book and a pretty little baby sweater. Thanks for all the yarny eye candy.

  56. I’d like to win and read the book – even though I didn’t read the first one. Thanks!

  57. Jeanette Zimmerli says:

    Thank you got the information. I’m always looking for good books to read

  58. Always love reading your blog. That book sounds like a good read too 🙂

  59. Yes, yes, yes. Reading + knitting = always good.

  60. Loved her first book can’t wait to read this one!

  61. I love reading about knitting! I’d really like to give this book a try; thanks!

  62. Marsha J. Rose says:

    I am going to get the first book for the iPad and hope I win the second one. Thanks so much for the info. about knitting novels.

  63. Now that I’m done with grad school, I have time for fun reading! This one sounds like fun!

  64. That baby sweater looks great!

  65. That does sound like a nice book — and a bonus pattern too 🙂 Please enter me for the drawing! thanks, Wendy.

  66. I always love hearing about new authors… 🙂

  67. Do you ever read to Lucy?

  68. I would love to win a copy of Rachael’s book. Thanks.

  69. I’d love to read a book with a knitting pattern at the heart of the story. And I like Barbara Pym, so I expect I’d like this book.
    Laura Conrad´s last blog post ..News of the week of March 1- 2011

  70. I’d love the book.

  71. Nice sweater! Looks like a good book.

  72. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this book for ten days! Hopefully I’ll win this and finally get my hands on a copy.

  73. Really enjoyed her first book and look forward to reading this one as well. It would be nice to WIN it!

  74. I’ve already got a stack of books I want to read (and way too much schoolwork to read anything fun!) but now you’ve got me adding two more to my wishlist! Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Rachel is on my lists of authors to read, but I haven’t gotten to the first book yet. Getting the second one would definitely be a kick to get going.

  76. Mary Roach says:

    I would love to have a copy of the book. Can’t wait.

  77. Lucy is always worth seeing.

    I have to get a copy of the first book to read. I’d love to have the second one!

  78. I just met Rachel last evening on Twitter, then read a post at her blog about how she worked out the plot of this book. The short blog posting read, itself, like a short, short, short story — very beautiful and touching. I knew I had to read the book and now here you are offering a give away for it.

    I’d like to enter the drawing if for no other reason than to support this talented writer.

    Best wishes,

  79. Oooohhh, that looks like a lovely book. I’d love to have a copy. I’ll probably end up ordering it off Amazon if I am not lucky enough to win a copy.

  80. Ooo, another book to add to my wish list! This one sounds fun and I’ll have to check out the first.

    And I loved the “Twisted” you posted yesterday! Lovely!

  81. The book appears to be Lucy approved, I would love to read it.

  82. I’ve never read a knitting book before!

  83. Ooh, I hadn’t heard of these books–must find the first one (good thing I’m a librarian!). By the way–I made that adorable baby sweater for a friend’s baby, and wondered (after finishing) if those ties are practical for a wiggly/wriggly little one. Will you be making ties or doing something else? Just curious. It’s going to be wonderful in that color!

  84. I’d love to win a copy! I need to read the first one though. Sounds intriguing!

  85. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book!

  86. Oh great and mighty Random number generator….. pick me!

  87. Lucy makes such a great model. She seems to enjoy the camera. Please, new book to read!

  88. I would like to enter the drawing for the book! I will be going to buy the first story tonight on my way home from work. I enjoyed reading the Friday Night Knitting Club series so hopefully this one will be just as good or better 🙂

  89. This sounds like a good break from my usual murder mysteries…….
    Liz A.´s last blog post ..My oh My!

  90. The baby sweater is great – what a nice pattern.

  91. Freya in Californeya says:

    Oh My! I would love a copy of that book. If I don’t get chosen, then I might just buy it right out 🙂

  92. It sounds like a great read! Thanks for the chance!

  93. Melissa HB says:

    I would love a chance to win the book…… as long as Lucy is okay with parting with it 😉

  94. Glad you’re safe and dry. I liked the first book too.

  95. Oh my! I’m going to have to go see if my library has her first book. They sound awesome!
    Jill M in Ohio´s last blog post ..Year of the PIGS – 3-9

  96. You are making the book sound great! I love the little baby sweater. WIP. I’ve been wondering what pattern it is?

  97. Lucy looks ready to read.

  98. I would love to read this book – I so enjoy fiction about knitters. I hope the random number picker picks me 🙂

  99. Love the baby sweater- and pics of Lucy- book sounds fun too!

  100. Judy Philbrook says:

    I wasn’t familiar with her work, but I’m a Barbara Pym fan, so I plan to go back and read the first book. Would love to receive this one. 🙂