My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

You guys are lucky that I have such awesome friends who send me stuff to give away to you!

The winner of Rachael Herron’s How to Knit a Heart Back Home is Rachael! No, a different Rachael. 😉

Rachael, I’ve emailed you!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment to be entered into the drawing.

And now on to Awesome Friend Number Two: Firefly. Here is what Firefly sent me:

Knitters’ eye charts! How cool are those??!!

Firefly talked about these on her blog, here. (That blog post is worth clicking through to, because she also shares the ingredient list for a very yummy-sounding for split pea soup! The recipe itself is here.)

These charts are available for sale in Firefly’s etsy shop and are a collaboration between her and her son (who has his own etsy shop here). There are three different charts — one taken from a lace pattern, one from a cable pattern, and one with various knitting abbreviations. They are printed on heavy 11×17 stock and can be framed, like this one:

I have one each of the three styles to give away. Who’d like one?

To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment to this blog post, by 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, March 17, 2011. Three winners will be chosen at random at that time.

On to the Knitting

Look what I finished!

Look what I started!

More on the new project on Tuesday.

I Hate Daylight Savings Time

But it doesn’t seem to have affected Lucy’s schedule.




  1. Those eye-charts are awesome!
    Rose-Marie´s last blog post ..Winners anouncement!

  2. I’d love one of those eye charts – so creative! 🙂

  3. Those charts are too cool! Happy Sunday to you.

  4. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something new comes along! They would look great in my computer/yarn room! Thanks!

  5. Love the pink baby sweater, with one baby girl due in July to a knitting friend I’ll have to put it in my que.

  6. The first time I saw her charts I fell in like over them (especially the lace pattern) ! Having to wear glasses since the age of two I have a thing for eye charts. (fingers and needles are crossed)

    Also have a thing for cats and always look forward to updates regarding Miss Lucy.

  7. I’d like one! Also, that baby sweater is adorable.
    Christina´s last blog post ..A Week of Busy

  8. Beth Gray says:

    Those would look so cool in my craft room!

  9. so clever! as an ophthalmic technician I think I need one of these! great idea! 🙂
    kc´s last blog post ..cupcakes!

  10. Melissa R says:

    I *love* those charts…I would love to own one to put up in my living room, which would then scream: “A knitter lives here!” Off to go look at them for prices, since I very rarely win anything in contests like this 😀

  11. How very awesome are these charts.

  12. Daylight savings time whips me every single year. I need a week to recover.
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Pink Circles Project Bag Set

  13. Cassandra says:

    It looks like Lucy has a very busy day planned!

  14. Those charts look great! Thanks for having this contest.

  15. What a fun chart! And the soup sounds great too, thanks for sharing!

  16. Shannon H. says:

    A “knitter’s eye chart” would be perfect in my new house!

  17. I’d like one of the charts too!

  18. Shirley. in PA says:

    I hate daylight savings time too, but I love the baby sweater you made. And Lucy has the right idea of how to spend this day.

  19. Lewaletzko says:

    Love Lucy’s picture…It seems to be a reoccurring these lately.

    Someday when I have a project room…these will live on my wall.

  20. I would love an eye chart for my new yarn room.

  21. Very cool, those eye charts! People are so inventive.
    ccr in MA´s last blog post ..A Mix of Heavy and Light Topics

  22. What a super fun way to find out when it’s time for new glasses!

  23. Wish they’d use these at the drivers license bureau. I could pass it for sure.

  24. me. want. eyechart. faboo!!! ;o)
    margaret´s last blog post ..Spring is in the Air

  25. Those charts are a great idea and your sweater turned out beautifully, what a lucky baby!

  26. ME!

  27. Elizabeth in VT says:

    The soup! The soup! Split pea soup is actually on today’s to-do list! Oh yeah, the baby sweater is delightful! And an eye chart would get a lot of attention at work, where I am the “resident knitter”.

  28. love the eye charts – so fun!
    Kris´s last blog post ..Enter Here

  29. Those charts are fantastic! I need a little more decoration in my dorm room lol

  30. I hate daylight savings! There is no good reason for it, anymore, we all use too many lights indoors during the day for it to make a difference! It just messes up this weekend…

    Please sign me up for the givaway, those are great!
    Colleen´s last blog post ..18th C Striped Cap

  31. I love the knitting eye charts, especially the lace one!
    Ashley W´s last blog post ..March 12- 2011- Washington Nationals vs New York Yankees Spring Training

  32. You do have super cool friends.
    As someone who goes to the eye doctor frequently it is nice to see knitting art made out of a mundane task. 🙂

  33. I love those posters! If I’m not a lucky winner, I may have to snag one for our spare bedroom/craft room.
    Carolyn´s last blog post ..Crochet FO- Dead Simple Coasters

  34. If I don’t win an eye chart? I’m buying one. I never buy *anything* for my walls. But those are just too wonderful!

  35. Love the eye charts–they’re a hoot! Especially love your new project. Can’t wait to see more!
    Andrea Vlahakis´s last blog post ..Journaling

  36. Love the eye charts!

  37. Those eye charts are wonderful! I would love them. Thanks!!!

  38. Those charts are great fun! I’d love to win one!

  39. The eye charts are ace!
    Aberdonian´s last blog post ..FO- Norwegian Rose Socks

  40. I’m loving the eye charts. It would be so fun to win.

  41. I love the charts!

  42. I love these charts, perhaps I could convince my eye specialist to check my eyes with these ones 🙂
    Celebrin from Germany
    Celebrin´s last blog post ..Manaus

  43. I love those eye charts, and with my high myopia prescription – I’m a -13.00 for those in the know – they’d be most appropriate in my house 🙂

  44. Wendy in Indy says:

    I’ve love one. My opthalmologist friend would find it hilariously wonderful.

  45. Those charts are so very cool! I <3 them. 🙂

  46. Ruth Musso says:

    I need to check my eyes.

  47. the charts are so cool! I would love to win one. and Lucy looks so peaceful – I wish I could nap like that!

  48. Those knitting eye charts are too cute!!

  49. The eye charts are cool. Pick me!

  50. anne marie in philly says:

    put my name in!

    I too hate DST – buncha crap!

  51. I also love the eye charts and would love to win one. I also hate Daylight Saving Time. Got up an hour early to watch a program and of course, the website was off by an hour as they had not updated the website! Hi Lucy! Meow….

  52. Perfect to decorate my dorm room! Yes please! 🙂

  53. What awesome eye charts! One would look great in my classroom 🙂

  54. Christine Ross says:

    Those eye charts are great – I’d love to have one of my own!

  55. Love the eye charts. And the baby sweater is adorable!

  56. Love the pink sweater and the eye charts are awesome!

  57. Great Sunday post….way cool charts, Awesome baby sweater and very interesting looking beginning to a new project..
    even tho I didn’t win the book giveaway I am so enjoying her first book on my Nook….thanks!!

  58. The knitters’ eye charts are really cool. I’d love to win one!

  59. If my eye doctor used these I think I would not hate going as much as I do, not that I’ve been there in years. Seriously, these are cool, and I would love to have them on the wall and see who would notice what they are.

  60. those “eye charts” are AWESOME. Love.

    Beautiful knitting, as always, and I’m with you on hating the Daylight Savings Time thing.

  61. Those are so fun! They would look great in many places in my apartment. 🙂
    Kirstie´s last blog post ..Lake Ice

  62. Cool eyecharts – would love to win one!

  63. I want one! My husband and I have been looking for an eye chart for our apartment since we moved in. It would look great in the living room above all my knitting supplies.
    Anna´s last blog post ..Exercise and cookies!

  64. I know the perfect person to give this to!

  65. The sweater is beautiful! And I would love an eye chart.
    Laura´s last blog post ..My new toy!

  66. woolpiggy says:

    Four out of the five of us in my family wear glasses – the eye charts would fit right in!

  67. Would love to be entered into the drawing for one of those eye charts! Thank you!
    Caroline in NH´s last blog post ..North Shore Yarn Crawl!

  68. I’m an optometrist and I NEED those eye charts! Those are amazing and if I don’t win the drawing I’ll have to order them. Kudos to them for the idea!

  69. Sarah Warburton says:

    Love the eyecharts! I’m a knitter and my dad’s an optometrist!

  70. How cool is that! Those eyecharts are just plain brilliant. And I can’t comment without noting that your new lace project looks most intriguing.

  71. I luv those eyecharts…pick me please!

  72. I hate DST too – I wish it would be abolished!! The baby sweater is adorable and your new project (shawl?) is gorgeous!

  73. I’ve been looking at these clever charts on etsy for the past several days! Unfortunately , I am restricting myself from purchasing any prints or art until I have all my previous purchases framed and hung up…which is probably not a bad project for this coming week (:

    I could probably square winning one with my conscience/wallet, though. Fingers crossed!

  74. Beverly (db81971) says:

    Love the eye charts!!!!

  75. Those are cool – the perfect decoration for my yarn room (so guests sleeping in it understand where they really are!).
    janna´s last blog post ..Another One Finished!

  76. The charts are great, and the pink baby sweater is gorgeous!

  77. Eye Love these! Hope you pick me!!! So cute!
    Trish´s last blog post ..March of Dimes fundraiser

  78. Looking forward to see what the rest of that shawl turns out to be.

  79. Since I’m an Optician I think “I gots to have one of those”! 🙂

  80. That eye chart is wonderful. But, what happens if you try knitting the “pattern?”

  81. I would so love an eye chart! Thanks so much for offering them. Also, whatever else that gorgeous lace edging is, it’s just “spec”tacular (snort)

  82. Those charts are extremely cute and unique!

  83. I love your Helena. And you did it so fast! I made one 2 years ago and it took weeks and weeks–don’t know why since it’s toddler-sized. But I love the pattern, And the eye charts, too.

  84. The eye chart is hilarious! I am pretty sure that without my glasses I wouldn’t make it to K1. Baby sweaters are so quick! Yours looks lovely.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..Making life better

  85. I’d love to have an eye chart. With regard to time change, the fall change affects my animals’ schedule. They think I’ve overslept and wake me up to feed them. Heaven forbid that either should miss a meal.
    southparknitter´s last blog post ..Double Double Dressin’ Trouble

  86. Those charts so cute.

  87. The little pink sweater is awesome!

    Lucy says, “just don’t try to put it on me!”

  88. Those are great! i have the perfect place for it. Love the lace pattern you started. can’t wait to see what it turns into. very cute little sweater. that will make a cute addition to any wardrobe.

  89. Samantha E. says:

    How fun!!! There are so many creative people out there!!!

  90. I love these and I would be thrilled to have one. Thanks for being so generous.

  91. I hope I win!!

  92. Those are fabulous!

  93. Those knitting eye charts are the coolest looking charts – would love to win one. The baby jacket looks great – and I’m thinking a shawl is starting…

  94. I hate DST too!!

    great baby sweater!

  95. Billi Cummings says:

    Oh wonderful, I’ve been eyeing (pun intended) these charts for awhile. Her son also does subway signs too. Love them.

  96. Sandy H. says:

    Great baby jacket – I am really loving the spring color. Looks like a new shawl on the way!!!

    Wish my eye doctor had some exciting eye charts like you are giving away!

  97. Michelle says:

    Those charts are so clever! My cats don’t understand daylight savings, but they’re not complaining about being fed an hour earlier!

  98. Those eye charts are interesting. Love the baby sweater, it is in my favs or queue. I wish they would leave the time alone!

  99. Kimberly says:

    Those eye charts are very cool! 🙂

  100. I think these signs are hillarious. Love the pink sweater… It is the most awesome shade of pink!