My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

You guys are lucky that I have such awesome friends who send me stuff to give away to you!

The winner of Rachael Herron’s How to Knit a Heart Back Home is Rachael! No, a different Rachael. 😉

Rachael, I’ve emailed you!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment to be entered into the drawing.

And now on to Awesome Friend Number Two: Firefly. Here is what Firefly sent me:

Knitters’ eye charts! How cool are those??!!

Firefly talked about these on her blog, here. (That blog post is worth clicking through to, because she also shares the ingredient list for a very yummy-sounding for split pea soup! The recipe itself is here.)

These charts are available for sale in Firefly’s etsy shop and are a collaboration between her and her son (who has his own etsy shop here). There are three different charts — one taken from a lace pattern, one from a cable pattern, and one with various knitting abbreviations. They are printed on heavy 11×17 stock and can be framed, like this one:

I have one each of the three styles to give away. Who’d like one?

To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment to this blog post, by 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, March 17, 2011. Three winners will be chosen at random at that time.

On to the Knitting

Look what I finished!

Look what I started!

More on the new project on Tuesday.

I Hate Daylight Savings Time

But it doesn’t seem to have affected Lucy’s schedule.




  1. Those charts are just too cute!

  2. deidre corbet says:

    Love those charts! My daughter is trying to adjust to the time change the same way Lucy is.

  3. noallatin says:

    Just what the hopelessly near-sighted knitter needs – an eye chart. Those charts made me laugh. Thanks for offering them up as prizes.

  4. Those are one of the most interesting and unusual pieces of knitting kitch I have seen yet – I totally want one!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I’ve been doing quite a bit of fine work lately, both knitting and quilting. My glasses definitely need a tune-up. It may be time for bi-focals, gasp!

  6. Lynda Treen says:

    What a wonderful way to do up a pattern. Would be so sweet with a dishcloth pattern also.

    I HAVE to have this for my knitting friend. She is the best friend ever and this would be perfect for her. Love it.

  7. Susan D Smith says:

    The eye charts are very cool – I’d love to have one! Glad to see that Lucy is unfazed by the time change. My cats are likewise unaffected – they still know exactly when to sleep and eat. Your new project looks intriguing – look forward to your sharing more about it.

  8. What a clever idea!!! and the pink sweater is so very cute! wish I was that size…..

  9. What cool eye charts! I would love one.

  10. How cute!!! Would love one.

  11. Should I win one of those creative signs I’d post it where I could watch the looker with a quizzical look on their face !

  12. I’d love one of those signs!!! those are amazing!

  13. That eye chart would be a great ice breaker to hang in my studio for the curious to see !

  14. Yes!………..seeing is knitting!!

  15. I love the beginning of your new project. A shawl perhaps? I would like to win. Thanks to you and all of your good friends for the chance
    Robin Diebold´s last blog post ..My progress on my projects

  16. Lucy, is just one laid-back gal ! ! !

    I would L♥o♥V♥e one of these cute signs.
    Besides I could use a lace or cable pattern easy to read :*)

    I wanna knit a baby sweater . . .

    Gerry´s last blog post ..airplane

  17. Love the Eye Charts! Love DST too as so nice to have sun after work!

  18. I hate Daylight Savings Time too…

  19. Those eye charts are KEWL:-) one love one or two or three:-) myself…..thanks for sharing them.
    Ellen Griffin´s last blog post ..TA DA

  20. Love the charts! I would love one!
    Thank you for having such lovely friends who give you great stuff!

  21. carol brennan says:

    Would love to have one of these.

  22. Would love an eye chart,since I work for an eye Doctor. His wife knits also.

  23. The eye charts are so much fun! One of these would be a great addition to my home office which is being turned into the knitting room.

  24. I love the charts! I have a good friend that I would love to share them with!!!

  25. Arlo-Ann Hobbs says:

    Ohhh, that baby sweater is wonderful. Makes me wish for another grandchild!!!!!!
    Love that shade of pink.

  26. Oooo, those signs are WONDERFUL

  27. I may be a -9.50 but I might be able to read those eye charts!

  28. I would love to have that chart. I`m building myself a knitting room with a chaise and table and lots of storage for yarn. I was thinking about what to put on the walls and this would be prefect. Glad to see that Lucy is keeping up with her beauty sleep. Sweet dreams Lucy

  29. A
    Denny Stein´s last blog post ..NATIONAL CLUTTER AWARENESS WEEK

  30. Now I need to backtrack and find the pattern of the adorable baby sweater. too perfect and such a lot of work for someone unrelated to you (I think)
    LUV the eye charts.

  31. Those knitter’s eye charts are the best. Perfect to decorate a sewing or knitting room

  32. ooh I love those eye charts! That baby sweater turned out really nicely – way nicer than the pattern looked. Good job!

  33. Haha! The eye charts would not only look great in my sewing room, but they’d be AWESOME in my eye doctor’s office instead of his old boring ones!

  34. S Walker says:

    cute eye charts! would love to put one in my studio.

  35. Love those eye charts. I have them on my wish list on etsy. I actually made her split pea soup recipe last weekend, and I highly recommend it. My husband, who didn’t think he liked split pea soup, loves this recipe.

  36. audreayoda says:

    that would look so awsomeon my stash room wall

  37. Gail Rector says:

    Those eye charts are darling!

  38. Lisa Downing says:

    I hope to win a chart and I plan on making the yummy-sounding pea soup. Thanks for both. LisaD in upstate NY

  39. I was wondering what that, Pretty in Pink was going to be! And I love the new shawl colors!

  40. So cool! Just what my aging eyes need. Can I take these to my next eye exam?

  41. Love those charts – I subscribe to her blog. So much fun. I don’t know if you read all of these, but I would love to get a copy of the baby sweater pattern. It is so adorable and the color is beautiful. Thank you for adding my name to the drawing for the eye charts. How clever!

  42. What a neat idea! They are so cool!

  43. You do have the coolest friends!

  44. How cute!

  45. Those are so fun!

  46. you’re right – those charts ARE awesome! i hope i can win one, but i might just have to splurge a little and buy one if i don’t.

    and even more awesome is that sweater. the little girl who gets to wear that will be very lucky!

  47. I would love any one of those signs! I am looking for unique ways to decorate my knitting room. Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  48. I love love love these eye charts! It would be perfect framed in our bathroom….or in our entry way. Thanks for the great inspiration.
    The pink baby sweater is so beautiful!

  49. Great charts, and I love the pink sweater, think I may need to start on myself.

  50. I love those eye charts!

  51. I think she did such an awesome idea.

  52. Very cool charts. I would love to win one

  53. those eye charts are pretty cute.

  54. Julia Chervoni says:

    Thank you.

  55. iWant.
    LoriO´s last blog post ..OK- I think this is what Im going to do

  56. Those eye charts are so cool what a great idea. The pink baby sweater is so cute & I can’t wait to see what the new project is.
    Rae´s last blog post ..Opps

  57. cool
    i havent used a chart before

  58. Denise Williams says:

    My eyesight is great as I got Lasik but I love these charts, very cute!

  59. I think the eye charts are a lot of fun, count me in. I’m still working on that daylight savings thing too although it was nice to still have sunlight at 6pm

  60. Susan Van Hout says:

    The eye chart would look perfect in my knitting/sewing/crochet/computer room. I would love to show them to my grandchildren.

  61. I would love one of those eye charts! Thanks for the laugh…I am not sure anyone else in my house would understand them.

  62. Andrea in Tn says:

    Firefly is one of my favorite artists fiber and otherwise. It looks like her son may have inherited some of her genes. Lucky guy!!! I would love one of his charts— I have been looking at them fondly from afar. Andrea in Tn

  63. Sharon M says:

    Those knitting eye charts are just what every knitter needs to hang in her craft or stash room!

  64. Judith Smith says:

    How cool. Wish they would use them for my eye exam :). Would absolutely love one.

  65. Love the little pink sweater, also HATE daylight savings time (whose time is it anyway — obviously not someone who rises early) and I would love to have one of those charts. Having worn glasses for about 95% of my life I’m quite familiar with eye charts but none as great as these. Thanks for everything.

  66. Margaret Peck says:

    What a great idea. I love them!

  67. Those eye charts are awesome! Very cute and one of them needs a cozy home in my craft room. 😉

  68. Those look so cool! They would be a wonderful addition to my knitting room!

  69. Just found you and must say I am sad to have missed out before…Took you sox knitting class past weekend, and LOVE making sox…or at least so far…I had to start over so many times (my fault-not yours) being a novice. I have KNOW how to cast on and get started…YEHAW for sox..could sure use an eye chart too. for the studio 🙂

  70. Opps, wrong Wendy, but I do love knitting sox and I would like the eye chart 🙂

  71. Darla Waddell says:

    The sweater is lovely. The eye charts are very clever.

  72. I frequently do basic vision screening as a nurse practitioner. Wouldn’t it be great to pull one of these out.? The baby sweater is cute, and I will be interested in the shawl?

  73. I think it’s really cool that you share your goodies with us. It’s so much fun to see the items and to get to enter a contest. I love reading your blog! Also, I like to knit to America’s Funniest Home Videos. I just have to make sure it’s something simple so I don’t miss the hilarity.

  74. Love all type of charts.

  75. Those are some cool charts!
    justlisa´s last blog post ..Official Get Fuzzy Widget

  76. those are some cool charts
    justlisa´s last blog post ..Official Get Fuzzy Widget

  77. I am a nursing instructor so would love an”knit eye chart” to hang in my office and combine my two lives! Would get many comments from students.

  78. I have a friend who is a knitter and an optometrist. She would love this.
    Katie´s last blog post ..Fun Storm on Friday

  79. How Cool!!!! Pick Me.

  80. Casey Clark says:

    I love these signs. The sweater if fab.

  81. Lestersmama says:

    Is that a new shawl on the needles?

  82. monica b says:

    great eye charts!

  83. What great charts! Yes, like others have said, they would be fabulous decorations in my still-to-be-constructed yarn room (well, it’s got the yarn and the blocking table, but not the shelving, which is a bit of a challenge). You do end up with the most unusual knitting stuff to give away!

  84. Those signs are neat!

  85. Dr. Jackie says:

    Oh my…what could be better for a knitting doctor than an eye chart like this??!! Yes, I’d love to win one!

  86. These charts are so cool! I’m always amazed at the creativity of knitters. I hope I win! And by the way, you’re “Helena” looks beautiful. You’ve inspired me to use that pattern for my next baby project.

  87. I’d love a knitter’s eye chart. They’re awesome!

  88. A knitter’s eye chart would be much fun! 🙂
    Myriam´s last blog post ..Socks are my life

  89. Ooh. I would love those charts. They would be perfect in my Americana craft room. Thanks for the link to Firefly’s shop.
    ellen´s last blog post ..Head em up- Move em out

  90. Love the charts!!

  91. Love those eye charts.

  92. Count me in!
    Lucy looks very comfortable!

  93. I love those eye charts! One would be just the thing for my sister’s husband’s office (he’s an optometrist). I should only be so lucky to win one.

  94. Love those signs. I also am having trouble with daylight savings. Surprisingly it doesn’t bother me in the fall.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..The Big Project

  95. Jo Pietuszka says:

    I am searching for some inspiration.

  96. Alicia Joynson says:

    I love those charts and just started following your blog! 😉

  97. I want! Both an adorable knitting poster and your fast as lightning ability to finish projects.

  98. Love the eye charts and the little pink sweater!

  99. Those are so cute and so creative!! One of these would make a great birthday present for me!! : )
    How are you feeling by now? I just want you to know that you’ve inspired me for years!! I’ve learned to stretch my knitting skills because of you!! I’ve also been using henna for 2 or 3 years – because of you!! Thanks for all that you give to us!!

  100. You truly are blessed with some awesome friends.

    I like the looks of your newest knitting project. Pretty! The little baby sweater is glorious – that colour rocks. Those charts are very cool and I’d love one. Clever idea!

    I hate daylight savings time – don’t know who’s kidding who, but I don’t think we’re ‘saving’ anything. They just put it that way to mess with our psyche.