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You Had Me at Knitted Corgi

I was recently sent a review copy of Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble.

One look at it and I was squeeing (is “squeeing” a word? The verb “to squee?”) like a pre-teen over the dreamy pop icons in the latest issue of Tiger Beat. (Is Tiger Beat still around? Am I severely dating myself? Huh?)

This adorable little book was released last week, a month before next month’s Royal Wedding. Inside are patterns for the following:

  • Prince William & Catherine Middleton
  • Prince Harry
  • The Prince of Wales & the Duchess of Cornwall
  • Queen Elizabeth II & the Duke of Edinburgh
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Footmen
  • Corgis

Each of the figures is dressed in an appropriate outfit. There are patterns for Catherine’s wedding dress (and I want to know if Fiona Goble has inside information about said dress) and the dress she wore when the engagement was announced. For the men there are choices between military uniform, lounge suite, and morning suit, and there are some other assorted dresses in case you want to knit up some wedding guests. The Archbishop of Canterbury is resplendent in cassock, chimere, and mitre. (How can I not knit an Archbishop of Canterbury, for gosh sakes?)

This book is only 64 pages long, but it packs a huge amount of information in those pages. There is a very detailed “How to” section that contains illustrated instructions for everything you need to know how to do to make these figures, including knitting, purling, binding off, joining pieces, and embroidering.

All of the figures are knit from DK weight yarn (with a few bits here and there calling for fingering weight), so you have lots of choices. Each pattern has a detailed list of supplies needed (including any buttons and beads and whatnot you might need).

There is even a cardboard balcony included, folded up in a pocket inside the back cover, so you can pose your Royal Family for a photoshoot after the ceremony.

The photostyling in this book is wonderful. Here is a photo of the bride’s procession:

As you can see, Prince William has turned to watch her approach and he has a big smile on his face.

And check out this photo from the ceremony:

I do believe the Queen is wiping away a tear.

I pretty much just want to take a photo of every page, but instead I’ll encourage you to buy it. Even if you never knit anything from it, it is a great collector’s item. Besides, you could use the patterns to knit people of any sort for any occasion — perhaps a knitted Nativity scene?

In other news, The Island Time Shawl pattern is available for sale in my Ravelry store — at 25% off per my Blogiversary sale.

And here’s a shot of Lucy via the LapCam!




  1. I firmly believe that “squee” is a word, but the Facebook Scrabble dictionary disagrees (it would have been 80+ points, but there’s no negotiating with an online dictionary!).

  2. And I thought from your FB teaser that your post was going to be about that book about knitting your dog (I have fighting the urge to get it to make something for the grand who has been pestering his mom for ” a little brown dog”). This is so much cooler. I may just get it to reward someone for extreme creativity even if I never knit anything from it.

  3. As a Royalist, I feel it is my duty to commemorate the Royal Wedding in wool……..I’m joking but there is a little niggle inside me that thinks it would be so much fun LOL!
    Anne Featonby´s last blog post ..Wise Women Scarf

  4. Love the review! After shopping your Ravelry sale, I have a Lady Bertram on the needles!
    dobarah´s last blog post ..April 2011

  5. The last scene from Casablanca, including knitted prop plane, Major Strasser and Louis. One might be tempted, though, to knit the scene from the Blue Parrot. Hard to resist Sydney Greenstreet in a fez.

  6. HeatherB says:

    I pre-ordered that book as soon as I heard about it and it got here last week – it’s so cute! I don’t think I’ll ever knit anything from it, but I couldn’t resist having it. I also have “Knit the Christmas Story” – not quite as cute, but I think a knitted nativity scene might be fun.

  7. I know ‘m going to cave eventually and buy this book, so I can leave it on my coffee table for people to exclaim over. “Norma, has really gone over the edge…she’s knitting the royal family!”

  8. What an adorable book. I already purchased Island Time along with three other patterns on April 1st. Gothic Spires is on my needles and a very fun project. I also finished Japanese Gardens which was my very first lace shawl but still need a photo session. I love the botom up constructions for the shawls which makes it much easier for me to knit. Thanks!

  9. Maureen says:

    oh my gosh. I ordered it already. thanks for the tip.

  10. I saw a smirky British newspaper article on this book, and loved the knitted corgis, but now I see the pages here, the HATS have me all gooey :-}

  11. You are so dating yourself with Tiger Beat… but…um… I used to read it too! That book is too cute and would make a charming addition to any Royal Wedding party!

  12. This is exactly why I now have a copy of the “Knit Your Own Dog” book – could not resist the scrunchy bulldog! Alas, I have a child well-versed in wheedling and so a poodle is first on the needles.
    Merie´s last blog post ..B-I-N-G-O- a photo essay

  13. Cute book although I admit I’m not really one for making figures. I think some of hats would make really cute hair accessories.

  14. Shelley says:

    I ordered and got this book last week. It is so cute. Even if I never knit the characters, it is a wonderful souvenier.

  15. I would love to have a knit version of Prince Harry….for…um…purely normal and non-creepy reasons.

  16. So when will you post a pic of Lucy with a corgi?

  17. I read on ravelry that one knitter was having difficulties with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s hair, but then – so does he!
    Barbara-Kay´s last blog post ..A magnificent cat

  18. Annjudy says:

    Check YouTube – there are two hilarious videos with the figures from the book animated!

  19. Holey moley, knitted corgis?!?!? Too cute, I’ll see if I can get this one. Over the weekend I gave away some goodies from my blog, and included a copy of the Japanese Garden Shawl as one of my giveaways. Thanks!

  20. Librariann says:

    The author of this book has also done Knitivity, a knitted nativity set. One of the scientists at work is working her way through it for next Christmas, and it gave me great joy to ask her how the Baby Jesus was, and whether the Virgin Mary was going to have legs (there are two versions).

  21. I have this book and it is absolutely a pure delight……….and the corgis are too utterly cute……this is one talented lady………who could resist this?…………no one!!

  22. AnneCameron says:

    Had me at the knitted pocketbook the Queen is carrying…

  23. Have you seen the YouTube video?
    Beth´s last blog post ..Theres a rainbow over the island!

  24. The corgis are cute and probably the only reason I would have to get this book. I love dogs way more than any royal family!