My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Simply Put

First of all, the Antimacassar Shawl pattern is now available for sale in my Ravelry shop.

And speaking of patterns, my free Victorian Neck Cozy pattern has an addition — the charts have been written out line by line and that information has been added to the pattern, which is available here (pdf link). Many thanks to Andrea Shields (andrealmt on Ravelry) for her line by line translation.

On to the knitting at hand, here it is so far:

This is another shawl knit from the bottom up, and it is a simple all-over lace pattern. I cast it on last Thursday night so I’d have something mindless to work on over the weekend when I’d be in the company of other people for most of the time. Of course, I did very little knitting on stuff outside of the classes I was teaching, which is always the case when I’m doing a knitting event. But I did work on it a little.

I have it in mind to write the pattern up in quite a bit of detail, and include line by line written out instructions for the charted bits. This will make it a reasonably good choice as a first project for someone who is new to lace.

My shawl is being knit from my beloved Alchemy Juniper (same yarn I used to make the Japanese Garden Shawl) and I am using the Rain Forest colorway. Because the shawl consists of one lace motif worked over and over, the pattern stands up to a more variegated colorway.

I have my stitches on a 24″ Signature Needle Arts stiletto point needle.

I had these lovely needles in the 32″ length only, but for the past few shawls, I’ve been transferring my stitches to a 24″ Addi Lace needle at the halfway point. I find it easier to manipulate the fewer stitches on a shorter needle (duh). So at the end of last week I ordered a U.S. size 5 24-incher from Signature Needle Arts so I don’t have to switch from the Rolls Royce of needles down to the BMW of needles. 😉

Meanwhile, Lucy is exhausted at the thought of my writing out this shawl pattern out line by line.


  1. I want those needles in every single size and length.

  2. I too, would like some of those needles. However, I’d like this pattern even more as I want to learn how to do a lace shawl. I bought a few patterns that are not quite basic enough for my first one, so this sounds perfect. Thanks for promising to write it in great detail. When it’s ready, I’ll buy it!

  3. Awwwww…only from Rolls Royce to the BMW….

    🙂 I want some Signatures but I’m holding out til I get my credit card paid OFF

  4. Yes, yes. Please put the charts in words, too. I’m still trying to figure those charts out, and I’ve been knitting for a few years now. Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous color…and those Signatures are smooooth!
    Cindy K´s last blog post ..Mailbox Marvels!

  6. I really like the green in the new shawl. It is exquisite. I am a green lover, what can I say.
    I would love to try the Signature needles have heard nothing but good things about them.

  7. im just lori says:

    I’m debating getting some Signatures in shawl sizes–and you’re not helping my wallet win the debate. 😉

  8. I always wonder what other people think of different needles. I love the greens you are using lately so spring like.

  9. What Leslie said!! Plus, the antimacassar came out really nice! I used to have a set of crochet antimacassars, 1 large one for the back the chair and 2 small ones for the arms. Someone in the family (a great aunt, perhaps?) made them.

  10. I tried the Signatures out at Stitches East last Fall and, of course, they were spectacular. However, I just couldn’t make myself pull plastic when push came to shove. I had to return the Addi lace points because of an issue with the metal they were using so I’m using about the least expensive circulars available – Knit Picks. Good points, soft cable, join is not the best but not too bad either, and the price sure is great. I wish someone would leave me just one Signature circular in their will. Not that I wish anyone dead, mind!

  11. Your shawls keep making me drool…. lovin’ them! Your Japanese Garden will be my firsst ever shawl! I am loving it and only on row 14 Chart A!!
    Thank You! for the beautiful patterns!

  12. This is a gorgeous shawl & can’t wait to see the pattern! I’m enjoying charts but I have to say that seeing them written out for a relatively new lace knitter would be great – almost a double check when using the chart.

    I’m ordering some Alchemy Juniper tomorrow – it’s some purty purty yarn 🙂

  13. you DO know they just release US8’s, dontcha?? ;o)
    margaret´s last blog post ..Stranger in a Strange Land

  14. Courtney says:

    Gosh — I thought that was Lucy jumping with joy re the new shawl pattern . . . .

  15. I love my Signature dpns, but I was at an event and lost one of them! It’s completely bummed me out. I need to figure out how expensive it would be to replace them, and then carefully not buy another set of needles while I am at it.

  16. I have two sets of Signature dpns which were given to me by family members for Christmas. We draw names and the $$ amount for the gift is just around the amount for a nice set of SA dpns – which makes me a very happy happy girl at Christmas. My only task is to decide what size to request! The problem now is all those circs — I am still using my addis, so not too bad a choice, but oh oh the SAs do look nice 🙂

  17. I bought my first Signature circs in a size 7 a few weeks ago and had a hard time deciding between the 24″ and 32″ length. In the end I went with the 32″ as I thought they would be more versatile. Now I want some in 5’s and 6’s! It’s a slippery slope…
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Blooms in Violet Sweater Bag

  18. I have been looking and looking, trying to find a link to comment on your Lace Antimacassar post but can’t. There is no “x comments” link next to it on your blog front page and nowhere within the post itself that I can see to click to comment.

    Anyway, just to say that I found quite a few links for ‘lace antimacassar’ on google, including a couple of expired antique lace antimacassar ebay listings with photos.
    NatalieF´s last blog post ..My tweets

  19. I splurged on a Signature circular needle when they first came out. The join on one end is so bad that it kept shredding my yarn. Because I had not used it before the “return by” date, I’m outta luck in getting my $$ back. Not happy.

  20. Love the Rolls Royce/BMW analogy. I love both of those needles. Wicked hard choice, I suppose 😉

    And I’m with Lucy about writing out the instructions line by line. But I know some folks will be very appreciative!

  21. Hi Wendy, looks like that will be another beautiful shawl! I’m eager to see how the variegated yarn turns out. Just wanted to invite you to check my latest post. I’ve finally posted photos (not great ones) of our kitties. Have a great weekend! Bess

  22. Louise in Maryland says:

    I’m knitting on a circular shawl that I started on Signature DPN’s, then moved to an Adi Lace needle until it was big enough to go onto my 32″ Signature circular. The Adi’s are nice, but the Signature’s are nicer. And I don’t take the DPNs off my own property – those and my silver Celtic Swan forge are at home only. Too precious to risk losing, slick and heavy enough to get away, and too pointy to be comfortable just stuffing in my bag to pull out waiting to pick up a child or in line at the grocer. That’s what Brittany birch and Pony Pearls are for.

  23. This shawl looks difficult to do, but very elegant.

  24. I am looking forward to your new lace book!

  25. Glirastes says:

    I have never left a comment before, but I wanted to buy your Japanese Garden Shawl because it was such a good idea to donate all that money to help with the tsunami/quake damage. I was so impressed with your efforts that i also went out to my local bookstore and bought your book, “Socks from the toe up.”