My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knits That Fit

I have here a review copy of Knits that Fit: Instructions, Patterns, and Tips for Getting the Right Fit edited by Potter Craft. This 144-page book is due to be released a week from today, on April 26.

This is a combination of a collection of tips and tutorials for fitting hand knits as well as 23 patterns from such designers as Lily Chin, Annie Modesitt, Berta Karapetyan, and Sally Melville.

The first chapter is all about fit and includes a lot of great information on customizing patterns, measuring for a perfect fit, the different sweater shapes, and other tips for achieving a good fit. These sections are written by Sally Melville, Amy R. Singer, and Jillian Moreno. Chapters Two, Three, and Four contain patterns — for pullovers, cardigans and cover-ups, and short-sleeve and sleeveless sweaters, respectively. All of these designs have lovely details that help ensure a great fit. A few of my favorites:

The “Corded Sweater” by Berta Karapetyan has lovely waist shaping and cable detailing.

And the ” Sea Shell Cardi,” also by Berta Karapetyan, is a masterpiece of shaping.

Mary Weaver’s “Audrey Pullover” has a classic shape achieved with darts.

In the back of the book it states that portions of the work were originally published in other books — Big Girl Knits and More Big Girl Knits both by Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer, Knits Three Ways by Melissa Matthay, Mother-Daughter Knits by Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter, Romantic Hand Knits by Annie Modesitt, and Runway Knits by Berta Karapetyan. This is a great compilation of the best of those volumes.

I have most of these other books, so I am giving away this copy of Knits that Fit. Who would like it?

To be entered in the drawing to receive this book, leave a comment to this blog post by 11:00am Eastern Time this Sunday, April 24, 2011. At that time I’ll draw a name at random from the comments posted.

My Current WIP

My current work in progress is, shockingly, another shawl knit from the bottom up, but this one is a little different from the last few I’ve done.

I am using laceweight instead of fingering weight, and using a smaller needle — a U.S. size 3 (3.25mm). Here it is:

This is Dragonfly Fibers Squishy Lace (100% merino wool, 870 yards per 4 ounce skein) in the Villainess colorway. Love the name of the colorway!

Lucy is resting up because she knows at some point in the near future more shawl-blocking will ensue!



  1. The shaping and technique used for the arms on that sea shell cardigan are awesome!! <3
    lemonhalf´s last blog post ..dragon gloves

  2. Your shawl is lovely and I would love the book.
    Laura´s last blog post ..Today’s Picture

  3. Nifty book – I want it! The color of that yarn is amazing!

  4. Irene O'Neil says:

    All of those sweaters look so beautiful. And your newest shawl is certain to be gorgeous. You make it look so easy to make shawls..still struggling with my first (too impatient to start with an easy one LOL)

  5. The corded sweater looks very interesting & is worth adding to my endless queue. I’d love a copy of the book!

  6. Helena Moss says:

    I have just added this book – along with “Wendy Knits Lace” to my Amazon wish list!! Serendipidity? lol

  7. Oh, that book looks great! I would love to win a copy –

  8. philhellene says:

    Yes please!

  9. I’d love to have that book!

  10. Tracey Carsto says:

    I love your shawls and your socks. I’d love winning the book too. 🙂

  11. I think that book looks amazing. I too, have added the lace book to my wish list. The JGS made me happy while knitting. It was almost sad when I finished it.

  12. I would love this book. I have borrowed Big Girl Knits from the library, but I had lost a ton of weight at the time and strangely enough would have needed to downsize all of the patterns! It would be lovely to have a copy of my own.

  13. I don’t have any of the other books so would love this compilation. Thanks so much for offering it to a lucky reader.

  14. Any book that would help me make better fitting sweaters–and guidance from these experts–would be welcome!

  15. Such a necessary book for anyone”s collection! Maybe Mine!!!??

  16. Stacy and the rugrats says:


  17. Alicia Howard says:

    I really want to learn these techniques! If I don’t win, I’ll certainly check out the book!

  18. BlackMagicMuffin says:

    The book sounds like it would be incredibly helpful, I think it’s going to make it onto my Amazon wishlist.

  19. Book sounds interesting. Anything on fitting always does. Love the color of the new shawl, as well as the name of the color.

  20. I’m just starting to get brave enough to knit clothes. I made a really boxy sweater for my brother. I want to make something fitted for myself. This book would be fantastic!
    Anna´s last blog post ..Exercise and cookies!

  21. Thank you for another giveaway! I could certainly use a book like that. Your WIP is pretty!
    biomaj5´s last blog post ..Holy overdue update post- batman!

  22. oooo — that book looks nice and I would love it if you chose me. We’ll see 🙂

    Please make sure Lucy gets some added protein for all that heavy lace blocking work she’ll be doing…

  23. I would love to have this book. I am a little wary of trying to make modifications to a pattern, and because I am tall, they are frequently needed if there is waist shaping, etc. I think this would help tremendously!

  24. Jo morgan says:

    You must have just done this post because there are usually hundreds of comments when you have a drawing. Of course, I want in! Thanks, Jo

  25. HeatherB says:

    Please include me in the drawing for the book!
    Also, about the bottom up shawls…I’m guessing you know how many stitches to cast on based on your experience with bottom up shawls and how wide and long you want the finished product to be. I’ve only ever done top down and they start out going fast and of course, end up taking forever to do one row as you get to the bottom. Do you find that knitting bottom up shawls goes faster (or does it just seem to as the rows get shorter)? Are there any drawbacks/advantages to knitting a bottom up shawl vs. top down?

  26. I need this book so I can get a sweater that doesn’t have me look like Brunhilda(too loose) or Anna Nicole(too tight).

  27. Looks like a great book! Thanks for the contest.
    Ruth´s last blog post ..I enjoyed this so much- I had to repost it

  28. Shannon O. says:

    I would really love to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I love love love the colorway on the new shawl!
    Wouldn’t mind winning the book either 😉

  30. I love that color. And I want the book please.

  31. I ♥ the colorway of your new shawl!

  32. helene harris says:

    thaks for the chance to win the book. The new colorway is amazing. I’m interested in seeing the finished product from smaller needles (?) than i’ve usually seen you use.
    best wishes – helene

  33. Lynne S. says:

    Hi Wendy, Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the book!

  34. throw that book my way!


  35. Wendy: looks like a great book – would love to win. So glad to hear you’re coming out with a book of shawl patterns and can hardly wait to see your newest creation. I also downloaded several shawls during your April anniversary sale. Thanks again, Marla

  36. ciuccmama says:

    I would love, love, LOVE that book! I have a very hard figure to fit (think rectangle with a large chest) and am always disappointed that I spend so much time knitting a sweater just to not have it fit!

  37. The book would be an excellent way to pass the time until your book is available!

  38. Kathy Bloomberg-Rissman says:

    Lucy sez pick her! And Lucy must be obeyed. The book is mine hehehehe

  39. Count me in!

  40. I would love a copy of the book! The Sea Shell Cardi is gorgeous.
    Lynn Z´s last blog post ..Today was a good day

  41. Ooo, that book is on my wish list! (As is your upcoming one, of course!)

  42. All of the patterns look wonderful! Lucy certainly is getting her blocking skills put to the test- the new shawl looks lovely

  43. As others have said, that is the most amazingly wonderful shade of green! (And the colorway name ain’t bad!)
    aliceq´s last blog post ..A rare finished object post

  44. Sherry Coleman says:

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. I really need that book. All of the sweaters I have knit look like boxes and seem to be about 4 sizes too big. I wear them anyway, but it would be nice to know where I went wrong and be able to fix it. Great shawls, by the way. Love shawls knit from the bottom up.

  46. I’m in dire need of some new sweater patterns or ideas, so count me in. Do you find it more difficult to cast on all the stitches for a bottom up shawl or bind off an equal number of stitches for a top down one? All the ones I’ve dared make so far are top down.
    PlainJane´s last blog post ..Two Months Later Give Or Take A Week Or Two

  47. ME ME ME!! I would love this book. My body is a nightmare of hard-to-fit, exaggerated hourglass-ness. I need all the help I can get.

  48. I would take very good care of that book. Thank ewe for donating to help those in need in such a beautiful way.

  49. Gorgeous sweaters! I love Audrey. And my Eddie-kat wishes to tell Lucy that he secretly worships her beauty, but alas, he is too shy to say so himself.

  50. Ruth Porter says:

    Ready to make my first shawl; haven’t made a sweater. The book would be just the thing to start me off. Hugs to Lucy.

  51. I would love to have the help that this book would provide!

  52. That seashell cardi is to die for.

  53. Pick me!! Pick me!! Looks like a great book and the patterns look lovely – good luck to all!
    Kathryn´s last blog post ..A Cut-A-Thon to forget fund raiser for the Parkinson Society

  54. That looks like a great book! Thanks for offering it!

  55. Sunday, April 24, 2011 is my birthday, just sayin 🙂

  56. You amaze me! I finally finished a lace shawl (rectangle) that took me two years of off and on knitting. (and I’m a fast knitter!!)

  57. Would love the book. Perfect slightly late b’day present…

  58. Me, please! That book looks super useful and I *don’t* own most of the ones that sections are from. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. I’d love a chance to win the book!

  60. You’re shawl is so pretty! And I’d love that book.

  61. What a great book to have on hand. I enjoy knitting sweaters, especially when they fit!

  62. Nancy Jo C says:

    The book looks very interesting! The picture of your green shawl looks like a bat with its wings spread. You are just wearing out poor little Lucy! That’s such hard work, blocking for you. 🙂

  63. Henrycat says:

    Would love to win this book! The seashell cardi looks amazing, and having lost some weight (as you did, with clean eating) I am much more conscious of proper fit.

    Love the new shawl and the colorway – what a perfect name. 🙂

  64. Looks like a great book, I’d love a chance to read it!

  65. Comment for book drawing – Keeping my fingers crossed! Would love this book!

    Comment to be funny – How does Teddy feel about all of the recent lace work? Is he worried about his modeling career? Does he know that his fans miss him?

  66. I recognize that sweater on the cover as one I’ve liked in a Sally Melville book, I think; now it makes sense.

    By the way–I recommended your new set of shawl patterns to the Yarn Harlot on her blog b/c she was searching for bottom-up shawls for handspun yarn. I instantly thought of your latest designs.

  67. I’d love to win that book! Beautiful color on that shawl-to-be.

  68. Hi Wendy,
    Please add my name to your growing list for the drawing for Knits that Fit. I really love the Sea Shell Cardi. Hope all is well.

  69. Love the color of the new shawl!

  70. Beth Gray says:

    Oooohhh, just in time to help with the shaping of my first sweater!

  71. Sounds like a great book, I have taken classes with Lily and Anne and they are fabulous teachers.

  72. Sounds like a good book to have, I would love to win it!

  73. Please enter me in the drawing. I would love to win that book!

    Thank you.

  74. Wow! I love the pictures you posted from the book, looks like one I’ll have to buy if I don’t win 😉

  75. Michelle says:

    That looks like a great book. Thanks so much!

  76. What a great book! I would love to add it to my library.
    Jen´s last blog post ..American Girl Kanani doll giveaway

  77. Sounds like a fantastic book. I would love to win a copy.
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Log Cabin for Adam

  78. I think I really need this book — I’m terrible at making sweaters that fit. Thanks for the chance!

  79. I can never make a sweater that fits right. I’d love to win a copy of this book!

  80. I just finished my first sweater and would LOVE this book! Thank you for your generosity!

  81. Please, please, please, please, please! I would love this book.

  82. I am not quite tall, not quite plus, not quite either. And VERY hard to fit. If I don’t win that book I plan to buy it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Looks like a great book. I would love it!

  84. I have been granted a reprieve: I am expecting my first grandchild so things are bound to fit her . Obviously, I need that book……………love the shawls!

  85. I would like to have a book about making things that I knit fit properly

  86. I’m only on my first sweater, but I’d so love to make things that would fit!

  87. adamboysmom says:

    I’d like to Knit to Fit please!

  88. Marty L. Smith says:

    Yes please add my name I would love to win the book

  89. Your shawls are always beautiful. I suffer from fit-phobia — I’m never sure if something will fit or what it do if it doesn’t, so I’d be a perfect candidate for the book.

  90. It would be fitting if i won.

  91. Awesome book!!! Would love it 🙂

  92. I would love to have this book. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  93. That book looks fun! I always end up wanting more shaping/waist definition.

  94. Yes please, I would love a copy of this! I’m *just* venturing into sweaters, and it’s a very different ballgame from gauge/schmage shawls & scarves.

    Love seeing the Japanese Garden Shawl donations numbers continuing to go up. 🙂

  95. Yes – please do put me in the drawing!
    Dorothy´s last blog post ..Happy Ending

  96. Love the colour of your new shawl, and the book looks fantastic; would love to be in the drawing for it.

  97. Your new shawl looks lovely, and the book looks great!

  98. would love to win
    southparknitter´s last blog post ..Double Double Dressin’ Trouble

  99. This book sounds like something I need! I would LOVE to win it, but if I don’t thanks for letting me know about it, so I can look for it.

  100. Love, love, love that seashell cardi!
    BTW, how’s the Clean Eating thing going?