My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Boring Bit

I am at the boring bit of my current shawl in progress — see?

It’s almost all plain stockinette from this point forward. I did, however, place an extra yarn over and decrease at the edges and on either side of the center back to add a little interest.

Because the gauge of this shawl is finer than the last few I’ve done, it’s taking me longer to knit. This shawl is being knit to a pre-blocked gauge of about 6.5 stitches to the inch (my fingering weight shawls are 5 stitches to the inch).

Still, because the colorway of this yarn is so pretty, I’m not minding so much knitting the boring bit.


Since the knitting is boring right now, I thought I’d answer a few questions.

Georg asked: “Do you ever bead your shawls?”

I have knit beaded shawls in the past, but I have never added beads to one of my own designs. I’m not fond of beaded knits, so have not been particularly moved to do so.

PomMom21 said: I esp like the shawl you completed Friday–how do we get the pattern?

Thanks! That would be the Delightfully Simple Shawl. 🙂

The pattern will be available in a couple of weeks in my Ravelry store. This one is taking longer than most, because I have two knitters test-knitting it from the written-out line-by-line instructions. (The pattern will be both charted and written out line-by-line to encourage chart and lace newbies to give it a try.) Because it is so easy to let errors creep into line-by-line instructions, I’m taking an extra step in the pattern testing process to try to make the pattern as error and frustration free as possible. But I’ll let y’all know when it is ready.

Phyllis asked: Will you be doings a KAL again on Raverly again any time soon?

I hadn’t thought about it — anyone have any fun ideas for a KAL?

And a question I get over and over — what do I do with all the shawls that I knit?

A bunch of things. I always keep 2 or 3 shawls at my office because the temperature there fluctuates wildly, no matter the time of year. I also keep family and friends outfitted in shawls. One recent shawl (the Island Time Shawl) I designed specifically for someone with a serious illness who is facing a long stay in hospital and rehab facility.

So there you have it. 🙂

Speaking of Patterns

As of this morning, the total donated from sale of the Japanese Garden Shawl is $5678.40! Remember, all proceeds from the sale of this pattern through April 30, 2011 will be donated to the Red Cross, so you still have a bit over a week to purchase it and make a donation.

Also remember my Blog-i-versary sale (all patterns in my Ravelry store with the exception of the Japanese Garden Shawl) are 25%) is going on through the end of April, so you’ve got a bit over a week to buy patterns on sale.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering . . .

Yes, I will be having fish sticks and custard for dinner Saturday night. 😉

Lucy Sez:

I’m exhausted after reading this long-winded blog post.”


  1. CatBookMom says:

    Hurray! only 2 more days until new Who-vian goodness.

    You are so generous, in what you bring to the knitting community and in what you’re giving to the relief efforts in Japan.

  2. Susan (LotusHips) says:

    That book looks awesome! Put my name in the pot, please 🙂

  3. I’m so looking forward to the Doctor also… this is the first Dr Who I’ve watched, and I am so hooked!

  4. I agree with you about beads in knitting and much prefer items without them

    Hmm, I don’t know anything about Dr Who but maybe I should. Enjoy (your fish sticks too).

  5. I love the color of this shawl
    Ida´s last blog post ..So- Am I Typical 2KCBWDAY7

  6. Can a person ever have too many shawls? I think not!
    Susan´s last blog post ..Twiddling my Thumbs with Barbra Streisand

  7. I love a fellow Doctor Who nerd. If you ever answer questions again answer this …. How do you feel about Matt Smith as the Doctor?
    Katie´s last blog post ..Website up!

  8. Stacy and the rugrats says:

    Have some fish and custard for us too! We don’t have cable so will be waiting anxiously for iTunes to release it.

  9. Love the green in the shawl. How about donations to a local hospital for mothers who will never take their babies home or cancer support groups for members to wrap in while going through chemo treatments – which can take a few hours at a time.
    GailR´s last blog post ..One Down- One to Go

  10. Just have to say again I looooves the color of your new shawl. I think it’s lovely you find uses for all your shawls and willing receipents my family would look at me like I’m crazy.

  11. Your shawls in the office is the reason why I either have a sweatshirt or cardigans in mine. Even in winter it sometimes feels like the insides of buildings are air conditioned!

  12. Fish fingers! “You’re Scottish–fry something!”

    The shawl-in-progress is so lovely. I am indeed reaching a critical mass of triangular shawls, and for some reason my husband doesn’t like it when I drape them over the dining room chairs. But…but…they’re like doilies!!

  13. Phyllis D. Wright says:

    I know it’s an older pattern but the Order to Chaos shawl looks interesting. I purchased it this week and will start it tonight in a blue I purchased a couple of years age. I plan to knit it first in a cotton blend first and again in a wool blend; But would be happy to knit any of your shawls. I’m on the waiting list for your “Wendy Knits Lace” book and maybe we could do a knit along from one of the project in it?

  14. Fish fingers and custard!!! I’m glad to know I will be in the best of company. 😉
    I can’t wait to finalize the list of patterns I, um, need. My collection needs some beefening up.

  15. Hooray for Dr. Who!! Glad to know I’m in good company as I wait for the new season!!

  16. Wendy. I have to tell you that my favorite part of your blog are the photos and comments from Lucy. Too cute and she has quite the sense of humor.

  17. This is a gorgeous colour! I love the way your shawl is coming along.
    Isabelle´s last blog post ..Back to Sewing – a little dress for work

  18. We toast to your fish sticks and custard! Wasn’t it an awesome episode?! Who Rocks!

  19. Love to discover that you are a Doctor Who fan.

    Also liking your knitting Sorry it’s being a bit boring,