My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Under the Radar

While you weren’t looking, I sneaked in another shawl, started on Friday night and completed Monday night. Here it is in its unblocked state, measuring 50″ across the top and 23″ down the center back.

And blocked:

Blocked it measures 70″ across the top and 33″ down the center back.

This is another of my own designs, part of my Spring Frenzy of Shawls, called Shetland Border Shawl. I’m not sure why I completed this one so quickly — I think it is a combination of enjoying the pattern and loving the yarn.

The yarn is Catskill Merino Sheep Farm’s Undyed Saxon Merino Lace Weight. I really really love this yarn. While called lace weight, it looks more like a fingering weight to me — it has 260 yards per 2 ounce skein. I used about 600 yards for this design.

This is not a superwash wool, but a very very soft minimally processed merino. I can’t say enough nice things about it — soft, sproingy, and simply a joy to knit. The yarn was very uniform with no slubs or irregularities and I encountered no knots or other problems in the skeins I used.

Meanwhile, Lucy is exhausted from playing with her little plastic tear strip.

That on top of helping me block my shawl was clearly too much for her.


  1. We clearly need to report you to the kitty protection people! Such a schedule is just plain cruel, lol.

    Lovely shawl! Such creative energy!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Blue Owls Sweater Bag

  2. This shawl is a true beauty!

  3. GORGEOUS, as usual!

  4. Do you not sleep? How in the world could you crank out something so lovely so quickly?
    Susan´s last blog post ..You Can Blame Costco

  5. I didn’t even have my head turned for all that long…how do you manage this? You must have a clone!

  6. Absolutely love this shawl! Perfect combination of pattern and yarn!

  7. Good heavens, when do you eat and sleep?? Very pretty!

  8. Is this one also from the bottom up? I am 1/2 done with the Japanese Garden Shawl and love the construction. I really like both this one and the last one. Will you have patterns soon?

  9. May I ask? What size needles did you use on this shawl? I am very tempted to order that yarn!!

  10. Sandra D says:

    LOVE this! Love, it, love it.

  11. Barb Harger says:

    Echo…very nice! And, when do you have time to do all these shawls?? Does Lucy knit, too? LOL She looks lovely in all her tiredness. Great job on the fundraising!! I have shared your info. with friends so they can help, too, if they want!

  12. LOVE the new shawl–so elegant!

  13. Wow, that’s pretty!

  14. Good grief! You can design and knit a shawl in the time it takes me to wind the skein and cast on! I like Barb’s suggestion that perhaps Lucy knits, too – that would explain how exhausted she is! (And the new shawl is lovely.)
    janna´s last blog post ..Ubiquitins and a little knitting

  15. Your speed amazes me. I can’t seem to get anything off of the needles these days unless it gets frogged. Beautiful shawl though.
    biomaj5´s last blog post ..Holy overdue update post- batman!

  16. Wanda Rosenbarger says:

    This may be my favorite one yet. But, I always say that after you show us a new shawl. How do you do it????

  17. Oh, I LOVE this shawl! Don’t know how you come up with them so quickly Wendy. The yarn looks delightful too.
    Jane/WTKnits´s last blog post ..Birthday Stash

  18. Marylyn Sidle says:

    Really like this new shawl. How DO you DO it? I’m beginning to think you may be using a knitting machine!

  19. OMG!!! That is absolutely gorgeous! I soooooooo love that pattern!

  20. Isabelle says:

    The shawls in your Spring Frenzy are all amazing, but this may just be my favorite yet. Beautiful! Scritches to Lucy. 🙂

  21. Sandy officer says:

    You must never sleep! All your shawls are lovely! I don’t know which one to make first!

  22. How do you do this so quickly? These shawls are so beautiful. cd

  23. Gail Rector says:

    So….. is there going to be a “Spring Frenzy” book? Because I want them all! I think I see rose buds in this one!

  24. OK. This one is best! The tiny field pattern sets off the larger border patten just right. Poor Lucy is exhausted because she does all the counting for you when you design, right?

  25. RustyBird says:

    Beautiful shawl! My kitties love those plastic rings from milk jugs too.

  26. So very pretty!

  27. Wendy it looks like tulips. Lovely!
    Analisa´s last blog post ..A little taste of Spring

  28. Absolutely beautiful! When and where might I be able to find the pattern for this one?

  29. Beautiful shawl. But I’ve got a problem in that I was thinking about shawls as xmas presents for sister-in-law and niece – but I’m not sure they will ever block them properly after they get them. Thoughts? Skip the shawls? Plain scarves?

  30. Celestine says:

    WOW! I wish I could knit that quickly. How many hours a day do you get to knit?
    I have most of your shawl patterns and will have to get this one too…It is beautiful….as usual…

  31. Frenzy and prolific is right! Love your new pattern and the natural color is endearing, especially knowing it is soft. You go girl!

  32. Oh, I like it very much. Especially the borders diamonds. I have been watching your shawls with much pleasure, and I’m thinking this might be the one I have to make.

  33. UNBELIEVABLE and beautiful. Do you ever sleep?

  34. That’s a real beauty! I love it.
    Pixiewear´s last blog post ..Hello!

  35. Robin F. says:

    Love this new pattern. Will look for this yarn too.

  36. Robin F. says:

    Love this new pattern. will look for the yarn.

  37. Dang! I would have no worries about finishing all of the knits I’ve currently got on the needles (though I’m really only working on one) and the two shawls I want to design for my MIL and SIL.

  38. umm, if I were as fast as you (I can complete a thought in my head!).

  39. This is my favorite of the shawls you’ve made lately. Absolutely gorgeous. You completely blow my mind with how quickly you manage to come up with the design and get the knitting done and blocked!

  40. wow you are absolutely amazing I have so much trouble with lace that it takes forever to finish a row. I’m just stunned.

  41. Nancy in CA says:

    Oh, this is sooo lovely. Must jump to top of queue, I’m thinking.

  42. I also love this shawl–it’s beautiful. And I believe you’ve now completed three shawls, or maybe four, in the same amount of time it’s taken me to knit one half of one sleeve for a sweater. You are speedy!

  43. That shawl is beautiful! how many can you knit in a week?
    I hope I can figure out one of those patterns….. I’ll get back to you on that.

  44. Love this shawl – I think it’s my favourite one yet!
    (I do feel compelled to say that you make me feel like complete under-achieving slug – but I’m a big fan, anyhow :o) )

  45. Regina O says:

    I can see why Lucy is tired, she is watching you knit like a mad person. How do you do it so fast? you are a genius.

  46. I didn’t go back and count, but is that about 25 shawls in about 30 days? And all of them are calling my name.

  47. I love this shawl, too. I think the creamy yarn gives it a quiet elegance. Very pretty pattern.

  48. You have made me a shawl FANatic, currently vernal equinox is WIP and someone is waiting for its completion. Japanese Garden is next (for me he he), then this new masterpiece will be added to the list. Love how the yardage for each is about the same so if I am increasing my stash for no panned WIP I can always fall back to one of your gorgeous shawls. Thanks again for taking us in a new direction just loving it.

  49. Lucy shows exquisite taste!
    Leslie´s last blog post ..Eating Austin- Not-so-vegan

  50. Martha S says:

    Seriously. . . when can we buy the pattern, not that I have any time left. . . . so many WIP’s (designed by YOU) on the needles now!! 😀