My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Summer Mystery Shawlette First Chart

Alrighty — do you have your stitches cast on and your two set-up rows done? If you don’t, no worries — it won’t take you long to get that done. My last blog entry had the information for getting started, plus the link to the pdf document with the preliminary information.

ETA: Okay guys, I’m an idiot — the preliminary info was wrong — it should have been cast on 241 (don’t know how this got past both me and my tech editor). My deepest apologies!

So you don’t have to rip out your cast-on, on the first chart row, for the first and last chart stitch, simply k1 rather than do the decrease — so you would start the chart “k1, yo, ssk” and then work to the end of the chart. Then on the second side of the chart, end it “k2tog, yo, k1.” Make sense?

I’m correcting the preliminary info document to make it read cast on 241.

Now here is Part One of the pattern (in pdf format). This part has the first chart, which consists of 12 rows, and these 12 rows also written out line-by-line. Have fun! 😀

For those of you enlarging your shawl (by adding an extra 48 stitches), you will work each 12-stitch pattern repeat two more times (24 stitches) on each side of your shawl.

I encourage you (especially those of you new to lace) to place a stitch marker in-between each repeat of the pattern — it’ll make it much easier to keep track of where you are.

In the Ravelry discussion thread for this project I note a lot of talk about achieving gauge. Don’t be too concerned with this. The goal is to use a needle size a couple or few sizes larger than you would normally use with your yarn so that you get a nice loose fabric that will block out well and make the lace pattern really pop.

The next piece of the mystery will be posted in my blog on Sunday, May 22 at approximately 11:00am EDT. But be sure to stop by on Thursday the 19th, because I’ll have a giveaway for you.


I finished my circular shawl on Sunday. I’m calling the design “Tidepool” because that’s what it reminds me of.

I used Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in the Surf colorway. It took 3 full skeins plus a bit of a 4th skein, so I’m estimating 1400 yards total (being a bit generous with the yardage).

Unblocked, this baby was about 42″ in diameter. After I steam-blocked it, it grew to about 60″ in diameter.

I steam-blocked it instead of wet blocking for a couple of reasons. One, because I think I would have had to move furniture to get enough floor space for blocking. Two, I don’t think my back was up for it!

Pattern coming soon.

Lucy is all a-quiver with anticipation.


  1. Oh boy! Can’t wait to jump into the clue. And that Tidepool is amazingly beautiful!!!!
    Thanks Wendy!

  2. SQUEE! I so excited to start this!!! Off to print out the pattern!

    Tidepool is beautiful!!
    MIchelle B´s last blog post ..Sew Obsessed

  3. Wendy, thank you for this KAL. I love your designs and Tidepool is outstanding.

  4. Your tidepool is beautiful! I’m printing out the first part now I’m still trying to decide which yarn to use, but I am looking forward to getting started!

  5. You are my idol…you already knew that though, didn’t you?
    Lynda´s last blog post ..WOW!!!

  6. Tidepool is gorgeous. Can’t wait to start. Must head back to the polls — Primary Election Day in PA — but will knit tonight while waiting for returns. Of all the shawlettes I have knit, I always started with a few stitches and ended up with the largest amount. This will be a nice change. Thanks!

  7. Awesome. I love Tidepool. It was definitely not apparent from how it was on the needles that you had more than one pattern going on in there!

  8. Tidepool is very lovely!
    Oh boy, excited to shart chart 1 🙂

  9. Oh no! I can’t open the .pdf of the pattern! I could get the first part on Sunday, but not this part!

  10. that shawl is gorgeous!

  11. Very excited about the KAL, I love the shawl. Will be looking for that when it comes out, might be perfect for some Wollmeise fingering I have been sitting on.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous – Tidepool – Love the name and the color. Off to get the first chart of the Mystery Shawlette and knit, knit, knit! Thank you

  13. Finished Japanese Garden last night so freed the needle for this mystery shawlette — QUESTION – what do you use to differentiate your shawls and shawlettes? Now have 2 shawls to block but loved doing them from the bottom up! Your new circular – Tidepool is gorgeous —-

  14. Tidepool is gorgeous! Thanks for this project! Hi Lucy!

  15. Kristine M. says:

    I can’t wait to get started on this next piece of the pattern. It’s nice to have it in parts like this because I can’t get nervous about what’s to come. I only do it one piece at a time. 🙂

  16. Why do you tempt me?! You’re an evil trickster, you know that. I’ve got 3 UFO shawls on the needles and it looks like soon there shall be 4. (Gorgeous shawl! Thanks for letting us play along.)
    Liberty´s last blog post ..Manifesto

  17. Carol the Knitter says:

    I LOVE Tidepool. Can’t wait to get to chart on mystery shawl. Thank you so much, Wendy, for everything you do for us.

  18. Girl, Tidepool is gorgeous!
    Alice in Richmond´s last blog post ..51111

  19. Thank you Wendy for this KAL – you have no idea how much this is helping me cope with a huge stress in my life right now!

    I can’t wait to get the pattern for Tidepool – it’s stunning!!!

  20. Mary G. says:

    I am so glad you figured out a “fix” so that I don’t have to rip out my work from yesterday! And, as an added bonus, there is now already a “mistake” in my shawlette so the pressure to be perfect is off. I’m off to enjoy knitting the first chart.

  21. Carol B says:

    Tidepool is beautiful!

  22. I’m glad you knew we could fix it easily – it’s probably my fault since I’ve never cast on at the beginning of a Mystery Shawl KAL before…LOL I’m eager to proceed with the rest!

    Love the Tidepool shawl – just gorgeous! THANKS!

  23. Wendy, I cannot print your chart. It appears on my screen, but there is no place to click “print”. Please advise. Thanks.

  24. Marsha in CO says:

    That Tidepool looks just wonderful-looking forward to getting the pattern.

  25. Darlene says:

    Wendy, could you please go a little farther along in your explanation of the “fix”. Is every odd row the same as row 1? Is row 1 now k3,*k1,yo,ssk, yo,ssk,k1… and the end of row 1 is k1,k2tog,yo,k2tog, yo, k1,k3? I am confused

  26. I knit the first row of the chart before I read your fix. I added 2 kfb in the last 30 stitches to get the proper stitch count. Will this be Okay or should I start over?P

  27. Woo Hoo!! I felt bad about running behind because I couldn’t do the two knit rows of the set up because I did not have the right size needle and my local yarn shop is closed Sunday through Tuesday so I could not get the needle until tomorrow. But now I am so glad because all I had to do was cast on two more stitches and I am fixed!!! So rarely does a mess up on my end (not having a 29 inch circular) work out in my favor. Doing my little happy dance!!

  28. Hannah- right click, there should be an option to print there, or an option to save.

    Darlene- I am guessing the fix would just be for row 1, since row 1 has 2 fewer stitches than needed, so the fix makes it so the next row has the correct stitch count.

  29. Jenn, THANK YOU so much! It worked. I did the right click and then clicked on print. Thank you!!

  30. I am one of the unlucky ones who realized something was wrong when I got to the end of the first charted row and was missing 3 stitches. And hence my question….why am I missing 3 stitches instead of 2? Shouldn’t we be casting on 242 stitches? I don’t THINK I messed up….Hmmmm….

  31. Simple mistake….sounds like something I do daily…… Glad it is an easy fix. (of course, I did 3 rows instead of two, and ripped back a row last night- it is a wonder that anything I knit comes out right!)

  32. Fix on row 2 or row 3? Thanks!

  33. Or row 1? that would make more sense.

  34. Okay, I’m not sure if I’m a dummy or not, but I double and triple checked to make sure I cast on 241 stitches, but when I get to Row 1 of the chart I’m short 3 stitches (which means I end with the k2tog, yo, k2tog instead of k 3).

    Am I doing something horribly wrong??
    Deinera´s last blog post ..First Monster Finished

  35. The shawl turned out so beautiful and I love the color…very eloquent pattern.

  36. Celestine says:

    I am going to try to knit by using the chart. Chart A does not agree with the written directions as I read. Written directions state to K3 then knit 17, but I do not see K3 on chart. Is the K3 just assumed? I do not think there is an error, just want to understand what I am lookng at. Thanks Wendy for your patience with us chart newbies….

  37. Wendy, I always love to see your work, especially since you have started your latest shawls. Thanks to you, I think I have become mesmerized by lace and am attempting my first with your shawlette. But—Tidepool is amazing: the swirls, the colors, the drama which erupts out of the almost delicate small pattern. Thanks for sharing. Gail
    Gail´s last blog post ..Charted Lace Shawl – First Timer Jinx

  38. GeniaKnitz says:

    I tried to download the preliminary setup, but I keep getting a message that “There is an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.” Anyone have any suggestions? I’m stumped.

  39. Hi Wendy,

    Your “Tidepool” shawl looks amazing, something to aspire to for me.

    Best wishes,

  40. The shawl is lovely, but more important, this is my very favorite picture of Lucy!

  41. I did my caston last night and somehow had 240 stitches – so I can un-decrease the stitch I decreased away, and just be one short. It’ll be fine.
    CarolineF´s last blog post ..Show- no tell

  42. Casted on last night and couldn’t put it down. I made it through row 6 by midnight and finally decided iIbetter get some sleep. So if you haven’t started, you are not behind and easy pattern.

  43. I’m going to start this shawl today. I have never done a mystery project before but I’m excited about getting started.

  44. Gorgeous I can’t wait to see all the finished items. Lucy looks amused:)

  45. Barbara says:

    Tidepool is gorgeous. When you block a lace project knit in sock yarn, do you doing anything differently than when you block an all-wool project? I’m always worried about the nylon component staying blocked.

  46. PoodleYarn says:

    I have never seen a twisted circular construction shawl that I liked before. This is the first, and I love this pattern. Will be purchasing this as soon as it is available!

    Will you comment on Steam blocking, the process, what steamer you use, etc.? I have always wet blocked my lace before, and am curious about the different process.


  47. Sharon Moon says:

    Marker placement, for the newbies, could you do the 1st row inserting the markers.
    knit 3, place marker— then maybe follow it on out. Thanks..

  48. Beth in Maryland says:

    Tidepool is unusually beautiful! thanks, Wendy!

  49. Mary Lou says:

    Phew! I thought it was me…I counted and counted and counted and still wound up short when I got to the end of the first pattern row. So I just made 2 stitches and went with the flow the third time around. I am so ready for the next stage of the KAL. It looks great so far! Thank you.

  50. Rachael Bissell says:

    Ok…I havn’t started yet but am wondering what the actual cast on count is…and if I add the additional 48 stitches to enlarge it will it work with the pattern???? I am notorious for starting and ripping and am trying to avoid this if possible…:) Thanks

  51. susan murphy says:

    I am very excited about my first attempt at lace. Glad there was a fix for the initial cast on…Now, question: What do you mean by using stitch markers to mark the center stitches? I think the edge stitches means after the k3 but I do not understand what you mean by the center stitch”es”. Am all set on marking pattern repeats. Thank you so much! I love this being in parts as it is less frightening and overwhelming for us lace newbies. 🙂

  52. Leslie F says:

    Fudge, she says, the next day after she ended up three stitches short and ripped out the two set up rows and the first row of lace.

    Oh well, she muses, I really wanted to add that extra 48 stitches anyhow!!!

  53. susan murphy says:

    Ok I have checked and rechecked numerous times and my count seems to be off. Work chart A says work the first 17 stitches however there are 16…??? and the remaining 16 but there are 15 on chart. Hopefully the actual chart is correct. I am at the end of row 1 and after doing the final K2tog, yo, k1 (to adjust the 239 caston) I now have 2 stitches remaining and there are 3 to knit. Is it my error or should we have cast on 242??? Just checking. Very possibly I lost a stitch somewhere…

  54. I truly love the “Tidepool” shawl! It reminds me of the swirling pools on some of the calmer areas of the Oregon Coast. You should really get out this way sometime. Probably plenty of interested knitters to hold a class or two in Lincoln City…

  55. Couldn’t resist the urge, cast on last night and am halfway done with clue #1. I have named this Watermelon Lace, the yarn I am using looks like watermelon knit up!
    Jill Schaefer´s last blog post ..Mystery Shawlette

  56. This should be fun and I’m patiently waiting for the next installment. I have one problem though, I have 219 stitches at the end of row 11 instead of the 217 stated. I redid my cast on and started with 241. I work from the written instructions, have placed markers every which way and it came out correctly at the end of every row? Wonder what’s up with that.

  57. MaryHollis says:

    I love reading your emails and the sweet pictures of Lucy-what a lucky kitty. Please put me in the mix for the new book ‘Fifty Sheep, etc.” Thank you.

  58. Elfriede says:

    I will knit the Summer Mystery Shawl and I’m glad that you gave the beautiful pattern to us.
    It will be nice and beautiful like your other patterns 🙂
    I had read: stop by for a giveaway ;-)..
    thank you so much for the pattern 🙂 have succes and love

  59. This is my first foray into not only lace knitting but also a mystery knit a long! So far so good!

  60. This is my first KAL and first work in lace. Holding my own so far!

  61. It isn’t Sunday over here either.
    What a disappointment.
    Oh well…
    BTW, it is Sunday in Japan.

  62. Tempting tempting tempting it is all tempting!! Will not give in! Must get little dress for new niece finished first!!

  63. Lady K Rose says:

    Can’t get Chart A to download. Keep coming up with error messages. I really want to do this shawl and would be terribly disappointed if I couldn’t get the charts. BTW…Chart B loaded just fine.


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