My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Finished Objects

I’ve been enjoying looking at all the FO pix of your Summer Mystery Shawlettes in the FO thread in my Ravelry discussion group. It’s fun to see the different yarns and colors you all have used.

My FO pix . . .

Here it is pre-blocking.

Here it is post-blocking.

I used Madelintosh Tosh Sock in the “Mulled Wine’ colorway for my shawlette.

And guess what? I bound off my Estonian Pi last night.

Unblocked, it measures 50 inches across.

I wet-blocked it today. Here it is pinned out on my living room floor.

It now measures 64 inches across.

Pattern coming soon!

I used Wollmeise Lacegarn in the “Fliederbusch” colorway on a 3.5mm needle. I purchased the yarn from The Loopy Ewe when they had the lace in slightly smaller skeins (a boo-boo from the mill that were sold at lower prices.) My skein, however, weighed 299 grams (I can’t remember how much it was listed as, but it was less) — a full skein of Lacegarn is 300 grams and 1740 yards. I had this much left over after knitting:

It’s probably at least 500 yards. 1740 yards divided by 300 grams is 5.8 yards per gram. Multiply 5.8 times 90 grams and you get 522 yards. Who would like my leftovers? 🙂 There’s enough for a small shawl here.

Leave a comment to this blog post telling me you’d like it by Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 4:00pm EDT and I’ll draw a winner at random from the comments.

Speaking of winners, several of you correctly identified the television show that Lucy was watching in my last blog post as “How I Met Your Mother,” the episode from the first season entitled “Nothing Good Happens After 2:00 A.M.” Although you could only see the very bottom of the tv screen, the hint was the “2 am” showing at the bottom. I sent a coupon code good for some free patterns from my Ravelry store to the first two people who posted the right answer in the comments

Lucy is not sure he is going to watch tv today. She may spend the day napping.

She was, after all, a big help in the blocking of my Estonian Pi.



  1. Me please? That shawl is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and I would love a chance to knit with some luscious Wollmeise

  2. Oh, that is a beautiful purple, and I consider myself quite an expert on purple, so I would have to see it in person, to be certain (hint, hint!).

  3. Wow. The Pi shawl is gorgeous! Such a beautiful color, too. I’ve never used Wollmeise– seems like it’s impossible to find– but the colors are always so lovely!

  4. I would love to try some Wollmeise Lace!
    Steven´s last blog post ..Episode 16 The In-Laws Are Coming

  5. Michelle says:

    that is very beautiful, and love the color also. Your work is amazing.

  6. It’s Purple! Who wouldn’t want it! 😀

    Gorgeous shawls! I am bound and determined to knit at least ONE pi shawl someday!

  7. I am new to the wonderful world of Wollmeise, but I have fallen and fallen hard. I would love to try their lace!

  8. Both shawls are beautiful! I would love a chance to win your leftover yarn!
    Pat´s last blog post ..Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 6-3-11

  9. As always, gorgeous and amazing.
    Lynda´s last blog post ..WOW!!!

  10. I would love to have your leftovers–what a gorgeous color! Thanks!

  11. Such a pretty shade of purple!!!

  12. Kristine M. says:

    I would love to have the leftover WM. I’ve never used it & I think it would be fun for a shawl.

  13. Jeniffer says:

    who wouldn’t want wollmeise, especially after its been molested by you! lol can’t wait for the estonian pi shawl pattern!

  14. I’ll take it off your hands! I’ve wanted to try the lace before investing. Thanks.

  15. Your posts always make me want to try knitting lace! The pictures are just gorgeous. Maybe one day i will take the hurdle 🙂

  16. Love both shaws! And I’ve always wanted to find out how the WM lace knits up too. 🙂

  17. Terry Anderson says:

    I would love to have some of that yarn. I want to knit the mystery shawl again, this time make it a little bigger so it’s more a shawl than a kercheif! LOL

  18. That is a gorgeous colour of Wollmeise! Me please!
    Aberdonian´s last blog post ..Is anyone still out there

  19. Wendy: i love the color and would make definite use of your leftover – beautiful PI shawl. Still working on finishing my Mystery summer shawlette, but love your color. thanks for the give away and KAL.

  20. Ohoh pick me!!!!!!!!!!! I love your shawls. I very slowly working on SMS. I’m doing it in Manos Del Uruguay Serena, Avery nice fingering wt. alpaca/cotton blend. I’m loving it.

  21. I would love to try some Wollmeise! I’ve never been quick enough when the Loopy Ewe puts it up. The color is beautiful.

  22. Can’t wait for the pi shawl pattern! I have some W. lace in the stash that is begging to be used!

  23. Sabrina says:

    I would love to have the leftovers of the Wollmeise! I’ve been wanting to try lace and make a shawl for my daughter’s first prom, but have been broke due to unemployment, then playing catch up with bills. Purple is her favorite color, and the WM is just luscious! 😀

  24. 500 g is enough to make a small shawl – and I know a perfect person to make something for.

    I’d love Wollmeise more if I wasn’t allergic to the wool wash, but I can still gift others with the knitted things. (I only have trouble with the wool wash once the yarn is wet, and yes, I found out the hard way. Those socks were gifted away)

  25. Ooh, I love the motif in the center of your Pi shawl!!! I’d love the leftover laceweight. I’m a Wollmeise virgin, and I love purple.
    Word Lily´s last blog post ..When Sparrows Fall by Meg Moseley

  26. That’s a beautiful hue of purple!

  27. Ooh! Ooh! I’m beggin’ for your leftovers!!! 😉 I would love to try some Wollmeise. Count me in.
    Kristen´s last blog post ..Mechanics of the Raglan Sleeve Topper

  28. Wow – the pi shawl is spectacular!

  29. ChristineB says:

    Oh, the shawl I could knit with your wonderful leftover … Pick me please!
    I guess you know that Fliederbusch means Lilac bush? what a perfect rendering of those lilac shades!

  30. Alejandro Ponce says:

    Me please 🙂

  31. Stacy and the rugrats says:

    I am about to cast on Wray with my Wollmeise Lace-garn in Amethyst! I love it!

  32. I would LOVE yarn in that color. I would use it to make my 2nd lace shawl just as soon as I finish the Summer Mystery Shawlette (my first lace shawl!!). Thanks for the KAL it has kept me from going stir crazy as my broken ankle heals!

  33. Both the Mystery shawl and the Pi are lovely!

    I’m surprised by how much you have leftover. Like the others I’d love to get my hands on it. 😉
    Deinera´s last blog post ..Finishing Projects

  34. The pi shawl is beautiful and I would be happy to take the leftovers off your hands! 😉

  35. I absolutely love your Estonian Pi shawl. It’s gorgeous. My favorite shapes for shawls are round and half round. I’d love to have your left-over yarn.
    Nan´s last blog post ..Lions &amp Tigers &amp Bears- Oh My!

  36. Kathy S says:

    That is a really nice shawl. Random numbers be with me ’cause I’d love a bit of Wollmeise.

  37. linda-kay says:

    I am looking forward to your lace book, after knitting one of your pi shawls, the sideways and the mystery shawl. And thanks for the opportunity to win some wollmeise yarn – the color is so beautiful!

  38. Oh! So lovely! I finally picked the yarn for my Summer (no longer a) Mystery Shawlette. Nothing in my stash called to me and I am making it for a dear friend who needs a knitted hug so I just had to find her color.

  39. A Woolmeise giveaway? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing. I’ve never seen Woolmeise in person and would love to be entered into the drawing.

    Both shawls have turned out lovely. Especially loving the colors.

  40. Your shawls are simply stunning! I hope to have the patience and skill to do one likethat some day! I’d love to try it out on that gorgeous yarn!
    Andi´s last blog post ..Reclaiming- knitting and crocheting – a little bit of everything!

  41. Those shawls are so beautiful!
    Susan´s last blog post ..Taking a Deep Breath

  42. Love both the shawls! They look great after blocking. Would love to get your leftover yarn. But that would mean you would have to send it to The Netherlands. So, for your sake I hope I don’t win.
    Renee Luitjes´s last blog post ..Many needles Too much on them And only one pair of hands

  43. I would love to win your leftovers. I understand Woolmeise is habit-forming!

  44. Oh yum…..leftovers! In my favorite color too! 🙂

  45. So yummy! Yes, please 🙂
    Karen´s last blog post ..Well- Crap

  46. Freya in Californeya says:

    I would love your leftovers!!

  47. I’d love a chance to win your leftover lace yarn…purple is one of my favorite colors!

  48. Colette says:

    I loved knitting the mystery shawl and will do another. I’d love to have the left over purple yarn. I have a friend who’s favorite color is purple….I could knit something for her from it.

  49. Shannon H. says:

    Oooh… Purple Wollmeise! I would love a chance to knit with some! My six year old has been begging me to knit her a shawl, and I think that would be just the right amount for a kid sized shawl.

  50. Robin F. says:

    OMG Wollmeise lace in purple! It screams me!!!

  51. Diana R says:

    Hi Wendy, im binding off my Mystery KAL shawl and its looking great!

    I’ve never had the pleasure of working with Wollmeniese but I hear its top notch stuff. I’d love your leftovers, I’d probably use it to make one of your other shawls, I like the simple yet elegant look of the Lady shawl.

  52. Wow–Wollmeise–I’ve never knit with it, but of course I’d love to.

  53. I’d love that yarn! Purple is my favorite color. The pi shawl is gorgeous!

  54. Virginia says:

    I probably wont win-but would love to have some Wollmeise and its my color

  55. im just lori says:

    Oh My Goodness. and in my colors, too…yes please!

  56. Purple! My favourite. Such yumminess. I have yet to own and play with Wollmeise so I’d love to win. I just finished my mystery shawl and am moving on to an Antimacassar sometime this week. Trying to work my way through the Wendy Collection. 😀

  57. Wendy, thank you for the KAL. I enjoyed knitting the shawl so much I have already started another using the same pattern. I have somewhat limited vision so am always glad to find a pattern that is easy to follow.

    Do count me in for the wollmeise.

  58. I’d love to knit up some Wollmeise!

  59. Eliana Bahri says:

    I’d love to have your leftover Wollmeise Lacegarn! You’re so generous Wendy!


  60. Love the Pi Shawl! Pick me! I would love to knit a shawl from Wollmeise.

  61. windzgirl says:

    Love the Pi shawl and love the color! I would love to try it myself!

  62. I love leftovers! I’ll have enough to make another Mystery shawlette!

  63. Whitney says:

    Would love to try that color 🙂

  64. Patricia says:

    I’d love to have your leftovers.

    I knit the Summer Mystery Shawl this last week. I want to knit it again, I had such a wonderful experience the first time.

    Thank you for offering your leftovers to everyone. It will make something extra special for someone.

  65. How I love that Pi shawl! Adding to queue.
    Meredith´s last blog post ..Mama’s Little Helper

  66. Ooh, me please! I love lacegarn (and not having to wind up an entire skein…)

  67. Your Pi Shawl is exceedingly beautiful. I would love your left over yarn!!

  68. Beautiful! Thanks for the contest.

  69. I’d love to have your leftover ball of yarn! It’s a lovely color. (I save all my leftovers for my MIL who is a weaver, she can use the tiniest scraps)
    Angela´s last blog post ..Its Done &amp I Love It!

  70. Kelaine says:

    I would love those leftovers! That color is beautiful!

  71. I just finished my Mystery shawlette for my 5 month old. 🙂 she just woke up from her nap and was very happy to find it draped across her. Now to weave in the ends and block it and take more pictures 🙂
    I would LOVE to be entered in your left over yarn contest. Baby needs more lace in reasonable colors! And that is wonderful purple. Goes great with red hair

  72. Thanks for the mystery shawl pattern. Mine is done but not blocked yet. My first real KAL project and it was a lot of fun! Your shawls are lovely.

  73. Shirley. in PA says:

    I finished my KAL shawlette too, tomorrow it will have a bath and block. Love the pattern, and will make it again.

  74. I just love your PI shawl and really hope you’ll be publishing the pattern. I’d love to have your leftovers because I’ve yet to have the privilege to try Wollmeise. Actually I’ve only ever saw it online on blogs or podcasts. I really want to see what all the rage is about.

  75. May I please have the leftover WM lace? I have never seen Fliederbusch in person. 🙂

  76. I would love to try Wollmeise lace!

  77. I’d love the leftovers! I have a great shawl pattern to try and I lave that purple in a yarn I’ve never knit with before.
    Maura van der Linden´s last blog post ..Now Set Up to Bid on Projects

  78. How do you keep Lucy off your knits when your block them on your living room floor? Whenever I spread out knitting on the floor, my cocker thinks I’ve made a new dog bed.

  79. I’m not too proud to beg for leftovers! The latest pi is gorgeous. I don’t even have a place I could block something that size unless I stake it out on the lawn!

  80. Love the purple, would love your leftovers and especially would love to try some Wollmeise! All three rolled into one.

  81. That is extremely generous of you. I’d love to try some Wollmeise lace. Thank you for the thought.


  82. Linda D. says:

    That color is amazing. I would love to try the lace wollmeise. It’s awesome you are giving away leftovers. Great idea. And your wollmeise “Wall of Shame” is so full of awesome it hurts. 😉

  83. I’d love to help out your de-cluttering by taking that yarn off your hands.


  84. Berry lubberly purble yarn! I’d lub to hab some!
    Claire Veale´s last blog post ..As Promised

  85. Jan Feltz says:

    Purple is my favorite! I would love to have that gorgeous yarn. Thanks for your generosity.

  86. Jeanette Zimmerli says:

    Id love to knit a shawl out of your leftovers. Hope I’m lucky

  87. Love the Summer Shawlette, What did you decide to name it officially? I actually have started another one too.
    Thank you for the great pattern!

  88. Me please! Pretty Please? Thanks so much for sharing your Mystery Shawl with us, Wendy. I enjoyed knitting it …… just need some Eucalen to soak it and get it blocked.
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..Camp Loopy

  89. My very favourite colour. I would love to have that yarn.

  90. Kathleen Ball says:

    Spectacular shawls! I would be glad to use you leftovers to make another of your shawls/shawlettes. Purple is my favorite color!

  91. Stunning shawl pics! And boy, would I love to try that Wollmeise Lacegarn!

  92. Shoshana says:

    Ooooh a small shawl out of wolmeise would be so awesome!

  93. Oh! Oh! Me! I love Fliederbusch.
    Natalie´s last blog post ..Saturday spinning update- too much

  94. Me, me, me… oups not polite, but the yarn is so beautiful… never knitted with wollmeise… and just one year ago I was living so near and I did not know its existence…
    Ptinutz´s last blog post ..Appetit for reduction

  95. I love that yarn! It’s so pretty (purple makes everything pretty but the yarn could do that on it’s own) I could certainly find a home for it in my ever expanding stash…

  96. Suzanne says:

    That Mulled Wine is a pretty color. I’m still on Chart C as I was finishing up my Japanese Garden before starting the mystery shawl. Yum, Wollmeise.

  97. Paulette says:

    Your shawls are beautiful! Would love to win the extra beautiful**purple!!** Wollmeise yarn!!

  98. Heather Meives says:

    Those are both beautiful! I’m sure I could come up with something to make with your leftovers. =)

  99. Your shawls are lovely! I love the color of your Pi shawl and would love the opportunity to try the yarn.
    Karen´s last blog post ..More Reading

  100. Debbi Overweg says:

    The shawl turned out beautifully! 🙂 I would love a chance to win some yarn – I haven’t tried that kind yet!! 🙂 🙂