My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


More or Less Serious Answers to Questions

A number of you have asked me what the official name of the Summer Mystery Shawlette is. I’m happy simply calling it “Summer Mystery Shawlette.”

There was a question about the size of the shawlette I knit. I knit mine according to the pattern with no extra repeats. The finished size does depend a lot on your tension while knitting and of course how much you stretch your piece while blocking.

A couple of commenters asked how I keep Lucy off my knits while they are blocking. In response, I offer these photos.

I think that answers that question, don’t you? 😉

Lucy is a dainty little girl and wants only to lie on my knits — she never does them any harm. (Note that Lucy is declawed — she was declawed before I adopted her — so there is no worry of her clawing the delicate lace.) She was particularly taken with this project and really enjoyed rolling around on it.

She did seem a bit annoyed when I unpinned it and took it up yesterday. I think she was hoping it was going to remain on the floor for her use.

The Estonian Pi Shawl pattern is now, by the way, available for sale in my Ravelry Store. The pattern has both charts and written-out instructions, so you can pick your poison. 😉 While it is a large shawl, it is fairly easy to knit — there is nothing terribly difficult in the pattern, just a lot of it!


Now that your needles are all revved up for summer after completing the Summer Mystery Shawlette, whatcha gonna knit?

I know what I’m going to be starting in 8 days time . . . my project for the first month of Camp Loopy! Don’t know what Camp Loopy is? Follow that link and read all about it!

I’ve ordered my yarn for my first project (you have through June 10 to order your yarn and get the discount) and you are to knit your project between June 15 and July 15. There are some pretty nice perqs to motivate you to finish your projects on time — again, follow the link above to read all about ’em.

Can you guess what I’m knitting for my first Camp Loopy project? I’ll give you a hint — it is not my own pattern.

But in the meantime, I am knitting something from this.

Lucy sez:

“If she didn’t want me to lie on it, she wouldn’t leave it on the floor.”


  1. Hi Wendy! Lucy is just too cute! If only I could my cats away from my knitting….they aren’t as gentle as she it!

    I’ve tried several times to get past the first part of the SMS. I think I’m just too stupid to knit lace.

  2. I do love me some Lucy. I think you should knit her a lucy-size pi shawl.
    Erin´s last blog post ..Episode 18 – Whine &amp Cheese

  3. Of course Lucy wants to roll around on the Pi, it is Wollmeise after all 😉

  4. My favorite kitty position is the kitty loaf, as displayed by the lovely Lucy in the last photo. SO cute.
    Deinera´s last blog post ..Finishing Projects

  5. Lovely new yarn and a wonderful new pattern. I wore my other pi shawl today and got so many complements on it. I see winding some WML in my future…

  6. Kristine M. says:

    Lucy looks so comfy on the shawl. And her coloring & fur match it very well!

  7. My yarn for the Camp Loopy was mailed today. I LOVE your new yarn. Can’t wait to find out what the color name is and where do I get one??!!! And how fast before they can ship it to me?!!!

  8. Thanks for the shout out! So glad you’re camping with us, and can’t wait to see what pattern you’re making. I’m still deciding on my pattern!

  9. Knitting the shawlette (still needs to be blocked.. it’s so little and CUTE!), got my design brain going, so I’m working on a parasol (fingers crossed) and have a shawl idea burbling in the background. We shall see.

    My Malkie (all black, long haired) has taken a fancy to the parasol lace.. it’s white. Nuff said. 🙂
    Jazmin´s last blog post ..13 days

  10. Yup, if it’s on the floor it’s in her territory!

    I love my SMS! Thanks so much!

  11. Wore my SMS to prayer shawl group today and everyone loved it! So I told them all about your blog and how much fun it was to knit. Thank you!

  12. Gorgeous shawl even with the Lucy enhancements. I love the Campy Loopy Ewe idea.

  13. That yarn cake looks absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to see what you create from it. The colors are yummy!
    Rusty Boyd´s last blog post ..Mens South East Knitting Retreat

  14. Carolyn says:

    Is Lucy a Himalayan? I have two sealpoints, Socrates and Sebastian, that love to pat my knitting as I do it! I guess they are making sure I’m doing it correctly. 🙂

  15. Sue Weise says:

    Wendy, do you always pin your wet shawls to your floor without something between? Doesn’t it make your carpet mold? I haven’t yet ventured into the world of lace shawls (preferring small sock projects) but I have my first lace wt. yarn and am going to start this summer 🙂 I even ordered blocking wires although I noticed you don’t use those either, why not?
    Sue 😉

  16. I’m camping at The Loopy Ewe too! Who could resist the challenge?
    Samantha´s last blog post ..Whats up with tuesday

  17. Melanie says:

    Wendy, I knit. But even if I didn’t, I think I would be totally charmed by your daily emails. Lucy is absolutely adorable. Now, I may think this I have adorable cats too (although they don’t like to be photographed!)

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. Not just the knitting, which is phenomenal, but also for sharing Lucy. I now love her so much I may name my next cat “Lucy”.

  18. Susan Shelly says:

    Yeah! So glad that you are doing Camp Loopy! I am too! It’s actually my first KAL. Was afraid my skills weren’t fine tuned enough for the Summer Mystery Shawlette:O(( Anyway, time to get ready for camp!!!

  19. Lyn Contresceri-Mercer says:

    Just wanted to let you know … #1 … I ordered your book from Amazon … #2 … the reason I ordered it is that I want to learn to knit lace! Any kind of lace. I am a life long crocheter of fine lace items (doilies, etc.) , and I am seeing the light as a knitter. Knitted my first pair of socks last summer … now have over 15 pairs sitting in my sock drawer (didn’t have a sock drawer!), and have give away over 15 pairs to my family. (Thank G-D we all wear the same size!)

    One question: WHAT is a “lace cast on”? I can do a lot of styles, but need to know *your* version.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog updates. I truly enjoy them. Lucy is a real charmer! I have three indoor catz (who have their own bowls) … and feed five feral cats, a raccoon, blue jays, and a red fox … all from the same bowl of cat food. =)

  20. ChiLibrarian says:

    It’s so pleasing visually how Lucy arches to match the curves in the Pi. That’s very impressive choreography.

  21. I am camping too!

    Hmmm…. a colorwork scarf or shawl that’s your style?
    Well, you’ve been into making bottom-up shawls lately, so perhaps Andrea’s Shawl? (Maybe that’s on my mind because that’s what I’m making.) Or the same designer’s Ulmus is similar, but with fun texture in the non-lace portion.

    Of course, there’s always Bekkjapronud Hyrna…. (imagine Icelandic here).
    Cathy-Cate´s last blog post ..May Showers…

  22. Lorraine says:

    Lucy is so cute. That second photo cracks me up. She is trying so hard to s-t-r-e-c-h out and cover the whole shawl at once 🙂 (She’s even following the curved edging!!)

  23. Love it!
    Bought it!

  24. Shirley. in PA says:

    I’m so happy with my mystery shawlette I decided to make another bottom-up shawlette. I bought your Delightfully Simple Shawl pattern, and in my stash found a skein of Shaefer Yarn Audrey. It’s 700 yards of merino/silk in a color called Bluebell. It’s a blue/green and it should look wonderful in this pattern. I find that as I age (I’m 73 now) my attention span has decreased, so complicated patterns result in failure. However, your patterns are so well charted that with my magnetic board and stitch makers I can follow along. And Lucy looks wonderful on the pi shawl.

  25. Pooooooor Lucy. Such a mistreated cat.

    Steven West design? Daybreak?

  26. Elizabeth says:

    Catkin, maybe? That’s what I’m going to attempt to make, providing I don’t fall on my face 5 days into camping!

  27. Melanie says:

    What is it with cats and knits? On Monday my cat Aislinn had a pair of freshly knit socks on the floor cuddling with them. She doesn’t mess with the knitting either, just wants to snuggle it.

  28. What is that yarn? I need to make it mine!

  29. Lucy is a cutie-pie, the shawl is gorgeous, and the two together are just too precious. I get such a kick from your photos of Her Lucy-ness! We’ve decided our “little” rescue kitty may be part Ragamuffin, she has much of the look and sweet personality of that breed. I got her a Furminator recently, which she just loves-loves-loves! She’s an attention hog; and not swallowing as much of her own hair now; we’re seeing fewer hairballs. I’m pretty confident that your affection for Lucy leads you to care for her very well, but if you’d like to get a handle on the hairballs you might look into the Furminator.

  30. I love your blog but I really love the stories and pictures of your cat! I have a shih tzu that will snatch my needles and whatever I’m working on and play with it. He chewed the tip off of my beloved Brittany needles! Could have cried…..:( Anyway thanks for a wonderful blog…

  31. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you putting the pattern in both written and chart directions. You are the best. I also wanted you to know that I finished on May 20th my second EZ shawl which my daughter wore as her wedding viel on May 21. I would never have done it without you. You continue to inspire !!!!

  32. I signed up for Camp Loopy (in that I commented on a blog post and bought yarn). I have a seriously overcommitted list of knits for the summer, but I still have high hopes of finishing all of the projects by July 15th!

  33. LPStarr says:

    The yarn left overs would knit a very lovely shawl. The colorway is so pretty. I have never used that brand of yarn before and I would love to try it.

  34. I know you say guge is not critical with lace projects but interestingly I completed SMS and both other of your bottom up shawl patterns using sz 5 needle and thought they blocked out OK for size — am doing another SMS but switched to sz 6 working needle and am amazed at the difference already yarn wight for both SMS’s is fingering and usually don’t have a problem with gage — might be the brand of needle?? and the second yarn does not have silk in it?? anyway love the new FO — can’t wait to see what the new yarn unveils. Keep up the good work Lucy — maybe that’s the magic touch.

  35. My cat has claws but is still gentle to blocking fabrics- the really damage comes from when he sits on my lap and kneads 🙂

  36. Lucy looks every bit the sweet princess on purple! Those pics are definitely Glamour Shots for the shawl! I have looked for purple at my LYS but they only seem to get purple in mixed color skeins. My little Miss Tabby has claws but never bothers my knitting or yarns. She does try to liberate markers with beads. And pins with bead heads. And T-pins. I use a garage door size scrim net to block lace on. It was sold as a screen for garage door openings, comes twisted into a circle and pops open like the sunscreens for car windows. Twists back up for storage. Finished the Mystery Shawl, decided it was too small for my use, knitting a larger version now. Half way on a pi shawl-half way on the second Mystery Shawl. (Still hugely annoyed at having to change passwords again on ravelry.) I’ve knit lace for many years and it was lovely so many tried lace for the first time with your knit-a-long.

  37. You absolutely must be doing Catkin – that’s also the one I’m doing. Can’t wait to see yours!

  38. Wendy, your patterns are fantastic. I have learned so much from your books – which I actually purchase. This brings me to my next thought. I also belong to Ravelry and find countless patterns there that have been wonderful as well. But it is really disheartening to scroll along and find your sock patterns available for free from the very books I have paid out hard earned money for. Why do you do this? Just please shed some light on this for me and possibly others.

  39. madonnaearth says:

    “If she didn’t want me to lie on it, she wouldn’t leave it on the floor.”
    One of the best Lucy comments ever!

  40. Love that Lucy! And loving my Wendy Knits book! Thanks for creating such great patterns.

  41. Lucy is sure having fun. If you ever consider owning a dog……my granddog, Layla, loves to ‘herd’ my knitting wool. LOL

  42. Lucy should be in all your blocking shots. For size comparison, of course. Love the shots, thanks!!

  43. Oh Lucy and her delicate dance poses!
    She looks so pretty against that lovely shawl.

  44. Sorry if you’ve been asked this a hundred times all ready, but. How do you remove Lucy’s hair from your knitting? I’m curious since from personal experience it can be a pain to do.
    But I have to admit she look like a queen languishing on your shawls like that.