My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Aade Long

The lovely skein of yarn pictured in my last blog post is Aade Lõng “Artistic 8/2” wool yarn. I posted a photo of it pre-winding a while back. I am told that this is the same yarn as Kauni, but put up and sold by a different company. I purchased mine from a lovely eBay seller in Latvia. I may have ordered some more in different colorways from her . . .

I started a shawl knit from the bottom up (surprise, surprise) with this yarn, starting with a lace cast-on.

This cast-on is documented in the techniques section of my upcoming lace book. 😉

I love love love the long color changes of this yarn. I’m doing a relatively simple design that will show off the yarn. Here is a not-great phone photo that really doesn’t show the color changes too well (but shows the pattern nicely):

This is my commuter project, and I showed it to one of my co-workers the other day. She told me that those are her favorite colors, so I’ll give her the shawl when I’m done. Therefore, the pattern will be called “Tracy’s Shawl.” (Tracy is a work buddy and a beginner knitter, and we share joint custody of a mini Keurig coffeemaker!)

I just finished one stealth project and am starting another one, so this shawl should be completed right on time for me to start my Camp Loopy project next week! I got my yarn for my Camp Loopy project in the mail yesterday — I’ll show it to you on Sunday.

Wollmeise Winner!

The winner of my leftover Wollmeise Lacegarn, which I used to knit my Estonian Pi, drawn at random from the comments, is Holly. Holly, I’ve emailed you.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment!

Speaking of my Estonian Pi, do check out this awesome blocking video from my friends the Knitgirllls. Leslie and Laura review InSpinKnitty blocking wires and use them to block Laura’s Shetland Pi — knit from my free pattern. (This was my mystery shawl knitalong last summer. The pattern is available from my Free Patterns Page.)

Patterns Free on Ravelry?

I was a bit disturbed to see this comment left on my blog today:

Wendy, your patterns are fantastic. I have learned so much from your books – which I actually purchase. This brings me to my next thought. I also belong to Ravelry and find countless patterns there that have been wonderful as well. But it is really disheartening to scroll along and find your sock patterns available for free from the very books I have paid out hard earned money for. Why do you do this? Just please shed some light on this for me and possibly others.

I emailed the commenter the following response:

The only patterns from my books that are also available from me [on my website. not Ravelry] free are the three “generic” sock patterns with the three different heels. Those were included in the [first sock] book as a courtesy so that people who might not have web access could have those three basic “templates.” If there are other patterns from my book that you have found available free, please let me know — they are not offered by me and are being done so illegally.

So if you saw that comment and wondered what the answer is, there you have it. I am not posting patterns from any of my books free on Ravelry.

ETA: I’ve heard back from the commenter — apparently she was mistaken in how Ravelry works, in that all my patterns are listed there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all patterns are free.

In Closing . . .

Lucy says that sometimes a girl has just gotta roll!


  1. Well, you do have quite a few sock patterns that you offered up for free from the beginning. Maybe she’s confused as to which ones are actually in the books?
    Calophi´s last blog post ..Work In Progress Wednesday 4

  2. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I love all of your patterns (just finishing up my Mystery Shawlette), but “Tracy’s Shawl” is gorgeous! What is the name of the colorway? Those are definitely my colors!

  3. Great Lucy picture today – she is really showing off her dark points.

  4. MamaCat says:

    I found one that is free and in a book, apart from the generic one. It is the Diagonal Lace Socks pattern that the ravelry page says you offered as a preview to Socks From The Toe Up.

    But just one, and it is clear why! I think maybe she got confused by your other free patterns.

    I like them all, paid and free.

  5. Shannon says:

    Hi Wendy! First, of all, that shawl is gorgeous.

    Second, I have a question that I was hoping you could help me with. How do you control your tension while purling? I’ve only been knitting for three years and I only learned fairly recently (like year ago) how to properly control my tension while knitting. The results have been awesome: my speed is much faster and my knuckles hurt way less. The problem is, with the yarn in front while purling, I can’t figure out a comfortable way to hold it with tension and be able to wrap it around the needle. Instead I let it dangle and pick up between my thumb and forefinger and then drop it again, for every single stitch, like a little kid. I know that’s kind of a ridiculous way to do it, but I can’t seem to find a better one. Do you have any advice? I knit continental, but even if you knit English it might be helpful.

    Thanks so much!

  6. Tracey’s Shawl is beautiful. I love color change yarns. I’m sorry if your patterns are being posted illeaglly; that’s just not nice. Can’t wait to see the finish product!

  7. Gail Rector says:

    I’d just like to say that your (Wendy’s) money is “hard earned” too and you get to decide what to offer as a gift and what not to. You can offer or not what ever you want to. When a person buys a book they are not buying the right to copy it… copyright duh! Hardcopy book is convenient with pretty pictures. If you sold ebooks a person would still have to pay one way or another to print it.

    I just don’t get somebody deciding that you have somehow cheated them. Or somebody else that they are entitled to make free what you own….. end of rant!

    I bought the box (I love the concept of having a card to take out and carry around with a small project) and am happily awaiting delivery of my pre ordered copy of your lace book.

    I appreciate your work and genius my “hard earned” money is a small way of showing my gratitude.

  8. Gail Rector says:

    Haven’t knit any toe up yet…. have to wait till my mind is has more new skills room in it…. at my age it’s almost full. I have to keep jiggling it down to make more room.

  9. Chris in CA says:

    I do like your patterns too, and I’m still working on the SMS , and I bought the Pi pattern, just can’t decide on a color. I also bought the box for socks, and its great, I already have 2 of the cards in my “in car” bag. Thank you for all the help, and encouragement and I’ve got the lace book on pre-order too.

  10. Dorothy says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I want you to know I love your books purchase your books and if I want to share I order a book or a pattern for my friend also. I find it very disagreeable for people to steal. I have bought many of your patterns from your Ravelry shop and none are duplicated.
    Okay now I have a problem. I got sick in the middle of the Mystery Shawlette and now cannot down load parts 3, or 4. The last clues anyway. I had no problem with the first two clues. Can you help me here? Thanks and Lucy you are a pretty girl!!

  11. I’d rather have a book than a bunch of printed sheets which I’m likely to lose. I’m not so organized that I’d catalog and file patterns that I get from the web. Books don’t crash and they don’t stop working when you get a new computer. In other words, I’d still buy a book even if I could obtain the patterns in the book in bits and pieces around the web. Besides, if we don’t support authors whose work we like, it might be difficult for them to produce the materials we love to have.
    BTW. There’s a really funny video on YouTube promoting the “book” as a hot new device. It’s in Spanish, but easy to understand. There are also versions with subtitles. It’s called: Leerestademoda Com

  12. I like your new shawl. It is pretty snazzy looking!
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..rain!

  13. aaaah. a keurig coffeemaker. the best invention. never could get my coffee to taste like coffee shop coffee. and i drink it black. finally tried keurig and have loved it ever since.

  14. Jo morgan says:

    Like Monica, I prefer having the book if I like the designer. I think we knitters owe it to the designers to be careful about how we use online patterns–either paid or free. I bought some yarn at a shop in my area and they gave me a pattern. I later learned that it was for sale online and I suspect that the shop had purchased the pattern once then gave it away with yarn purchases. In another instance, a LYS was charging its customers for a pattern offered free online–I don’t mind a charge to cover printing cost, but think customers deserve to know that the pattern is a free one. I hope no one has been using your patterns wrongfully. Jo

  15. Hi Wendy,
    I’m a new knitter and came across your blog tonight and decided that you’re a girl after my own heart. First, your “Lucy” notes are a crack up! And I couldn’t live without my Keurig so the fact you have joint custody with your coworker is too funny. I’ll be checking out your blog from now on knowing I have much to learn, so please keep sharing…

    Maddy =)

  16. Wendy
    I just wove in the ends on my Mystery Shawlette and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed knitting this. This is my first completed lace shawl. Thank you for having such clear instructions. You don’t know how happy this shawl makes me. Thank you Thank you
    I cannot wait for your lace book. You and Lucy keep cool

  17. I finished the Mystery Shawlette and loved the results. Wendy, does you new book have more shawl patterns that are knitted from the bottom up. I really enjoyed the idea of having fewer stitches each row instead of increasing and having to bind off so many stitches at the end of the project. Are there any already published bottom up patterns available from you?

  18. Courtney says:

    LOVE what I can see of the pattern in your new shawl! [But isn’t there a “Tracy’s Shawl” coming out in the new lace book? Comment based on dim recollections from ’10 Spring Fling.]

  19. Courtney says:

    Ooops! After blowing away the cobwebs, I remembered that it is/was “Stacy’s Shawl.” [backs away grovelling in shame . . . .]

  20. Liz in Missouri says:

    Thanks for the link to the blocking video. I just bought a set of wires (not these particular ones, though) and have not used them yet. I’m going to for the first time with my SMS this weekend. I’m convinced that it has to be easier than my usual 8 million pin method. LOL

    Tracy’s shawl looks beautiful! (Wow – you’re a very fast knitter). That will be a fun pattern to watch for (hopehopehope). I just pre-ordered your new lace book! I’m loving your patterns!

  21. Melissa says:

    Lucy is too cute for words. Love the shawl. Hope that your not having copyright issues. Love you work so much that I don’t mind at all paying for your hard work.

    I have limited knitting pennies but you are getting a share of mine.

  22. “Tracy’s Shawl” looks amazing! Will the pattern be offered for sale on Ravelry or be part of a future book?

    Thanks to the Summer Mystery Shawl KAL I have developed a new passion for shawl/lace knitting. The Estonian Pi Shawl has been added to my collection and will be cast on after I complete my “Camp Loopy” shawl.

    As always, Lucy is such an adorable girl!

  23. The color changes look lovely to me so I will need to request pictures that you feel are more accurate 😉 I saw a video today and thought of your blog. It’s a video of Angry Birds Live and it’s Angry Birds…….Live in Barcelona. Apparently it was posted a few days ago.

  24. What is the colorway used for Tracy’s Shawl?
    It is gorgeous!