My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Carry On

I think the “Carry On” film people should have made one called “Carry On Knitting” don’t you?

That’s not the point of this blog entry, though. It’s just something that popped into my head, unbidden.

A couple of you have asked how I dealt with the color changes for Daybreak. Did I carry the color not in use up the side? And if so, doesn’t that add bulk on one side of the shawl? Or did I break  the colors off after each use? Good questions.

I carried the color not in use up the side, and very loosely at that. You need to carry them loosely so that you will be able to stretch the shawl out enough when blocking.

Added bulk? Because this is fingering weight yarn it is not really an issue.

It does, however, show a bit on the right side.

Does this bother me? Not in the least.

I could have carried the yarn not in use in a stitch or two from the edge on each color change, but then I would have had to carry it back out again. and worry about keeping everything loose enough at the same time. So I decided not to worry about it.

Nope, my edges don’t match. It’s a design element.

I did spend some time going through the Ravelry gallery for this project out of curiosity, trying to see what other people did on the edge, but got bored before I could find a photo of a Daybreak that showed a close-up of the edge.

Oh, and while I am in true confessions mode . . . I did not do left and right leaning increases. The direction of the increases are not noticeable in handpainted yarn so I did them all the same way — with the tip of the left-hand needle, pick up the bar between two stitches from front to back, twist it and knit into it.

I am binding off Daybreak even as we speak!

Dyed Delights Club

My lys, fibre space, today announced a new yarn club, Dyed Delights. It is described as “a sock yarn club without sock projects.” Click on the link there to go to fibre space’s website and read all about it. I may or may not know who one of the designers is. Did I join? Of course I did — there are only 50 spots available. And the description sounds fantastic!

Lucy sez:

“Get ’em while they’re hot!”


  1. Now feel much better that the “design element” in my Chadwick is two different weights of yarn: sport and fingering. 😉

  2. Wow. You are fast and dedicated. I’m not quite halfway done (by stripe numbers, not in stitches done), but hope to be a lot further along by the end of the weekend!

  3. The other day I was cruising the new Rav patterns and stopped when I rcognized . . . Lucy! That’s how I knew it was one of yours!

  4. Isle of Aran says:

    Could the color change happen in the center to mask/even out the carry of the ‘other yarn’ (makes it sound like the ‘other woman?)

  5. *sigh* I miss Old Town Alexandria so much sometimes. I wish Fibre Space had existed when I lived there! (At the time there was only Knit Happens, and I wasn’t that good a knitter yet so felt intimidated by it.) That store looks so awesome!

    Anyway – just wanted to say I’m glad you addressed the color changes issue on Daybreak, as I found myself wondering what would be best. I sure didn’t know you had to be loose if you carried it up (which I am likely to do), so thank you for that! 🙂

  6. Evidently my employer has decided that your LYS is not selling yarn, but something else. It blocked the site because of content.

    Yarn is now a controlled substance.

  7. Gosh Wendy…I was addicted to the Carry On series in high school (an amazing FORTY years ago). They were one of my first introductions to British humor (or humour if you prefer) and I LOVED IT…. Thanks for mentioning that…I’m off to get some DVDs to knit by now (and yes, Carry on Knitting would have been the best of the lot I am sure).

  8. Wendy, you are the one who turned me onto the itty bitty kitty committee web site. They are having their annual fund raiser and I donate every year since I started following them because of the pleasure I get from them even though they are in WA and I am in FL. I just want to thank you for posting about them. i don’t know if I would ever have found them otherwise. Thank you.

  9. Is it just me? I went to Fibre Space’s website and could find nothing about the Dyed Delights club… do you have a direct link? I’m on their email list but got nothing about it either… Thanks Wendy!!!

  10. Danielle Romanetti says:

    The Dyed Delights club sold out overnight after Wendy’s post! That is why you couldn’t find anything. We are working on adding 20 spots. I just had to make sure that all of my companies were on board. We will launch those spaces tomorrow!

  11. Wendy, I can see why Fiber Space is a favorite lys. We did the Washinton DC tourist thing in the middle of May. I wanted to get some local yarns to take home and ended up with Neighbood Fiber Co. Studio worsted in “Cooper Circle” and “Cleveland Park.”. They were so helpful and spent a lot of time with us tourists. If I can ever make it back to Old Town Alexandria, I’ll leave more space in my suitcase!


  1. […] are opening up 20 more spots in the Dyed Delights Club on June 29. (I mentioned this upcoming club last week.) Go here to check it out if you missed out the first time around! Filed Under: Wendy […]