My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Twice as Nice

It makes me extremely happy to see how many of you are looking forward to the release of Wendy Knits Lace next month. And it also makes me happy to hear from those of  you who said that your first lace experience was my Summer Mystery Shawl and you are looking forward to more lace. I’m always happy to suck more lace knitters into the fold. (Insert evil laughter here.)

And hey — guess what? Potter Craft sent me two copies of Wendy Knits Lace instead of just one, so I will give both of them away in the drawing on Thursday!

They also sent back all the knitted samples from the book. Here they are:

Oh, sorry — I haven’t unpacked them yet. 😉

On to current knitting.

I finished the unbloggable project I was working on so started in on the larger version of the shawlette/scarf thingie I showed in the last blog post. Here it is:

This is being knit from Three Irish Girls’ Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering, which I purchased from The Loopy Ewe. This yummy yarn is 80% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon and is wonderfully soft. This colorway is called “Strawberry Fields Forever. I’m using the same needle size as I did for the shawlette/scarf thingie — a U.S. size 5 (3.75mm).

I will be calling this pattern “Tango.” The little shawlette/scarf thingie is being called “Two-Step” so the pattern that will include instructions for both of them will be called “Two-Step and Tango.”

See what I did there?

Lucy sez:

“Will someone throw my paper ball for me?”


  1. That’s fantastic, that they sent you 2 copies! Yay! I got my first taste of shawls and lace from your Japanese Garden Shawl(the shawl called to me). I did however have your “Toe-up socks for everybody” but had not attempted anything past the dainty anklets. I have however done a few more since 🙂 But, I seem to be doing lots of shawls as of late! BTW Love, Two step and Tango! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!!
    Cindy aka Yarndevil´s last blog post ..Funky Bluefish

  2. NanaMama says:

    Because of the mystery summer shawl, i purchased you toe up sock book. Can’t wait to do one of the projects. Thanks.

  3. Love that Strawberry Fields Forever colorway & I’m not usually into pinks or reds. The pattern is great, but I’m still not too sure of myself on short rows other than standard heel turns. The short row heel on one of my first pair of socks stymied me for almost a year as I tried to figure out how to avoid holes.
    PlainJane´s last blog post ..Two Months & One Day Later – Hey, I’m Getting Better!

  4. I can’t imagine the feeling of opening that box of knitting goodies. It must be like meeting old, dear friends! I’d throw the paper ball for you Lucy!
    dobarah´s last blog post ..June at Hogwarts

  5. linda-kay says:

    Your such a tease Wendy!…………you know that we’re all out here drooling, wondering what fantastic items are in the box! lol Love that Strawberry Fields Foreve colorway. I’m sure there’s quite a run on it over at The Loopy Ewe!

  6. Ooooh! that’s wonderful! Being out of work right now means my book allowance is zero dollars. 🙁 I’d love to win!
    Karen in Toledo´s last blog post ..Now, Back To Knitting

  7. I love the shawlette/scarf thingie and have to order some Three Irish Girls’ Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering, in Strawberry Fields. The color is outstanding!

  8. I love the shawlette/scarf thingie and I do see what you did there. 🙂

    I’ll throw the paper ball for you, Lucy!

  9. StatenIslandSusan says:

    Lucy thinks you need to open that box for her RIGHT NOW! There may be lots of napkins / paper balls rolled up in there for her to play with. 🙂

  10. Such a pretty pink shawlette in progress… My Himalayan, Cocoa, loves paper balls, and he’ll even play “retrieve” for a while ( Chfristmas wrapping with a ribbob tail is his fav). Luv to win an autographed book 🙂

  11. Lucy is such a love! Your new shawl design shows off that yarn beautifully, and I love the edging. I’d love a chance to win one of your wonderful books, I hope this counts as an entry. See you around plurk!
    Jadee´s last blog post ..Twisted Strands Episode 27, New Hair, Same Ole’ Me

  12. Barbara VG says:

    Your new book sounds wonderful!

  13. I am “studying” Tracy’s Shawl at the moment, to figure out if I can use the yarn I had in mind with a bit of modification. I’m surprised that I have not actually knitted any of your shawl designs, which are mostly in my library!

    Oh goody, the book is coming out soon? Yay.
    Jocelyn´s last blog post ..Soap, yarn and knitting

  14. I am looking forward to your new book. Even better if I could win one.

  15. My first lace project of any substance was your Summer Mystery Shawl. Now I am on my way to doing my very first blocking – think Lucy would help me with that? You have me so hooked on lace knitting. As I also do this on the train on the way to work, your project was just right – not too hard and not too easy. I would love a copy of your new book.

  16. Shirley. in PA says:

    My first lace project using only charts was your Summer Mystery Shawl KAL. Now I’m knitting your Simple shawl pattern (not sure of the name, it’s not in front of me) and I love the lace. Lucy looks so adorable in that photo, I want to reach into my computer and pick her up for hugs and kisses.

  17. I can’t wait to see your lace book, and would love to be a lucky winner!

  18. Yesterday I ordered that “Strawberry Fields Forever” (Three Irish Girls Cashmerino) for my second Loopy Camp Project. Your new shawl confirms that I will love that color. Your “Two Step and Tango” are very, very beautiful and are exactly my cup of tea.

  19. Vanessa says:

    Congrats on the book! From the cover, it looks absolutely lovely.

  20. Joanne Brown says:

    Having made kilt socks out of your Crocus socks pattern and having made the Summer Mystery shawlette, I am looking forward to your new book. By the time I get to Knitting Etc in Ithaca (my favorite LYS), the book will probably be available 🙂

  21. One of these days I’m going to win something….and I hope it’s your book…..

  22. CAQuinn says:

    I would love to be one of the lucky winners of your lace book.

  23. Your new book looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to check it out
    Mandi´s last blog post ..Woot Bag Of Crap Contents

  24. ANY post with a pin-up pic of Lucy is a GREAT post!
    Love, Ozzie


  25. I love your patterns ans would love to own your new book. Thanks for the great inspiration to us all.

  26. Very, very cool, Wendy!
    –Deb´s last blog post ..Books from June 2011

  27. I love the pink shawl! And Zoe sends kitty loves to Lucy 🙂

  28. linda Cannon says:

    Love your new project and the color of the yarn is very complementary to it. Looks like something I should tackle.

  29. Liz in Missouri says:

    My first project from you was learning to do toe-up socks. Then I discovered the Autumn Dream Scarf – and of course, the SMS. I think your designs are amazing. Can’t wait for this new one to come available! My Lucy (Arf! Arf! a little maltese) sends her greetings to your Lucy! 🙂

  30. I love your patterns and you are always so generous in sharing. Thanks for having another drawing!

  31. Suzanne says:

    You are always giving things away, it seems! Thanks for your generous spirit. The new book looks exciting — with enough projects to keep us busy for a looong time :-).

  32. handmadebysue says:

    Tango is gorgeous – the pattern, the color and the yarn. I love lace knitting and am looking forward to your new book.

  33. Diane Tetreault says:

    I’d love a copy of your new book– you never disappoint!!

  34. I want to see what is in that box ( More Evil Laughing ) I wish I had xray vision

  35. Georgia H Chilton says:

    I have recently got very interested in lace knitting. Your blog and new book on lace knitting are steering me in this direction!!

    Give Lucy some pats from my little dog, Judy Judy Judy, who loves to watch me knit!!


  36. Your summer mystery shawl is my first lace project too. I’m still working on it. And have frogged it several times. But, I will not give up!! I love your patterns and would love a copy of the book. As soon as I open a box, my cat is in the box. She doesn’t wait for me to open it any further than your picture shows.

  37. Your mystery shawl was not my first lace, but it was my first “mystery” project. I sooooo enjoyed doing it! Your book looks wonderful. I am looking forward to getting IF I don’t win it. Thanks for the give away.

  38. I love your patterns-I’d love the book.

  39. Celestine says:

    Wow how cool and whole box of samples ready to wear or share…..Love your pink thingie. Pink is not my color but gotta love something so pretty…How great another book give away…

  40. Love the scarf/shawlette! Would love to win one of your new books—have not been sucked into lace yet, but easily drawn in. Your new book would probably have me in with both feet!!

  41. deb in IL. says:

    Wonderful book–pick me~~~deb

  42. Nanadiane says:

    Great that you’ve written another book for us to enjoy! Can’t wait to get a copy.

  43. Congratulations on your latest book! I would love to see the gorgeous items in the box

  44. Henrycat says:

    How generous of them! I would love to win one of those copies. And I’m looking forward to Two Step and Tango being published. 😀

  45. Love the color strawberry fields forever. I would love to win your latest book.

  46. I LOVE knitting lace. A book that features only projects with lace is a wonderful thing.
    Beth´s last blog post ..Permanent Change of Scenery

  47. Charlotte says:

    I wish our feral indoor cat was as cooperative as Lucy!

  48. realknits says:

    Can’t wait to see you new book…or win one. Either way, it is on the list of must haves!

  49. I love the color of your new shawl/ette. Would love to have a copy of your new “Lace Book”. Just in case you don’t draw my name- I have pre-ordered one. Can’t wait to knit more lace shawls.

  50. Leslie F says:

    I have enjoyed doing the Mystery Shawlette so much that I am doing a second one. I am also looking forward to your new book, because lace has finally “clicked”…

    Thanks for sharing with us…

  51. Shirley Ryan says:

    I can hardly wait to see you lace book…one way or another! 🙂

  52. Lee Long says:

    Why not call the next shawlette rhumba? Just staying in the thought. Can’t wait for the book.

  53. Sharon Moon says:

    Just a reminder ladies to remember the hat project for sailors. I just sent off 3 and was surprised to be a winner in their monthly drawing. So, now, I’ll have some yarn for Wendy’s projects. They have a site on Ravelry also.

  54. So looking forward to adding another of your books to my collection! And Strawberry Fields is the perfect name for that colorway, the lace is so pretty! (Not as pretty as Miss Lucy, of course…if I were there, I’d toss your paper ball, hon…The Tonk just snorted, he says I don’t toss one to him very often)
    Knitnana´s last blog post ..A Nice Long Weekend…

  55. Can’t wait for your new book. Love the new shawl and color!

  56. Ginger Klein says:

    I love the book (cover 😉 ) Can’t wait to see the samples in the box.

  57. I finished the mystery shawlette and all my knitting friends are starting their own. I can’t wait for your book to be released. I have your two sock books already and have made several items from them. It is always great to buy a book and actually make something from it. I know any book you produce, there will be a number of patterns I can’t wait to start. Thanks for your creativity.

  58. Susan Van Hout says:

    I bought my first lace kit the other day because of your emails. I think I’m slowly getting hooked. I have been on a sock kick for quite some time. Maybe it’s time for a change.
    I love your emails.

  59. How fast do you knit? I can’t believe how many projects you get done. I bow to your abilities.

  60. Gail Rector says:

    Yes! I did notice and it was very cute too!
    Two Step and Tango

    I got the Socks in a Box set since the Mystery Shawl escapade… (which I didn’t finish … got distracted by Frozen Shoulder and Gall Bladder removal {yeah yeah I know tooo much information} and lost my momentum booo!)

    I’m climbing back into the saddle with some socks. I hope to be warmed up enough to do more than look at the pictures and buy yarn for the new book.

  61. I kinda liked the name Strawberry Fields! I love that it is an easier pattern with lace edging…I like it. Congrats on all you do, Wendy. I have been telling people at church that are knitters to check out your blog and patterns…!

  62. Ann Hedington says:

    You know your own fur-baby best, of course, but if Lucy is anything like my cats she’s saying “yeah, ‘Two Step & Tango,’ you’re a genius. Now would you please throw my paper ball for me?” btw — I love your little shawlette/scarf thingie and Strawberry Fields is yummy looking too. A friend of mine made the mystery shawl and it is Beautiful. I may have to gather up my nerve and make that!

  63. MaryjoO says:

    Congrats on the book and can barely wait to get my hands on it, one way or another !

  64. Teresa Wertz says:

    Please ..I implore the lace knitting gods to bring my name to the top of the random generator..I really want a copy of this

  65. Oh wow I was just starting to look at patterns for a shawl I want to make for my mom and I came across an ad about your new book and decided I wanted to wait till I could look at your patterns before I decided what to do I love all your sock patterns I am working through almost all of them pattern by pattern since I love all of them I figured I would just knit through each and every pattern and I am sure I will want to do the same with your lace book now also. So if I happened to be lucky enough to chosen that would be great. If not then I am sure that I will be ordering a copy. I know your other books are available in e-book form hoping that this might be also then just have to chose which form, look the books but I am running out of space for books. But it won’t stop me from buying it regardless of which form I choose. Congrats on the new book. Can’t wait to see it.

  66. Dorothy says:

    Oh I would love the book!!! Lucy you are a sweety.

  67. Do you think they will release a kindle version of your lace book?

  68. Wendy,

    You are truly a wellspring of knitting creativity. Lace patterns flow from you the way great music did from Mozart. I have made several of your lace shawls, and look forward to the release of your new book. Congratulations! And yes, I would love to have an advance copy.

  69. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the new book. I recently purchased your socks in a box and am looking forward to starting those. It’s a great format and the designs are fabulous!

  70. Ruthie A. says:

    LOVE, LOVE the color of your Tango piece!! It looks like the perfect item for summer knitting! I also like the cover of your new book…it draws you into wondering what’s really inside. Enjoy unpacking your box…it’ll almost be like Christmas again!

  71. Can’t wait to see the new book. Your knitting output is incredible, and so are your designs!
    Hissy Stitch´s last blog post ..Tour de Fleece Day 2: Of War and Fleece

  72. Hi Wendy & Lucy:
    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your pretty lace books,
    Oh, I would also Love to throw your paperball for you Lucy, so hang
    in there, I’m sure when your nice MaMa finishes opening her box of
    treaures, she will throw the paperball….(just think, you get to jump in
    the box, and check it out for her)..

  73. Alexa13 says:

    I LOVE your lace! The SMS is the first lace project to really work out 🙂 (I am hoping, I am not done yet)

  74. Linda G Howell says:

    Wendy, you inspired me to knit socks, first from the top down and then toe up. Now you have inspired me to knit lace. I can’t wait to see your new book! Give Lucy a kiss!!

  75. Dana A. says:

    You are a BIG TEASE! LOL We want to see in the box!!! Was this a test to see who reads your posts? Well, we are out here salivating. Love your latest work…the Strawberry Fields Forever shawlette/scarf thingie. Beautiful color.

  76. Barbara Stern says:

    Your new lace knitting projects look great. I hope I win one of the books!

  77. Oh I wil definitely buy the Tango/Two Step pattern – I just love both versions of it!

    (P.S. Yes, I’m commenting, ’cause a) my statement above is true, and b) with two books to give away, I figure my chances are a half million to one …)

  78. sillygilly says:

    I love all your shawl patterns. I am addicted to shawl knitting at present. I am really looking forward to your new book coming out.

  79. Beverley says:

    A new book! and lace, my faourite! Yes please
    Cheers Beverley

  80. The colour you picked for the larger version of the scarf/shawlette looks beautiful.
    As for that box. We’ll get to see the contents. Right? Maybe once the book comes out.

  81. Sindy Faddis says:

    I agree the box is a tease…open, open, open,,,,,

  82. Please explain This info flashes on my screen several times when I read your blog email messages and has an option to cancel which I do if I can get to it before the small window disappears. This only happens when I ready your blog and I am concerned that it relates to security issues.

  83. My sock yarn stash is looking more and more like a lace yarn stash. Your new lace book is more and more irresistible.

  84. I have the lace bug! I’m working on a stole right now, and find it so relaxing to be “in the lace zone”…. 🙂

  85. Carolyn says:

    I really like knitting lace. I did the summer mystery shawlette and it came out great. I also did the Shetland Pi shawl KAL(used stash yarn!) but it’s not blocked yet – not enough pins!
    I hope your lace book will eventually be available for my Nook Color.

  86. Jocelyn says:

    Love that color! Looking forward to the book.

  87. Me too, me too!! Love it all especially two step and tango.

  88. I love your sock books. So, I know that this new book will be just great.

  89. tricia birbeck says:

    Just finished your Mystery Shawl. Lovely pattern to follow, so clearly written. Good luck with your new book. A copy will be mine (one way or another!).

    Good wishes to all from the UK. xx

  90. Ann Liebert says:

    I think shawls are the new socks. We all learned how to knit socks and now we are on to lace shawls. Looking forward to seeing your new book.

  91. I love lacy shawls, and yours are all gorgeous!!!!

  92. julia c. says:

    Would love to see what’s in the box. Tried to get a peek at the patterns in the book but Amazon does not have the “look inside” feature for your book. I guess I will have to wait until it gets to a book store near me to see the patterns and get a glimpse at the techniques. I am not a very good knitter and would like to make sure that there are a few patterns that I can handle or advance to.

    Good luck with the sales and Have a Happy 4th of July.

  93. Lee Cockrum says:

    Hooray for two chances to win:)

    That strawberry fields colorway is AMAZING!!

  94. I have my fingers and toes crossed….hoping…hoping!

  95. Now I need some strawberry ice cream!! Great names for the scarf/shawlette. Please, please oh random number generator – pick me!!!!
    Cathy E´s last blog post ..Back in Business!!!

  96. Kathryn says:

    I loved knitting your mystery shawl and would love the lace book to add to my collection of your books!

  97. Maureen says:

    I love the new shawl/scarf. Love the green you used for the scarf.

  98. Your shawlette/scarf is very pretty. I love the edges!
    Pam´s last blog post ..July 2, 2011

  99. I love the colors of your current project. The green one was nice but I really like the pinky red one.

    I’m so looking forward to your new book! I’ve enjoyed your sock books but I’m really a lace fan so I’m sure I’m going to love your lace book. It would be great to win a copy.

  100. Two copies – wow!!! How fun!!! I just got your Toe Up Socks in a Box as well!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..I is for… Inspired!