My current work in progress:

Benedict, designed by Michele Wang, knit from Rowan Softknit Cotton in the Cocoa colorway, on a U.S. size 6 and 8 needle.

Twice as Nice

It makes me extremely happy to see how many of you are looking forward to the release of Wendy Knits Lace next month. And it also makes me happy to hear from those of  you who said that your first lace experience was my Summer Mystery Shawl and you are looking forward to more lace. I’m always happy to suck more lace knitters into the fold. (Insert evil laughter here.)

And hey — guess what? Potter Craft sent me two copies of Wendy Knits Lace instead of just one, so I will give both of them away in the drawing on Thursday!

They also sent back all the knitted samples from the book. Here they are:

Oh, sorry — I haven’t unpacked them yet. 😉

On to current knitting.

I finished the unbloggable project I was working on so started in on the larger version of the shawlette/scarf thingie I showed in the last blog post. Here it is:

This is being knit from Three Irish Girls’ Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering, which I purchased from The Loopy Ewe. This yummy yarn is 80% Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon and is wonderfully soft. This colorway is called “Strawberry Fields Forever. I’m using the same needle size as I did for the shawlette/scarf thingie — a U.S. size 5 (3.75mm).

I will be calling this pattern “Tango.” The little shawlette/scarf thingie is being called “Two-Step” so the pattern that will include instructions for both of them will be called “Two-Step and Tango.”

See what I did there?

Lucy sez:

“Will someone throw my paper ball for me?”


  1. The summer shawlette was the first mystery kal that I have done. Loved it! finished and on to my other UFOs. Have no room for one more book but look forward to the challenge of having to add it to my already full book storage. Thanks

  2. If your lace is 1/2 as good as your socks, I’m hooked! Love to have the book. And, good luck.

  3. Diana T says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new book. Happy 4th!

  4. Mary Beth says:

    OMB! Thanks for the chance!!

    I am not lucky, but if I am chosen, may I have it signed? Thank you!

  5. Congratulations on the new book! I love the Summer Mystery Shawl pattern!
    Thanks again.

  6. Huntley Edwards says:

    Oh man…I want one of those books so bad! 😀

  7. Mary Lou says:

    Oh mighty random number generator, please pick me! I would love to add Wendy’s lace book to my knitting library. Of course, if I don’t win it, I will still purchase it. Can’t wait!

  8. Michele Cashen says:

    I’d like to win your new book and knit a stunning shawl from the book.

  9. Diane H Rosser says:

    I have your “Wendy Knits” book and would really, really love to have your new lace book as I’ve never knitted lace! And the box! I do love a mystery. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Congratulations on your new book! I’ve enjoyed your sock book, and look forward to your lace book!!

  11. You inspire us all with your enthusiasm. I appreciate that. I would love to win your new book. If I don’t, I’ll have to eat less for a month or two so I can save enough $$ to buy one.

  12. Heather K says:

    I’ve been looking forward to your new book – but winning an autographed copy would be wonderful!! And that box looks SO interesting!! Lucy, I don’t know HOW she can stand not opening it – there may be fun stuff for you inside – get her busy and opening, LOL

  13. Susan(akia suestonenp) says:

    I love your shawls. I am knitting the mystery shawl now and it is beautiful. I also have plans for the Japanese garden shawl. Today I ordered two of your books because they are so full of information and great patterns.

  14. How fun to get two copies?! I have been loving your “Socks from the Toe-Up” and it has cured me of my fear of toe-up socks, so maybe your new book will assist me with my fear of big cast on shawls!

  15. susan murphy says:

    Oh, I would love to win one of your fabulous books!

  16. Oh I would love to win your lace book!

  17. I have to agree with everyone else – must see the knitted samples!

  18. folksmith says:

    I can hardly wait to see your new Lace Knit book. Your work is beautiful. I must say that I have yet to do the Mystery Shawl. I have the pattern printed and ready to go just need to figure out the yarn that i want to use and hope that I can do it.

    Best wishes!

  19. Love your books!

  20. Love Two Step and Tango. Can’t wait for the patterns. The lace edge is fab-u-lous. Hope the number generator picks me for your book!!

  21. Lynette says:

    I’ve done a few lace projects, but have been dancing around the idea of trying a shawl… I would love to have the book.

  22. Lisa Downing says:

    I love trying to win a prize. Thanks for the offer. It sounds like a wonderful book.

  23. It must be so exciting to receive a box of your books that you wrote and designed for!! I can’t imagine! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to win a book.

  24. Thank you for inspiring so many knitters. I teach at a LYS and speak of your blog often. So much so that a few knitter at the LYS joined me in knitting your Summer Mystery Shawl, many of them knitting lace for the very first time! I look forward to getting a copy of your book, if from you, great! If not, then from Amazon, as I have already pre-ordered it months ago! Thanks, again, Wendy!

  25. Lisa from w mass says:

    Ooh … the lace book! I got hooked recently as well; wish there were more time (for knitting rather than for work) in the day.

  26. I love your mint chocolate chip kick lately!! Everything’s so pretty!!! I can’t wait to get your lace book!! (It’s preordered!!) Congratulations!!

  27. I wanna see what’s in the box! Barring that, I’d love to win a copy of your lace knitting book. I’m on my second pair of socks from “Socks from the Toe Up” and I am loving toe up. I’ve knit many top down patterns, but have big feet and like longer socks, so was anxious to learn toe-up but had run into problems with other patterns. Your instructions are easy to understand. I’m sure “Wendy Knits Lace” does the same for lace patterns.

  28. Alexandra Wright says:

    Love,Love your lace!! I love a copy of your new lace book!

  29. Just starting knitting lace with your Summer Mystery Shawlette. It turned out beautifully and I would like to make others. My mom is 81 and wouldn’t she look beautiful in one of your shawls.

  30. I love your lace, and am looking forward to seeing the lace book!

  31. Betsy Pratt says:

    Oh, you’re such a tease with those samples from the book! And I’m flicking the paper ball for Miss Lucy- fffffffft! Go Lucy! Get the paper before my cats try to get it.

    I’m sure the new book will be on everyone’s “gotta have it” list. It is on mine. I’ve done some very simple lace and understand all the principles. I just need to get the hang of counting. Lol.
    I’m loving your TIG yarn and that pattern, by the way. I’ll be on the lookout for it on Rav.
    Thanks for the tease and the opportunity to participate in your giveaway.
    See ya Lucy. Fffffffffffft. Go get the paper!

  32. I would love to knit Wendy’s Lace! The two recent shawlettes are right up my alley!

  33. bmarion says:

    Your designs are such an inspiration! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  34. Love Three Irish girls yarns and patterns–have some that would be good for your patterns

  35. I did the Summer Mystery Shawl and loved it. Great fun, not knowing what it is going to look like, it made me want to keep up with each section so I could start on the new set of directions. And it’s finished!!

  36. I would throw the ball for Lucy, but I am way more likely to sit next to her on the floor and pet her until she flopped over onto her side with happiness. Having my kitty flop on my feet is such a joy, knowing she is happy and relaxed!

  37. Darla Waddell says:

    I would love the book. Kisses to Lucy.

  38. I just started your “Woodland Walk” shawl yesterday and am loving it! And love the Strawberry Fields colorway, too.

  39. Linda B says:

    I would love a copy of that gorgeous new book. It would look so nice sitting next to the two sock books by you – that is if I can put it back on the shelf.

  40. Jo morgan says:

    The book cover is gorgeous! Of course, I’d love to win, and if I do I’ll buy a second copy for my sis. Hope you and Lucy had a great Independence Day! Jo

  41. What a gorgeous book! Congratulations! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I love your patterns.

  42. Peggy Kraham says:

    ooh! I would love to win a copy of your new book.

  43. Cathy B says:

    I would be thrilled to win a copy of your new book.

  44. Love the colorway. I too have started lace with your mystery shawl and am loving it. Not quite done, but still LOVING the lace.

  45. Rebecca says:

    I can’t wait to see what the patterns are in this book! I love your sock books!

  46. I’m really looking forward to your book next month; but if you are having a drawing for your tow copies please add me to the list.

    As always, thanks for all your inspiration.

  47. The Mystery Shawl was my first completed lace project, my first completed shawl, my first mystery knitting project…a lot of first there…your instructions were so easy to follow, Wendy. I can’t wait for Wendy Knits Lace to come out. In the meantime, I guess I need to put to use the two toe-up sock books I have sitting on the shelf.

  48. I would love a copy of your new book, it looks so nice!

  49. CaroleP (ohio says:

    I will have Wendy Knits Lace, but it would be nice to win it. Already have your sock books. Your patterns are so easy to read and you taught me to knit “toe up”. I’m ready to learn more with this book. Thanks for the offer.

  50. Would love a chance to win this book!

  51. Crossing my fingers that I win your new book. Your lace patterns are so beautiful!

  52. Congrats on the new book!

  53. I am very excited about your lace book. I have all your socks books and I give your Socks from the Toe Up book as a gentle nudge to “top down” fans. They don’t know what they are missing.

  54. Hope to win, but will be buying book anyway as I love your patterns.

  55. Congratulations on the new book!
    LittleWit´s last blog post ..Sticks N Stitches Reminder

  56. Wendy:
    I knitted your Summer Mystery Shawlette and loved it! I am anxiously awaiting your book! I would love to win it…but if I don’t, I have already budgeted for it in my August/September budget (since hubby is very sick, I have to budget for my knitting goodies ‘way in advance so I can at least pretend to keep up with the health care bills!)

    Thanks for your blog! I read it religiously! I love the photos of Lucy! I do miss your outside your window photo shots though!

    Cindy Petty, a humble admirer from Princeton, IN

  57. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I think my sock knitting spree is waning after 5 years, so lace, here I come!

  58. Oh.. Once the book is released can we get Wendy pics of the samples?

    Kim´s last blog post ..Still knitting

  59. Diana-NYC says:

    I believe your new book will find its way into my library whether I win a copy or not.
    Thanks for your lovely designs.

  60. Diane M says:

    I am currently knitting the Lacey Rib Socks from you Socks from the Toe Up book. I really like how easy and forgiving this lace pattern is. I have gotten confused on where I was several times but they still look good. I knit a shawl for a friend who had brain cancer. She lived several years after I knit the shawl but unfortunately she is dead now and I have no idea where the shawl went. I tried a shawl from someone else’s pattern but it is not working out. I need to frog it and reuse the yarn on something else. I really like the yarns that you chose for your shawls. Please enter me for your new book as all the shawls you have been blogging about lately look great.

  61. I have really enjoyed your Socks from the Toe Up book and look forward to seeing all your lacy creations. I have dabbled in lace, but never truy embraced it. I truly should try some more.

    And tell Lucy my cats say she is an awesome role model and they wish I would stop letting the dogs butt in on the FO photography sessions. 🙂

  62. You are so creative and inspiring! Good Luck with the lace book. I know it will be a success! Congratulations!

  63. love the two latest pieces – looking forward to the lace book!

  64. Barbara says:

    Lovely shawl, Wendy. Would love to win your new book.

  65. Geraldine Scott says:

    I need a distraction from the heat…lace knitting would be perfect! 😉

  66. Pat Murphy says:

    Can’t wait to see the book!