My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I finished the Tango Shawlette Sunday afternoon. Lucy was on duty for the photo-shoot.

This measures 54″ along the top edge, 60″ along the bottom edge, and 10.5″ down the center back. (The Two-Step Scarf has the same measurements for length, but is only 7.5″ down the center back.) You could easily make this shawlette deeper down the center back if you had more yarn. The pattern describes how to do this.

Tango took approximately 350 yards of Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino and was knit using a U.S. size 5 (3.75mm) needle.

The two-fer pattern for this and the Two-Step Scarf will be available very soon!

Lucy hopes that you all had a relaxing weekend. Evidence that she certainly did:


  1. This came out beautiful! I love the edging on it.
    Pam´s last blog post ..July 2, 2011

  2. Karen in Baltimore says:

    Brilliant! I love the different ways one can wear it.

  3. It’s beautiful!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Independence Day

  4. wow!! this Shawlette is very beautiful and your cat is soooo cute 🙂
    Larissa´s last blog post ..Hair removal methods

  5. I love the way you tied it in the 2nd pic. It appears to be centered in the front with the ends crossed behind the neck and tied in front. Oui?
    JulieC´s last blog post ..Reflection Shawl & Camp Loopy

  6. All I can say is wow Its just beautiful

  7. That is a beautiful piece! Love the color! luv.m.

  8. Magnificent.

  9. Love this Tango Shawl. I am working on the Tracy Shawl, Part C, Row 13, using the same yarn you used in a different color way with blue and green colors. I am enjoying it
    Martha Frey´s last blog post ..The Princess Shawl/ Row 209 of Border

  10. I’m not usually a big fan of pink, but this looks quite luscious.

  11. As always, lovely. Lucy is such a looker… and the shawl is nice too… Really though, both are beautiful.

  12. waiting…….

  13. Very nice! I think I like this one even more than the two-step. It looks like it wouldn’t be difficult, either.

    Wendy, remember that really wonderful cabled sweater you did a while back? (Ok, which really wonderful cabled sweater? You know, the REALLY wonderful cabled sweater.) Any closer to a sellable pattern on that one? Or better yet….it’s one of many in the next book!
    Sue´s last blog post ..Gail’s Quilt

  14. Sansarya says:

    The shawl is so gorgeous, and I already have that particular yarn. Hopefully someday my lace skills are up to making one. 🙂

  15. I think it’s even more beautiful than the green one, somehow this color brings out more the beauty of the edging. I wish I could buy that yarn.
    Mimi´s last blog post ..Change

  16. the edging gives such a feminine touch and the color is lovely, might need to put this on the to-do christmas list. Thank you Wendy for your creativity looking forward to many more creations.

  17. Michele in So. MD says:


    It’s just lovely! I just might have to have this book too! I am slowly making my way through Socks from the Toe up and I just adore the book!


  18. Very sweet. I know I could get there with a bit more project monogamy, but I love how your speedy turnover of projects means that we never have to wait too long to see the results. It is like you are the instant gratification of the knitting world.

  19. Roseanne Nichols says:

    Yes, this one I want!

  20. Lucy, you make a perfect comma!

    Love the shawl!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Funky Chickens in Green Mini Bag

  21. Tango shawlette. I think this is my favorite of all your beautiful patterns.

  22. Liz in Missouri says:

    I love both of these. I actually prefer scarves to full shawls so I’m very excited for this pattern to come out. Am I right is guessing that to make it longer you would just have to do more repeats of the lace edge? Lucy looks very happy with it too!

  23. You knit the most interesting things! I can’t believe how fast you knit. I would be thinking about casting on and you are posting pics of your FO. Can’t wait for your new book on lace.

  24. Susan Shelly says:

    This is really cute! Looking forward to the pattern being available. Beautiful colorway too:O))

  25. Oh!! Pretty! Pretty! I cannot wait for the pattern!!

  26. How soon, how soon!?! I’ve bought my yarn, I’m digging through my circular needles, I want to start!

  27. michele says:

    You continue to amaze! I LOVE this…bought the same yarn on the loopy ewe and I am ready for the pattern. Can’t wait!! Thanks for your amazingness!!

  28. Great color for the Tango…! I love shawlettes!

  29. Oh, oh, oh – how ever did you tie that in the 2nd pix? That alone is worth the knitting time. You’re so good with your camera, maybe a few shots of the tie-in-progress? Americans would buy/knit a lot more neck pieces if we were as good as the FRENCH in artful arranging!!!

  30. Shannon says:

    This is lovely! Will you be selling the pattern?

  31. Michelle B says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for the pattern to come out!

  32. it’s very beautiful.

  33. Lust for this pattern made me finally change my password on Ravelry so I could buy it. I’m starting NOW!