My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



My slouchy hat is done.

I have to tell you, the whole time I was knitting this hat, I had Rick James’ “Super Freak” running through my head, except that my version went like this:

It’s a super slouch, a super slouch,
It’s super slouchy!

(My apologies for the ear-worm.)

So I will of course be calling this design “Super Slouch.” Here it is on my rather large head:

The tubular ribbing is very stretchy so it will stretch to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. Unstretched it is 18″ around and it will stretch out quite a bit. My head circumference is around 22 inches and it fits with a good deal of stretch to spare.

This was knit from Madelinetosh Tosh DK, using a U.S. size 4 for the ribbing and a U.S. size 8 for the lace portion. Tosh DK has approximately 220 yards per skein and I estimate that I used 200 yards for my hat.

The reason I designed this hat is because I wanted something I could bundle all my hair into in the winter, and pull it down over my ears. I have approximately a metric ton of hair, and it all fits nicely in the hat with room to spare.

I am planning on making the pattern available for sale, but before I do, I am knitting another version of it. Here is the ribbing:

This is Fiesta Boomerang in the “Morocco” colorway. I’m using the same needles as for the Madtosh DK version, even though Boomerang is a bit thinner. But it is working out nicely so far.

This hat will have a different lace pattern — one that will work well with a more variegated yarn. So the pattern, when finished, will have two options for the lace.

Gotta love a two-fer!

Looking for Needles for a Charity Project?

Check out this etsy shop, which has tons of needles and hooks — dirt cheap.

Just sayin’.

Preview! Preview! Preview!

Do you subscribe to Potter Craft’s CrafterNews email newsletter? If not, you’ll want to check this out. Its a free preview pattern from my upcoming book, Wendy Knits Lace: the Lace Stripe Scarf. This is a quick and easy project, so lace newbies can make it too!

Lucy Sez:

“Look at me! I’m being adorable!”


  1. Hey wendy- does it fall off your head when your hair is in it? I too have a metric ton of hair and all of my slouches always fall off my head, even with a tighter ribbing, due to the weight of said hair pulling it off. If not, I will be stoked to buy and share this pattern- and will be making a TON of them for myself!

    Also- I just finished my Summer Mystery Shawl here:

  2. RedEliz says:

    LOVE the super slouchy hat!

  3. It looks like Lucy is doing crunches, but we know better!

    Hope these patterns will be available soon in case Camp Loopy project 3 is a hat! I love the Super Slouch!

  4. Love the pattern you used in this hat! The yarn is pretty too and of course Lucy is adorable!

  5. anne marie in philly says:

    steven and meredith say: “meow, cousin lucy, you are ALWAYS adorable!”

    have a nice weekend, all y’all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey, gal, I just went into the other room to measure my head.
    My head measures 22″ – – I always thought it was average sized.
    Now, Am I going to have to ask my friends to measure their heads
    just to compare?
    signed concerned : ]

  7. Love the slouch!!

  8. CaroleP (ohio says:

    I will need the slouchy – One granddaughter has mega hair, not as long as yours but curly, curly. I’ve been looking for a pretty pattern. Could you try it on with your hair inside it so we can get an idea how much it holds? Oh………….. and send a pic?
    BTW – Tell Lucy she’s always adorable.

  9. handmadebysue says:

    Love the Super Slouch hat. I’m a hat fan. Looking forward to the pattern!

  10. Lorraine says:

    Ah Lucy………. you just keep upping the cuteness! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi Wendy,

    I love the slouchy hat and can’t wait for both patterns. I am currently knitting a lacey beret but on 2 needles, i think next time I will use circular ones.

    Thanks for the link to the craft site, I love discovering new sources of crafty delight and I’m so looking forward to being able to buy your lace knitting book next month, not long to wait now !!!

    Best wishes,

  12. Y’know I just bought some Madeline Tosh DK and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. Perfect!!

  13. Beautiful hat! Beautiful Cat! BUT ACK! Now I have Rick James running through my head! LOL!

  14. I love this hat! Can hardly wait for the pattern to be available! Thank you Wendy!

    BTW – Lucy does a GREAT job at being adorable . . . . purrs from Murphy to your sweet girl!

  15. Nice hat – super slouchy.

  16. Very nice. I have super short hair, so I’m not sure that this hat would look good on me (I’m mostly a beanie kind of gal). It looks awesome on you though!

  17. Love the hat and thanks for the free pattern. By the way do the lace patterns in your new book only have charts or are their written directions as well?

  18. I love not only the slouch but that it keeps the texture!

  19. Barbara Fredrick says:

    Dear Lucy –

    When your nap is over, would you go give Wendy mt thanks for the free lace stripe scarf pattern. I’m looking forward to make it! I notice that it says to use a “lace cast-on”. Would you ask Wendy where I can find that described?

    Many thanks, happy napping.

    Barbara Fredrick

    PS I’m sure Princess would send her greetings, but she did not want to be roused from her nap.

  20. I’m looking forward to trying this pattern now! I have an unusually large head (23 and a half inches!), and I’m forever trying to adapt patterns to fit – it this is as stretchy as you say, maybe I won’t have to for once!

  21. Wendy, Love the hat, can’t wait to get the pattern. Thanks for the scarf patten. I love it . Will be getting your latest book for my library. Thanks for all you do for us.

  22. Susan Shelly says:

    Love the look of the slouchy hat and thanks so much for the free lacey scarf pattern:O)) Looking forward to the new book!

  23. Santaptr says:

    Wondering also about the “lace cast on”.. went on a hunt for it and so far not anything I think would work or I liked.. Ordered the book, perhaps it is in there.. but, wanted to try the scarf right now of course!

  24. Can you help me understand what tubular ribbing is?

  25. Oh I love this hat! Sounds like it will work well on my frizzy mop, I mean hair! Can’t wait until you make the pattern for both versions available for purchase.