My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mitten Progress

I’ve not got much blogging time today, but I wanted to check in to report that I’m making good progress on my latest mitten project. Here is the first one completed.

And here is the palm.

As you can see, I deviated from my nearly ubiquitous corrugated ribbing for two-color mittens and instead did a picot hem and a little band of colorwork above it. Then some plain 1×1 ribbing, and then right into the hand. Kind of fun for a change!

However, I do think I am a bit “over” mittens now, so when I complete the second mitten, that’ll be it for a while.

Besides, on Monday I get to dive into some Hand Maiden Swiss Silk in the Boreal colorway. It is the yarn for my Camp Loopy Project III, which I can start on August 15.

More on that later.

Even though it is hotter than all get-out, Lucy’s favorite spot is curled up in my lap. From the LucyCam:

All hail the mighty a/c!


  1. Love the long cuff on the mittens! My favorite mittens are from Magnificent Mittens have the extra long cuff that is soooo nice on cold, snowy days.

  2. That’s not a color combo that I’d have thought to put together, but I like it enough to filch it for a project sometime. All hail a/c indeed – I’m off to sacrifice a small animal to the a/c gods.

  3. Love the new mittens! And the cuff. Very cool. (Lucy needs a kiss on that nose.)

  4. I’ve never had mittens, but if I needed some, it would be these gorgeous babies! Love the color and the design!

    Love Lucy’s face, too!

  5. Lovely mittens, and lovelier Lucy!

  6. I love this mitten design. I may have to make these for one of my nieces.

  7. What a pretty departure!

  8. I love the mittens, just adore purple and green together! Lucy is adorable all upside down on your lap! I hope you put up the mitten pattern soon on Ravelry!

  9. Lucy is precious and I like your mitten. Really like the color combination.

  10. That is almost too much adorableness from Lucy! Oh my goodness!!!!

  11. anne marie in philly says:

    don’tcha just love how kitties can curl themselves upside down like that?

  12. Wendy – How do you get so much knitting done so quickly? I’m so envious! You’re incredible!!

    Love the mittens, but then again, I love all the mittens you design.

  13. Awwww the paw’s over the head. So cute!! The mittens are great too.

  14. Love Love Love those mittens, so much so that I have been thinking of getting some going for myself. I`ll need new ones this year, Minnesota is mitten country. Lucy looks so happy and comfy all curled up like that

  15. Sansarya says:

    Definitely snagging this pattern as soon as it’s for sale. I love that cuff!

  16. Beautiful mittens, I’m working on a pair right now, but much plainer. It took me a minute and a hard look to see what Lucy was doing. You must have had a light that was too bright! They’re so sweet when they do that.

  17. I love the mittens too. Very fun with the reverse colorways front and back. I have a pair of fair isle in the works, but could see these being next in line.

  18. GeniaKnitz says:

    Question: Just learned about negative ease in socks at the Summit (No WONDER my socks are so slippy on my feet!), do you also put negative ease in mittens? And can anyone recommend a good basic mitten book for this mitten beginner?

  19. Dang, Miz Lucy, but that’s a cute picture. Kisses!!

  20. And here comes one more pair of pretty mittens! You did a great job, the design is awesome.

  21. Fab Mittens, hope you are going to write these up as well, I’m hoping puchase the fishy mittens shortly. Love the pic of Lucy x

  22. The Lucy cam has elicited lots of “AWWWWW’s” over here! What a doll she is! Nice mittens — I am a novice to mitten knitten, just kinda winged my Camp Loopy Project II, which was cabled mittens. They fit my DD, and she’s an adult (chronologically, anyway!), so I guess they’re fine.

  23. Savannagal says:

    Love the mittens. But even more, I love that photo of Lucy. She looks so adorable and cuddly. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Liz in Missouri says:

    I’m not much of a mitten person but I have to say that these you have done lately have almost changed my mind. They are great and they have me on the teetering edge of trying some color work again. (I never have been very good at that – and I certainly wouldn’t want to actually PRACTICE! LOLOL) I especially like how you have designed the thumbs on all of them, instead of just leaving it as a little extra bit that just happens to be there. VERY COOL!!!!
    Gotta love Lucy. My Lucy (a little maltese dog) seems to want to do the same thing on these hot days – curl up right on top of me. No kidding about that a/c – right?

  25. Those are some cute mittens!!!

  26. madonnaearth says:

    I love the mittens, but Lucy’s my favorite pic today!

  27. You have Swiss Silk coming for project 3? That is some glorious stuff. I might have bitten off more than I can chew with the last project. Hopefully I find it interesting enough to get it done in a month!

  28. Love the lucy pose!

  29. Love love love the mittens, especially the cuff. And the colorway. And the main pattern. And the palm. And the thumb. Just overall gorgeous!

  30. My tea went up my nose. My dh is in an identical pose (in his recliner thank goodness, not my lap). I wouldn’t say this outloud, but really, Lucy is cuter.

    Mittens are a real showstopper with that colorway. What beauties.

  31. I LOVE those colors together! And I need to knit myself a new pair of mittens before winter….

  32. Cool mittens! And Lucy is always adorable, especially with her paw over her eyes.

  33. I love your mitten patterns! I need to make a new pair for this winter.

  34. Aww loving the paws over the face… and the mittens too of course!!

  35. The mittens are great!! I must know though, do you watch Lucy while you are at work? What a neat idea!! I absolutely love that little face!!! I want to purchase one of your books from the shop you mentioned sometime back. I would like it to be signed. Would you please send me the address etc. to be able to order. Thank you!!

  36. Those mittens are gorgeous. I just started Elinor’s Mittens today. I almost wish I had chosen a classic color combo like the red and white or a navy and white for them after seeing yours.