My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Publication Day

Today is finally the release day for Wendy Knits Lace (though the e-book won’t be available for another few days).

I’m not terribly thrilled, however, that Mother Nature saw fit to celebrate this event with a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia. We are all okay here, though both Lucy and I were pretty freaked when everything in my condo started shaking. Pictures fell off the walls, my couch moved, and all my kitchen cabinet doors flew open, but I seem to have no real damage here. Poor Lucy finally settled down an hour after the event.

In less shaky celebration, my second guest post at Crafter News is up. 🙂

We will try to get all the patterns from the book entered in Ravelry this week. I do hope all of you enjoy the book!

Creative Mojo!

Tomorrow, Wednesday (barring further earthquakes), I’ll be a guest on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski. My segment will be from 4:00 – 4:30pm eastern time. To listen to it live, go to and click on the “Live On Air” button.

Back at home, it’s still all about lace. I have made some tremendous progress on my Camp Loopy III project.

Being off from work really helps with the knitting progress! I have the front and back completed, and I’ve joined the pieces at the shoulder via a three-needle bind-off.

And I’ve done the neckband.

I’m working on a sleeve now, but have not gotten very far.

Vintage Sign Giveaway

The Random Number Generator chose Katy to receive a set of three 12″ x 18″ signs from the Flying Junction Etsy shop. Katy has been emailed! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.

Okay, back to my knitting. I have a feeling that this little girl will be pasted to me for quite a while:

“I don’t like it when my world shakes, Momma!”



  1. Here in the Shenandoah Valley, I was sitting at the sewing machine at work when the low noise began and thought “Wow, the air handling system is starting up really loud.” Then I thought “No. Must be a huge truck going by on the bridge outside”. Then I thought “Nooooo… that’s going on too long and loud for that and besides… I’m rumbling too…”
    Not nearly the effect as up by you! Maybe the mountains between Richmond and me tempered it…
    Gorgeous lace sweater!

  2. Glad you are OK 🙂 Felt it all the way here in central New Jersey! Congrats on your new book, can’t wait to see it.

  3. I heard about the quake on the news, just as I was starting to worry about Hurricane Irene and all my friends on the east coast. I’m glad you’re all okay. My first thoughts when I heard where the epicenter was, was Lucy. I imagined your condo would have been pretty wobbly and she wouldn’t like it at all! I hope you don’t get hit by the hurricane as well – I think you’ve probably had enough excitement for awhile.

  4. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    So glad that you and Lucy are safe. That must have been scary!

    My copy of the book should arrive tomorrow–I can’t wait to see it!

  5. Glad you & Lucy are OK. Poor Lucy – good that you were home with her.
    Congratulations on the new book!

  6. First, I’m glad that you and Lucy are OK. I thought of you when I saw the news about the earthquake. Second, congratulations on the new book. I picked up my copy at my local bookstore a little while ago and am looking forward to some great bedtime reading. 🙂

  7. Congrats on the book! I was on the Amazon site earlier today & saw that its status had changed from “preorder” to “in stock”. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy.

  8. Amazon mailed my book yesterday, after what seems like years of waiting. 😉

    So, what are you gifting yourself for Publication Day?
    KateJonze´s last blog post ..Good-bye Orange County/Costa Mesa Classic Jazz Fest

  9. Wendy, glad your okay from the Earthquake. I was working in DC and my office building started to shake, still feel shaky but okay. I was not going back in there today. Got home no real damage picture off the wall, nick knack not were they should. My puppy was terrified though.

  10. Happy Day for the book, I’ll be getting it from my local independent bookseller. The sweater looks wonderful. I’m relieved that you all are okay, and damage is minimal. Thank you for the heads up on the interview.

  11. My copy just arrived in Phoenix! I had high expectations, but your book exceeded them. Beautiful designs, beautiful photos.

  12. Rats! My slow brain…. Your book is so wonderful it’s earth shaking good!

  13. We felt it in Boston. I’m sorry that you and Lucy were so freaked out by it all.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..using up a CSA

  14. I got my copy today and am gearing up for a nice linen lace cardigan. It’s really a pretty book and full of inspiration.

  15. My copy should be waiting at the post office; can’t wait to see it!

  16. So glad to hear all is well at your house after the quake. We had a quake out here in ’01 and I always feel bad knowing we were at work and the animals were alone that day. I can only imagine what Woody, the Jack Russell, was thinking!
    Got your book today from my pre-order and can’t wait to settle in and check it out. I am sure it is great, just like all your other “stuff.” Thanks for such consistent knitting quality!

  17. I just got the book!!! 🙂 I love it- contemplated waiting for nook version but mines black and white and I didn’t want to miss out on the beautiful yarn colors. As a knitter who just (currently blocking) finished her first lace scarf, and has her one year knitting anniversary in November I cannot wait to get started. I love your work.

  18. Congratulations, Wendy! (And glad you and Lucy are all right, if freaked.)

    And–my review of your book is up:

    (The short version? I loved it.)
    –Deb´s last blog post ..Review: Wendy Knits Lace

  19. Poor Lucy! I’d be freaked for quite some time too if my world started shaking!
    Congrats on the book release!

  20. glad you and Lucy are OK. I felt it in western NYS–gave me the willies even at that distance!

    hoping my LBS can get your lace book soon! Congrats!

  21. Just saw the news flash about the earthquake. I thought it was Mother Nature celebrating your book’s publication! As in,”the earth moved”!
    kmkat´s last blog post ..Sunday evening, the golden hour.

  22. Hope the quake didn’t affect you! Or your home! Picked up my library copy of the new book today.

  23. I ordered your book and have looked forward to 8/23/2011 for however long it has been since I pre-ordered it. Regarding the QUAKE … my boyfriend asked if I felt it. I said, “felt what?” He said, “The quake, I have felt enough of them to know what they feel like.” (He lived in California for a number of years). I said, “no way, there really was one?”. I immediately looked online to see if there was a quake. I told him that there was 5.8 quake in Virginia – too far away for us to feel one. I said, “Nope, not one here.” A bit later on, I looked again, perhaps there was one in MAINE. Nope…but the Bangor news said that persons felt it. So, I guess he does know what a quake feels like!” I think it is a great omen! Many sales!!

  24. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait to see it — I’m sure it’s beautiful. Best wishes for lots and lots of sales. xoxoox
    Carol S´s last blog post ..West & wewaxation

  25. Congratulations,Wendy!
    This book has had quite a journey, so being ushered in with an earthquake actually makes me giggle!
    Virtual hugs until the real ones this weekend!

  26. Connie G. says:

    Congratulation on publication day! I can’t wait to receive my copy from Amazon.

  27. Congratulations on the book and I’m glad you and Lucy are ok after the earth started moving!!!

  28. Wendy,
    Glad you and Lucy are OK.
    Your magnificent book came this afternoon. I can’t decide what to do first. Oh, they are just gorgeous!

  29. MaryO1230 says:

    Sending good thoughts to you and Lucy. I saw this when I was having lunch today. luv.m.

  30. I just bought you book. It’s awesome. I love it! I want to knit every single project. …no really. It’s a wonderful book. Thank you for all your lovely designs. 🙂
    Stitchy Mc Floss´s last blog post ..There’s wheel marks on my backside, too!

  31. My book arrived today and it’s fabulous!! I can’t wait to curl up and read it cover to cover and then dig into the designs.

  32. 400 miles from the epicenter in Columbus, Ohio and we felt it. The building actually swayed back and forth a couple of times and then you could feel the floor vibrating for several minutes afterward. Weird experience!

    Great to read so many positive reviews of your book….hurry up Mr. Postman!!!!

  33. Imagine my joy when I found your book in my mailbox (amazon)!
    I loved skimming through it and can’t wait for some “me” time to sit and read.
    A question for Lucy: “did you sense the earthquake before it happened? ” I’ ve heard that some cats & dogs do.
    Very glad you’re okay!

  34. We got a bit of a shake-up in “Bawlmer” this afternoon, too. After battling traffic for two hours, I arrived home to find a Lovely Thing – your book had arrived:) (Yes, I pre-orderd it!) And it truly is a Lovely Thing! Congratulations:)!
    Joan´s last blog post ..Heresy!! Or WWAD?

  35. Our cats are now used to earthquakes and barely move; they were in my sewing room with me on 22 Feb when we had our 6.3 and I think anything after that is just not worth taking notice of, especially if you’re in the middle of a cat-nap.
    Hopefully I’ll be getting my copy of your book next week, it’s coming all the way from the UK to NZ, so usually takes about a week or so.
    Rachelle´s last blog post ..6 months on

  36. Publication day congratulations to you!

    Felt the quake up here in NE PA…I must say, I didn’t care for it!

  37. I am in awe of your knitting prowress–utterly and simply awestruck.

  38. Welcome to California! Oh wait….hmmm. Congrats on your new book. I’ve ordered a copy.

  39. Gail Rector says:

    Oh, Sweet Kitty!
    Got shipping notice from Amazon this am early (like 1:00)
    So excited.

    Glad everybody is ok.

  40. Gail Rector says:

    I’m jealous of those who got their book already… I have to wait and I’m not good at waiting. ;p

  41. Glad you are ok. I thought of you second, my Sissy lives in Richmond. Poor Lucy, I am sure she will seek Mama’s comfort for a bit. Glad you were with her.
    We felt it here in SE Ohio, not badly, but it was felt.
    Judy´s last blog post ..SnowDrop update

  42. Poor Lucy! Poor Wendy! Glad everyone is OK, if shaken up.

    And congratulations!

  43. I got my book today. It is beautiful. I an making plans to knit several items. Glad to hear you are all ok. Read this on the news today.

  44. I felt the quake in NYC too! Glad you and Lucy are ok. And of course I can’t wait to get the new book!

  45. linda-kay says:

    Me and Gizmo are glad you and Lucy are okay! We felt it too – near Pittsburgh PA. Love your lace Wendy – congrats on a fabulous book!

  46. We felt that earthquake all the way down here to southeastern NC! One of my kitties freaked out over the shaking, the others just slept right through it. I’m so glad to see that you and Lucy are ok!

  47. Poor Lucy and glad all is well! Big congrats on what looks like a lovely book 🙂

  48. CaroleP (ohio says:

    Glad you are OK there, and not working today! I don’t know anyone else in that area and I thought of you, and poor little Lucy. We’ve had so many severe thunderstorms this summer that Babbs, my cat, dives under the sofa at the first sound of thunder. I keep telling her (It’s ok), but it doesn’t calm her down anymore. Can’t imagine what she’d think of a serious quake. I’m 50 mi. east of Columbus where my niece watched her coffee cup dance on her desk. I felt a slight tremble, as we’ve had them before, but I was glad when it was over.
    Keep safe, no more aftershocks I hope.
    Can’t wait to get your book, should have ordered sooner. Congrats!!!

  49. The book was waiting on the porch when I got home tonight. Working on my list…
    Lori´s last blog post ..I can be a B…

  50. Happy Book Day to You! Sorry you had the earthquake disruption. We felt it all the way up in Cambridge Mass and I thought I had too many carbs for lunch! Missed pick up at my post office today but know my copy of your new book will be there tomorrow. Best wishes for your continued success.

  51. Congratulations on the book. I am anxious to get a copy. I’ll have to check my bookstore for it.
    Crazy weather and all recently. An earthquake on the East Coast. I think they said on the news once every hundred years or so? Poor lucy. (Although a spooked cat can be kinda entertaining for us humans to watch.)

  52. I got my copy today; will be sitting down with it and my coffee in just a minute. Happy Day!
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..Saturday Stash

  53. So glad to hear you’re okay, sympathy to Lucy – it’s hard for a kitty to understand when it gets scary! My book arrived today – I LOVE IT! I’ve already been through all of the patterns and am so excited to start working on something…, wait, I have to finish at least one of the other 4 things I’m also excited about and am in the middle of….sigh. I will be knitting from your fabulous book! Thanks!

  54. congrats again on the book — and i’ll be one of the first with the download of the digital version!

  55. So glad it’s being published as an e-book. I bought Cookie A’s book that way. Knitting books are great as e-books – I can store them on my ipad & always have them with me (well usually). My daughter was very freaked out by the earthquake. She texted me about 1 minute after it happened. And thought it was hysterically funny that I have an iphone app from USGS that shows all the earthquakes, location & intensity. They evacuated her building for a few minutes but then sent them all back inside.

  56. earthquakes are scary, glad youre ok. did lucy act weird for the last few days? they claim animals sense these things days before.

  57. Mary Tole says:

    Just wanted to add my congratulations on the release of your new publication, I had preordered it from Amazon and I look forward to getting my hands on it soon. I am a loyal fan and enjoy your books and your blog immensley. I hope the after shocks don’f frighten Lucy. I live in CA so I can empathize.

  58. Relieved to hear all is ok at your end, poor Lucy, please give her an extra lhug from me. As you know in the UK I have to wait until October to get my mitts on your lovely new lace book, I shall keep myself busy with your slouchy hat patterns that I shall be downloading on Friday and your Wanda Mittens.

    I love the new lacey jumper, that is definitely something I shall aspire to making ….eventually!

    Take care
    Lisa 😉

  59. Oh, poor Lucy! My sister in Alexandria said her dog slept through the whole thing. Of course, we know Lucy is a far more sensitive creature! Too scary!

    Many congrats on the book! I can’t wait to see it.

  60. laurasequeira says:

    Got my book yesterday–and there are so many beautiful patterns. My daughter has been asking me to knit her a pair of gloves–so that will be the first pattern on my list, but there are several I am anxious to try! Congratulations–it is a very beautiful book and has lots of very useful information.

  61. Just thought i would let you know i ran right out yesterday and purchased the only copy they had of Wendy Knits Lace at my local Barnes & Noble. Congrats on the book.

  62. I picked up Wendy Knits Lace at Fibre Space today to preclude the impending stampede. What a lovely book! I feel like doing a Julie & Julia and knit through the entire book. Congratulations on your wonderful new book! I hope to see you on Saturday.
    Roseann´s last blog post ..Kittiwake Hat Completed

  63. Congratulations on the book! And for getting through the earthquake! For us Californians, the earth moving is pretty routine =) Cats can often feel aftershocks before people do, so if Lucy starts acting afraid get ready for an aftershock.

  64. Thank Goodness you and Lucy are OK. I really, really enjoy your blog and receiving your updates. I have your new book in hand, and it is INCREDIBLE! BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! Lots of wonderful information and so many gorgeous patterns. Excellent book and patterns, as usual. I can’t wait to start on them. Thank you for all of the work and effort you put into your books and your blog. So many of us sincerely appreciate what you do. And, no small thing, I love seeing the pictures of Lucy. She is beautiful and I can tell you love her a lot. What a lucky little critter she is! and you!

  65. Up here in Boston others felt it but not me. I got my book today and while I took the dog for a walk my 16 year old read through the book, then started her first lace project ever – a small bookmark using some of the stitches she had learned. She has knit hats and mittens and scarves, and even one sweater before, but never lace and she said that the way you explained the yarn overs and other stitches made so much sense to her. So you’ve converted another young’un!

  66. We even got a mini earthquake in Ca today. And one yesterday. Not as big as Virginia’s! And even though the book release was only yesterday, Amazon came through and I can begin my new lace adventure today! Lovely book, Wendy and congrats on another successful literary launch.

  67. Jo morgan says:

    yaaaaa! I can’t wait to see the book…the cover is gorgeous. Congratulations!

  68. Glad you are all okay and nothing was damaged (except nerves). I’m on the Conn/Mass line and felt it a bit, but a friend only 3 miles away and swaying chandeliers and slamming doors! So odd how that happens. They’ve been telling us on NPR that New York has had 2 quakes over 5 and that we get tiny ones all the time that we don’t feel but that register somehow. Well now, been there, done that, and we don’t need any more thank you very much!

    Your book looks lovely.

  69. Congratulations on Wendy Knits Lace! I’ve ordered my copy! I also liked your article on cowls in Knitcircus Fall 2011.

  70. Susan Shelly says:

    What an exciting day for you – the book and an earthquake;O)) I’m sure Lucy was stressed and scared. Hope she’s feeling better now.

  71. Susan from Phoenix says:

    Your book is amazing and I can’t wait to cast on. . .so many projects, so little time. (Darn that day job and kids that interfere with my knitting!)

    Stay safe and good luck at your new job!

  72. Elizabeth says:

    I have my copy of “Wendy Knits Lace” and it is beautiful! Congratulations!

  73. My book arrived and I love it. Clearly written, beautifully illustrated, and tons of inspiring, just gotta knit projects!

  74. according to Amazon my book should have arrived yesterday but is sitting in FedEX warehouse 5 miles away. ughh. We felt the quake here in OH but just as a tremor.

  75. Just got your book, and it is lovely. I can’t wait to start some new projects. I did the mystery shawl and discovered that I can do charts and actually enjoy them. Thanks!

  76. Bought the book at Barnes & Noble on Tuesday and there are several projects that I am itching to make. But… can anyone recommend an affordable yarn substitute for the lovely jacket near the back???