My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lots of Things

I am so pleased that so far so many of you are liking Wendy Knits Lace. All of the patterns have been entered in Ravelry with my less-than-stellar photos. So feel free to queue ’em up!

My interview with Mark Lipinski at Creative Mojo yesterday afternoon was great fun — if you weren’t able to catch it live, you can find it on the website. It’s the most recent show posted, from 8/24/11.

And we’re all set for the book launch party/book signing on Saturday. This will be at fibre space in Alexandria, VA, from 1 – 3pm on the 27th. I think we’ll be ahead of the hurricane so there shouldn’t be any weather-related problems. The page with the info for the even is here. If the timeline for the hurricane moves up and you have doubts about whether the event will take place, check fibre space’s website or give them a call on Saturday. I’ll have some special guests with me at the party so if you are in the area, come on by!

Back at home, I am working along on my lace sweater.

I’ve got one sleeve attached, and the other one in progress.

Lucy sez:

“We had an earthquake aftershock last night, so I’m gonna duck and cover!”

ETA: Clearly I am distracted today — forgot to mention two important things!

First, my last guest post for the week is up at Crafter News — here. 🙂

Second, the new issue of Knitcircus went live this week! I have an article/tutorial in it on designing your own easy lace cowl.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


  1. The lace book is fabulous! It’s the most beautiful book in my collection. Definitely worth the wait.
    KateJonze´s last blog post ..Good-bye Orange County/Costa Mesa Classic Jazz Fest

  2. Your sweater is looking awesome. Do you think you will have it done in time for your signing?

    I’m hoping to finish sleeve 1 tonight, so I can hopefully get to the yoke of my sweater by the end of the weekend.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..sometimes aesthetics win out

  3. I got my copy today & it looks like a worthy addition to my WK library! I’ve already added several of the projects in it to my queue! Great job, Wendy.

  4. Poor Lucy! Although she looks so cute today and yesterday with her paw over her nose.

    The handmaiden you’re using on the sweater is lovely.
    MelissaW´s last blog post ..DNF: Three Seconds

  5. The book is incredible in every way! I just caught the interview replay; that was a lot of fun to listen to. 🙂 Scritches to Lucy.

  6. Love your new book! Several of the projects have been added to my queue already.

  7. Your book is outstanding! I don’t know what to make first!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for more lovely patterns (as if I did not already have enough on my “Wendy list”!

  8. Heather Davidsmeyer says:

    Upon looking through Ravelry of all of the beautiful items in your new book, I got to wondering if the bulk of your stealth projects are items for upcoming books.

    Poor Lucy, It’s scary enough when you know what’s going on…will it upset her when the hurricane comes through with it’s torrential rain?

  9. Your sweater is coming along nicely, can’t wait to see it finished! Poor Lucy, bet she’s traumatized.
    FoFo´s last blog post ..Another finished project!

  10. I became a fan when we did the KAL on revelry this summer of one of your shawls. I’m an even bigger fan after getting your book! Wow! Impressive!

  11. I picked up your lace book today and was so engrossed in it I hadn’t even noticed my husband stopped for fast food until I smelled the fries, sneaky devil! Can’t wait to get home and cast on!

  12. I like the flow of this lovely lace sweater!

  13. Hi Wendy… Congratulations on the new book! I’m glad to see that there are more than a few projects in there that a sadsack lace knitter like myself can tackle… 😀
    Brigitte´s last blog post ..What Do Lawyers, Seizures, and Streakers Have in Common?

  14. cureuskitte says:

    Friend of mine just bought your book and brought it to knit nite. Wow! It is fantastic! There were 4 patterns in there that I am going to cast on as soon as I buy the book. I have a feeling at some point or another I will be making most of the patterns in the book. There aren’t many books I can say that about. 🙂

    Congratulations on the new book! Wonderful work.

  15. Love, the new book; already decided about half the things in it need to be knit now!

  16. Don’t tell Lucy what’s coming next in the way of weather!

    Have a great time at the book signing!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Mardi Gras Floral Project Bag

  17. Laceyknitz says:

    I just had to comment on your new book which I just got in the mail a few minutes ago. ( I could just sit here and cry) I have purchased many knitting pattern books that I have loved a few patterns from. I usually figure if I like about half of the patterns it is worth purchasing the book but, I must say I have NEVER loved every pattern in a book before!!! Well I must tell you that with the purchase of your book I can honestly say that I own a pattern book that I LOVE every single pattern in. I am just so excited and plan on making every single thing in this book. I will also add that not only are the patterns wonderful but, the whole lay out of the book is a delight!!! Well enough chatter from me I am going to go back to my book and go through it a few more times!!!! thank you so much 🙂 Hugs

  18. Hi Wendy – I am in total agreement with Laceyknitz. I adore your 2 sock books and only knit socks your way now, but this lace book is an absolute masterpiece. The biggest problem is deciding which pattern to start with, I’ll be singing your praises to everyone. Well done!!!

    ShariM in Canada

  19. I just received your lace book today and I’m having a hard time getting back to work since it arrived. I just want to open it up, devour it and start knitting everything in it. It is beautiful and easily the best book in my library. It was worth the wait!

  20. Your lace book arrived today. After a disasterous morning (I found credit card fraud on my account) and arguing with personel on the phone most of the morning, I opened your book, collapsed in a chair and savored every single page. It took my mind off things and helped me focus on my love of knitting. Thanks for all of that today, Bunny

  21. Congrats on the new book. You are amazing! Will the new sweater pattern be available on ravelry or is it being held for another book? It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

  22. Loved the interview, thanks to Plurk I was able to listen live.

  23. I hope you are doing OK in the hurricane. I’m thinking of all the knit bloggers I read who are on the East Coast. Perhaps you evacuated. and are safe … I hope so.

  24. I need a bit of help understanding a pattern, hope you can help… The pattern (a Debbie bliss) states [p next st tog with corresponding st 7 rows below] to end. What does this mean? Thanks in anticipation

  25. I need a bit of help understanding a pattern, hope you can help… The pattern (a Debbie bliss) states [p st tog with corresponding st 7 rows below] to end. What does this mean? Thanks in anticipation

  26. Rowena Philbeck says:

    Congratulations on your book and your beautiful shawl. I have never make anything lace before but its on my list to do. They are awesome. Thanks for sharing.