My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lace Accomplished

I’ve been holding out on you — look what I finished Friday morning:

It’s my Camp Loopy III project, finished with time to spare!

This sweater, my own design, is knit from Hand Maiden Swiss Silk in the “Boreal” colorway, using a U.S. size 6 (4mm) needle. I used just an ootch more than 3 skeins, about 1350 yards.

For this sweater I knit a lace edging, then picked up stitches along the long straight edge and knit the body (and sleeves) up from that. I did a three-needle bind-off for the shoulder seams, as well as for attaching sleeves to the body, the same way I did my last lace tunic — by picking up stitches along the sides of the body (it has dropped shoulders) and three-needle-binding-off with the live sleeve stitches. I love doing this — it gives a perfect, firm seam!

Speaking of lace, if you don’t have your copy of Wendy Knits Lace yet, there are two copies of it being given away over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. Also two copies of Teeny Tiny MochiMochi, so hustle on over there!

As an aside, I clearly need to consult with Mason-Dixon Kay before I come up with a title for my next book — should I decide to write a next book, that is.

Speaking of Wendy Knits Lace, I today bought (yes, bought my own copy) of the Kindle edition and downloaded it to both my iPad and Android phone. I noticed in flipping through it that there are links to a web address with pdf files for all the charts, so you can enlarge them, print them, etc. Nice!

Lucy sez:




  1. My hardcopy came yesterday and I am MAKING myself put it down before I cast on yet another project! I have two baby blankets, a sweater, and a baby hat to finish. Sigh. But something for me after that out of your fabulous new book!!!!!

  2. I, for one, hope you decide to write another book – in time. (Bask in the well-deserved glory of this one for a while.) Scritches to Lucy.

  3. Debbie R. says:

    I love the sweater. BTW, my copy of your book came in yesterday. It was the perfect pick me up after the stormy weekend. Now, I just need to pick a project. 🙂

  4. Lovely, lovely! Any chance we might see it on you? No offense to Gwendolyn, but I don’t think she does justice to this piece.
    Looking forward to getting Wendy Knits Lace with my next paycheck.

  5. Your lace top is lovely Wendy!

  6. I love the book! It has lovely photos; great, easy to read directions and the charts are very clear. There are some things I will definitely knit, and peobbly more than once. Thanks for another great addition to my knitting library!

  7. Of course there’s going to be another book!

    I got your lace book last week – I was bowled over! It’s a BEAUTIFUL book! First of all, I wasn’t expecting such a large (dimensionally large) book. The photography is wonderful. While I love your other books, and they have all been helpful to me, this new one takes the cake! You should be vert oroud of it!

  8. Beautiful sweater!

  9. Want it – now!

  10. Val Champ says:

    I love my copy of Wendy Knits Lace. You have outdone yourself, its perfect

  11. I am enjoying your new lace book. (Kindle edition is great) Trying to decide which project to start first. Many Thanks

  12. Raye in NY, mother of the other JAN 2 Wendy says:

    Re: Wendy Knits Lace
    I received my copy today. It’s GORGEOUS!

    Now I have to figure out where to hide it from the other Jan 2 Wendy and my daughter-in-law!


  13. gotta check out that kindle edition! i love the idea that you can print out the charts.

  14. Gail Rector says:

    Yup, Kay’s revisionist title says it well!

  15. I love the sweater! Is the pattern for it in your book? If not, will a pattern become available???

  16. The lace top is gorgeous, Wendy. What a beautiful colour!

  17. Oh my, that is one gorgeous sweater — so drapey, it looks very rich because of the drape and the tones. I like the title, Wendy Knits Lace — why do you feel you need help in coming up with titles? Kay is very creative, but now you have me intrigued and most curious.

    Good evening to you and Lucy both.
    🙂 firefly
    firefly´s last blog post ..Evolve, Adapt, Survive

  18. hmmm … I think you had me at Kindle edition ;o) smart cookie!
    margaret´s last blog post ..All I Needed …

  19. Stunning top, Wendy! That yarn is to die for. I got Wendy Knits Lace yesterday. I love it. Please do write another.
    Leigh´s last blog post ..twilight garden part one

  20. Kindle edition! Are the pictures lovely? I love the kindle, but I also love the look of knitting books.
    pdxknitterati/MicheleLB´s last blog post ..lace triangles

  21. RustyBird says:

    My copy of your book arrived today. I will be spending the long holiday weekend with it!

  22. Ruthie A. says:

    LOVE your new sweater!! Now, when do we see you modeling it? Gwendolyn is doing a great job but there’s nothing like a real live human model. (Psst. Don’t let G. know I said that!)

    I was looking for a particular cookbook on the Good Cook Book Club web site and found your new book there!! I know your patterns are yummy, but isn’t that stretching it a bit much? Can’t wait to get my own copy…would buy it for myself but thought it would be the perfect solution for DH’s Christmas present to me. I’ve been “hinting” for quite a while already. *smile*

  23. Beautiful!
    I’m looking forward to the pattern release!
    Ann´s last blog post ..Camomille II

  24. I thought your sweater was nearly done. Awesome job! I’m glad that we have until the 15th, because I’m going to need every bit of it. I expect to finish the knitting by next weekend, but I have steeking to do!
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..[10 Tuesday] aftermath from the storm

  25. Beautiful. I would love to see it on.

  26. Thanks for the give away heads up, but I got my copy from amazon yesterday 🙂

  27. My copy of your book arrived last week. One of the best parts is the size of the charts; I can work directly from them with no enlarging like I usually have to. Thanks for such a simple but helpful thing.

    Love to Lucy.

  28. Your sweater looks beautiful. Thanks for the heads up about the kindle edition.


  29. I received my loverly copy of the new lace book yesterday! Can’t wait to dig in and knit EVERYTHING! You mentioned that there is a website that has the printable charts…is there any chance that you would give that out? Maybe if we show a receipt for buying the book? I love to knit from a chart, but sometimes it’s SO HARD to do it from a book (I make lots of notes) and it’s really hard to make decent copies! Thank you!

  30. your new book is ordered, just waiting! 🙂
    turtle´s last blog post ..I know I know

  31. I love that sweater! The yarn is perfect for it. I’ll bet it feels so nice and drapey. Great job as usual!

  32. Cheryl Adams says:

    All I can say is WOW. I am so jealous. I just don’t have the focus, but can certainly appreciate all that goes into knitting lace.

  33. Savannagal says:

    I love your lace sweater. It’s simply gorgeous and the color is perfect. Congratulations.

  34. My copy arrived today! Great timing since I’m back from my summer wanderings and adventures. What a treat to peruse tonight. Your Camp Loopy sweater is lovely. Now I need to back up and see what’s been happening for much of the summer.

  35. Okay, I’m waiting with bated breath to hear when and where the pattern for this sweater will be available. I love it!

    For a change I didn’t pre-order your new book… but it will be my treat to myself when payday arrives.

  36. LOVE the tunic – will the pattern be available?

  37. As your usual, this is just stunning. This would be an awesome tunic over a black tank for the holidays … I’m always looking for something to wear with black and THIS is IT! Bravo, wendy 🙂