My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Parade of WIPs

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I currently have four projects on the needles — a number virtually unheard-of for me.

The first one you know about. It’s my latest lace tunic, knit from Hand Maiden Swiss Silk in the Raven colorway. I have completed the front and the back and have joined them at the shoulders via a three-needle bind-off. And I crocheted around the neckline.

I did start a sleeve last night but only have an inch or so done on it.

As I was working on this project towards the end of last week, I suddenly became extremely sick of it. This is what happens when you think it is a good idea to kn it 4 lace sweaters in a row. I abandoned it on Saturday and knit up the hat I was going to work on for “Knit Whatever the Heck You Want Day” on Sunday. That left me without a new project on Sunday.

(Can you see where all this rationalization is going?)

So on Sunday I decided to knit a Trillian — a pattern so nice I bought it twice. (I bought it last week and discovered I also bought it on June 28. Whoops!)

The pattern is perfect for 1 skein of  Wollmeise sock yarn, I went into the stash room and stood before The Wollmeise Wall of Shame. I decided on a 100% merino skein in “Im dunklen Wald” so plucked that from the shelf, wound it up and started in.

After an hour of knitting I ripped it all out because I did not like the way the increases looked on the long straight edge. I started again, moving the increases in one stitch. Much happier with how it looks now.

Since Sunday, I’ve knit a couple of rows per evening on this.

But wait, there’s more.

I have no rational explanation for why I did this, but on Sunday afternoon I wound up one of my skeins of Tempted Good Grrl in “Moondance” and started Thin Ice.

I spent the remainder of Sunday knitting and enjoying Thin Ice. Since then, I’ve done one or two rows per evening.

That’s three WIPs. The fourth one is this:

This is a really big sock, being knit from Online Supersocke 8, a worsted weight sock yarn. This is commuter knitting only: it gets knit on the train to work and sometimes a bit during my lunch break.

The reason I’m using a worsted weight sock yarn is because this sock is destined for someone with a very large foot. But I’m on the fence about this yarn. I’m knitting it at a pretty firm gauge (5.75 st/inch on a U.S. size 2 needle) because I want it to wear well. I guess it’s okay, but for thick socks I do prefer DK weight. But it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a DK weight sock yarn that has a good amount of nylon in it. I see that Opal is allegedly coming out with a 6-ply line called Polar Lights, but it doesn’t seem  to be available yet. I’ve got a decent-sized stash of 6-ply sock yarn w/ nylon in “guy” colors, but it is dwindling.

Anyhow, those are my four WIPs. I have been working on all of them this week and haven’t yet gotten too twitchy, so there is hope for me yet. Still, I think I’ll be going back to project monogamy once this experiment is over.

Lucy is nonplussed by my behavior. So much so that she has deviated from her normal behavior of ignoring my yarn. The other day I came home to this:

She claims it was not her. She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

“Who, me?”


  1. I think Lucy was framed.

    And holy cow – 4 projects! You’re going to have your Thin Ice finished before I even start!
    Leslie´s last blog post ..Episode 80 – Knit Whatever You Want Day

  2. Lucy would never do that — nope, nope, nope. Not that little angel.

    It’s hard to believe you’re straying off the monogamous path but a little variety is supposed to be good for the soul.

  3. This post really made me smile. I was such a monogamous knitter until Ravelry came along. Now it has been 4+ years of multiple projects (which really slows down my knitting time on each). I thought of your faithfulness to finishing a project through (aside from stealth and commuter knitting) just the other day and was saying that I really need to get back to being more like you. Evidently, I have achieved that goal since I have 4 active projects on the needles!

  4. She looks innocent to me. Maybe not of yarn play, but innocent!

  5. The fish did it. Yeah, that’s right.

  6. She does NOT look innocent!

  7. Worsted, good-quality sock yarn with nylon in it? Easy. Briggs & Little Tuffy. Actually, it’s an Aran-weight yarn according to Ravelry. It’s not fancy, not indie-dyed, not free of VM, but it does come from a great little woollen mill in New Brunswick, Canada, and it’s not very expensive. Briggs & Little also does a similar version in sport-weight called “Durasport”.

    Scritches to Lucy.

  8. anne marie in philly says:

    let’s see: I have 3 charity projects going and 1 log cabin blankie and 1 pullover. I also have 4 projects hibernating to be completed when the other 5 are finished. total of 9 projects. twitching yet?

    you have poltergeists playing with your yarn…or was it the KOARC? it most certainly is NOT lucy!

  9. Have you thought of knitting a strand of wooly nylon along with the yarn, in the heel and toe areas? This would help prevent the wear you noted.

    I love the Summer Flies shawl pattern also.

  10. Wendy, I am also knitting a Trillium and love the pattern. I’m also using Wollmeise and I like the “crisp” look of the lace border vs another Trillium I’m knitting with a fuzzier yarn. Will you p,ease explain about the way you are doing the increases differently than the pattern suggests?

  11. Wow worsted weight sock yarn, lead me to it. I have not seen this and would like some to make husband some socks to lounge around the house.

    I wish I could stay to only two projects at once, but all the beautiful yarn out there and Ravelry has been my down fall.

  12. Oops! I’ve done that, too (purchasing something twice). That just means that you really really like it!

  13. Shhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I have fourteen projects on my needles. I keep thinking I’m making progress, but then I cast on something else and I’m back up to the original number. I DO finish things, however. Eventually. And I’ve learned to frog the things that are going nowhere fast.

  14. I’m not telling how many projects I’ve got going all at once….and I love the look of your lace tunics.

    Surely Lucy is innocent; it was probaby Gwendolyn – who needs arms to play with yarn?

  15. OOOOO! Now only and I repeat ONLY because we are observing the anniversary of such a marvelous series of science fiction books would I HAVE to buy that pattern. Trillion was may fav!!! grumble-grumble. Aaaaa well – I need something to knit on for the drive up to stash enhancement in Rhinebeck.
    Rae Gommel´s last blog post ..Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest

  16. Susan Shelly says:

    Love your mention of your “Wollmeise Wall of Shame” – too funny! Makes me not feel so bad about mine! Really like what you did with the Trillian edge too. Good luck with all those WIPS and that Lucy is a sneaky little thing now, isn’t she?!

  17. Hi

  18. Hi ! I have many projects on my needles too. I love your lace tunic! And your Lucy’s eyes
    are so blues…I am sure she’s not guilty! 😉

  19. I like the look of the trillion shawl. Just a couple of questions: Is the edge added after knitting the shawl? Can the pattern be made larger? I love shawls that use the garter stitch.
    BTW: Lucy didn’t do it…someone/something must have snuck in while you were away. LOL

  20. It wasn’t Lucy, it was the rat. Everyone knows rats are untrustworthy.

  21. Love your recent choices from Ravelry, going to add them to my wishlist. The lace tunic looks gorgeous. I finally received your fabulous lace book so I’m trying to decided what to have a go at first – Decisions decisions !!!!

    Lucy looks soooooooo guilty !

  22. You’ve clearly been reading too much written by those of us who don’t practice project monogamy. It is not a state to envy.

  23. I’ve liked patterns so well that I’ve bought them twice too. Lalaknits needs to give you a commission ;-), Due to your post, Thin Ice made its way to my cart

  24. Actually, what Lucy did with your yarn is art. It looks like some of the fiber art in Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics (available on Amazon). You might have a budding artist on your hands!

  25. I’ve put Trillian on and off my queue quite often. I really like it. I have to tell you that I wore my Summer Mystery Shawlette for the first time this week and received so many compliments! I love it and will knit it again!
    Gina E´s last blog post ..Crapola

  26. Kristine M. says:

    Thanks for the idea of a Trillian. I have WM in my stash but haven’t found anything to make with it. I want something that will show it off & Trillian looks perfect.

  27. Lucy was trying to get the idea across that she needs a new blanket for the “long winter months” ahead. Can’t blame a kitty for trying! Love your Trillian and Thin Ice. I actually purchased that same yarn Tempted Yarn from the TLE for the same purpose.

  28. Lucy! You scamp, you!

    I want to see the “Wall of Shame”!
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..Sock Love with Pink Ribbon Project Bag

  29. That is a fair number of projects, so I could see how that would be a bit distressing. I always have more than that even if I mostly knit on them one or two at a time. Having so many makes me wonder if that is why Saru-chan will play with the yarn if I don’t lock it up. I’ve seen that ball of yarn and worse on the floors of my home.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..[10 Tuesday] on Thursday…

  30. Do multiple projects count when they are in different species? I have just started spinning so there is that going on plus I have the Perpetual Quilt which refuses to be finished since I keep finding different ways to end it. Also a skinny sock for Sam on dp needles. A sweater on a circular needle and I have forgotten where I was going with that one. It is a hold over from Spring since it gets too darned hot in Summer to knit because I stick to my wool. A crocheted afghan that must be finished by Halloween when my cool boss becomes the Division Director and can’t acknowledge a connection between us anymore. I will stealth deliver the afghan. And two preemie baby quilts that both need to be done by the now determined due date of Nov. 2.

  31. Wendy, this might be helpful to you on the large socks front. My son wears size 17 shoes, and loves handmade socks – nothing you can buy really fits a foot that big. My yarn of choice is Sock That Rock Heavyweight. Beautiful, long wearing, and substantial enough that his socks don’t really take me all that much longer than regular weight socks for a more normal sized foot. I recently finished a pair in a color they call “Deep Unrelenting Grey” – gorgeous stuff.

    I am a long time reader, and lurker. I’ve made nearly every pair of socks in your first Toe Up book – thanks for a wonderful book.

  32. Wendy, I almost hate to ask a lace tunic question but I’m so enjoying the lace tunic I’m working on that I’m taking a chance: is the boatneck tunic you recently finished going up on your Ravelry shop? I like the overall pattern of that tunic for my commute when I’m the rider.

    Lucy does look innocent – I think kitties are born with the “who, me” look.. Maybe she just wanted a closer look at what’s got Momma’s routine changed.

  33. radmeister says:

    I am firmly in the “Lucy was framed” camp. Thanks for pointing the way to the itunes I’m on my way over there now. The lace is gorgeous as always.

  34. I would love to see a picture of the Wollmeise Wall of Shame.

  35. I like having several WIPS going at the same time. That way, there’s always something to do, regardless of what mood I’m in.
    Beth´s last blog post ..County Fair Blue Ribbons!

  36. Sounds like someone else has a case of “startitis.” Only three WIPs? For me, that’s restraint.
    Hissy Stitch´s last blog post ..A couple of FOs