My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Multiple Project Report

It’s time I stopped by with a report on my uncharacteristic multiple project state.

Exhibit One:

This is a huge sock, knit for someone who wears a size 14 shoe. First sock done, second sock to be started for my commute on Monday. I am using Trekking 6-ply is color 1806 — shades of grey. That’s a DK weight sock yarn that is 75% wool, 25% nylon. It has 427 yards per 150-gram ball, so there is enough to make a decent-sized sock. Before I started the first sock, I divided the skein into 2 equal balls, and knit the first sock until I ran out of yarn for maximum length on the leg.

To equally divide a skein, I wind it into a ball in my ball winder and then weight the resulting ball. If it weighs 150 grams, I know I want to end up with 2 75-gram balls (even math-impaired me can figure that one out).

I put the ball on my little scale (I use a digital kitchen scale), pull out the end, and start winding a second ball from it. When the ball on the scale weighs 75 grams, I know I’ve wound off half the yarn and stop there and cut the yarn.

Exhibit Two:

This is my Thin Ice shawl. I have two skeins of Tempted Good Grrl yarn and can tell that I will not have enough to finish the shawl as written. There are 270 rows in the shawl, the last 25 of which are double the stitches of the previous rows. When I had gotten to Row 202, I had about 50 grams of yarn left. So I doubled my stitches shortly after that row and dropped down to Row 245 in the instructions and will knit until I run out of yarn, making sure to switch to the edging pattern when it looks like I’ll have just about enough yarn left to make a decent-sized edging. I think it’s going to look just fine.

Exhibit Three:

This is my Trillian. I have about 110 stitches on the needles right now, so figure it to be about half done. I have more than half of my ball of Wollmeise left, so I’m on target.

Exhibit Four:

“To nap or not to nap?”


  1. That is one BIG Beautiful Sock !!!

  2. im just lori says:

    Trillian! Of course! I want to do something nice with my Wollmeise, and that will do nicely.

  3. My son has huge feet like that I have yet to make him socks maybe on the my new CSM.
    BrandiĀ“s last blog post ..Beads,Baubles, and Fleece Downeast Part 3

  4. Love the color of the green Trillian šŸ™‚

  5. Lots of math and estimating and figuring in this post! They’re all beautiful!
    jannaĀ“s last blog post ..Baby Sophisticate #2, etc.

  6. Thanks for the project update – it’s nice to see others handling multiple projects like I do. I need multiples so I don’t get bored with one. And BTW – Lucy, the choice is almost always NAP!!

  7. I love Trekking yarn. I have used it alot because I can get it right here at my LYS. See I live in a tiny little town and have drive a long ways to get yarn if I don`t buy it here in town. This yarn is one of my favorites, it wears really well and the colroways a good too.
    Miss Lucy when it doubt NAP always go for the nap

  8. Kathie Mayo says:

    Re: Lucy’s photo and quote: “To sleep perchance to dream.” Sweet dreams always Lucy.

  9. Restoring to find out that ‘experts’ even run short of yarn and have to adapt šŸ™‚ Now to be able to be 1/100 as productive and fast. Thanks for sharing

  10. Love the socks! My brother wears a size 15 shoe….how many stitches did you cast on?

  11. Wendy, did you have someone in mind when you started your trekking socks(size 14)? If not, I know a gentleman that would adore you! My husband wears that size.

  12. I’m smacking my head. Of course you wind one ball and then unwind half. Obvious now. I don’t know why I couldn’t see that was how to do it. Thanks, really!

  13. I think your math skills are pretty impressive!

  14. Charlotte-Ellen says:

    My son, 21, has been size 14 since he was 14 – very challenging to buy socks in XL or shoes he likes.
    Question? In the beginning, how did you discipline yourself to take daily photos of your work? I still give finished things away before I’ve even taken one photo!

  15. You have done a lion’s share of work on your projects since you last posted. Me, I am 4 rows into a shawl. Four tiny rows. I was hoping to get further over my lunch break, but not today!
    Seanna LeaĀ“s last blog post ..apparently my friends hate me

  16. The color you are using for the Trillian is amazing… I love it! Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  17. Actually, I am back to the Knit Local drawing. Might have check that one out and see if there are any fiber fests I have missed????

    You are doing well on your projects, too. Look forward to seeing the finished results on the ones you can show.

  18. Thanks for bringing that book to my (our) attention – I will take a look for it!

  19. Maria Neill says:

    What a lovely book! I hope you pick me! Thank you for offering it!

  20. I’m slowly working through my multiple projects. I was at SAFF over the weekend and needed a stockinette project so cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks to work at the festival and they’ll be my late night/work-in-public project for a while. My main project is Phoebus Apollo socks for YOSS then I’ll go back to Christmas knitting.
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