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Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

Two Goods, a Bad, and a Good

Good: I got an email from Shanti’s mom last night, letting me know that the Hats for Sailors project has received 337 hats this year! You can read about it and see some awesome photos of the hats on Shanti’s blog here. Wow!

Good: The winter 2011/2012 issue of KnitCircus is available here! My article for this issue (page 37) is a tutorial for creating a tubular cast-on for ribbing and includes a free basic watch cap pattern.

As you know, the magazine with the articles and reviews is free for anyone to view online. To get the patterns for the designs, you can either subscribe to the magazine or purchase pattern collections (for a very reasonable price!), or purchase individual patterns. All information about purchasing patterns or a subscription is here.

Would you like to win a free pattern collection for this current issue? Leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am, Eastern Time, this Sunday, November 20, 2011 to be entered in the drawing. I’ll draw ten names at random from the comments and each of those ten will receive the pattern collection in pdf format.

Now for the Bad.

**ETA: I removed the links to the offending site because it has apparentl y been taken down — we seem to have gotten someone’s attention**

I really do try to keep a positive voice in my blog, but every now and then there is something that irks me enough that I feel the need to post about it. My topic today is this “free knitting pattern” website.

It was brought to my attention yesterday because there on the front page of the site were posts (without the photos) lifted from my blog with no indication of the source and author of the posts.To be more specific, they were lifted from the RSS feed from my blog. I know this because the copyright notice that displays at the bottom of the feed for each of my blog posts was also there:

“Copyright © 2011 This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. The use of this feed on other websites breaches copyright. If this content is not in your news reader, it makes the page you are viewing an infringement of the copyright.”

Can’t state it more plainly than that, can I?

There was also content from other blogs on the site, though I am not sure whose blogs they were, because nowhere were any of the posts credited to their authors.

And there were also a lot of free patterns — many from Knitty and some from other sources.

I sent a message to the creator of the site (there’s a line at the bottom of the page attributing the site to a web design firm) via the “contact me” form on the parent site. I pointed out that they were using my material without my permission.

I checked the site this morning and noted some changes. The blog posts were no longer displayed on the site. So someone read my message (but of course did not have the courtesy to respond to it.) However, if I type a title from one of my blog posts in their search box, the post pops up in the search results. They just removed the links to the stolen materials. The blog posts are still all there.

When I looked this morning the free patterns were still there. I note that the source for some of them are posted (I believe most of them are from Knitty), but in the ones I looked at, none of the designers were credited. Knitty does state very clearly on their site “Reproduction prohibited.” I did email Amy Singer, editor of Knitty, to let her know in case she has not seen the site.

Amusing things about this site: at the bottom of the page there is a line of text stating: “We have created a place for knitters to share knitting patterns, ideas & tutorials.” Ha! At no time did I submit my blog posts to be posted there.

There is a form you can use to submit a pattern. It amuses the hell out of me that someone submitted this as a pattern — I did a screen capture of the page from their site:

Click on the picture to enlarge it. I was so impressed be the creativity of the person who submitted that, I submitted my own pattern.

Can you tell that I am annoyed? It really does irk the hell out of me when content is taken from other sources online and reposted without permission and without giving credit.

An aside that is sort of on the same topic: I have noticed that people/entities who are violating copyright by illegally distributing patterns invariably refer to this as “sharing.” It has gotten to the point that I cringe when I see/hear the word “share.” I get a surprising number of emails asking me to make them copies of patterns I have paid for. When people email me to ask me to copy a pattern that I’ve purchased and send it to them they invariably say “Will you share the pattern, Wendy?” You know — implying that I am being greedy by not sharing them the pattern.

The request always starts out sweetly: “Will you share the pattern?” When I respond saying that the pattern is not mine to share, that it is someone else’s copyrighted work, the next email I get (99% of the time) states either that the requester wants the pattern to make something for a child with a terminal illness,  or the requester (or the requester’s spouse) is out of work and cannot afford to purchase patterns. When I respond to this email to say that distributing copyrighted work is still not legal no matter who it is for and that there are plenty of free patterns available to knit, the response I get is usually unprintable. But the gist is that I am an evil bitch denying a dying child his or her last wish, etc.

I wonder if these people go to the designer first asking for a free copy? I’m betting not.

But I digress.

So this is my public service announcement. If you are a knit blogger, check to see if your content is on that pirate site. Enter the title of one of your recent blog posts in the search box to see if it has been stolen. Don’t bother entering the name of your blog since none of the content is properly credited and the name of your blog is not displayed. If you are a blogger whose post has been stolen or a designer whose pattern was stolen, let them know that this is not acceptable behavior. This contact form worked for me. Let them know that just because you have made your work free that does not mean it can be copied and posted without permission or attribution.

I know this is not the only site that is doing something like this. But if we can get through to this site and get them to take done the unauthorized content, that’s one fewer site with stolen material, right?

Okay, I can’t end this post with a Bad, so here is another Good:

My little princess. 🙂


  1. An enlightning post. Some people are unbelieveable. Thanks for the opportunity to win the pattern collection.

  2. Love Knit Circus – pick me, pick me! And btw, I just clicked on the link to the “free knitting patterns” and the sites not there anymore. I just wanted to see it for myself, because I didn’t want to support them!

  3. So happy to see that the sight has been taken down. Thanks for taking action on this!
    Faith´s last blog post ..Paranthetical Socks

  4. Glad to hear you got things straghten out and the new Knit Circus is great.
    nannyjean´s last blog post ..Sammy Jo

  5. kathleen in wisconsin says:

    Sorry about your work being stolen. Really? I had a higher opinion of knitters. Shame shame shame.
    On a happier note, DH has been begging me for a watch cap….can’t wait to try your tubular cast on!!!

  6. Agree completely! Thanks for making more people aware of the problem.

  7. Kamilla Mazanec says:

    I’d love to have the knitting patterns — there is still time for some quick Christmas hats.

  8. I have to say this type of stealing really upsets me. I know from personal experience, Wendy shares what she has created. Look at all of the free patterns she has available and if you ask politely she will allow you to use a free pattern to create a fund raiser donation as she did for me this summer.
    Also Wendy I appreciate all of the information and give aways you choose to share. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. It’s like college students, plagiarizing – and don’t expect to get caught. Someone is bound to notice, and search, and find materials that match.
    Looking forward to KnitCircus – too late to go there tonight. Thanks for the chance for the free patterns

  10. Tiffany Newman says:

    Glad to see the offending website has been taken down. Yay for the win!

  11. Thanks for warning us to be on the look out for pirated site/content. For those of us not into the copyrighted world( having never published anything ) it is a good reminder in these days of so much internet content. I appreciate that you and many other designers offer your time and talent for free all the time on many great sites and blogs. I was telling a new knitter yesterday that it is the GREATEST time in the life of a new knitter ( or any hand craft) because there is so much help out there and it is growing each day. Your blog and Ravelry are where I send anyone who wants to learn/share information about knitting.
    You go girl…get your back up and don’t back down ( or share with folks who should not be asking in the first place!)

  12. Thank you again for the generous drawing, would love to win.

  13. Sorry that happened…I get your frustration. How did you find out about it anyway?

  14. I would love to win a free pattern collection for this current issue of KnitCircus!!

    and the bad place is gone…a bit of justice in the world? I hope so! 8*)

  15. Elaine in NYC says:

    Sue the bastards!

  16. So sorry that you have had pirate problems but glad the website is now down. I hadn’t heard of knitcircus so thank you for the introduction, would love to win the pattern collection. Happy knitting.

  17. Always amazing how the concept of copyrighting is not followed and disregarded.

  18. Way to go, Wendy.
    Croby´s last blog post ..What a Difference A Yarn Makes

  19. I have seen too many blogs of late about copyright violations. So sorry this has happened to you. Thanks for the tubular cast-on and watch cap article in Knit Circus. Been on a hat kick of late, this may be the next one, and I don’t wear hats.

  20. I can’t believe the gumption some people have-I guess they figure no one will know the difference (or care) where patterns and other info comes from.

  21. Thanks for the info Wendy! That was very interesting, totally agree with you! I also love Knit Circus.

  22. In an effort to keep this post positive I’m going to ignore the last half your post today and just comment on the “good” bits. I think the new Knitcircus Winter 2011/2012! So many lovely patterns! I sure hope I am one of the lucky winners!
    Amanda U´s last blog post ..WIP Wednesday: Almost a Gusset

  23. Good for you girl!!! Go after them and give em heck!

  24. There are some sites that are just links to the original site, but this is clearly not one of them.

    And yes, I’d love the pattern pack. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the current Knit Circus issue!

  25. Stacy and the rugrats says:

    Woot that this site has been taken down. Shameful that it was up in the first place.

  26. Lisa Smith says:

    I totally agree…it must be so frustrating for designers.

  27. The bad news is so bad! KnitCircus is so good! Of course the kitty is always good news.
    Happy knitting!
    Kelly (wvkelly on Ravelry)

  28. Wow, it’s amazing what people do.
    Saren Johnson´s last blog post ..List Day

  29. The site appears to have been taken down, but if you google ‘free knitting patterns’ you can still see this appear in the search results. Very clever use of the pattern submission function, to title your pattern “this site is stealing content.”

    This site is stealing content | Free Knitting Patterns
    Free knitting patters is a place to for fellow knitters to find free knitting patterns, tutorials and resources. Browse existing free patterns or upload a new pattern. … contact the site owner via this “contact me” form:
    CarolineF´s last blog post ..Entry 400! and Maryland Sheep and Wool

  30. I am not a knitter, but I visited this blog after a friend of Wendy’s, who is on Plurk and who brought the offending website to my attention, said Wendy blogged about the situation. I was one of the ones who submitted a “pattern” yesterday pointing out the illegality of the site, so I was thrilled to see such quick action!

    Several of these comments have some good advice on combating piracy of copyrighted material. But I felt compelled to comment here in order to DISAGREE with Linda’s advice about supporting SOPA and DMCA in order to combat piracy. Many people with more reputable credentials than I possess feel that those two laws will actually HARM that cause and will also significantly curtail freedom of expression and other basic rights on which this country was founded. Please do your own research about SOPA and DMCA before contacting your legislators. Beware of blindly following the advice of ANYONE (me included) based on a blog comment.

    “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” ~Benjamin Franklin
    Debbie S.´s last blog post ..A Whole New World

  31. I’ve never heard of knit circus. I loved the 100 reasons to buy yarn. Thanks for pointing the way and offering 10 free collections!

  32. Don’t let them or anyone else get away with the piracy. Copyright needs to be respected, especially now that it’s so easy to “forget” to give proper attribution. You should definitely be credited for your work, even if you make it available on your website for free.

  33. your article was excellent. I had similar e-mails when I tried to be a do gooder by giving away my excess collection of “everything” on my local “Freecycle”.

  34. I don’t believe I have heard about KnitCircus before, looking forward to giving it a look.
    Sorry about all the “bad” but good to know about and it looks like a job well done. Hugs to Lucy.

  35. Way to go on protecting your work!

    Love the Komeeta mittens – and because it uses my new favorite yarn company, Quince & Co., the Verona Cardi.

  36. KnitCircus sure has a lot of nice patterns & info.

  37. Hi Wendy,

    I have had success with getting my copyright protected material, when posted on someone else’s site without permission, taken down by contacting whatever company is hosting the website. Posting copyright protected material is a violation of the user agreement the offender would have “checked” to be in agreement with when they got their website hosted.

    It is very satisfying, when you have a miscreant that won’t handle things properly, to be able to bypass them and get a higher power to do the right thing in their stead.

    It is good you pointed this out, and I hope plenty of designers take action.

    Best wishes to all,
    firefly´s last blog post ..One River comes into focus

  38. Oh, I see now your “ETA” note — well done lady.

    I agree with ^ Madeline too.

    🙂 firefly
    firefly´s last blog post ..One River comes into focus

  39. Karina Bates says:

    Like some of the other bad things the internet has fostered (plagerism, bullying, loss of privacy) it seems that the distance internet brings seems to imbue people with a sense of impunity to say things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face, or to commit acts that they wouldn’t do in a social setting. It is unfortunate. Good thing you caught it!

    And yes, on the happier note, I’ve really enjoyed many of the patterns brought forward by Knitcircus, and I would love to receive this season’s patterns!
    Many thanks.

  40. Off to check out Knitcircus!

  41. I use to be one of the “uninformed” purchaser. I actually got to meet one of the nicest ladies that also creates for us. She was kind enough to trust me with a copy whenI made a promise. Someone asked me to copy it, that was when I realized all the negatives of copies. So I have learn to nicely ignore the question and NEVER take away from the artist. I wouldn’t copy a Monet print, so why copy patterns that belong to “just” a knitting artist? Thank you for TRUELY sharing and not pirating. We need to get the word out. Sorry so long.

  42. I have been directed to that website A LOT when looking for patterns. I have never used on of them, usually because, a. the pattern wasn’t really free or b. the link was bad. Also, navigating the site (click on this link, back to the site) was a pain in the you know what. Now, having read your COPYRIGHTED post, I will never even look there again! Shameless!
    And you are right about people wanting to “share” patterns. If I want a pattern, I will pay for it. It will be cheaper than the yarn I will need for the project. If I don’t want to spend (gasp!) FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS, I will find a different pattern.
    Love your posts! Love your cross-eyed kitty-she’s beautiful!
    Cara´s last blog post ..Two Goods, a Bad, and a Good

  43. I just saw this (Fri) AM. I tried to follow the link and ended up at the google search box no amount of typing the website directly into browser worked either. Hmmm, site must have been taken down in the wee hours…. like a thief that sneaks in the night! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I only have a couple of free patterns but would hate for somebody to do this to me. I worked hard on them and should get credit! Thanks for the always entertaining and often informative posts. And skritches to Lucy.
    Denise´s last blog post ..Recently

  44. I would love to win Knit Circus. Didn’t realize a subscription was an option. And, I learned so much from reading the comments (thanks, Linda!)

  45. Wow – thanks for your post. It is beyond imagination what some people will do. Thanks for being proactive and sharing this with us and thanks for all of your excellent knitting advice and pointing us to resources we might not know about otherwise. I would love to win a KnitCircus pattern collection – lots of prettys there!

  46. Oh, good grief, another theft site.
    The KnitCircus issue looks great!
    Natalie´s last blog post ..A finished object!

  47. Where I come from we call that kind of behaviour STEALING, *not* sharing!! And thanks for the pattern offer! Lucy, as usual, is the most beautiful girl ever.

  48. KnitCircus patterns = yes; thieves = no. Thanks for this post. Very informative.

  49. I’m glad the site is down, and hopefully all of the stolen posts will be removed if the site is ever back up. It is horrible that people steal the hard work of others. As a research librarian, I have to deal with people all of the time who think that just because something is free on a website, they can use it however they wish.

    I’m glad Lucy is taking this so calmly!

  50. Wendy, thanks for fighting the good fight. The online knitting community is so great and so helpful, it is too much when crooks try to cheat it. Even reposting at no cost takes credit from the primary site or content originator–not fair! Thanks for the publication notice about knitcircus, and I’d love to win one of the collections.

  51. Jane (aka Scarlettcrafty) says:

    I do support your efforts in fighting (per Nicola’s post!) the theives! Sorry you have to deal with such low life. BUT… you do an excellent job of bringing up the Good! Always enjoy your comments and “Lucy sez” she is such a sweet princess! Hang in there Wendy! You are the best! and from the posts I have read…. you are not alone! Great info provided too! Scarlettcrafty & the Zoo.

  52. I am not surprised that you hear often from such people. I get a similar thing when people ask me if I sell my knits. They look genuinely confused when I say I cannot sell X, because the pattern is copyrighted and thus it isn’t appropriate for me to sell. I’m glad that you are a responsible person and tell them know. I have to imagine that some people are not telling them know, which is why they still think it is appropriate to ask.
    Seanna Lea´s last blog post ..somedays cuteness reigns

  53. Good for you! Intellectual property is just that, property. You own it and it’s your to do with as you wish. If you wish to share it, it gets shared when and how you chose. As someone who once had my work (a poem) redistributed without my permission by a person who, when I confronted him, made the ludicrous assertion he was doing me a “favor”, I empathize 100%.

  54. Another great KnitCircus article! And there are several patterns I’d love to knit. Hope I win!

  55. love the cap pattern! I really like the tubular cast on. It’s so tidy and neat, totally worth the extra time it takes.

  56. Good for you! Looks like you shut them down!

    Am not sure what is worse the website issue or the people asking you to “share” and then implying you are a evil bitch. nuts

  57. Wendy – gosh I tried the website, in case it was one I visited by mistake, and it was gone. Congrats on getting some movement there. If it were me, I’d be really irked too – and both my husband and I are out of work, so cost is a problem. But as you say, there are free patterns available all over the internet – and then there is the good old LIBRARY! That is how I accessed Wendy Knits Lace (lovely book by the way).

    Count me in for the free patterns from KnitCircus!

  58. I really love the patterns in this issue of KnitCircus. I find it shocking that people would ask a designer for copies of other designers’ patterns….You’d think they’d figure that a designer would know (and care) about copyrights.

  59. Sad that some people can’t just give credit where due, with maybe a link to the actual creator for folks to learn more about the actual designer! Oh well, hopefully this will all be cleared up. And soon.

    Must go look at the watchcap pattern, having been a sailors wife for 15 years i know they would love some! (he is still a boat guy, just not enlisted any longer, uncle sam sends him home each night now!)
    turtle´s last blog post ..still alive… really!

  60. Great post! The free pattern site appears to be down now, but I suspect it will resurface again on another hosting site. They seem to have a way of doing that. Keep fighting the good fight!
    KnitCircus looks like fun. Would love to get a copy.

  61. These bad things always make one scratch their head in wonder, doesn’t it? On an ubeat note, I enjoyed reading your article on the tubular cast on and even used it on my latest beret. I love the way it turned out. Thank you!

  62. mimiknits2 says:

    No Flash on my work computer, so I can’t wait to go home and look at KnitCircus! Thanks too for the copyright reminders; as a librarian I can’t tell you how often people get angry with us because we won’t help them disregard this issue.

  63. Stephanie F says:

    Thank you for speaking your mind about this website. Designers work hard to make patterns and they deserve the credit. How many hours and how much yarn gets used creating and test knitting a pattern? Way more than the few dollars most patterns cost. I fully support your rant, Ms. Johnson and shake my fist in the air in agreement.

  64. Loved your article today. Very interesting.

  65. Wendy,

    Thank you for posting about this. Also about people who ask you to “share” a copy righted pattern. Their requests are so unethical. I worry about accidentally violating copy rights if I make something from a pattern and then donate it to an organization. I try to be sure that it will be given away to someone in need not sold to raise money sense I feel that that is violating copyright. I’m the same way about knitwear I sell. It must be from a pattern that I created not someone else.

  66. Knit Circus is new to me and I plan to check it out. Would love to have some patterns- Thanks!

  67. Wendy:
    I am a professional writer and have written 3 songs for Sunday School Preschool Teachers. I get royalties for these songs. You would not believe the number of church folk that I know who just want to “copy” my CD so they can use it in their classroom. This is one reason why I tell my knitting buddies that I will not copy patterns for them. I am very glad that you spoke up.

    On the other note, I’ve tried to get to that website and haven’t been able to open it. (to check out my 2 free patterns that I have on my blog) Today is 11-18-2011. Perhaps it was shut down?
    Cindy Petty´s last blog post ..I Love Yarn Day – October 14, 2011

  68. Amen. Copyright is copyright, not free material. That was one of the hardest things to teach my students when I taught. For the kids it was all about the music and computer games and sharing them. They just couldn’t see how it was hurting someone. I always hoped a got through to a few, who knows.

  69. Chris Reeske says:

    I’m retired Librarian and copyright is always an issue’ if more people were like you we might have fewer problems. On a different subject — how do you add in a new ball of yarn in the cotton yarn you are using on the filey? I have some Elann indigo I want to use, thanks.

  70. I loved your article in Knit Circus.
    And good for you for standing up for your copyright. We had a similar situation at work, a site linked to us on their page. Someone else, a site that somehow got a .org domain, wanted us to link to them but they had nothing but advertising and thought they were getting the first company cause that is what the address was. It is just too easy on the internet to steal.

  71. So sorry! It is sad that theft and piracy have become so much the norm. It is a sad comment on our state of being.
    What a gift to have the chance to win this pattern collection. Many thanks to you and to Knit Circus! Happy Knitting!

  72. Appreciate Linda and Sarah’s comments on the piracy issue.

  73. Thanks for giving us the scoop. Stealing is just plain wrong, and I am so glad you acted and called attention to the crime.
    Don’t let stupid wrong behavior ruin your week!

  74. I’ve been on the other side of this problem. I was accused of stealing content. However when I went back to all my sources reguarding the problem post. I found that I and the other person (who will not be named) went to many of the same sites for our research. She did her’s 3 months before I did mine. Honestly I found her article on the subject better than mine and had I found it I would have asked to use the content and given credit. It would have saved me hours of research as it was pretty much a one stop shop of info. Instead I was unjustly accused of stealing content.
    Brandi´s last blog post ..Around the Farm 11-18-11

  75. Great post Wendy, I can certainly understand your anger and frustration!
    Of course, I would like the patterns in the latest Knitcircus, it was a very
    good issue. You did a terrific tubular tutorial, thanks.

  76. Put my name in for the prize!

  77. @Linda, thank you for the great information!
    @Wendy, I love your patterns and have purchased both your patterns and your book. I’m really looking forward to finishing my Christmas knitting so I can make myself something from your latest book.
    I am an interior designer and have had some blatant stealing done to me too. I’ve had several projects published in magazines and entered in competitions which I’ve won. I have seen photos of my work appear on other designer’s websites! The worst was when I was at an award ceremony and an architect had entered one of my projects and he was never even involved. He won too! But as soon as several people reported that it wasn’t his work but mine he was stripped of the award.

    So it happens in all industries. I’m really glad you found your information and were able to “catch” the thief.


  78. I agree that you ended your post on a good point, cats just make things better. My big guy brings a smile to my face most of the time except when I have to clean up after him or tell him not to do something. He is still a cutie, though.

    Love your patterns and like your articles in Knitcircus too.

  79. Copyright can be hard for people to understand, but not when your rights are clearly stated on the material. I’m a big fan of free, but not stolen goods.

  80. There are a lot of nice patterns in this issue of KnitCircus! I would love to win a copy of the pattern collection. Thanks!

  81. Wow I can’t believe that they would steal your patterns. I appreciate that you provide us with patterns for free. Thanks for sharing and for speaking up

  82. As a librarian, this whole copyright thing really peeves me too! I spend half my day drilling into my kids the importance of permission and credit…and they still plagiarize. If it’s on the web, it must be free to share, right? Anyway, I LOVE the picture of Lucy – what a silly position. Makes me just want to cuddle up with her <3

  83. Glad to hear you speak up about the pirated material. Not speaking up allows these people to get away with stealing other people’s work. I see from other comments that the website in question is no longer available. Good! It’s also sometimes difficult too to make friends and colleagues realize that there are copyright issues when they ask for a copy of a pattern. I have a colleague who just loves what I knit, and is always telling me I have to give her the patterns. I never do. She thinks I’m selfish for not sharing. I tell her she should buy the patterns herself. I’ve even directed her to Ravelry. Oh well, we have to put up with people like that, and just be firm with them.

    thanks for the opportunity to get a Knit Circus Collection. Thanks also for the tubular cast-on tutorial.

  84. I have no patterns, free or otherwise, but this still really bothers me. Thanks for taking a stand! And I would love the issue of Knitcircus.

  85. I love Knit Circus and would love to win some patterns! Thanks for the tutorial.

  86. Excellent post Wendy! I will never visit that site. However, I learned of Knit Circus from your blog and love it. Great articles and reasonably priced patterns. Thanks.

  87. I’d love to win a KnitCircus pattern collection. And your saga of the free knitting pattern website – wow. The link is down now, and I admit I’m curious to know what site it was and what all was on it. But I’m glad your posting got results and got copyrighted materials removed from where they never should have been in the first place.

  88. Amen! I had someone ask me for a pattern for gloves that I was selling. Now I usually don’t mind except I knew she would be selling them for a bigger profit than I am. I just put her several requests on ignore in my in box and have not heard from her since. Keep the faith, there are those of us who have a conscience and aren’t afraid to use it!!!

  89. Good grief is right….. *shakes head*
    Thank you for giving away a KnitCircus though!
    Hope the…. problem cleans up well…for you!
    Cindy´s last blog post ..Pics to enjoy….

  90. Janet B from Cape Cod says:

    First, put me on your list for the KnitCircus patterns.
    Second, thank you Wendy for bringing these “websites” to our attention.
    Third, thank you Linda for explaining how they work. (I admire people who can write so clearly and concisely! And those who are wonderful designers!)
    Lastly, A request for a copy of a pattern that I have paid for invariably gets me up on my soapbox.

  91. Eileen Bunn says:

    Thanks for the offer . Please put my name in your drawing.

  92. Just discovered Knit Circus through you! Thank you!!

  93. Lisa Gehrke says:

    I am so sorry that happened. No one deserves to have their work stolen. It make take a couple more visits to be able to identify some of the other designers. Then you can contact them as well. Knitter’s are a community, we’ll get that site shut down! On the good: I’m looking forward to reading the new issue of Knit Circus.

  94. I love the Winter Knit Circus patterns. I hope to pick up a copy!!
    Keep up the good work on everything you do and just remember what happens to those who don’t follow the rules:

    What goes around comes around


  95. Thanks for the info on the “free” knitting pattern site. Always wondered why there were SOOOO many patterns I’d bought out there just “free”. Glad to know I didn’t fall into the trap of knitting stolen goods. I hope there will be lawsuits (even though they take forever and don’t always do anything) and publicity put out there so that people get it through their heads that this is ILLEGAL. (I know….wishful thinking)

    I too would love to win the pattern collection.

    Thank you

    Give Lucy a

  96. I enjoy your newsletter and love to hear and see what you are working on. Sorry that your designs have been used without permission. I read your article on the tubular cast on. It is clearly explained and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  97. OOOPS – What I started to type was …. My cats say to give Lucy a rub on the side of her chin and tell her Buffy and Crookshanks say hi.

  98. Great post, Wendy. I think it is so wrong what these websites are doing. How dare they steal (and that is exactly what they are doing) other people’s work regardless if the designer had posted it elsewhere for free. That was his/her choice and to take that right away from them is so wrong. Good for you! I hope this post sends a message to all of the other websites out there that are doing the same thing.

  99. I hit post before I finished what I had to say. I also hate it when people ask me for a copy of a pattern that I paid for. I don’t understand how these people have the nerve to do that. I mean, the designers deserve to make a profit on their designs and to try to take that away from them is also wrong. I know times are tough but if you can’t afford to pay for a pattern there are plenty of patterns on Ravelry and designer websites for free. Ok..that’s my 2 cents for today.

  100. You go girl! The intenet has really opened a can of worms about copyright and all. Too bad more people are not chosing to fight the good fight and keep it enforced!
    Links to sites are one thing….reproducing patterns is something else entirely.