My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just So You Know

I still love Rowan Calmer. I won’t let one wonky batch ruin it for me.

This wonky batch of Rowan is not indicative of recent declining quality, as that batch is one I’ve had for six or seven years. It is just an anomaly.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have ordered a boatload of Calmer (three different colorways), so when that gets here I’ll pick a colorway and re-start Cromarty, hopefully with more success.

It briefly crossed my mind to knit Cromarty in Rowan Denim, but therein lies the path to madness. Cromarty has too many bits that need to be sewn together: there are the neckbands, and I think I am going to knit a border to be sewn on at the hem and at the bottom of the sleeves. And there’s that whole “going insane while attempting Celtic knotwork in a rather stringy-feeling 100% cotton yarn” thing.

Aside: I do think I want a denim cardi. The Newlyn Jacket, from Indigo Knits by Jane Gottelier is a worthy contender. (But I will likely modify the cables if I knit it.) I have enough black Elann Den-M-Nit yarn to make it. I also have enough ecru Rowan Denim to knit it. Okay, for that matter, I also have enough Rowan Denim in the Tennessee colorway to knit it. Decisions, decisions.

Aside Aside: I wonder if Elann is going to have Den-M-Nit yarn back in stock any time in the near future?

Meanwhile, I am nice progress on my Hitchhiker.

I would likely have had it done by now but there has not been much knitting going on in the evenings this week.

After I finish Hitchhiker until my Calmer gets here, I think I’ll work on something using this:

Cormo/silk blend, baby!

Lucy sez:



  1. Snatch up that Calmer while you can; Rowan’s discontinuing it. Amy Singer of Knitty has a petition going to let Rowan know we knitters aren’t crazy about this one leaving.
    Melanie J.´s last blog post ..Taking Stock…..or Seriously?!?!

  2. That new yarn is gorgeous. Wish I weren’t on a yarn diet.

  3. I once bought several skeins of hand dyed sock yarn from an Indie Dyer on etsy. One skein was chock full of knots but the rest of them were just fine which led me to believe it was a one off situation. I contacted the dyer and, class act that she was, apologized profusely and sent me a free skein of sock yarn. I loved that one thing so much that the following month I was back, buying what’s now become my favorite sock yarn. It’s not the softest thing in the world to knit with but the colors are fab, it washes like a dream leaving a lovely soft halo and makes a whiz bang pair of socks. You’re right about not letting one bad apple spoil the whole bunch, girl 😉

    You’re guilting me into picking up Hitchhiker again….but I desperately want it for myself and I know if I work on it anytime between now & December 25th I’m going to be tempted to toss it a gift box and give it to my sister in law who would look smashing in it (and would wear it constantly – totally knitworthy, that one).

    Can’t wait to see what that Corm/Silk is going to become!
    Bina´s last blog post ..The New Normal

  4. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the dye on the batch of Calmer you didn’t like. I’ve found some yarns where one color felt horrible in the hand while the others were fine. Kind of wonder if you re-skeined this one and washed it whether is might be up to the usual Calmer behavior.

  5. An ecru denim jacket. Now that’s tempting!

    Luv, luv, luv, luv. luv Hitchhiker. That tree-hugger colorway is killing me (in a good way, of course)!
    Linda´s last blog post ..Thursday Thoughts – The Aesthetics of Knitting

  6. The hitchhiker is turning out gorgeous

  7. Liz in Missouri says:

    Love the Hitchhiker! And I love the colorway of the cormo/silk! It looks really pretty. I don’t know anything about cormo though – is it soft? full? Just wondering . . . . .

  8. I’m currently knitting another Hitchhiker as well as plain socks but I sure love your yarn and color choice much better. Mine is variagated pink and Greys. Loves how yours maintained the stripe.