My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Much Better

This is the Rowan Calmer I know and love!

This is the “Tree” colorway and I’m using it to restart Cromarty. This is going much better than last week’s start with my vintage Calmer that had issues.

Nice solid fabric? Check!

Nicely plump cables? Check!

Fun to knit? Check! Check!

It is a time-consuming knit because there is much cable manipulation on every right-side row. It is also a pattern I can’t memorize completely so I do have to glance at the chart for every row for the large Celtic knots.

I will likely knit a band (with the braided cable) to sew along the bottom edge. I noticed on Ravely that a number of people who made Cromarty have done this. Without a band for the added length it is a rather short sweater, so that’s a vote for the band as far as I’m concerned.

In other knitting news, I finished my Hitchhiker.

As I mentioned before, I knit this from handspun that was spun for me by the Knitgirllls from a Tempted Yarns roving in the “Tree Hugger” colorway. This was great fun to knit: the pattern was easy but entertaining and a great choice for mindless knitting in front of the television, the yarn was made for me by two of my favorite people, and was handpainted by another of my favorite people. And the yarn is lovely and soft and squishy. It’s a win-win-win-win situation!

I had 113 grams of approximately DK weight yarn and I think Leslie and Laura told me it was 300+ yards. Knit on a U.S. size 6 needle, it made a nice big Hitchhiker: approximately 62″ along the long straight edge, unstretched. I don’t plan to block this at all. I think it’s perfect the way it is. I did a good job of using all the yarn.

And it looks really pretty with one of my coats.

Now if it would just get cold enough so that I can wear it!

Back to Cromarty knitting. As you can see, Lucy has been a big help with this.


  1. Those are some really beautiful cables – they poof up so nicely

  2. Shirley. in PA says:

    Your Hitchhiker is beautiful, and I love your coat! The cables look great in Calmer.

  3. Love um!! Both cables and the hitch hiker!
    Cindy´s last blog post ..Gwyn’s 3rd Birthday – in pictures!

  4. Boy! What a difference in the calmer! Your Cromarty looks great – love your Hitchhiker as well.

  5. Glad to see you off and running, again, with Cromarty and your new Calmer.

    Hitchhiker is really, really nice. Do you know whether there are plans to make this yarn commercially available? I do so covet the colorway and would love to get my hands on a skein.
    Linda´s last blog post ..Sunday Sock Pattern – Regatta Socks Update

  6. I love your hitchhiker! I’m curious-what are you going to do with the defective calmer? Put it away for something else?
    Biomaj5´s last blog post ..Stilwell

  7. Like the sweater and your finished scarf very much! You are a whiz at complicated patterns. Yes, you did do a good job using all the yarn on the scarf! I’d be having heart failure as I watched the yarn nearing its end!
    Bess´s last blog post ..A Bit of Christmas: Chapter One

  8. Susan Shelly says:

    The Calmer is such a pretty shade of green. Glad that it was only a bad batch before. And the Hitchhiker turned out so well! I have wanted to make one with a heavier weight yarn and bigger needles. Will definitely be doing it now since I have seen yours;O))

  9. Very nice cables! I really like your scarf! Lucy is one happy kitty isn’t she?
    FoFo´s last blog post ..More Necklaces!

  10. Donna Jefferis says:

    Gorgeous cables and nice scarf. I am sad as my physiotherapist told me today I shouldn’t knit, not sure if forever or just short time I was so overcome with sadness I didn’t listen properly. Chronic neck issue so I plan to get a really good chair and see if that helps. I will still read your great blog and watch the KnitGirllls so I can vicariously enjoy knittting.

  11. Jo morgan says:

    You can just send the hitchhiker to Denver–lol–it’s 14 degrees now and will be down to zero by morning. You won’t send it? Well, I guess I’ll just have to knit my own. the cables look spectacular–it’s shocking to me to think there could be such huge differences between two yarns of the “same” color. Jo

  12. Thank god you said you can’t memorize that chart. I was going through patterns the other day, and I found my marked up copy of that, and thought MAN, was that time consuming. It looks lovely in Calmer. Digit sends purr and growl to you and Lucy.

  13. I went through a stressful time recently with (exams + work deadlines) and wanted something brainless but pretty so I pulled out a skein of Camelspin in Hemlock and whipped up a Hitchhiker. It’s soooooooo pretty and just what the doctor ordered.

    However, since we’re entering the hot Cape Town summer now it will be a few months before I can actually wear it :P.

    I envy your Calmer! I fondled some the last time I was in London (2008!) but it was just a bit too pricey at the time. Hopefully I can persuade the visiting-from-the-UK MIL to bring me some next year :).

  14. Loving the progress on cromarty. I’m hoping to start my own hitchhiker very soon.


  15. Ack, wanted to add: I can’t wear sheep except on my feet and I adore cables so your cotton cabled sweaters have been very inspiring 🙂

  16. Margurite says:

    I love doing knitting..But i need to perfect..I want to learn more about knitting..Thanks for sharing..
    Margurite´s last blog post ..Realistic pencil portrait mastery

  17. Guess I missed what went awry with the last…but calmer looks great. You had completed so much. Love the hitch hiker angle!

  18. I have some Noro Yuzen (sadly discontinued) that is crying out to become a hitchhiker, but it will have to wait until after Christmas! Beautifully inspiring, as always, and Lucy is just plain beautiful.

  19. Do you know where any calmer might be purchased? I have not been able to find any of it. Your sweater as usual is very beautiful. cecilia

  20. Those cables look so pretty! And I love your Hitchhiker. I have several Wollmeise skeins slated for this pattern.
    MicheleinMaine´s last blog post ..London Underground eBook Reader Case

  21. I love this idea so much!!The scarf is really world-class!!I also love the color that is why I am really impressed…
    Shalani´s last blog post ..hand

  22. Your Cromarti is looking beautiful! I especially love your cables. Lovely color too.

  23. I’m very interested in this Calmer yarn used for Cromarty, that has been on my to-do list for ages. Did you find it easy to get gauge? I guess you are a tighter knitter than me (from your Sock books), but still… I had also tought about Koigu, but I’m on the point of giving it up due to mail charges from the U.S. to Europe.