My current work in progress:

Tawney Sweater,by Jenni Barrett, knit from MadelineTosh Tosh Sock, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

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Filey Progress

I’ve made some good progress on Filey over the past few days. I’ve completed the front, joined the front and back at the shoulders using a three-needle bind-off, and knit the neckband.

The pattern has you knit the neckband for 6″ but I did not want a turtleneck so stopped at around 2.5″

I’ve done some work on the first sleeve as well.

It looks like it is close to completed, but the sleeves are knit to almost 23″ to compensate for the shrinkage that will occur when the sweater is washed in hot water and dried in the dryer.

Tomorrow is my big Thanksgiving prep day, but you never know — I may get my sleeve finished too.

Lucy is exhausted just thinking about it.

Two Happys, a Sad, Another Happy, and a Shocker

I was happy to see that the pirate site that was illegally displaying copyrighted material belonging to others shut down so quickly. There was certainly a lot of discussion about it in the comments. To clear up a couple of points:

One commenter posted that the site was completely automated. While this is true of a lot of illegal sites, that was not the case with this one. Yes, it was automatically set up to pull in and post RSS feeds from my blog and others, but the posting of patterns was not automatic. Some patterns from Knitty were arbitrarily selected posted, along with a single selected photo for each pattern. Not every Knitty pattern was posted. A few other free patterns from other sites were posted as well. The patterns were organized into categories. (Incidentally, none of my free patterns were posted there — but my RSS feed was.)

When I emailed them and told them to remove my content from their site, they immediately removed the links to my blog content they had stolen (and links to other blog content) and rearranged the homepage. But left up the patterns.

There was advertising on the site from several large well-known knitting supply companies. Those companies were not making a conscious decision to advertise on that site. The ads were supplied by Google. Here is a wikipedia article that explains how the system works.

There are other sites out there illegally displaying other peoples’ work, but at least we found and took down this one.

Another Happy:

We have winners for the KnitCircus pattern collection! They are: Timmie, Eileen B., Orli, Lenore, Amanda U, Melissa, Kamilla M., “I’m Just Lori”, Gloria, and Meg. All of the winners have bene emailed a link from which they can download the pdf of the pattern collection.

And here is the Sad:

Rowan Yarns is planning to discontinue Calmer. Calmer is one of my favorite yarns, so this makes me extremely sad.

But . . .

There is a petition out there: Save Rowan’s Calmer Yarn!

Click on the widget above to go to the petition and sign to let Rowan know you want them to keep producing this yarn.

WIP Happy

I’ve managed to get most of the front of Filey done.

A Shocker

Teddy somehow got it into his head that he is royalty and was recently crowned King Rowan:

However, trouble was lurking — he was quickly deposed and lost his crown!

I don’t think he would have been a very good king anyway.

Two Goods, a Bad, and a Good

Good: I got an email from Shanti’s mom last night, letting me know that the Hats for Sailors project has received 337 hats this year! You can read about it and see some awesome photos of the hats on Shanti’s blog here. Wow!

Good: The winter 2011/2012 issue of KnitCircus is available here! My article for this issue (page 37) is a tutorial for creating a tubular cast-on for ribbing and includes a free basic watch cap pattern.

As you know, the magazine with the articles and reviews is free for anyone to view online. To get the patterns for the designs, you can either subscribe to the magazine or purchase pattern collections (for a very reasonable price!), or purchase individual patterns. All information about purchasing patterns or a subscription is here.

Would you like to win a free pattern collection for this current issue? Leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am, Eastern Time, this Sunday, November 20, 2011 to be entered in the drawing. I’ll draw ten names at random from the comments and each of those ten will receive the pattern collection in pdf format.

Now for the Bad.

**ETA: I removed the links to the offending site because it has apparentl y been taken down — we seem to have gotten someone’s attention**

I really do try to keep a positive voice in my blog, but every now and then there is something that irks me enough that I feel the need to post about it. My topic today is this “free knitting pattern” website.

It was brought to my attention yesterday because there on the front page of the site were posts (without the photos) lifted from my blog with no indication of the source and author of the posts.To be more specific, they were lifted from the RSS feed from my blog. I know this because the copyright notice that displays at the bottom of the feed for each of my blog posts was also there:

“Copyright © 2011 This feed is for personal, non-commercial use only. The use of this feed on other websites breaches copyright. If this content is not in your news reader, it makes the page you are viewing an infringement of the copyright.”

Can’t state it more plainly than that, can I?

There was also content from other blogs on the site, though I am not sure whose blogs they were, because nowhere were any of the posts credited to their authors.

And there were also a lot of free patterns — many from Knitty and some from other sources.

I sent a message to the creator of the site (there’s a line at the bottom of the page attributing the site to a web design firm) via the “contact me” form on the parent site. I pointed out that they were using my material without my permission.

I checked the site this morning and noted some changes. The blog posts were no longer displayed on the site. So someone read my message (but of course did not have the courtesy to respond to it.) However, if I type a title from one of my blog posts in their search box, the post pops up in the search results. They just removed the links to the stolen materials. The blog posts are still all there.

When I looked this morning the free patterns were still there. I note that the source for some of them are posted (I believe most of them are from Knitty), but in the ones I looked at, none of the designers were credited. Knitty does state very clearly on their site “Reproduction prohibited.” I did email Amy Singer, editor of Knitty, to let her know in case she has not seen the site.

Amusing things about this site: at the bottom of the page there is a line of text stating: “We have created a place for knitters to share knitting patterns, ideas & tutorials.” Ha! At no time did I submit my blog posts to be posted there.

There is a form you can use to submit a pattern. It amuses the hell out of me that someone submitted this as a pattern — I did a screen capture of the page from their site:

Click on the picture to enlarge it. I was so impressed be the creativity of the person who submitted that, I submitted my own pattern.

Can you tell that I am annoyed? It really does irk the hell out of me when content is taken from other sources online and reposted without permission and without giving credit.

An aside that is sort of on the same topic: I have noticed that people/entities who are violating copyright by illegally distributing patterns invariably refer to this as “sharing.” It has gotten to the point that I cringe when I see/hear the word “share.” I get a surprising number of emails asking me to make them copies of patterns I have paid for. When people email me to ask me to copy a pattern that I’ve purchased and send it to them they invariably say “Will you share the pattern, Wendy?” You know — implying that I am being greedy by not sharing them the pattern.

The request always starts out sweetly: “Will you share the pattern?” When I respond saying that the pattern is not mine to share, that it is someone else’s copyrighted work, the next email I get (99% of the time) states either that the requester wants the pattern to make something for a child with a terminal illness,  or the requester (or the requester’s spouse) is out of work and cannot afford to purchase patterns. When I respond to this email to say that distributing copyrighted work is still not legal no matter who it is for and that there are plenty of free patterns available to knit, the response I get is usually unprintable. But the gist is that I am an evil bitch denying a dying child his or her last wish, etc.

I wonder if these people go to the designer first asking for a free copy? I’m betting not.

But I digress.

So this is my public service announcement. If you are a knit blogger, check to see if your content is on that pirate site. Enter the title of one of your recent blog posts in the search box to see if it has been stolen. Don’t bother entering the name of your blog since none of the content is properly credited and the name of your blog is not displayed. If you are a blogger whose post has been stolen or a designer whose pattern was stolen, let them know that this is not acceptable behavior. This contact form worked for me. Let them know that just because you have made your work free that does not mean it can be copied and posted without permission or attribution.

I know this is not the only site that is doing something like this. But if we can get through to this site and get them to take done the unauthorized content, that’s one fewer site with stolen material, right?

Okay, I can’t end this post with a Bad, so here is another Good:

My little princess. 🙂

Some Qs and As

It’s time to answer a few questions from the comments.

Hannah asked if Loft is an appropriate yarn to use for knitting socks. I say no. It is a softspun, light yarn and is not superwash. It is far more suited for hats, scarves, sweaters, mittens, etc.  and would be great for colorwork or lace, in my opinion.

When I first fondled Loft, the yarn that it most reminded me of, off the top of my head, is Alice Starmore’s 2-ply Hebridean: a soft, lightweight yarn. I haven’t gotten around to comparing them side-by-side yet, but at some point I will, to see if my immediate reaction was close to reality.

Linda asked if, when I create some gradient lace from the Loft I purchased, will I put the lightest or darkest colorway closest to my face. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but I think I’ll go from light to dark, with dark being on the outer edge or bottom of the piece.

I’ve not yet decided what exactly I’m going to do — circular, square, triangle, or something else.

Gail commented that she hoped I’d post pictures of our visit to Kid Hollow Farm. I will not, because I didn’t take any pictures. In fact, I took no pictures at all during our weekend away.

Seanna Lee asked me how much I expected my Filey to shrink after washing. It should shrink 15 – 20% in length and will not shrink in width.

I did not knit a swatch and wash it to check the amount of shrinkage. I like to live dangerously. 😉

I knit a sweater from Rowan Denim abut a year ago and it shrank abut 15% in length after washing. For that project I did knit a swatch and wash it, measuring before and after. Here is the blog post about it.

I’m working on the front of Filey now. I did get a fair bit done over the weekend.

I think I mentioned this already, but I’ll say it again because it is a cause for joy. This lighter colorway of denim yarn is not bleeding blue all over my fingers. After hours of knitting with it I have just the merest bluish tinge to my fingertips. A far cry from my experience with the darker colorway last year.

In other knitting, I finished a Giant Sock. And started working on the second one.

Lucy is working on a nap.

New Stuff Sunday

I have acquired a bunch of new stuff recently. What better day to share photos of it than New Stuff Sunday?

When the Knitgirllls came to visit me last weekend, they brought me some lovely prezzies. A lovely shawl pin:

This is from Knitting Notions, and the wood is lacewood. I think this could double as a hairstick. 🙂

And they spun some yarn for me!

This is spun from Tempted Yarns roving, in the “Tree Hugger” colorway. There’s plenty here for a small shawl or long scarf. It’s about DK weight, I think. I’m wondering how it would look in a Trillian-style scarf?

We went to fibre space during the Knitgirllls’ visit. Conveniently, Brooklyn Tweed’s new yarn “Loft” debuted shortly beforehand, and fibre space is one of the few shops in the country who carries it. I, of course, bought some.

I got 4 shades of lavender/purple with the idea of making a shawl with a gradient look.

I also purchased some in the Fossil colorway, thinking it would look good knit up in a traditional shetland lace pattern.

When we went away to the mountains, we met up with my imaginary friend L-B. Being L-B, she brought us all gifts. I got some yummy Sunshine Yarns wool:

We took a side trip to Kid Hollow Farm, and there I got some gorgeous mohair/wool blend yarn, again with the gradient idea:

So much new yarn! So many ideas! So little time to knit!

Lucy sez:

“When all else fails, take a nap.”