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The Color Guys

I was sent a review copy of a new book by Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably: Knitting With the Color Guys: Inspiration, Ideas, and Projects From the Kaffe Fassett Studio.

The book is available now — its publication  date is today. And the subtitle pretty much says it all: inspiration, ideas, and projects.

The projects are for the most part throws, scarves, and pillows, along with some legwarmers, fingerless gloves, and a hat. The emphasis here is on color, not on design techniques. The book is divided into four sections organized by color inspiration: soft tones, singing color (vibrant brights), moody hues, and rich shades. Each project is beautifully photographed (of course!) and is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the inspiration for the design and the color palette used. There are lots suggestions and tips for using color to make the designs your own.

A couple of the patterns show up in more than one section of the book.

The Opal Dot Scarf above also makes an appearance as the Dark Dot Scarf:

This is a good illustration of how different color palettes can make strikingly different pieces.

I recognize some of the motifs from Kaffe Fassett designs of the past, like this pineapple:

Shown knitted up as a blanket here, I’m pretty sure this was used in a coat in one of his early books. Glorious Knits, perhaps? The yarn used for this blanket is Rowan Colourscape Chunky, a self-striping yarn designed by Kaffe Fassett himself. Using several different colorways of a yarn that has color shifts within each colorway adds more dimension to the piece. Very cool!

The patterns range from very simple (one or two colors) to complex (many many colors), so there’s a little something for everyone. There’s a section in the back with some basic information on colorwork techniques: both fair isle and intarsia.

All in all, this is a great book, both for someone who wants to follow the patterns exactly as written, and someone who’d like to use the patterns as a jumping-off point to explore color.

Who’d like my review copy?

To be entered in the random drawing for this book, leave a comment on this blog post by 11:00am Eastern time on Sunday, February 12, 2012. At that time I will use my WordPress plugin app to randomly select a winner.

Leaving a comment on this blog post is the only way to enter.  Do not use the “contact me” link directly below the header — that sends me an email. Do not leave a comment on a different blog post — the plugin app will select only from comments on this entry. The link to enter a comment is right below the title of this post, which is “The Color Guys.”

Lucy sez:

“My colorway is perfect.”


  1. Sign me up!

  2. Oh nice! Sign me up please!

  3. I’d love a copy!

  4. Savannagal says:

    They really have the most amazing color patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Sign me up this book looks cool!

  6. Oh my I drool over his works- as a quilter I have used his fabrics but as a knitter I haven’t tried one of his patterns. Inspiration is a good thing. Oh RNG pick me! Please

  7. I would love it

  8. KF has such an amazing color sense. I’d love a chance to have a copy of this book.

  9. I’m on a colorwork kick, this would be perfect!

  10. philhellene says:

    Yes please!
    This looks very interesting

  11. I’d love the copy of it

  12. Thanks, Wendy, for offering your review copy!
    Andrea Vlahakis´s last blog post ..This Is WAY Too Early, Right?

  13. looks like an interesting book to add to my growing collection. thanks!!

  14. Ooh, I think I’d like this book. Fingers crossed!

  15. KF one of my heroes. Would love to win.

  16. I got hooked on reading Kaffe Fassett books back in the ’80s. I think they’re a bit like the cookbooks you read instead of cooking from, but I did start a tumbling blocks sweater. I had the front done and a good bit of the back before I broke up with the guy I was knitting it for. It sat in the knitting stuff box for a couple of decades, and I got it out to show someone and the moths had done things to it.

    But I’d like to read the new book.
    Laura Conrad´s last blog post ..News of the week of January 31, 2012

  17. I swoon for such rich color combinations but really need help choosing color combos myself. This book would be a wonderful tutorial.

  18. I’ve been a Kaffe Fassett fan for many many years. Thanks for the chance to win his new book.

  19. Sounds like an inspiring read, especially as I mostly knit with neutrals… Thanks for offering a copy to the readers.

  20. I adore the blankets in this book. Now if I win the book I’ll only need the money for the yarn and time, time, time . . .

  21. These two really are the color guys… I’m inspired just thinking about a book they wrote together!
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  22. I’d like to see what the rest of this looks like.
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  23. Shirley. in PA says:

    I would love a copy, color play is fun. And Lucy is so gorgeous in today’s photo, she looks especially fluffy.

  24. I would love your copy! Thank you for so generously offering it.

  25. I bought Kaffe Fassett’s original book back in the 80s and have been eyeing this one as well. Such gorgeous use of color! I hope I am the lucky winner. Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. Give me some of the color craziness! w00t.

  27. This looks like a good way to get more involved with mixing colors.

  28. This book looks really interesting. I would love to have a copy.

  29. Marie-france says:

    Please let me win this book!

  30. You always get the best books to test, and I love color. It looks totally awesome!

  31. Christine65 says:

    The Toothed Stripe sweater from Glorious Knitting was the first garment I knit that didn’t follow the traditional knitting ‘rules’ of “pattern + recommended yarn”. I still miss Rowan Designer DK!!

  32. I’d love to win as I’m a big Kaffe Fassett fan. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Jeannie´s last blog post ..Blogging Woes

  33. My MIL got me an old Kaffe Fassett book and I was mesmerised by the colours!

  34. I made a fair number of Kaffe Fassett’s sweaters in the “long ago”. Good stuff!

  35. Ooooh yes please, I want to get into colourwork this year!
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  36. I sign in!
    Ann´s last blog post ..Gry’s jakke …..

  37. paula henderson says:

    I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. KF has great color sense but Lucy is right – her colorway is the best!

  39. What a lovely book! Love Kaffe and Brandon

  40. Linda in TX says:

    As a quilter AND a knitter, I didn’t know that KF had anything to do with knitting. I guess I’ve been living on the wrong planet. Smooches to Lucy.

  41. Is Lucy as sweet as she looks? or does she have the “normal” Siamese disposition?

  42. Lucy’s colorway is perfect. It would make adorable socks.

    Thank you for offering us you review copy.

  43. Denise in Ohio says:

    Need to add to my library. I’m in.

  44. Color is always tricky for me. I’d like to win this book.

  45. Tiffany Newman says:

    I’ve always have had a fascination with color, partially why I like yarn, beads, fabric…
    and of course Lucy’s colorway is perfect

  46. Thanks for the review of Knitting with the Color Guys and for offering up your review copy for this drawing. Your observation about the same pattern appearing in different places, but worked in different colorways was interesting. I also enjoy seeing the dramatic differences that can be had by working with different fibers and yarn weights. Gotta love the diversity!
    Linda´s last blog post ..Tasty Knits for Valentine’s Day

  47. I love looking at Kaffe Fassett”s colour combinations.

  48. Free book? I’m in! Thanks for reviewing this. Any Kaffe Fassett book is full of inspiration.

  49. Oh I love their things but have never knit any of their patterns. Sign me up please!

  50. Stephanie H. says:

    I would love a copy. I am such a fan of Kaffe Fassett! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  51. Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like an awesome book – I’d love to win it!

  52. anne marie in philly says:

    yes, lucy, your colorway IS perfect, esp. your beautiful eyes! 🙂

  53. I would love to win! Thanks! Debbie H gussek on Ravelry

  54. I know that book has to be amazing I would love to win it

  55. Darlene B says:

    I need lots of help with color. Sign me up! Read your blog every day.

  56. would love to have the book to add to the ones I already have by KF! and thanks!

  57. Shirley Ryan says:

    Oh…if I’m ever going to win anything please let it be this book. I covet it! Sobbbbbbbbbb!

  58. Mimi Lawrence says:

    Love Kaffe, would love to get this book. Lucy is adorable.

  59. looks like a great book. Color is such a motivating tool for me. But I have to say that Lucy would be a good inspiration for a project. Maybe a skirt.

    Thanks for blogging about it!

  60. Sharon Rawls says:

    I love knitting, color and books! Win! Win!

  61. Message to Lucy: Please tell your momma to pick me….please! Your colorway is perfect, just like the “Muffin” who lived with us for a long time.

  62. marilyn Goodenberger says:

    It might be fun to have a copy of a book focusing on color.

  63. lisa smith says:

    I love color! Thanks Wendy!

  64. Looks like a great book. We could all use a bit of color this time of year.

  65. Barbara Miller says:

    Lucy, your colorway is absolutely marvelous! I had a Lucy, also, except she was a black Siamese. I would love to be picked to receive her review copy of Color Guys!

  66. My colorways are also perfect. Color is where I start with all my projects. This book appears to be major eye candy!

  67. I would love a copy, Wendy.

  68. Saw this one last night at the bookstore. Would love to own a copy.

    Lucy, your coloring is indeed perfect.
    Angeluna´s last blog post ..9/11 Remembrance and an Odd Momento

  69. Color Guys? Be still my heart.

  70. Kit BENCKS says:

    Have been collecting yarn to make a k Fassetv design, Love doing his projects

  71. I think I’m ready to try color knitting. Please sign me up.

  72. “Color” is definitely one of my challenge areas. Techincally, I’m proficient at knitting but it’s hard to envision or put together color schemes. I haven’t done color exercises, I bet.

    Love reading your blog – thanks for all these fun giveaways!

  73. Susan Lapierre-Jones says:

    I thought he only did quilts!! How silly of me.

  74. Wow, what a giveaway! I think Fassett’s use of color helps all of us feel more freedom in our color planning. I’d love to be the lucky winner.

  75. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance

  76. I adore Kaffe Fassett’s gifts with color, which I do NOT share, so this book could do nothing but good for me. Tossing my (blue knitted) hat in the ring!

  77. Is this like miniskirts?
    If you wore/knit them the first time they came out you shouldn’t wear/knit them again?

    So kidding!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. kathleen in wisconsin says:

    Love this, and am very bad with color; what a great book! Would love to win this one.

  79. Phyllis Lederman says:

    I would love a copy of this book!

  80. Found my first KF book in a used book story for $10 and thought that was an amazing deal- a free copy would be even MORE amazing!

  81. Gotta love Kaffe Fassett’s command of color. I would love to win the book.

  82. I need that book for my collection. Sign me up pretty please.

  83. I’ll enter for the drawing – I’ve yet to win anything ever – but my horoscope says I’m due for a change!

  84. Priscilla says:

    I would love to have this book. Thank you for a chance to win one. Great give away.

  85. I have knit several sweaters and a vest from his other books. LOTS of color changes…but striking results! I’m crossing my fingers that my post is selected:)

  86. I agree with Lucy. Her colorway is purrrrfect. Lol.

  87. I would love this one as I am on a color kick!

  88. Me, me! Pick me! Zoe, the cat, informs me that the more colors I use in a project the greater the likelihood of random yarn snakes to attack.

  89. Still a few lovely chestnuts of ideas coming from K.F. I would love to add this one to my collection.

  90. Haven’t done colorwork in quite a while. Maybe this is the inspiration I need!

  91. Oh, how wonderful! and here I am just starting FairIsle knitting and needing color help! It’s fate! Fate! I tell you.

  92. ooh pretty colors!

  93. I would love to give this colorful book a new home! Thanks for the generous give away!

  94. Fran Russell says:

    Please sign me up for the book. Looks great! And thank you for sharing it!

  95. This sound like a very colorful book, would be nice to read.

  96. Jean Vollman says:

    Wow sign me up I love his work.

  97. I’m in and Lucy is right her colors are perfect!
    brandi´s last blog post ..Oh The Fiber- Lovely Shetland Wool

  98. martha simpson says:

    Color me happy if I won this wonderful book.

  99. Sharon M2 says:

    Would love to get inspired with lots of color.

  100. Carol Louise says:

    Fabulous lookin book….I’d love to win it!!